A long awaited UPDATE

I have posts that both support and make fun of the president. deal with it I’m impartial, I give both sides of the story that people don’t understand. I post stuff I don’t agree with and let people speak their minds and I post what the fuck I want to on my page if that bothers you closed minded people deal with it and leave my page. I have often changed my mind about stuff when shown that I was wrong in my thinking but still post what I know was wrong. This somehow makes me weird and a troll to most people who see only what fits their thinking and tell others to only post what they want to see. I try to be fair and balanced, but to troglodytes who only view the world from the confines of their assholes because they have their heads up their ass this makes no sense,

My opinion on Trump is I like him but as with any president I know they are under the control of the oligarchs and kleptocracy globalists. As well as the 13 ruling family’s and elites.

I think trump is a sleeper put in to put the liberty movement to sleep and bring about more draconian measures down the line and as an anarchist I detest being ruled and told how to wipe my ass by the elite, and I refuse to listen to anyone who tells me what to do on my own page.

I also post stuff from people I don’t support, and don’t agree with some stuff from people I do support, that makes me a freak to some of you. I also am very active in many movements I don’t agree with or support, it’s my life I will do as I please. I believe in free speech which most say they do then tell you what to say, who to like and how to say it.

If you all don’t like it you are welcome to leave, block me or report me and get me thrown off this censored spy platform.

The reason we aren’t free is they have most of you trained so well that they could stop everything they are doing and you would continue their agenda for them.

I will use bad language and say what I feel as long as I live and if it hurts you little feelings too fucking bad. My opinion matters more to me then yours, and I don’t give a fuck about your opinion, unless your fucking me, paying me, giving me weed or paying a bill, till you do don’t come crying to me about what I do.

I also like Alex Jones and follow him but will put out stuff against him and let you form your own opinion. I have caught infowars using plants or fake actors in their news cast, but yet still support them and what they do. But much like asshole everyone has their own opinion. If you say you don’t you are full of shit, because if you have no asshole you are full of shit, if you say you don’t have an opinion you are full of shit because having no opinion is still an opinion.

sincerely NELGA of House Sutphin

Now for the UPDATE:

GRExit went better than BRExit is going. We successfully got out of Richmond VA and now live in Pennington Gap VA, unlike BRExit where they still can’t figure out what to do.. Made our way about 8 hour s drive away from all the crap we were dealing with there to a very peaceful two bedroom trailer in a quite little town. Got away from the crime and the corruption of the city and some of those who think they own people who were helping them and taking care of them, there’s a few. I won’t name names at this point. But they should know who they are. I HATE KLEPTOCRATIC GLOBALISTS.

Not much more to report at this time as I’m busy setting back up my computer systems and working on the problems of the trailer and unpacking from the move. The dog is taking it pretty good he had to transition from being and outdoor guard dog to and indoor dog. And is adjusting rather well, with a few exceptions.

So I’ll end this update on that note and may start posting some videos in the next few days after I get my system full operational. Running off a 64 gig jump drive for your os is taxing on the computer I’m on but will be off it and on the main system in the next few days. As always stay tuned there’s more to come.


What topic should I cover in the test? I will not cover the Zimmerman stuff.


My topic is a blast from the past. I’ll show you what happened 8 years ago to get me started investigating what was happening in my front yard. I’ll be doing several blasts from my blog past I think to catch everyone up to speed.

Update: sorry I haven’t been on much.

Sorry if I’ve not been on much things are just life and sometimes you have to deal with it. I’m working on some things that hopefully will be up and running and make my blog more active. Stay tuned.

I also have a story of what the city has been doing to it’s own employee and don’t know if I should air it or not because it involves me as well. So I’M DEALING WITH A FEW ISSUES AT THE MOMENT. PLUS THE HEAT. yeah.. sorry just needed to vent. But as said that’s life..


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