City Rant: Trash Bin

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

Okay I eluded to a story that I was debating on sharing well here it is. At the beginning of last month my family took in a room mate. We got rid of an entertainment center and did what the city told us to do with such things, which is to put it out by the curb and call for a pick up of the item. No problem there. I placed the entertainment center out by the curb and forgot about it after letting the city know about it.

A few days later the trash men decided they didn’t like the fact it was sitting out there and throw our trash bin at it and promptly broke the trash bin. The wheels flew off as did the lid of the trash bin. My mother in law, who is a city employee by the way, went back to the department of public works and told them about the trash bin having been broken by the trash men. This incident took place on the 6th of June she reported it on the 10th of June and was told they would have a replacement by the 24th of June.


You can see the corner of the entertainment center as well as the broken trash bin. 

On the 24th of June I put the broken trash bin out at the curb, because we were told we can’t just put the bags of trash out because animals rip the bags open and it’s against their regulations or some crap like that they have always made up some excuse or story, anyway I placed the receptacle out as I always do. When I went and got the trash bin a little while after they collected the trash there was a sticker of VIOLATION on it.


Sticker of VIOLATION. 

Okay now the city broke the trash bin, it’s their property and they have the nerve to say I’m in VIOLATION for something they broke and that they knew about. They also have the nerve to treat their own employee this way and we have yet to get a new trash bin. It’s been almost a month now and no trash bin or pick up of the entertainment center. Also I had to get the entertainment center up out of the ditch so I could mow the damn grass which is on their property. How is this even right?


Trash bin and entertainment center now in pieces. 

And you wonder why I am so against this city? But to be fair it’s every city not just this one so moving is not an option. I did move when they made me homeless and everyone said it would be better, but it’s the same old thing. Their story is their waiting on a back order of trash bins and they have to get those who were before us their trash bins first then they’ll worry about ours. But they’ll sticker our can if I don’t keep rigging the wheels on it and keep it working so the trash men can do their job. What a joke this city is. I am tired of their crap and wish the universe would shake off this bad mojo or whatever is going on and start to work correctly again.

Anyway stay tuned as I’m sure there will be more to come.

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