Agenda 21 is real, what some people believe is fake. MAM Part 2 A.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

Let me start off with this gem of wisdom that was imparted to me after I did the Vinny Eastwood radio show. A TROGLODYTE who shall remain nameless but some people know who they are dropped this gem of wisdom on me to prove to me I was indeed a tin foil hat wearing “CONSPIRACY THEORISTS” and I should really do more research into what I was talking about. I will post the screen capture now of what was said to me. SEE IF YOU CAN SPOT THE WISDOM HERE?


Censored to protect the troglodyte”

Now I want to hear from every Star Wars geek on the planet what the hell is wrong with this picture. For those who are not a geek and in the know, I’ll point out the fails in this red box. First and foremost it is ORDER 66. Not 56. “What is order 56? These are not the droid’s you are looking for? Han shot first? Help me obi wan, your my only hope? Don’t put the couch on the millennium falcon?” <Have to be a real geek to get that one>. Secondly what does “kill all Jedi” have to do with the massive depopulating and maintaining a less dense population through sustainable living and population control. For a better look at the known Contingency Orders for the Grand Army of the Republic: Order Initiation, Orders 1 Through 150 straight from Wookieepedia.,_Orders_1_Through_150

Next AGENDA 21 is real and is what we in the real world call a FACT not “CONSPIRACY THEORY”. And lastly if I had no damn idea or proof of what I was talking about it would have come out a long time before now.

Agenda 21 For Dummies

And since I’m proving again that something I said has merit let’s look at what AGENDA 21 is from the UN‘s own website. And if it’s on the UN‘s own website I think that’s proof enough of it being real. And as proof Here is a pdf file from the UN‘s own archive And also we will go to the AGENDA 21 webpage on the UN‘s website. now we will go to the preamble of AGENDA 21 If this isn’t proof enough that this is real, you need some serious help.

AGENDA 21 has it’s roots based on the Eugenics movement of the late 1800’s. Also as to mention fails again AGENDA 21, as adopted by the Plenary in Rio de Janeiro, on June 14, 1992. Star wars episode 3 came out in May 15, 2005.I think that basing a conspiracy theory on something would have been done before then? So all in all you have proven that I am right and your straw arguments are at best funny. They keep me laughing. But back to the history lesson.

AGENDA 21 as I stated had it’s root in the 1800’s. 1880’s to be a little more precise the movement was rooted in the biologic ideas of Sir Frances Galton. Galton studied in the upper classes of Britain, he arrived at the conclusion that their social position was due to their superior genetic makeup. They also believed that by proper breeding technique they could produce superior humans. Except it wasn’t called AGENDA 21 back then that came in 1992.

A lot of names connected to the early parts of the eugenics movement are the Carnegie Institution, Rockefeller Foundation, and the Harriman railroad fortune. In 1906 J.H. Kellogg provided funding to help found the Race Betterment Foundation in Battle Creek, Michigan. The Eugenics Record Office (ERO) was founded in Cold Spring Harbor, New York in 1911 by the renowned biologist Charles B. Davenport, other names associated with eugenics are Alexander Graham Bell, Margaret Sanger, well you get the idea. This stuff has been around for a long time it’s not NEW, they just change the name form time to time to keep it interesting. And every time they change the name you get people who will say stupid crap like what I started the article off with.

Also of note Aldous Huxley’s book Brave New World” and his contemporary Eric Blair A.K.A. George Orwell’s book “1984” also lay the ground work of what they want to happen to the world. And even with all the evidence, prima facie evidence and self evident facts I still have to prove time and time again that I do in fact know what I am talking about.

Now I can tie all this as I did on the Vinny Eastwood show into Monsanto and why it’s a big deal with them having so much influence over the 4H. And this should also be self evident, they can put false facts and dumb the children down and teach them what they want the children to know under the guise of doing good for the community. It’s almost that simple.

Monsanto is using 4H as a propaganda arm to push false ideas into the population and to make sure they do what Monsanto wants. A TROJAN HORSE of sorts. And with Monsanto saying on their own website they basically now own 4H it is not “degrees of separation” or conjecture that this is going on. It is a stated fact. I can’t help what you want to believe seeing as what you profess is false anyway and fails most deliriously, I almost couldn’t respond. And considering what has happened, you of all people should be standing beside me not trying your hardest to tear me down. Yet time and time again you do this and I’m still here. I thank you for your guidance and direction.

How about you just stop and watch as I either go down in a blazing ball of fire in which case you will have every right to say I told you so and have a big party on me or I continue doing what I am doing and get where I’m going. I have already proven I know my stuff and know the facts. I do my research. Hell look at all the tabs opened in the screen capture that’s what I surf through and sometimes more to bring these articles out to people. I do a hell of a lot more then just sit on fedbook and get my facts from fedbook.

Fedbook is a way to reach out to the masses and get people to come to my blog and see what I can really do. Not the other way around. My blog existed before I got on fedbook. I almost didn’t get on fedbook back in 2008-2009. My blog was already 3 years old by then so. And I keep telling people this.

My blog in PDF file format. Unedited, and uncleaned. I will be doing a clean up but that will take awhile.

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The rest of my blog is here online. The online part is the time I’ve been on fedbook and it’s where you read my articles from but people want to believe that only what is out online is all of my blog. It’s a lot bigger then that.

It started before, it was on and moved twice before being where it is now so I have been around a long while. In some cases longer then most of these people who are in these movements. And I’ve been awake for longer then most of these people have been alive so telling me something that you heard from someone who might have been right???? I check my facts and can back up every claim I put in print and most of what I say as well. There are times that I go with my opinion on something as we all do and that shouldn’t have any baring on my facts. And most always my opinion on what is going on, IS what is going on. No matter if you chose to believe it or not. Truth backed up by facts does not require your belief to be true. The facts and truth are set. Whether you believe them or not is up to you it doesn’t change them, because you willfully and blindly chose not to believe them.

See I function on a different frequency then most people do. I am not confined to, nor by your REALITY. Therefore I do not have to operate, preform nor be confined by your limited perception and narrow view of what I am capable of. I will reject your REALITY and substitute my own. <Thank Adam Savage for that comment I love it and it speaks volumes>. I will do what you can not nor will not do. And keep telling me I CAN’T DO IT while I AM in fact DOING IT is beyond my ability to perceive your <sarcasm>HIGHLY LOGICAL and OBVIOUSLY SUPERIOR INTELLECT.</sarcasm> Cough cough ORDER 56 cough cough… You are a special kind of special. You may want to go consult to verify your story..

Get the idea why I most of the time don’t listen to you. Actually I listen to you too much but I always do the opposite of what you tell me and I seem to come out further ahead. But please feel free to continue to tell me how wrong I am.

Anyway back to AGENDA 21. Another part of AGENDA 21 are these new SMART appliances and SMART INTELLIGENT GRIDS otherwise know as the INTERNET OF EVERYTHING. All part of the sustainable living movement and the GREEN movement. Why do my microwave, stove and refrigerator all have to monitor me and my family? Back when I was growing up we didn’t need nor want such things, why now and why does it have to be mandatory? You have to pay for the SMART meter on your house whether you have it or not.

All part of the SMART GRID and broadcasting 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365+ days a year <taking into account leap years> but you get the idea. There are SMART meters, SMART APPS and INTELLA GRIDS with street lights that monitor your every move. Yeah I can see why people tell me I’m crazy. Only I am now perfectly insane in an insane world making me normal and that’s scary. I’ve sort of lost the topic and thought so I’ll close here.

I actually have pity and empathy for this poor lost soul who hounds me mercilessly. I have pity and empathy for them being so caught up in this web that they feel that the only way to survive is to pull everyone else into the web because they feel if they’re stuck everyone needs to be as well. They can’t comprehend just standing up and seeing that the web their stuck in is not really holding them their belief in the web is what is making them cling so tightly to the lies and deceit that they were bought into so long ago. They can’t stand that there are people who just by living the way they do, are free. And freedom scares them for the are clinging to the web and can’t see that the web is the problem. I pity people that try to sell you on the idea that you have to buy into the system in order to get somewhere. YOU WILL NEVER GET THERE IN THE WEB THAT WAS DESIGNED NOT TO WORK. Get it through your head. I do not wish them death I wish them learning and seeing so they can see they are trapped and that people like me are only trying to help the betterment of HUMANKIND. But some are too blind to see or too deaf to hear and so I just PITY them.

FRIDAY 13th of June 2014, I will be going live with my show thinking it’s going to be called “GET THE NEWS STRAIGHT”Haven’t fully decided on what format or if it will be live or pre-recorded. We’ll be doing a lot with it. If everything goes well it will be fun and another way for the NEWS stories I cover to get out there.

If You Are AWAKE, You Are The RESISTANCE. As always Stay Tuned.

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