Facebook rules don’t apply to me meme: What’s up with that.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

I have seen this much too often and am really getting tired of it. When you sign up to be on fedbook there is a terms of service agreement that you must except to be on there. One rule is you will not post nudes or pornography on the site. Many people seem to think that because they have “freedom of speech” they can do as they please. For most people this is not a problem, but there are those who think that the rules that everyone must follow on the site doesn’t in fact apply to them because they can do as they please. Then when they post something and it gets reported they have the nerve to yell, scream and holler their rights are some how violated because they feel they are above the rules that all must follow.

That’s a mentality that seems to be growing. I’m sure that drunk drivers feel the same way, well it doesn’t matter that it’s illegal to drive drunk, I can do as I please because I haven’t hurt anyone, till you wind up killing someone from your actions and then say but I’m different it was only my first time. Or the pedophile that thinks well I can do as I please because I feel it’s okay to rape children it’s my right because of “freedom of speech”. Any of this starting to make any sense yet.

This do as I please culture is one of the reasons we are in this mess in the first place. People believe they have this right to disobey all the rules then have the nerve to bitch and complain when they are caught and punished. Now I’m not saying that all rules are fair or just, that’s why we change them when their not. But when you decide that the rules that everyone must follow don’t apply to you, and instead of changing them you just ignore them, you get what you deserve. And if you are given a chance to remove offending material that is inappropriate and you refuse to do so and are then punished for the action, what right do you have to complain?

I have stated this before in my blog, your right to free speech is not being infringed when you sign up and agree to rules and terms of service, you have waived that said right to be on the site. You have agreed to follow the regulations and agree to the punishments as well. To then claim that some how it doesn’t apply to you because you feel it’s your right to do as you please, well I can’t wrap my head around your stupidity. If you don’t like the rule go somewhere else, stop saying you have a right to do something that is against the rules and learn to follow the rules. Fedbook is not the phucking internet, I’ll say it again because simple minded people can’t get it through their heads, Fedbook is not the internet. It is a site on the internet and as such you must obey their terms.

I was asked a question recently and it’s taken me a while to figure out how to answer it, the question is “I guess I just don’t get it. On one hand you fight to get porn off FB and on the other hand, you indulge in it yourself. Am I wrong?” The answer to that question is both yes and no. And I’ll explain why. Firstly I fight to hold a corporation responsible for their own terms and policies that they don’t enforce equally. I am not against pornography, I am against child abuse and such. If the terms of fedbook stated that nudity and such was allowed I would give a damn if people posted that stuff. BUT when it is enforced unequally there is a problem. I’m not against pornography since I got my start doing photography for adult publications years ago. I was published world wide for two plus years in the adult industry, so I am not against it and I do indulge in it. Some of the stuff lately that has been put on my timeline or wall has been put there by fedbook itself. I have screen captures of stuff that only fedbook can put up so I can prove that.

I have had stuff put on my wall and liked by me when I haven’t even been online, so how did I like it. I have been at times banned without notice from doing much of anything on fedbook due to me going after them. So a lot of stuff gets on my wall and there’s not much I can do about it. I have been banned from reporting sites, I have been banned from reporting stuff on my wall. When I see stuff pop up on my wall I try to get it down as quick as possible. Now there are a few times I have liked something and found out later that it’s a page that pushes crap and filth and I do try to get it off my page.

I have as stated nothing against nudity and pornography. It’s not suppose to be on fedbook so get it off. I don’t know if that fully answers the question or not. I am not against seeing nudes, pornography and art work depicting the human body, I am against rape and child abuse and necrophilia and gore porn, I am fully against it. There is no place for it. I do understand the need to show gore when it comes to news and events in the world, but the blatant putting it in your face for the purpose of getting off on it has no place on fedbook.

Also when these same people think that by placing a signage that states their page is an 18+ page that somehow it’s okay to get away with posting stuff that’s against the regulations and terms of service. That also threatening people with “I’ll file a false claim against you if you report me” is somehow okay? Grow the hell up, your not in kindergarten are you , well mentally some of you might be so I guess that answers my question. It’s an excuse to do something you know your not suppose to do, that’s all it is. If you want to see nudity and pornography go on the internet, that place that is not on fedbook. And also bitching about censorship, What you post is mandated by fedbooks terms of service if you go against those terms it is not censoring you, it’s called following the rules. Now I do agree fedbook at times seems to unfairly go after people but when you blatantly and willfully don’t follow the rules that’s your fault not theirs.

Since fedbook has decided to try and cut down on these types of sites I applaud them for that. But when their answer is to just remove the ads of companies that don’t want to be on those sites instead of taking down the sites, well now where do I go with it. It seems fedbook is more worried about profit then anything else and I am against them for that. Take down the offending sites or change your terms of service and leave them up. Take responsibility for you damn spy program and fix it.

You can’t show a mother breast feeding her child but you can show a child being raped? No nudity yet fedbook defends sites that pay them and are probably run by the government for human trafficking? With the help of the FBI, and the NSA. Doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense to me. Maybe everyone is right and I shouldn’t worry about the nudity and the child abuse on fedbook, who cares if your children see other children being raped and abused? Most of you don’t seem to care or turn a blind eye to the whole deal. Well I for one do care and that is why I do what I do. I am trying to hold a corporation responsible for it’s own actions and it’s own content. But maybe just maybe your right and it doesn’t matter at all.

Now since I’m on the subject let me explain a little about my problems with fedbook and what I have been talking about. As a producer of adult images I have to maintain a 2257, some ask what is that, even the FBI looked at me funny when I mentioned it so let me enlighten you as to what that is. 2256 is the statue in the US code about what Child Pornography is, 2257 is the requirements for maintaining the records dealing with adult images. Fedbook doesn’t maintain a 2257 but I have to. There is a ton of material on fedbook, and my site have no where near the volume that fedbook’s does. Yet I have to maintain records of everyone I have done photos and videos of, Fedbook does not. Now fedbook has an over growing problem with child pornography my site does not, yet if someone questions my site I will be hulled before a judge and the FBI to prove my clients were of age, fedbook nope nothing. See where the problem lies. A corporation can get away with bypassing the law that I can not, WHY?

Since the question I got asked came after I covered and posted about the Richmond Adult Expo, I’ll say this I covered that event as I would any other event. When I did the adult stuff I made money on it, I have made no money doing my blog or covering stories and events. I have been considering going back to the adult industry simply because I can make money. Since I seem to have been banned again from reporting anything I have decide to try and get my ustream channel and other things up and running so I can do live commentary, as always Stay Tuned you never know what to expect but expect it..


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