The difference between PRESS and MEDIA

The difference between PRESS and MEDIA is simple:

MEDIA invents stories and pushes fake made up news. The PRESS reports things as they are, and often focus on the MEDIAs lies to show their crap. As PRESS I don’t fabricate stories and I tell you the news as it happen, I’m not worried about ratings or if your feeling get hurt by telling you the truth. If you want fake crap go to the MEDIA, if you want the real story follow me.. I tell you it as it is, even if it makes me look bad in the process.

What I told the EPA about the difference between MEDIA and PRESS. Yes I am like this in real life. Same as on my page.

Me at the EPA Hearing telling them the difference

Now it used to be that PRESS was the written or typed word, and MEDIA was video and audio. But much like things are today people use these words interchangeable. I carry a PRESS pass and not a MEDIA pass. I am a PRESS CORRESPONDENT not a REPORTER. There is a difference, you wouldn’t call a doctor a lawyer would you. They are two different things.

Again the terms seem to be interchangeable but we do two different things.

A correspondent is an on-the-scene news reporter who is also sometimes called a journalist. Correspondents contribute news to newspapers, radio stations, and television stations. Whenever anything newsworthy occurs in the world, a correspondent is often sent to the front lines to report back on what is taking place

What does a Correspondent do? – Sokanu

We used to be called news hounds, we do the research, dig through information and are usually the front line of the news. We are the original FREE PRESS, usually freelance seldom paid, and never given credit for what we do. Most have started their own news centers and we do as much as whole news rooms at times. But don’t have the backing of a big MEDIA station behind us, and aren’t talking heads you see every night on the TV. Doesn’t mean our news isn’t as important or not factual just means we don’t rip you off. We don’t make up fake stories and win prizes for doing so like a lot of the MEDIA seems to do in this day and age.

Now when I do an article on something, I always provide links to where I find all the information. I provide info-dumps and link pages that few read because all they are are pages of links, and few want to take the time to go through all the links, too long didn’t read them, is the answer I usually get. Then people ask me where I got the information, read the links that’s where I got the information. And yes at times that information is not factual and I go back and tell you such. People often mistake what I do on fedbook as all I do and that is my job, they are what I call WRONG. I use fedbook as a medium to put my work out there and to research topics and see what people are interested in, MY JOB you are reading now, my blog is what I do, MY JOB.

Everything I post on my blog is my work and almost all me, with few exceptions, if I use others work I always give them credit or try to. I am very honest on my blog and take great care to make the information I put out there as accurate as possible. I will be doing more video features in the upcoming year 2019, starts a new volume of the blog. I hope to do more coverage of events and more shows for Get The NEWS Straight. I’ll be oping up a new youtube channel, since the old one got so many strikes against it starting with coverage of the solar eclipse,

In closing I hope this explains the difference between the PRESS and MEDIA, I’ll be glad to answer any more questions in another article.

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