Happy New Years.

In the next few days I will be reviewing the past two years and what has happened. I thank those who have followed me and have been my support through 3 fedbook profiles. I have lost two profiles due to reporting about fedbook pushing child porn and gore porn. I do not apologize for standing up and telling the truth. I will never apologize for telling the truth or standing up for the truth.

I’m not perfect and there are stories that I have posted that may not have been true, I try my best to make sure that everything I post is true. If I find out that some things are false I try my best to tell you I messed up. BUT when you don’t believe me and try and tell me I’m wrong when in fact I am telling the truth, I do not apologize for that. If you can prove that I, in fact have posted something that is false I will post that I have made a mistake. But just you telling me I have made a mistake with no proof I will ignore you.

I do my best to vet and verify each and every fact I put out. I also am very active in several movements and am very outspoken. I also will be active on RMB NEWS and will be posting hopefully every Friday on there with my column as well as my blog. Most of those who have followed me know that I am trying to wake the sleepole sheep up.

My column on RMB NEWS I will start by post the most read stories of the past two years as well as covering more news and events. I am hoping that 2014 is a lot better then 2012, or 2013 but I really have no faith that things will be better. I feel that things will get darker as more wars and false flags and such will continue. My faith is still in humans but that faith is being hit hard because of people who want to do as little as possible but get as much as they can.

I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR, let’s hope it’s a good one, I guess we make of it what we will.  


“By Randal M. Bundy
Announcement from RMB News Report: http://www.rmbnewsreport.com/
RMB News Report is proud to announce that Journalist and Press Photographer, Glen M. Sutphin has agreed to join us as a weekly columnist at RMB News Report, as well as continuing to publish his own independent website. We encourage you to visit his website at https://lordnelga.wordpress.com/ – thank you, Randal M. Bundy, Editor”

Happy New Year to everyone..