CNN: Rothschild Zionist lead propaganda arm


Put simply it is one of the main Rothschild Zionists propaganda arms that others push as true.

if you share any of their bullshit you’ve been psyoped


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This one going to piss a lot of people off, guess what I don’t care. Your going to be TRIGGERED some of you that’s okay be TRIGGERED. The truth does not care for your OPINION. Where should I begin with my involvement and hatred for CNN. I know the best to tell you this is to start at the beginning.

1990 – 1993: I went into WRESTLING and learned real fast all about MEDIA and how corrupt CNN was. 1992 they fucked me and the guy I was managing over and started my war with them. I vowed to one day take them down that days is coming soon. So before I ever became PRESS I have hated CNN and the MEDIA, one of the few factors that lead me to become PRESS. I started off in WRESTLING as a photographer. Iron Mike Sharp told me I needed to be the guy I managed manager, I said not it, got vetoed by Iron Mike Sharp and became a WRESTLING MANAGER. You don’t tell Iron Mike Sharp not it, he’s one of the few that vetoed it. Went on to be pretty big in Alabama and most of the east coast, DARK ANGEL and the DARK ANGEL ALLIANCE.

Okay they were one of the main reasons I ever became PRESS, it was to pay them back for fucking me. I don’t care if you love him or hate him when I saw Donald J. Trump dressing CNN down and saying they were FAKE NEWS, well I just decided it was time to bury them. If you push their talking points and follow there narrative you are being BRAINWASHED, you are being lied to and your are falling for the PSYOP.

I’ll explain more on this in a minute. Now you will notice if you go back to my time-line, I was against the MEDIA before I was ever PRESS, I have hated them since 1992, but didn’t become PRESS till 1994-1995. Been at war with the MEDIA since 1992 back when I was in WRESTLING. Before I was PRESS, now in 2017 at total and complete war with them. Taking down CNN first then working my way to the others. Exposing them for what they are. And since the executive branch started the MEDIA arm for propaganda, they have the right to order them around. IN OTHER WORDS the PRESIDENT has a right to tell his lackeys to shut up. And to remove them altogether.

Some of this is cut out of the comments I make on fedbook, I write a lot of my articles this way due to the computer issues, forgive the repeated statement but it points out the importance.

“That which can be destroyed by the truth, needs to be destroyed by the truth. Lies need to end and CNN is targeted with the truth as to what they really are.” ~ Glen M.Sutphin A.P.P.

WHAT IS CNN: Certified Not News

Put simply, it is one of the main Rothschild Zionists propaganda arms that others push as true.


if you share any of their bullshit you’ve been psyoped

The Rothschild Zionist that control the NWO and globalization are to blame for this shit that they are forcing on the human race as a whole destroying civilization, not just the black tribe of humans but all humans. It effects us all as a whole populace, what happens to one tribe happens to all tribes. That is the way they destroy us, all of us, not just the blacks. This also applies to the Jewish tribe as well as any tribe of man. All of us collectively are being GENOCIDED. Every tribe on EARTH is being targeted, everyone, even those ass-hats that go along to get along with it. We all breath the same crap filled chemtrail polluted air, drink the same toxic water, eat the same GMO fake food. And all because of these fucking criminals that most of you bow down to instead of eliminating them.

They are all part of the Rothschild Zionists, the CLINTON’S and CARLOS SLIM are part of the same cabal. CNN, NY TIMES, TIME WARNER are all owned by the Rothschild’s all MEDIA is. They are all owned at the very top by the same people, the Rothschild’s own all media period. By 2000, six corporations had ownership of most media, and today five dominate the industry: Time Warner, Disney, Murdoch’s News Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany and Viacom. all owned at the top by Rothschilds Sad that there is more truth in the onion then CNN. OKAY let’s take a brief look at several of the persons I mentioned above first up:

CARLOS SLIM: He is reasonable for almost all the lies (alternate facts) put out about Donald J. Trump, all those sex stories that were false, most of them fell down while they were telling it.

CLINTON’S: Their crap stretches back to Richard Nixon, Watergate, too long a history to fill in here; but for this article they are tied in to the Donald J. Trump sex scandals made up by Carlos Slim, them and several others. Paid made up lies pushed as truth.


GLORIA ALLRED: more Carlos Slim and Clinton, tie in the NY Times and Gloria Allred, and lastly CNN and it ties up almost all the criminals that spread fake news, lies and slander. This is all a fabrication by the Rothschild Zionists. So tell me again how the least watched MEDIA has any validity? And if you go around pushing their talking points and their narrative you are in fact pushing Rothschild Zionists propaganda and I will not put up with you. You will be muted and ignored I am tired of telling people they know not what they speak. But CNN is the bastion of truth and integrity, yeah right. Rothschild Zionist propaganda arm has too retract yet another fake news story. When will they just die. All they do is push the Rothschild Zionists propaganda. Any one pushing their propaganda is as bad as they are. My war on them is on going.

Another thing is they are a CIA front as well, Anderson Cooper is CIA, which ties in to the Boston bombing hoax with HEATHER JEAN ABBOTT who you may recall supposedly lose her leg in the fake smudge pot explosion. As a civilian she was given a challenge coin, which I am told is only given to operatives and agents. Well when you take into account she worked at RAYTHEON which played a big role in this. Funny how I was re-reading my article on her and almost all the links are dead and she re-did her linked in page too a new profile. Hum, interesting must have been right about it.

bomb babe Heather Abbott RAYTHEON’S contribution to the Boston hoax.

Rothschild Zionist propaganda arm

Why do I keep using this term, let me explain to simple minded folk this. Or put it another way, if you hate Jews, and you are against Jews what the fucking hell are you doing pushing Jewish propaganda that they put out. This “I hate Jews, Jews are bad, can’t trust anything a Jews says. Hey think I’ll go catch the news put out by Jews to tell me what to hate”. What the actual FUCK is wrong with you people. Think about how fucking dumb you sound.

While I’m on the subject of Jew hating lets look at some facts. Jews compose a TINY PERCENT of the population of the planet, 2% TINY PERCENT, Only about 17 million people as a whole, TINY PERCENT of that total 22% are ROTHSCHILD ZIONIST JEW, okay that comes out to a TINY PERCENT of the JEWISH population. That also comes out to a tiny faction of a tiny fraction of a percent of the total population I am against, only about a million or so people, but am told because of that tiny fraction of a tiny fraction of a percent of the population I have to hate that WHOLE TRIBE OF HUMANS known as the JEWS. And if I fucking don’t hate as others hate I am wrong. If I don’t kill who you kill I’m wrong. If I don’t walk, talk and follow you as you wish then I am wrong. Well I said it before and I’ll say it again the magick word for this year is FUCK YOU. Quit telling me whom I can love and whom I can hate. I will not follow in your cult of ass kissers so you all can look big at my expense. Your damn JEW HATING rhetoric hasn’t changed in 30 some years, it was old when I was growing up in your cult, it’s beyond old now. I grew up around and in this community and such. WHITE SUPREMACIST, NEO-NAZI, THE JEWS DID IT BULLSHIT CULTURE, didn’t work then, definitely does not work now. Having grown up in that culture that mind set; I talk from experience and don’t have 30 some years for you to catch up to where I am now. Thought that you all had changed and grew, you did it got worse. I would rather walk all alone and be truthful to myself and my cause then blindly follow the crowd going the wrong way pretending to be right any day. I would rather stand in the truth alone then walk and follow the lies and false teaching of the group any day and I am. My hatred and outrage is at the agenda and those pushing it, if I have no friends that’s okay I don’t blindly follow anyone, you humans need crowds to feel safe, I don’t. I don’t feel safe in crowds, I’m not part of your heard mentality. I hate completely and research everything before I even start to believe it. Often times my research changes my opinion of things, sometime I believe the lies, then when confronted with the cold hard truth I have to change or be against the truth. My research often puts me at odds with the excepted facts, doesn’t mean the excepted facts are correct or even truthful it just means they are excepted.

But I do support your right to believe what you want to believe and to act on your beliefs as you see you must. And who knows you maybe right there’s that small chance your right and I entirely missed the whole point of the narrative. I support your right to speak your truth and respect that right as well as the responsibility for your actions be they right or wrong.

Disturbed – ”Who Taught You How To Hate” Lyrics

Now most of IS-RA-EL identifies as ROTHSCHILD ZIONIST JEW so I am naturally against IS-RA-EL which at it’s base is the ROTHSCHILD THIEFDOM (a den of iniquity, run by thieves, a thief’s kingdom where they rule). I am against and will fight till the death any supporter of ZIONIST, now you stupid humans that push narratives of theirs and don’t know; you I will educate and guide you back, if you will not change your rhetoric, I will destroy the narrative leaving you looking stupid and looking for another agenda to push. You who sell out and push narrative and ass kiss to gain acceptance need to go to your safe space and hide where words can’t hurt you, your cowardly and act big to impress all while doing little to really help fight the shit.

I do not hate JEWS, i do not hate BLACKS, HISPANICS, WHITES, OR ANY TRIBE OF MAN. I do however HATE the STUPIDITY AND IGNORANCE found in ALL TRIBES of man. I HATE the CULTS they form and make you fall lockstep into the hive mind heard mentality they push in all forms, both good and bad.


How do they do what they do. I’m like the annoying little kid that the magician can’t fool, and I’m telling you the method behind the madness. First they post a story headlining it. Then they push it hard running it as real for up to 70 hours but not more then 72. Then they pull the story or push it to the back page with the lies mostly removed before they get sued, but they still push it as true. Retracting most of the salacious bullshit out or spun a slightly different way. You as the viewer have been sitting and hear this shit for 2 days and eating it up as true, BIASED to the bogus facts; then when you are introduced to the truth you don’t except it because you usually believe the first time you hear it because of the programming. Telling you the truth then becomes harder and your conditioning reinforces the programming, making it damn near impossible for you to see the truth. Even when presented with the facts and shown the trick.

Like how many believe it now?

How many got this far?

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” ~ Joseph Goebbels:


So with the repeal of the Smith-Mundt act and the passing of the NDAA the MEDIA as of 2013 is allowed to push propaganda and lies out without any recourse, they lie and you regurgitate those lies. I then have to go do all this research to bring you the facts that most will not hear because they have you in a bubble of lies. I can only lead you to the truth, wish I could make you swallow it and see but that’s for you to decide. I do all I can, but I can’t make you listen if you don’t want to.

Just some of the numerous OOPS that CNN made:…
CNN lied: No formal Secret Service discussions with Trump camp on remark…
CNN Lied – Trump Protesters DID NOT Kick Black Activist Who Stormed Rally…
Howard Stern Confirms CNN LIED About Iraq War Support, NOT Donald Trump…
CNN LIES about what percentage of remaining delegates Sanders needs…
CNN Lies That Primary Is Over…
CNN LIES About UFO Story To Protect Hillary Clinton

Hillary Said Obama Was Not Born In America And CNN Lied About It

CNN Falsely Claims Reading WikiLeaks Is Illegal In America

How CNN Lied To Slander Trump As Wanting To’Register Muslims’…
Shame on CNN for deceptively editing footage from Milwaukee!…
CNN Falsely Claims Breitbart News ‘Most Prominent Platform’ for Nazi Salute and ‘White Supremacists’…
CNN has been the subject of allegations of extreme liberal bias.…
CNN lied about “no video” of Iranian cash transfer…
CNN Lied to Blame New York Attack on “alt-Right”…
CNN Lies About Our Pence Interview!…
The mainstream media narrative is that Hillary is “measured and reserved” where Trump is “reckless and dangerous.” When the two candidates received word of the bombing in New York they BOTH called it a bombing. The Clinton News Network CNN edited the word “bombing” from Hillary’s response.…
Why Do Virtually All ‘News’ Media Hide an Exposé of CNN’s Lies?…
CNN Lies About Milwaukee Riots…
CNN Lies About Dakota Access Pipeline Protests…
Nancy Sinatra Slams CNN, Congratulates Trump: ‘Why Do You Lie, CNN?’
Daughter of Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra, accused CNN of deliberately twisting a comment she made in reference to President Trump, before congratulating the 45th President of the United States on his inauguration. Responding to an article published by CNN originally entitled, “Nancy Sinatra not happy Trump using father’s song at inauguration,” the 76-year-old singer and actress replied, “That’s not true. I never said that. Why do you lie, CNN?”…
Deceptive CNN poll
At the height of public interest in impeaching Obama during the summer of 2014, CNN ran a poll that falsely claimed two-thirds of Americans oppose impeachment. The poll created a “media-generated myth” that has been widely circulated ever since. Just days before the CNN poll was conducted, however, the Huffington Post released its own impeachment poll – a more reliable measurement that showed an overwhelming majority of Americans DO NOT OPPOSE IMPEACHMENT.…
Journalist Amber Lyon blows the whistle on CNN:
“Bahrain is paying CNN to create content that shows Bahrain in a favorable light, even though CNN says its content, you know, is editorially independent, it doesn’t—Bahrain can’t affect that. Well we’ve seen that with this documentary not airing. And also with the constant struggle I had at CNN to get Bahrain coverage – accurate Bahrain coverage of the human rights abuses on air while I was there. What CNN is doing is they’re essentially creating what some people have termed “infomercials for dictators” and that’s this sponsored content that they’re airing on CNN International that’s actually being paid for by regimes and governments. I mean this violates every principle of journalistic ethics, because we’re supposed to be watchdogs on those governments. We’re not supposed to allow them to be paying customers, as journalists.”

This is just a few of the many, many examples. More coming on CNN and other MEDIA CORPS. Stay Tuned

20150106 Bob McDonnell media circus the media and DHS were there

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

My footage unedited is now up on youtube of yesterdays media circus. Our involvement with DHS as well as the media is up to view here:

I will be talking about this on the next live show we do. Got some footage of the chemtrails as well while we were waiting and doing our job.

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