R.I.P. my buddy Keekers… A TRUE activist.. I’ll miss my buddy.. Going to miss you at the events mate.

keekers rip
keekers rip


Chris Dorsey posted this on fed book for his buddy keekers.

“My best friend keekers has left his earthly body. i thank God for the 15 years i was fortunate enough to have with him. we love you keekers”

I had a rough day today we lost one of our crew last night and if I’m not too talkative or not responding to any one please understand. Had to go take care of my buddy keekers. He was at more rally’s then me. And he never complained, he happily did it.. I’ll miss him.. And my condolences to Chris Dorsey my co host on the show for his loss as well of a good dog. Glad I could be there for you mate.
We only get a brief time here in the light of the sun and when that allotted time is up only the creator can grant more. R.I.P. my buddy keekers.
Our show will still be on this Sunday at 6:00 pm est. Chris and I decided to leave it at that time. And it will be live again. Tune In Turn On and Stay Tuned.