Time line since 1982 of my life: Who is Glen M. Sutphin

This time line of me and is no where complete, it is to show what I have been up to in my adult life. To give you an overview of what is listed which is in my blog in greater detail. I am growing and gaining readers and this time line is to fill those who follow me in, and so others can catch up and new readers can see what I have been fighting since 1982. Unless I say a specific date these times are approximate, it is accurate only not specifically dated.

1967: I came into being in this dimension and started to experience it as what you see before you today. All possibility experiencing it as this limited being known as Glen M. Sutphin, if I had a choice in the matter I don’t remember but if I did I would have picked a different path.

1967 – 1982: grow up, don’t remember much of this period of my life, can’t due to auto accidents and the drugs I did (was an addict) and getting drunk drunk drunk. Happens through out the later point of this time and continues into the later years of my life. I quit almost everything that I used to do, cleaned my self up and try to help others do the same.

1982 -1983: joined the militia about 15 to 16 years old. Also got my first computer a Timex Sinclair 1000 and the expansion pack and started to teach myself the computer. Taught myself basic, q-basic, dos.

1982 – 1985: some time during this period I had my first major car accident put me in the hospital 3 days. Shattered my face going into the windshield and into the dashboard; broke my nose, most of my face. Head trauma, probably the real start of my problems, stated later on. Some where in here I go through drug rehab for drinking on school grounds and really get into drugs. Ironic I get sent to rehab for my drinking come out with a drug problem as well.

1985: was supposed to graduate school, but was held back because of school bullshit. They made my history class from a major history class to an elective class, costing me my half credit I needed in history and making me have to go to school an extra half year. Before I found this out I had enlisted in the US ARMY. And started the FBI and other alphabet soup Nazi agencies to start watching me. Had to un-enlist out of the US ARMY and finish school. Only they didn’t un-enlist me. Had me down as AWOL.

1986 – 1987: RE-Enlisted in the US ARMY after finishing my one history course. The whole time the US ARMY had me listed as AWOL. Go through the ASVAB test again gained two points on it over the last time, the whole nine yards get to the MEPS station and am arrested. MP’s have me and they see it was their mistake. They let me go and destroy the paper work. I tried to keep it. No luck. Go through the oath to the US ARMY, Again, And I swore an oath to the IC (Intelligence Community) and inducted into the military intelligence community, and had a high level clearance which I never got to use. November of 1986 go to boot camp up at FT NUTS, NJ, for those of you that don’t know it’s between FT DIX’S and McGuire Air field, it’s a tiny place. That is the joke I was at FT DIX. Was immediately introduced to check in and the full welcoming services that FT NUTS had to offer. A day or so later those who were MI got a trip to security HQ, where one of the first things we learned was “DON’T TELL ANYONE THAT YOU ARE AN AGENT” it was drilled into our heads from that day forward. From November 1986 till March 1987 of the following year I played MI soldier. Security would routinely pull us out of formation and take us to interrogate us. Not fun. Then after I sprained my ankle, twisted my foot completely backwards in a pothole on the 2 mile run, they rediscover I have super flat feet. I have a fallen arch in one foot and a reverse arch in the other. Automatic discharge and 4f’d out, but before I got out I broke my hand and almost got an article 15 for damaging government property. I punched a brick wall with my parka wrapped around my hand just missing the privates head by a fraction of an inch for disobey my direct order. I missed on purpose because I didn’t want to kill him. I hid my fractured hand for 3 days before the Drill Sergent found out. Long story short while I was in I saw a lot of the classified ARMY field manuals including the interment camp one. If they had of given me the article 15 it would have put me over the time needed for benefits and I would be given veterans benefits instead they sent me home with a few weeks to go. That ended my military career but not them spying on me and following me.

1987: After I got out I joined the INFORMATION WARFARE against the COG and the shadow government, started to study and learn all I could about them. Started searching for the unclassified manuals to start showing persons about them.

1989: I tried to get in the CIA took their tests and passed amazingly well. Was excepted, then I told them no way when I found out how much they spied on you even though they are not allowed. And I didn’t want to leave the relationship I was in at the time.

1989 – 1990: in 1989 had a massive heat stroke while at work, put on temporary permanent disability for it. Sill on it by the way 28 years later, 8 months later the next year was involved in a major auto accident. Was hit by a drunk driver and was partially ejected from the vehicle I was traveling in, came back through the windshield and smashed my face all to hell on the dash board of the vehicle I was in. This is the second time in my life that has happened. Spent 3 days in shock trauma and died while in the hospital. Have had brain injures and brain damage ever since, as well as seizures at least once a week since. Was almost in a halo but they opted for the neck brace then the soft collar and said I would have problems the rest of my life from it. Was almost a year and a half I had too use them. During this time I was also hanging out in bars around the NSA building in FT. MEAD, MD. Met a lot of workers up there who would get drunk and you would find out a lot of shit.

1990 – 1993: I went into WRESTLING and learned real fast all about MEDIA and how corrupt CNN was. 1992 they fucked me and the guy I was managing over and started my war with them. I vowed to one day take them down that days is coming soon. So before I ever became PRESS I have hated CNN and the MEDIA, one of the few factors that lead me to become PRESS. I started off in WRESTLING as a photographer. Iron Mike Sharp told me I needed to be the guy I managed manager, I said not it, got vetoed by Mike Sharp and became a WRESTLING MANAGER. You don’t tell Iron Mike Sharp not it, he’s one of the few that vetoed it. Went on to be pretty big in Alabama and most of the east coast, DARK ANGEL and the DARK ANGEL ALLIANCE.

1994 – 1995: somewhere around this time period I started my BBS and got my first PRESS PASS and started my WAR AGAINST MEDIA. Found out from when I was WRESTLING about the PRESS and what I had to do to be PRESS, been PRESS ever since.

1995: Got married and got busy getting myself known in the business.

1997 – 2006: Stopped smoking and went out to live life on the road and in the mountains with my wife, had a great time too good in fact my son was conceived while we were homeless. Moved up to New Jersey. Would work in New York doing shoots. At this point I bring up TRUMP I have been well aware of TRUMP due to my time in New York. You don’t work up in New York and not know anything about TRUMP. Did a lot of work in Atlantic City, NJ,as well so yes I know about TRUMP lost a lot of money won some back as well in his casinos. 1997 got my MODEL CONSULTANT LICENSE, started doing MODELING and still would do PRESS as well. I started to get recognized in the ADULT side of the MODELING INDUSTRY. Shoot two layout in JUGGS ( SEPTEMBER 1998 & AUGUST 1999 ) 

juggs1 juugs2

and two layouts and a write up about me and my studio where we were filming a shoot, in one issue of BIG BUTTS ( SEPTEMBER 1999 ) juggs-1 magazine, plus for 2 years straight shot the front cover and several ads in MISTRESS VIXEN’S TV/TS REVIEW, (22 issues) and built them a massive website. Plus many other magazines as well. I was also doing film and video work too. So I don’t think I am trans-phobic in any way so you special snowflakes keep what you don’t know to yourselves.

1998: January 23 my son was born. Another car accident on the way to the hospital.

1999: turned down several good paying offers and contracts for jobs to get out of New Jersey and away from New York before anything happened. Was told I was crazy at the time for turning down everything for stupid bullshit. Moved away November of that year.

2001: September 11 happened almost right where I was working in New York. Say I’m stupid now, I was correct again.

2002 – 2003: Stopped drinking liquor and beer, refuse to touch it ever again.


2005: car wreck and drive by shooting in my yard. Started my blog to get what was going on in my life out to the world. Been up ever since in one form or another. Started my war with the city of RICHMOND, VA, and the police which did nothing for the crime except covered it up.

2005 – 2006: kicked doing all the hard shit I was doing drug wise, I don’t consider pot, cannabis a drug so that’s all I’ll say about it. I will say I fully support pot and cannabis and it needs to be decriminalized and given to the masses instead of the shit they give us. It helps with PTSD, it helps with seizures, it is medicine. FUCK PHARMACEUTICALS they are poison, I should know I have used enough of them.

2006 – 2008: falsely accused of producing child porn and other false made up lies. Tenant of the property I was property manager of made slanderous and libelous remarks and allegations that when found out were false, CPS continued to press the guilt upon me even though they found it to be untrue. The police would sit outside my door to make sure I wasn’t doing anything. Do you know the trauma of having your family watched while the criminals do what they please and break the law? I had to at one point during the year and a half they harassed my family, to get the cops permission to mow my damn yard. Every day being called a pedophile while never have gone to trial or even been charged just convicted as said by having the guilt thrust upon me. It was only after the bitch left that the police stopped their shit somewhat. I would like to add that the city of RICHMOND, VA broke statute 2257, when I challenged them that they had to in fact check my 2257 to make sure I was in fact compliant with the statute. They refused and told me to follow what they told me and not the law. That is an edict and they need to be held accountable for their crimes.

2008: The man that would murder my friend, Cliff D. Sauer wrecks his truck into a house I was property manager of nearly killing 4 children playing in the yard. Police show up do nothing but cover up his crimes again. He had several illegal guns and weapons charges against him. The police knew and did nothing in spite of the fact there is the PROJECT EXILE which should have put him away for 5+ years.

2009: the same piece of shit wound up killing my friend, SEAN B. MCKAY; because he did the smart thing and blew his face off saving me from a murder charge the police again covered it up and swept it under the rug and buried the paperwork. Since the mother fucker killed himself the city promptly forgot about the incident. I haven’t, and there needs to be a wrongful death suite filed against the city of RICHMOND, VA. For not doing their job. My friends remarried wife TRINITY S. MCKAY needs what this city promised, and the city needs to compensate her and her two children by SEAN B. MCKAY for his murder and for them not doing what they were sworn to do. Became homeless and had to find housing, all covered at the end of the blog.


2010 – 2012: Rebuilt my life,explains the gap in my blog and those years are missing from the record and my blog on purpose. I needed to rebuild my life and a lot of personal shit that people don’t need to know about my everything in my life.


2012 – 2013: Started the war again by taking on the war against FEDBOOK about the child porn, gore porn and other illegal activities including human trafficking. Found out that the governing agencies are mostly to blame for the illegal activities. Seems they do this, run the child porn and other illegal activities for our safety and to protect us from, people who do ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES. You can’t make this up. Started Get The NEWS Straight, and pushed my blog and NEWS channel, started to do radio shows and appearances.

Two articles in the NY POST telling what I did and proving I am in fact legit PRESS and have been interrogated by the FBI


One of these tipsters — oddly enough — is a guy who says he’s a photographer in the adult-entertainment industry. He started monitoring Facebook’s pedophile sites because he didn’t want his 14-year-old son running across the disgusting images.

“My son was online one day and these images popped up in his in-box,” he said. “You do what any parent would do, investigate.”

He tried to report them to Facebook, which he says didn’t seem interested. So he contacted me.

I know; considering what he does for a living, there is a certain irony and justice in this guy’s story. But I don’t think anyone would disagree that pedophilia is a whole different issue from the way adults behave sexually.

This tipster transmitted several pages to me that he said were pornographic and on Facebook. They were sent in code since sharing this stuff is illegal.


I hear from whistleblowers all they time and they, too, are trying to get law enforcement to crack down on this misuse of the Internet.

Glen Sutphin, who lives in Virginia, investigated pedophile use of social media sites on his own after his son wandered onto one of these disgusting Facebook pages. He’s already met with the FBI — according to my law enforcement sources.

Sutphin, who was told politely but firmly by the authorities to leave the investigating to them, says pedophiles will typically keep an empty site on Facebook and advertise to “friends” that an inappropriate photo of a child will be posted for a short time at a certain hour — usually in the middle of the night.

The person posting the picture will then say something like, “If I get 100 ‘likes’ the next hour will be pedo hour,” explains Sutphin.

2014 – 2016: did a lot of work with a lot of people. Did radio appearances, wrote articles explaining what is going on, a lot of info dumps.  


PRESENT: continued to grow and put out the truth as too what is going on to the masses the best I can. This year 2017 I am going to grow and do as much as I can and tear down the MEDIA starting with CNN I owe them, and since they’re staggering and going down, I may as well help them hit the bottom it’s the least I can do. My article exposing them is coming up soon.

20140923 city councils so called safety meeting.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

Last night City Hall Council safety meeting was a complete and utter joke. First over half the city council wasn’t there. The police were not there till Chris Dorsey called them out. It’s a great hour long comedy from start to finish. And it was free. Didn’t have to pay to be entertained. Here it is in it’s entirety.

City council hasn’t even had a meeting to address whether the press boxes on either side should be opened back up or not. Reva Trammell says at first she doesn’t see any reason why they shouldn’t be opened back up. Then the police spoke and the tune changed to we are afraid to open the press boxes back up.

Go check out the crap they said from their own mouths. People are getting fed up with this non working government all of it. Right down to the local non working part. They have a reason to be afraid we are pointing out they don’t work are a bunch of crooks and we’re not taking it any more.

Stay tuned people more coming.


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