Now on to the FEMA Documents. I’m a Conspiracy Analyst.


By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

This got buried in the article I wrote on Heather Jean Abbott and I feel it needs to be addressed again by itself and to show you the importance of the documents.

I’m going to cover more on these and the Army Manuals that were released and I covered before but some may not have seen it. Also I get from time to time people saying I should watch my spelling. Okay I’m just one person who relies to often on word check. Sometimes it’s wrong. Other times I’m in so much of a hurry that I type to fast. SORRY.

Now on to the FEMA Documents. Available for download straight from the FEMA website.


Now notice something before we even go on. Switch the first and second letters around go ahead.. IT SPELLS S.H.EEP. SHEEP…


Video I found some of the information from. Very well done and very informative.

Since the article went live earlier I have found some more footage of what I am talking about. CNN ran a piece just the other day

So with the FEMA documents and CNN reporting about it what’s so hard to believe?

Okay so for something that doesn’t exist and is a conspiracy theory there is a lot of information on it if you look. See what happens to people is you say look it up and it automatically becomes a conspiracy theory. Because most of the idiots out there are to damn lazy to look something up, it’s easier to just condemn it and not pay attention to it.

People seem to get upset because I provide a ton of links in my articles. I do that for a reason, so you can see all my searching and what I have found. Also they get mad because they can’t refute the evidence that I put forth, or they try but they never show a shred of evidence to the contrary. I know it makes reading hard for some of the people who read this but if I didn’t put the links there or put them later no one will look at them.

5/15/2013 – Nebraska, May 2013
5/16/2013 – Florida, May 2013
6/18/2013 – Illinois, June 2013
6/25/2013 – Alabama, June 2013
7/16/2013 – Colorado, July 2013
8/26/2013 – California, August 2013

Let’s see if any of these become “LIVE” events. Taken from the IIF website they provide “CRISIS ACTORS” for events and such take a look.

The simple matter is they do have “CRISIS ACTORS” that they use and they sometimes take the events “LIVE” and these people have to be stooges and do what they are payed to do. So was the Boston Bombing a staged event? Everything is pointing to that, as well as Sandy Hook and a few others that look like they went “LIVE”. I’m not saying every event is a staged event, but the bigger ones seem to be. They get hyped up in the news and tried to make them into talking pieces so the masses can all go “OHHHH and AHHHH” and fight among themselves and divide us up into those who believe everything they are told and those who question the narrative and are called “Conspiracy Theorists”, me I’m a “Conspiracy Analyst” I look at these “Conspiracies” and question them. Not necessarily believing every thing but when there are things that don’t happen in real life and we are being told to just believe the government then I question even harder what is happening.

I mean come on their arresting you for drinking ‘ICED TEA”..

Watch this it’s from 1996. And watch it with out preconceived judgment. I dare you.

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