Fake snow phenomena. Does real snow burn?


By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

I’m going to get into the “FAKE SNOW” phenomena here and I will share a bunch of videos and posts I made on fedbook. I didn’t believe the videos so I did it myself and found it was indeed true that the snow will burn. Well not so much burn but it doesn’t melt like ice should and after it does melt hours later in the house there were nano particles left behind. Little square like things floating in the water.




People have been saying it’s all made up. Go get some snow and try it yourself. Some areas though have not been sprayed as heavy or even at all and the snow is fine there. It’s only where they spray that the snow is messed up. We have had several days of heavy spraying here in Richmond, VA. I have seen one video that shows real snow and it melting and not burning or charing. So if it doesn’t do it in your area Congratulations you weren’t sprayed. Consider yourself lucky. But don’t say this is made up when the proof is starring you in the face. I’ll prove it’s not made up when I do my video. I will do it outside and with no cuts. This video shows real snow.

How real snow reacts to flame.


Here are several videos from the net showing what was going on. I didn’t believe it myself so I did what everyone else did and went outside and got some snow. And it did as the people said it did.


Chris Dorsey’s Video.

Charred Snow with Chem smell in RVA


January 30 2014 1:27am brooklyn New York


NYC Brooklyn snow it turns black!


Georgia Fake Snow!!!!


Snow that won’t melt? Atlanta Georgia



Fake Snow Be cautious for your children







OMG2! Chemtrail Snow tested with Metal Detector! Mt.Lemmon Az


Microwave Snow plus additional test



What is With The Snow From the Recent Storm – Solar Vortex?


‘Fake Snow’: Videos In Multiple States Show Strange Snow That Doesn’t Melt Normal, Burns, Smells of ‘Plastic’


This was shared by Amanda Williams on fedbook. “VIA ANON: “I just grabbed a snowball from my front porch and brought it in and lit it. OMG it turned black, smelled terrible and it did not melt under the flame. I guess I never tried it before but it seems very messed up and makes no sense. An additional test would be good using snow from a snow cone machine, that way you know the snow has not been tainted with aluminum, barium, strontium and other nano- particles or heavy metals. My buddy is a chemist and he would know, but water shouldn’t turn black. I’m trying an ice cube next. Seems f***** up though..”

Here are my posts on fedbook about what was going on.

“Going to go collect some snow and try and get my microscope to work on my computer to see if there’s anything in the snow that can be shown.”

“Got a huge bowl of snow and am now going to try and get my microscope up and running which in and of itself is a big pain. Going to do some experiments and see if there is anything n the snow from man made sources (I.E. Chemtrails).”

“For comparison I have a big bowl uncovered and a 3 litter cut open bottle with the cut part put back inside so it forms a seal of sorts. Going to see if the snow makes more water covered or uncovered. Also going to tomorrow collect more snow and melt it to see how many particles I can get if there are any in the snow. I understand it doesn’t make much sense yet but most experiments don’t till after they are finished.”

“And of course the one thing that always goes wrong does. The microscope will not work for whatever reason. I am tired of technology that never works no matter how much you work around it or pay for it. Yeah story of my life. But I will still collect the snow and see if I can get particles or not.”

“After an hour or so the snow has only reduced by about half the volume it was before I brought it in the house. Still not melting the way it should. I have even tried a lighter on it and all it does is sort of wilt much like Styrofoam instead of ice. There’s very little water so far. So tomorrow I will collect a lot of snow and see how much foreign matter there is in it.”

“I’m going to investigate more on the snow tomorrow. I’m charging up the high def camera and will be doing several experiments on the snow. It’s almost all melted the stuff I brought in earlier been like 3 hours and it’s still in a lump sort of. Combined the bowl and the 3 litter snow together. Will see what it looks like after it all melts. I’m going to also collect several ice-sickles and see what they have in them when they melt particle wise. Might do an article about it but I have two other articles I need to get done first.”

“Okay for those who have been following.. The particle in the snow are non-magnetic. I still have a little chunk of snow and it’s been in the house now hours. Most of the particles seem to be squares. Tiny little flecks of something. Really wish the microscope would work so I could get a photo of them for you all. But I’ll be putting my findings in an article later as well as a video. So as always Stay Tuned.”

I woke up today and saw these two article that cover this topic. Intellihub.com did a great piece on the subject their piece is here. http://intellihub.com/proof-massive-snow-storm-yields-fake-snow-signifying-false-flag-weather-manipulation-or-massive-social-experiment/

Stop the press! A recent snow storm that blanked Atlanta and parts of Virginia sending thousands of residents into turmoil, causing nearly the entire city to come to a standstill, may have been a false flag operation or beta test carried out by diabolic factions of the U.S. government.”

as did geoengineeringwatch.org their article is here http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/geoengineered-snow-storms-wreaking-havoc-around-the-globe/

There is a mountain of data including already conducted experiments, satellite imagery, lab tests of snow, observations on the ground, and multiple existing patents, all of which point solidly to the conclusion that snow storms are being engineered with well established weather modification processes.”

I have a comment on something I have seen here lately on the boards, people have been saying this is made up and can’t be trusted because people are faking videos. And the smell is from the lighter. This fake snow takes longer then normal to melt into water. If left long enough it will melt when the temp gets warmer. And the stuff does burn like Styrofoam and gives off a chemical smell and it isn’t the butane from a lighter. I’m getting tired of these idiots that think everyone that posts a video has the capability to fake videos across the planet, like each person has their own Industrial Light and Magic studio in their bedroom or computer room and can do all these spectacular fake videos. Give me a break people. Simple folks go out do these videos and post them, then the goon squad comes in and it’s “why you faked the video”. Or “that’s not real”, or what ever else they come up with out of their feeble brain stem they call a brain. And so these brain damaged people who think everything is made up can see I will try and conduct a science project so that it will at least show the thinking person what is going on. These brain dead idiot troglodytes will always debunk anything till they die, that is just their way.

My project is outlined here.

I am going to go make some snow cubes in an ice cube tray and show the difference between ice and this fake snow. Show how long it takes each one to melt normally and what happens when you use a flame next to each. Should be interesting to say the least. And to think I hated science when I was in school, or rather I hated the stuff they said was science. I am also going to show the similarities of melting Styrofoam and this snow by burning a piece of Styrofoam and burning the snow. If I can get the microscope to cooperate I will post pictures from the fake snow melt showing the nano- particles left behind. Hopefully I can include them here in this article.

Okay my project didn’t turn out as planned as usual. The camera doesn’t want to work outside at the moment so I did the experiment in my mud room. I have a huge bowl of snow again and showed the snow burning as well as the Styrofoam burning. I did notice one thing about it, if you hold the lighter under the snow ball you will get black soot, probably from the lighter, because when I did it off to the side there was none. That still doesn’t explain the nano- particulate in the snow. Or why the snow seems to take forever to fully melt. Or the smell from when it is burned. I also have some ice-sickles melting as well to see if there’s any nano- particles in the ice that melts from this stuff.

And another thing the idiots don’t understand. These particle are suspended in the snow, the snow melts and goes into the ground as does the particles. We then forget all about them. They do not just disappear or evaporate. And then you have to ask yourself what were those particles? Are they man made, do they serve a purpose? Some of these particles look like little chips off a dvd or cd, they have that feel and look to them so yeah, what are they? And why are they in the snow? The only answer I can come up with is smart dust. If you start questioning these things you find you have more questions then answers and will see there are a lot of willfully ignorant, dumbed down or just plain ridiculous people out there.  



Smart dust nano particles.



Smart dust nano particles.

Okay now for my video and photos from my microscope.

I did find under the microscope some rather unusual fibers and what looks like a chip of some kind. This stuff is really hard to get on the slide and if I had a better laboratory I could really get to the bottom of this. But since I’m just an ordinary person with no training or fancy equipment I will do my best to inform people of what I have observed. Of other interest the melting water from the ice-sickles produced a ton of stuff. Some things that look like webs, and fiber like hairs. So yeah there is something to all this and it’s not people making stuff up.


My video of me doing what everyone else was doing. I noticed the snow took way to long to melt, and I left it sitting for hours. I also did what most people have not done, after the snow melted I took some of the particles and put them under a microscope. If I had a laboratory I would have also tested the water. But before I show my photo’s of the microscope samples I want to leave you with this person’s opinion.


I found this one which was very well done. I do not agree with all his findings but it’s worth reading with an open mind. Which is what I will say about everything I investigate, I try to have an open mind about it and listen to everyone’s opinion and then draw my own conclusions. I do not have to agree with everything someone says. And most times I will then go and try and prove it to myself one way or the other.  

As with all things try and have an open mind. Don’t limit your possibilities by narrowing your field of view. Keep an open mind and try and see things the way they are. There are a lot of people who will try and convince you they and only they need to be listened to. Do your own research and find your own conclusions. And in closing this article here’s the photo’s from the microscope.  











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