Fedbook zipfile.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT




Not that many of you will look or even care but here is fedbooks own page telling you what they have on you. And you think I make this crap up. Every piece of information is logged don’t believe me download your zip file from fedbook and see. All your private conversations all your likes it’s all there and here they tell you they are doing it and it’s okay. It for your own good. https://www.facebook.com/help/405183566203254 at the bottom of the page they have a chart that shows everything. Go check it out and download your zipfile to see don’t take my word for it. But remember you have nothing to hide. 

Facebook Exposed 2

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

WARNING: There will be some colorful language used in this one sorry if it offends you most of you know how I am when mad.


This is going to be a long one. Let me start off first with my motto from my blog.

“For those easily offended be prepared to be offended. For those who don’t like to be uncomfortable be prepare to be uncomfortable.. For those who are sleeping be prepared to be awaken…I’m pulling no punches anymore, you get it hard fast and continually here on my blog..You’ve been warned.”

Okay where to begin? Well I no longer have a fedbook account due to me reporting and criticizing them I guess. So far I have received no word as to why my account was banished. I can only guess. It just proves what I was saying, fedbook defends and helps with the distribution of child porn and such.

Let me here state again why I call if fedbook. For one I am fed up with it, second and this is public record they are a fed program designed to spy on you the public. They were DARPA funded and are run by the FBI and CIA, on record I am not making this up I have covered this in my blog, go read about it. I have shown in my blog that they put stuff where only they can, so how is it not possible as some say? They banish and remove people such as myself for telling the truth and fighting against child porn and child abuse while letting pedophiles and human trafficking go unmolested. If you report pages and such you are considered more of a threat then those braking the law.

Fedbook has banish me without any warning and will probably say as I wrote earlier that is was due to me sharing child porn which is beyond not right. I know it was because the past week or so I was hitting them very hard about the crap they allow on their precious spy program. Go back and look at what I wrote this past week or two, I’m not going to link it. My wife’s page had crap put on it as has my sons. I went to John Crudele of the New York Post with the story that came out the end of last year and the beginning of this year. I have spoken with the FBI and they told me what they told me which some of it was lies. I know this.

I know what I was in for and am surprised that my account lasted as long as it did. This account, my second one by the way, the first one I lost because I posted a child porn page to make the public aware of the fact that this crap is all over fedbook. I will now share with you the reader what I sent to Fred Wolens.

As a side note, I was the one that provided Anonymous with all the information on Fred Wolens. I have 42 peoples names who work for fedbook as employees that I found on linked-in. So telling me something that I provided information in the first place is beyond ridiculous. I have found stuff no one has found but I’m looked at as something like bad weather or something, I can’t wrap my head around your stupidity.

I support the true Anonymous as I have stated in my blog before not these asshat’s and dumbasses that think it’s trendy to put on a mask and act like total idiots. And yes Anonymous has been infiltrated by the FBI and CIA as well, the same as the Occupy Movement. I have done nothing by put information into news , reported on things that have happened and that I have found but I am looked at as the bad guy, so be it I can’t care. The truth is the truth whether you want to believe it or not. I can care less what you think or want to believe, that is your right and your own opinion.

Now back to where I was, Fred Wolens, here are the emails I sent to him. In order since I first got in contact with him. I also had an hour long talk with him after the first story hit the New York Post.

January 25, 2013


What educational or news value is this page? I haven’t been monitoring Facebook for some time because you told me things were being done to stop a lot of the crud on facebook but yet here I am writing to you about a disgusting page that does not belong on facebook. I will be watching and observing again. I will go to the FBI again and I will get it in the news again. Please have someone look into this and delete this page and file a report about the person who runs the page.

I have also noticed several questionable pages popping back up which include child abuse and such. Please look into it.


January 25, 2013

I’m doing well. And thanks for the prompt action on this page. I know it’s hard to keep everything on Facebook running smooth and I will continue to watch and report those pages that violate your policies.

May 16, 2013





Just some of the ones I don’t feel like taking the chance with. Bad stuff here again. Some of these photos have been around on other pages before. Though that you should know. I’m noticing an increase again in this stuff. Please look into it. Thanks.

July 10, 2013

Your company has this strict policy against nudity and pornography am I right, yet time and again I keep getting pages that are not removed but should be. Case in point these pages are nothing but pornography yet I am told by your support staff it in no way goes against your policies. Please have a look and tell me I’m wrong, or is it because they paid you money to keep it up and because they have so many likes? I’m thinking it’s due to the money these pages generate for your company. I think you seriously need to retrain your support staff.


This one there a fish sucking a man’s penis??????? on this one as well as sex.


The page lolisss was nothing but child porn and it stayed up till more people reported it. That one made my blog as well as several news groups.

Also does pubic hair count as nudity, I have had several photos I reported that show pubic hair but they are not taken down, I thought pubic hair was part of nudity? I could be wrong on that count but it just seems funny that your policies seem to be wonky or your staff doesn’t know what your policies are..





there is a whole series of photos on this one where the girl is pulling up her panties. I mean maybe I’m wrong and I have no idea what nudity is, but???? As always thanks for your time on this.

July 11, 2013

I want to thank you for removing those pages. What got my account banned this time? Can I get both of my zip files for both of my banned accounts?

Thanks for your time.

That’s what I wrote to him over the course of the year. Of course there is also what I have posted on my blog here. But if they want to kick me off for telling the truth about their crap well then that’s just petty but that’s life. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so vigilant or so hard hitting, who am I kidding I should have hit them harder then I did. I should have been a hundred times more aggressive then I was.

Night after night and day after day I sat in front of the computer monitor trolling through hell and crap most of you would have vomited over to protect the children and get this crap off fedbook. No one paid me to do it, no one asked me to do it, I did it out of a sense of duty to protect the children and make sure a corporation kept to their damn policies which they did not. And what good did it do me? What did I get in the end but a bunch of crap from people who acted like they could care less. So what if a 5 or 6 year old girl is naked and being asked to have sex with a grown man, who cares? So what if a baby is being raped, who cares? So what if a young teen age girl is showing her breasts and being bullied, who cares? So what if there are videos and photo’s of people having sex with corpses, so what if there are dead mutilated babies photos, that’s good wholesome family entertainment isn’t it? Isn’t that something that should be on everyone’s pages? Who the hell really cares?

The answer to that question is I cared, day in and day out I sat monitoring this crap so your child didn’t see it or so you yourself didn’t get it on your wall. And who the hell cares? Very few of you I can tell you that much. And to all those who do this and report this crap I want to say thank you to most of you, the ones who do it for the right reasons.

I have been kicked out of several groups and had threats made against me, because people didn’t like the way I did things. I could care less if you liked it or not, as I stated earlier in my blog I am not here to gain popularity or followers, I was here to get the story and help the children. I didn’t do it the way you wanted it done, I don’t care there is no right way to report this crap you just do it. Thinking you had a monopoly on how to do something is ludicrous to say the very least. I didn’t see most of you contacting the news media and getting the story out there, I did. I didn’t see you posting blogs and writing about it yourself, you felt content to sit by till someone else did it and then you criticized how they did it. To all those who that applies all I can say is PHUCK YOU.

Again I have digressed. Back to the point, FEDBOOK clean up your damn spy program and get the crap off your site. You think that by removing ads from the offending pages that will fix the problem, how about instead you remove the offending pages and sites. That will fix the problem. Put a damn Child Porn or Child Abuse button in your reporting system and have someone from the damn FBI who isn’t running child porn look into it, but then it would go against your running the crap. Yes I see the whole picture. I do understand the magnitude of my word to most of you, you’ll think I’m batshit crazy at the very least because you couldn’t imagine your government or people being so evil as to be doing this. Well they are wake the hell up.

My first article about fedbook running and pushing the child porn is the most read article on my blog. Months after I published it, it is still getting hits and being looked at. I can predict this one should be just as big. It should be. I had contacted many news sources and no one wanted to deal with it, said it wasn’t news worthy yet here it is months later and it is still being viewed. So much for what they know.

I also know that my words could get me in deep crap with the government but I don’t care. They have been setting up whistle blowers and people who stand up and say enough is enough. Well trust me I have been waiting for them for a long time now. I am vigilant and watch myself very carefully. But they could still Breitbart me or do like they did Hastings. I will not leave this country so they can’t do like they did Snowden to me. But they could kill me, which if it happens will be murder not a suicide I can tell you that much. I can care less, I will still tell what is going on till I’m dead.

They have been sending emails around trying to get people in the news to open up these emails that contain child porn, ask Luke Rudkowski. Or they could do what they did to Adam Kokesh and storm my house. It doesn’t matter. Would any of that get the crap off fedbook, no it would still be there and you all would still have the same damn problem you have now. And no I don’t want my fedbook account back, because if I was still on there I would be reporting and still watching the pages that popped up on my wall. I would still be monitoring and cause fedbook hell.

You people are on your own now, I hope the crap gets so bad and most of you will wake up and see what I was trying to do. To all those who supported me and stood by me a grateful and big thanks to you, you made it bearable at least. To those who tried to stop me and stood against me thanks to you as well you made it interesting.

In closing I want to say keep your eyes opened and watch what your children see. It’s not up to people like me to do your job of parenting for you. It’s not up to people like me to police fedbook so you don’t see something you don’t want to see, it’s up to you to do that. If it were not for people like me you would see a hell of a lot more then you wanted to, and it would be a hell of a lot worse.

As always Stay Tuned, and see you around now back to the news which is happening now. Read my blog.   

Why Facebook, WHY??

Why is fedbook promoting pages it has deemed abusive? This just appeared on my wall and has been popping up from time to time. This link to the page Chudo Chudao LIFE Banao


< https://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FChudoChudaoLifeBanao&h=2AQGic6v6&enc=AZOTGqRDSDtBU_z-nPHqxbcOgJQa4NyCT1ZhOL9lA2tMIxRHvWPj8iUDp77SkQSQhzBSsekePUBrey5X6Cy8lXxE2YdCQrvMUh7netWCIiTjy8R9wP0en1hcCxGd0GDjxgmJJm0fRLmLuihxfJO8SAWcYrxNp-WUmGyiph498WKFWSj8YmbIA6vlj1YsA98e7gDspzRqG4cZq91l7AJBZyMkAJ4148Di7kEfh2Bcsl6E20LKFcY4qfBK8XJe1DXEnK5qnMQIV9rXbCWGH50f0H_CC2sdXaOkUbjXqIimxD0BfQ >


which when click goes to a warning page that this page is deemed abusive yet fedbook in it’s infinite wisdom seems to delight in posting it to my wall.

Fedbook also need to school their support staff on what is and isn’t allowed on their site. Seems photo’s showing pubic hair in no way violates their terms of service which they strongly push as being the best. No nudity but it’s okay if they deem it okay. I really can’t wrap my head around it. Fedbook really needs to be consistent with their crap. They either allow nudity or they don’t. And why does it take so many people reporting something for them to do something about the really abusive pages.

I can understand from one point the need for them to check each complaint. There are those who abuse the reporting button and report people they just don’t like. I understand the need to safeguard against such abuse. But when the page is definitely abusive and has crud all over it and they just decide it in no way violates their precious policies and terms of service, I can’t wrap my brain around it. I don’t understand their stupidity when it comes to some things that seem to be straight forward. Maybe that’s the problem it’s too simple for them to understand.

I do know that fedbook has admitted they do not read the comments on the pages. Well when the comments are what makes the page a problem and you don’t read them there’s a bigger problem then isn’t there. And then because the comments are in a different language it’s even a bigger problem. And if I can find this stuff with no problem, why can’t fedbook find it and curtail it? Why does it take so much to get nothing done with fedbook. I’ll keep this one short I have other articles to work on. As always Stay Tuned, there will be more coming I predict it.

Facebook, what else. Follow up to the last story.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

How Facebook catches would-be child molesters by analyzing relationships and chat content.

This story was before I got a hold of the New York Post last year so did they really do anything super, and since it’s still going on what exactly have they done?

These next few screen captures will show what has been put on my page from time to time. These can only be put there by fedbook so I will talk more about that in a minute. Here’s the screen captures:


Mostly nude woman in an ad on Fedbook. Thought there was a policy against such stuff. Dated 2013/04/02.


Porno in the games section of fedbook. I had to shut this section down so it wouldn’t show on my page. Dated 2013/04/19.


IN the red box a page I took down filled with stuff that is against their policies but they were promoting it. Dated 2013/05/13


Later that same day another page that was filled with crap. Dated 2013/05/13.

So I think I have proven my point. BUT just to show it’s not just me I will include the screen capture from my wife’s page that was in the last article.


Dated 2013/07/07.

The red boxes indicate where only fedbook can put stuff and it’s all over my page at different times.

It took fedbook a day and half before they finally marked a page I reported as offensive and abusive. Took them all of 15 minutes to tell me it didn’t go against their terms of service which it obviously did since it is now marked abusive and offensive. Since I don’t screen capture the really offensive ones out of habit, so I don’t brake the law, I can’t show you what the contents of this page were but rest assured it’s better now that it’s gone. I do however have screen captures of the email fedbook sent to me and the support page showing they didn’t take it down when I reported it. Why should it take several people or hundreds of people reporting a page before it is dealt with? Now I wasn’t the first one to report the page. I made sure to get a contact to report it first then I reported it. I love how I can sometimes report and at other times can’t and since I have had the ban lifted it seems I wonder how long before fedbook blocks me from reporting again. At times I can, then can’t, then can again.


Message to my contact edited for their protection. Notice the top red box it did show the page on Facebook earlier. Wonder if they’ll try and hold this against me as well.


Facebook support page. Showing they didn’t remove the page till afterwards.

Now fedbook is in the papers telling everyone how they are so on top of this mess, yet as I show they don’t do anything about it till it reaches critical mass, then they do something. The page that was taken down had a little 5-6 year old girl mostly naked and people were commenting in Spanish about how they wanted to have sex with her and if she was available for doing nudes and sex. But since it was in Spanish fedbook seemed to just avoid looking at it or something. I don’t know I am not an employee of the safety team or fedbook itself so I have no clue as to why it was deemed okay, when in the above article fedbook praises itself on how they do all this wonderful stuff to help child abuse, maybe that’s it they help abuse children instead of stopping the abuse. I am very critical of fedbook and it seems to have become my mission to make sure they tow the line.

Crap being put on my wife’s timeline as well as my own. My son has almost stopped using fedbook, unless he really needs to, so his timeline doesn’t seem to get hit that much, and my wife has almost stop using fedbook as well. She get’s upset that this crud is all over and has made fedbook a cesspool. Now I’m not going to go all paranoid and start accusing fedbook of putting that content on my wife’s page, it was probably a nut job just posting crap. But I will accuse them of putting it on my wall where only fedbook can put things. And since I have run articles on my wall stating that the government is responsible for putting said content on peoples computers, it’s not paranoia to say they do such things.

I told the FBI that there was probably illegal stuff all over my machine for the simple fact that if your seeing it on your timeline on fedbook then yes it is on your machine as well. Does that make sense? If you see it on your timeline on fedbook, there is a copy of it on your machine. And if they come to arrest me they will say I have this stuff all over my machine, and yes I do they put it there. I clean and clean my machine daily at times, I have to it’s a rig. Rigged together out of parts I assembled to try and make a working machine. I have had to replace several hard drives due to them being fried. I put my foot through it earlier in the year and it’s still not working correctly, wonder why? See putting foot through it. Ask most people that know me I am hell on my computers. I have shot them, blown them up, stabbed them with swords, busted them on the sidewalk, the list goes on and on what I have done to computers and computer parts. I know my way around these monsters fairly well. So I know also what they get on them and what stays even after you erase them. I know there are programs that can find stuff you erased, and stuff you never even put on your machine, I am very familiar with what they do to set people up also.

For a recent example see Luke Rudkowski’s latest problem. Some one sent him child porn disguised as a Bilderburg expose. Thankfully he had the knowledge to check the file first or it could have wound up on his machine and there probably is a trace of it on his machine that if they wanted to they could search and come up with it. Since the NSA is viewing every email and such they could very well have a copy of it and just say he had it on his machine as well. See how dangerous this gets.

My wife is in no way attached to what I do other then being my wife, having this crap pop up on her machine could be enough if they wanted to come after me. “Well there’s no way of knowing if you used her machine or not” type deal. Understand a little bit of this. If they wanted to they could find numerous ways to frame someone. And have in the past, so again it’s not being paranoid. I’ll ask you the reader a question. If you went to the FBI and you knew they had your password to your account, would you change it when you got home? Would it be paranoid of you to think that was okay. Which by the way I haven’t changed my password since I spoke to the FBI, I’m not paranoid, they can get all my information from fedbook and other places even if I have changed the pass word so it useless to worry about it. As I said I am not paranoid, that is the unreasonable fear of something. When you have knowledge and know things it becomes fact not paranoia.

I’m going to close it here I’m sure there will be more later there always seems to be with fedbook, so as always Stay Tuned..

Facebook rules don’t apply to me meme: What’s up with that.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

I have seen this much too often and am really getting tired of it. When you sign up to be on fedbook there is a terms of service agreement that you must except to be on there. One rule is you will not post nudes or pornography on the site. Many people seem to think that because they have “freedom of speech” they can do as they please. For most people this is not a problem, but there are those who think that the rules that everyone must follow on the site doesn’t in fact apply to them because they can do as they please. Then when they post something and it gets reported they have the nerve to yell, scream and holler their rights are some how violated because they feel they are above the rules that all must follow.

That’s a mentality that seems to be growing. I’m sure that drunk drivers feel the same way, well it doesn’t matter that it’s illegal to drive drunk, I can do as I please because I haven’t hurt anyone, till you wind up killing someone from your actions and then say but I’m different it was only my first time. Or the pedophile that thinks well I can do as I please because I feel it’s okay to rape children it’s my right because of “freedom of speech”. Any of this starting to make any sense yet.

This do as I please culture is one of the reasons we are in this mess in the first place. People believe they have this right to disobey all the rules then have the nerve to bitch and complain when they are caught and punished. Now I’m not saying that all rules are fair or just, that’s why we change them when their not. But when you decide that the rules that everyone must follow don’t apply to you, and instead of changing them you just ignore them, you get what you deserve. And if you are given a chance to remove offending material that is inappropriate and you refuse to do so and are then punished for the action, what right do you have to complain?

I have stated this before in my blog, your right to free speech is not being infringed when you sign up and agree to rules and terms of service, you have waived that said right to be on the site. You have agreed to follow the regulations and agree to the punishments as well. To then claim that some how it doesn’t apply to you because you feel it’s your right to do as you please, well I can’t wrap my head around your stupidity. If you don’t like the rule go somewhere else, stop saying you have a right to do something that is against the rules and learn to follow the rules. Fedbook is not the phucking internet, I’ll say it again because simple minded people can’t get it through their heads, Fedbook is not the internet. It is a site on the internet and as such you must obey their terms.

I was asked a question recently and it’s taken me a while to figure out how to answer it, the question is “I guess I just don’t get it. On one hand you fight to get porn off FB and on the other hand, you indulge in it yourself. Am I wrong?” The answer to that question is both yes and no. And I’ll explain why. Firstly I fight to hold a corporation responsible for their own terms and policies that they don’t enforce equally. I am not against pornography, I am against child abuse and such. If the terms of fedbook stated that nudity and such was allowed I would give a damn if people posted that stuff. BUT when it is enforced unequally there is a problem. I’m not against pornography since I got my start doing photography for adult publications years ago. I was published world wide for two plus years in the adult industry, so I am not against it and I do indulge in it. Some of the stuff lately that has been put on my timeline or wall has been put there by fedbook itself. I have screen captures of stuff that only fedbook can put up so I can prove that.

I have had stuff put on my wall and liked by me when I haven’t even been online, so how did I like it. I have been at times banned without notice from doing much of anything on fedbook due to me going after them. So a lot of stuff gets on my wall and there’s not much I can do about it. I have been banned from reporting sites, I have been banned from reporting stuff on my wall. When I see stuff pop up on my wall I try to get it down as quick as possible. Now there are a few times I have liked something and found out later that it’s a page that pushes crap and filth and I do try to get it off my page.

I have as stated nothing against nudity and pornography. It’s not suppose to be on fedbook so get it off. I don’t know if that fully answers the question or not. I am not against seeing nudes, pornography and art work depicting the human body, I am against rape and child abuse and necrophilia and gore porn, I am fully against it. There is no place for it. I do understand the need to show gore when it comes to news and events in the world, but the blatant putting it in your face for the purpose of getting off on it has no place on fedbook.

Also when these same people think that by placing a signage that states their page is an 18+ page that somehow it’s okay to get away with posting stuff that’s against the regulations and terms of service. That also threatening people with “I’ll file a false claim against you if you report me” is somehow okay? Grow the hell up, your not in kindergarten are you , well mentally some of you might be so I guess that answers my question. It’s an excuse to do something you know your not suppose to do, that’s all it is. If you want to see nudity and pornography go on the internet, that place that is not on fedbook. And also bitching about censorship, What you post is mandated by fedbooks terms of service if you go against those terms it is not censoring you, it’s called following the rules. Now I do agree fedbook at times seems to unfairly go after people but when you blatantly and willfully don’t follow the rules that’s your fault not theirs.

Since fedbook has decided to try and cut down on these types of sites I applaud them for that. But when their answer is to just remove the ads of companies that don’t want to be on those sites instead of taking down the sites, well now where do I go with it. It seems fedbook is more worried about profit then anything else and I am against them for that. Take down the offending sites or change your terms of service and leave them up. Take responsibility for you damn spy program and fix it.

You can’t show a mother breast feeding her child but you can show a child being raped? No nudity yet fedbook defends sites that pay them and are probably run by the government for human trafficking? With the help of the FBI, and the NSA. Doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense to me. Maybe everyone is right and I shouldn’t worry about the nudity and the child abuse on fedbook, who cares if your children see other children being raped and abused? Most of you don’t seem to care or turn a blind eye to the whole deal. Well I for one do care and that is why I do what I do. I am trying to hold a corporation responsible for it’s own actions and it’s own content. But maybe just maybe your right and it doesn’t matter at all.

Now since I’m on the subject let me explain a little about my problems with fedbook and what I have been talking about. As a producer of adult images I have to maintain a 2257, some ask what is that, even the FBI looked at me funny when I mentioned it so let me enlighten you as to what that is. 2256 is the statue in the US code about what Child Pornography is, 2257 is the requirements for maintaining the records dealing with adult images. Fedbook doesn’t maintain a 2257 but I have to. There is a ton of material on fedbook, and my site have no where near the volume that fedbook’s does. Yet I have to maintain records of everyone I have done photos and videos of, Fedbook does not. Now fedbook has an over growing problem with child pornography my site does not, yet if someone questions my site I will be hulled before a judge and the FBI to prove my clients were of age, fedbook nope nothing. See where the problem lies. A corporation can get away with bypassing the law that I can not, WHY?

Since the question I got asked came after I covered and posted about the Richmond Adult Expo, I’ll say this I covered that event as I would any other event. When I did the adult stuff I made money on it, I have made no money doing my blog or covering stories and events. I have been considering going back to the adult industry simply because I can make money. Since I seem to have been banned again from reporting anything I have decide to try and get my ustream channel and other things up and running so I can do live commentary, as always Stay Tuned you never know what to expect but expect it..


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