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For the past two years I have been working on and off on this story, of a place that shouldn’t exist yet it does and it continues to grow and fester. I am of course talking about HIDDEN VALLEY CONDOS. To fill everyone in briefly this place is a death trap, complete with mold, fungus and structural disintegration. This is unfortunately what Agenda 21 is all about. They are weakening our infrastructure, our very way of life, and yes forcing people into deplorable situations of living, all the while demanding more and more from the populace. I have witnessed the EPA doing nothing to help, witnessed local authorities turning a blind eye and deaf ear to the problems first hand. I too have been in these very conditions and am fighting it to the best of my abilities. I wish I could say that things will get better but the truth is they won’t. Things will get much worse but we still must fight it. I urge everyone out there get this information out there. Get out information about Victoria Gardens Apartments; get out there the information about Hidden Valley Condos; get out there the information about Barbara Long; get out there your own personal stories. Maybe if people could see that this is going on, then maybe we can fight it. But as it stands right now, the people forcing this agenda on us are winning because so many do nothing and accept it as the way of things. I am ashamed to be considered human at times.
As you see from the list above this is not even an isolated event, if it were it would be a lot easier to get the problem taken care of. I will be doing more reports on Hidden Valley Condos and later this year will be going up there to see the place for myself, to video document firsthand what the conditions are.
I have covered a lot about this place in other articles; Hidden Valley Condos, In this article I will look at four issues that are the most disturbing; Those four issues being the Illegal dryer vents, mold, the general condition over all of the building, and another big question on why the address is messed up. It’s hard to say what the biggest overall factor in this situation is. Is it the building basically falling apart at its seams? Is it the rampant mold and slime and other things seeping in from the ground and such? Is it the illegal dryer vents adding to the mold problem? Is it the fact that the building is sinking into a sink hole, an empty mine shaft, Limestone quarry or what have you? Or is it the overall situation and a non-caring HOA which holds the people hostage and forces these conditions on the occupants? These conditions are getting worse and have been unanswered for 17 years now. Something has to be done.
To show everyone a visual of what I am talking about I did up video of the photos I was sent of the place here’s the video link. I have been contacting persons and agencies to try and get the word out about these places with little to no response back. I have posted these articles to Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley as well as Attorney General Kathleen Kane, no answers or even acknowledgement came back. I have also contacted the EPA as well as others through their websites and filled in forms and such but to no avail, nothing gets done and few contact me back.
I would like to take a moment to thank Bobby Hughes for giving me direction and information that started my search into the maps and topography of the area. I have been following his clues to the area and the resources he provided helped a lot in my quest.

Address issue: Why does it show the place as up by the pool

I know part of the answer as to why the pool is where the address goes to. This was a very big question that was asked and everyone wanted the answer too. It’s an oversight but one that lead to many of the answers I have come up with.
It’s because they moved Wyomissing Blvd on the map numerous times and added the Wyomissing court, they need to change the address to reflect that problem. Because if you take where Wyomissing Blvd came out in 1983 the address is correct then, now it shows something different. I’ll explain it in more detail later. They give the answer on the maps and probably on the plats, when I get them I’ll prove it. I have one plat already, getting close.


What it really comes down to is this; people that are too lazy or too inept to do their damn jobs and others capitalizing on that flaw and covering it up to satisfy their greed. Plus covering it up, to cover up other crimes and continuing bad situations, making others look bad and victimizing them for looking into it.
Now some might ask why the big stink over the address being wrong? Well let’s look at it for a minute. If you had a fire, of which this building has suffered two of on record so far possible more, how are the firefighters going to get to the right place if the address shows it’s a ½ mile or more away? Or suppose someone was robbed and the police have to track don where the crime took place before they can do anything? Isn’t this a violation of some address code?


So the problem with the address began when they moved Wyomissing blvd, and altered the blvd and messed up the address system. I now have to find out when they did the curb and gutter in there. The new plats I have but am missing the older plats. There has to be permits and such for all the work they did, I just have to find the right cage and file cabinet to rattle. I am getting close though. It might require me going up to the Reading area and rustling some jimmies. Which I think I just might have to do, and broadcast the whole thing.

Drainage problems

While looking at the way the building was placed on the land it dawned on me there is a natural water causeway either on purpose or through ineptness, I’m going with the later. I’ll show you what I mean.


Water from the senior center comes down the road and goes right in the door on the uphill side of the building, follows the path of least resistance through the building and out the door on the lower side of the building then to the sink hole at the corner of the lower parking lot.

ArcGIS Earth hv water flow 1

Another interesting question came up in my search for answers; why does the senior center own almost a 50 foot by 50 foot square of the upper part of the parking lot of Hidden Valley Condos? The senior center was built after the hellhole. And I think I have located the LOST WELL OF SOULS, NIGHTMARE PIT OF DESPAIR. Hey every good horror story needs one you know. And this place fits. (see figure 1 below.)

Figure 1

Illegal dryer vents: Mold: General condition over all of the building:

I have a report done by an inspector which I am releasing now. Final Report for public ENGINEERS REPORT It covers everything wrong with this hellhole. The report is dated February 5, 2015 done by YINGST ENGINEERS & ASSOCIATES, INC. I think the best thing to do is put this out there let everyone take a look at it and cover it in another article that I can devote to the pdf itself. It pretty much says it all; this building needs to be CONDEMNED. The Illegal dryer vents are as said ILLEGAL, and should be enough on their own to warrant a citation if nothing else all on their own. The general overall condition of the building is appalling; it’s a nightmare and one the ADVOCATES wish to be done away with.
There is also a lot of discrepancy as to when the actual building was built. There shows on the new plat I have that there was a building there before the HIDDEN VALLEY CONDOS were added on to it. I am trying to find out the timeline and history of this hellhole. But everything is an uphill battle as most of the information has either been intentionally hidden or just out right doesn’t exist.
I will be going into more detail on the report in the next article. It’s a 91 page report on the condition of one of the condo units but it representative of the whole structure.

My thoughts:

The person who brought this story to me has done so after years of trouble and heartache. They could have easily sold this hellhole or even rented it to some unsuspecting person: been done with it and moved on with their life. They could have been married, living their dreams. Instead they have endured headaches, pain, suffering, turmoil, ridicule and scorn from their enemies as well as their friends and relatives alike. All because of their noble and valiant effort to keep others safe from harm.
They have sacrificed their lives, dreams and existence and they still endure the slings and arrows for doing so. Their name is being used against their wishes; they are being harassed and terrorized by those who wish their crimes not to be exposed.
Sorry for them, I’m here to expose and bring all of it to an end. I know all about what is going on. I AM EXPOSING IT, ALL OF IT. The ADVOCATE who has done all this and withstood this LIVING HELL is very strong and very compassionate. Their only wish is to see that no others come to harm. Small thing to ask considering all of the trouble they endure, from both FAMILY and FRIENDS alike. I am here to see something good come from their efforts.
I am here to see HIDDEN VALLEY CONDOS get CONDEMNED NOW. There is no rational reason this hellhole exists in the condition it is in. The only explanation is GREED and HUNGER FOR MONEY by uncaring and unfeeling slime that has festered for too long..
People have been criticizing the ADVOCATE, they ridicule, scorn and scoff at them. They taunt and prod this person DAILY still for what in the end? What does it GAIN them except the ROLE of BAD GUY in my articles?
There is a group set up on FEDBOOK for this HELLHOLE, that group has been infiltrated by AGENT PROVOCATEURS who are there to stop the momentum and to steal information, as well as spy on our progress. They came in to give false information, disrupt the group’s momentum, to stop the effort and mess up the overall dynamic of the group; as well as to get infighting and disruption going. The attacks still continue as persons in the group come out and attack the ADVOCATES on a daily bases, taunting them and still creating CHAOS for the sole purpose to stop us from getting the truth out.
Thing is all the ADVOCATES know this is going on. These persons doing all the crap think they are unseen yet everyone who is looking sees it. All will be revealed soon. I DO know a lot more then I am saying or putting out in the press. I WILL put it all out there if I have to. That’s all I will say on that for now. Just know you TROGLODYTES, STRAW MEN and TROLLS, I KNOW who most of you are and what you are doing and I will drop the hammer when the time comes.
I promised the ADVOCATE answers and they are getting them as I find them. They may not like these answers but they at least now have them. AND KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE, Acting on that KNOWLEDGE and doing what needs to be done is the other half. RIGHT actions need to be taken NOW. CONDEMN HIDDEN VALLEY CONDOS NOW…
It’s sad that when this person, this ADVOCATE needs love and support the most, loved ones, FAMILY, and so called FRIENDS turn tail and run or even JOIN the other side. I am disgusted at HUMANITY AS A WHOLE.
Does anyone have a backbone anymore? It’s easy to go after the person standing up trying to make a change. It seems to be a lot easier to stand up to this person, then to make a stand against a few criminals committing the crime.
When you follow the group, you only go as far as the group. You only see what the group sees; only think what the group thinks; only look at what the group looks at. You will only find the ANSWERS the group finds. When you go and stand on your own and go your own way you find a whole lot more than the group. You often find the things the group is looking for. Groups have their purpose but by and large, the group dynamic doesn’t lend itself to what I do so I tend to AVOID it. GROUPS by their very nature get turned and infiltrated. People who you think you can trust turn and become ENEMIES, some of these so called FRIENDS were never FRIENDS to begin with, they come in disguise and when found need to be dealt with.
People who tell the truth are so rare these days they should be protected. It’s not easy to stand on the truth and often by yourself as friends, family, loved ones and society in general one by one turns away from you. As they call you stupid or even worse, tell you that you should give it up.. Yes it’s so much easier to be a coward, a wimp, a sellout, snake in the grass, shyster, than it is to stand alone and tell the truth.
It’s so much easier to run and hide, cover it up or ignore the problem hoping it will go away on its own. Even though that is precisely how the problems grow. Things left in the dark grow moldier then the CONDOS themselves, which is why the CONDO is in the condition it is in, everyone who could do something ignored it and put it in the dark.
I admire this person who, in spite of all they are going through, is still standing there doing the right thing. I AM there as well doing what I can to FIX the situation first, then go after the GUILTY.. The problem needs to be taken care of NOW.. Those who stand in the way are as GUILTY as those who made the problem at FIRST.



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Reduced to NOTHING: Here’s my report. 20150818


ME filming the event on live TV, for this and defending a friend I get attacked for something they say does not exist.
ME filming the event on live TV, for this and defending a friend I get attacked for something they say does not exist.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.
Press Correspondent # 59465SUT
It has been a strange week since I did the EPA hearing on the 11th of August. I had a very wonderful and great time there. Amanda Baise -Williams was AWESOME. I admire her for standing up and doing what she does in spite of ALL they do to her. It would be easy for her to sit in the corner, cowering, pissing herself, whimpering ME, ME, ME.. Instead she gets right backup and continues to fight.
She has my respect and my full support in her fight against the system. She will stand her ground. And I am honored that I was allowed to film it for her. She is willing to do all this by herself if that is what it takes. She however is not alone and I will be with her every step of the way in this fight.
Many people like to think they have what it takes to do what she does. MOST DO NOT. You have to be willing to be reduced to nothing and still shine even though it at times would be easier to do nothing. Trust me I know. That’s what they want, is for you to be so scared that you do nothing, NOTHING
You doing NOTHING is why they are winning. I place my life on the line doing what I do. I place not only myself but my family and my friends doing this; but NOT doing anything also places us in an even greater DANGER. They have seen fit to attack me and start trying to get me to shut up; all I have to say is GOOD LUCK with that. I WILL DO WHAT I AM DOING and doing nothing wrong I WILL continue to do as I am doing.
SO I WOULD RATHER stand up and fight then cowering in crippling fear of my image and what they may or may not do to me. Standing and fighting is much more preferred. They are going to attack and judge you regardless of what you do, and no matter what you do; so do something and look good doing it, PLUS MAKE IT COUNT.
As a story comes to a close others pop up to take its place. And the stories become chapter of the book already read. We turn the page and a new chapter a new story begins. I will not put in print some of what is going on to save face for SOME individuals, which they should be very thankful for and for which they ARE NOT!!!
Okay back to focus on the EPA. I met a few people there that had DRIVE, DETERMINATION, and GUTS. The energy they brought with them followed them. The EPA had a few PAID SPEAKERS and they kept pushing AGENDA 21 with the keywords 2020 as well as several other keywords. I’ll expand more on this in a later article. The event was held in the William Jefferson Clinton East Building, Room #1153 at 1201 constitution Ave NW in the District of Criminals 20004. A little something I wrote the day of the hearing I’ll include here. “I will have to say there is no annoying hum of the SMART meter here. But my headache is worse. It’s raining and I’m told I am the worst snorer alive. But when you have broken your nose 5 times, well???
It figures that it’s raining and yucky out. This is the perfect weather to cover the sky so you can’t see the crap. Actually it’s because of the crap hat we have this crap. The Microsoft Office across the street complained about my snoring as well, said I broke their WINDOWS.”
I wish those CITIZEN speakers all the best luck in their endeavors I listed them in the update that got me attacked so since they have such power seems fitting to mention them again.

Jim Lee
Michael Saraceno
Amanda Williams AKA Madisonstar Moon a made up id to protect herself
Patrick Roddie
Max Bliss
Jolie Diane

Another thought I must get in here. If you tell the truth it will sound stupid to ignorant people. The truth always sounds stupid to them; that’s why they are truly IGNORANT. I wasn’t expecting when I got back to lose my entire computer with all my programs and stuff that I use to do everything with. I have no back up for a lot of those programs and they are now gone. And yet even with nothing I am still trying to do my job, and people see fit to give me grief and demand the next to IMPOSSIBLE from me and I GIVE IT to them.
“If CHEMTRAILS don’t exist, WHY do the CHEM-TROGS fight so hard against them?” I am now under constant attack by them and I’m barely even online. So yes WHY do they fight so hard for a non-existent thing?
Even with no computer with me on it, my house is still being ELECTRONICALLY ATTACKED. I guess they know me. They WILL NOT keep me down long. I AM in the process of checking out what I can do including LEGALLY suing the hell of whatever or whoever IS doing it. No matter what agency or individual that is doing it. Barring that I WILL MOST DEFINITELY EXPOSE THEM.
I WILL GET THE TWO STORIES I am working on OUT. THEN I will HAVE TO REINVENT myself again. Time and time again I have been REDUCED TO NOTHING and I have to do this each and every time. AND EACH TIME I GET BIGGER. BUT EACH TIME I LOSE MORE AND MORE that I have to RE-GET and REBUILD in order to do what little I DO. TOTTALLY WIPED OUT AND YET I’M still running and doing, WAIT till I get back up to full strength and yeah.
One thing I have learned a long time ago, DEAD CLIENTS DON’T PAY, NEITHER do clients you don’t deliver to. I do some things to ensure that the video and footage survives even if it means putting it out so it is protected even though I am not supposed to. I do understand the clients’ reactions but I’d rather save the video and deliver the goods then lose it all over something trivial. I had to make a judgement call under attack and decided that the video getting out was more important then who puts it out first. My duty is to make sure the video and footage gets out there, FIRST and foremost. If the client is upset that I will deal with when I am able too, I have all the footage nice and safe and online where the TROGLODYTES can’t get it. People always freak out, then I do the seemingly IMPOSSIBLE and they freak out even more, I’m used to it.
My first priority was saving and getting the film out. That will always be my main concern during a story. Without the video or photos the story never happened. I will go against agreements to make sure the footage survives and yes that does at times put me at odds with the people I do stuff for but later they see the wisdom in what I do. I would rather have the person pissed at me for doing that then to not have any footage and no way to save it. The story, videos and photos are the most important things. Your feelings are secondary and will always be. That is the way I was trained, it works so I use it.
I AM REDUCED to doing my report old school style, PEN and PAPER, camera then getting it out there. Thank GOD I do have a somewhat working computer at the moment. I did manage to find part of my report in a junk file I will be adding it to this article. I will be back later with updates so as always STAY TUNED.


For all those TROGLODYTES that call me a “CONSPIRACY THEORIST” for believing that we are being spied on by the products in our homes. Here are the news reports from the CIA chief himself. But don’t worry it’s all just a “CONSPIRACY THEORY”, doesn’t matter that it’s reality. NO.. Because some damn TROGLODYTES that are known liars say it’s a “CONSPIRACY THEORY”. Then says it isn’t happening and then gets others to join them because there’s more truth if more people believe in it. I really hate to tell you it doesn’t matter if the whole entire world believes you, if you are telling a lie no matter how many people believe it doesn’t make it the truth.

Microwaves and other home appliances spy on you.

Smart meters spy on you.
I’m going to cover SMART meters more in another article and their affects and effects on me personally, since I have one of these lovely droids on the side of my house. I hate it.. BAD.

And I hate to tell you idiots this, but it’s not just one or two individuals it’s everyone. No matter who you are, you are being spied on. Not just the “CONSPIRACY THEORIST”, not just the tin foil hat wearing nut jobs. No it’s you mister wrestling fan, it’s you misses I have to shop. It’s everyone; all of us are being spied on. Black, White, Hispanic, Green, Red, Blue and Yellow all of us. To think that you’re not worthy to be spied on is worse than being paranoid. What makes you so sure no one wants to know what you’re doing?
And for everyone’s information, I didn’t just start not liking the government I haven’t voted my entire life, I’ve been an anarchist since the 6 grade. I have had these views my entire life. To think that it’s just now because of One Big Ass Mistake Amerika makes you a phucking fool. My rhetoric hasn’t changed most of my life. I used to get in trouble in school because I wouldn’t conform to the indoctrination they were forcing on me. Ask Troy Rawls he was in the classes with me.
To outright say I’m a “CONSPIRACY THEORIST”, because I question the lies and refuse to listen to the hive mind think is beyond words. I don’t follow the hive mind; I don’t belong to a collective. I have my own mind; I believe that which I believe. If you don’t want to listen to me then that is your choice. But to label me… You know I’ll stop right there.
Yes, I have given in; the TROGLODYTES have won. I am now truly A “CONSPIRACY THEORIST” I now have a doctorate in it, hanging on my wall. They drove me to it. I am also “ILLUMINATI”, now I understand you troglodytes will say “You are not part of the “ILLUMINATI!!!” and I will say again you are wrong. I am not part of the DARK CABAL now known as the “ILLUMINATI”, I am however Awake, Enlightened and knowledgeable of secrets that the “ILLUMINATI” knows. I do not follow the corrupt DARK CABAL. The usurper of everything they can’t create themselves. They can’t even wipe their own asses; they need someone to do it for them. And you fear them.. HA.
And that leads me to this now if you protest, call for revolution or distrust the government you are labeled as a “CONSPIRACY THEORIST”, a “RACIST” or worse. But people don’t seem to comprehend those are just labels by narrow thinking TROGLODYTES. I’m sorry if you are so weak that mere words hurt you. NO what hurts you is your own mind trying to fit their crap into your life. I read what the TROGLODYTES tell me and every 1 in 1000 might have a point and I look at it and see if it in fact is worth it. Every once in a while they do show a glimmer of promise, then they get together as a group and are stupid again.. So yeah.. They are my biggest fans by the way, should see the memes they make for me.
I was going to make this about being a conspiracy theorist but am going to go into the sky with this and do the big CHEMTRAIL info dump that I promised I’d do. And yes you fake account TROGLODYTES this is for you. SO go have fun at my expense and please just keep it in the private rooms’ jerkoff to me there please. Don’t come and try and show how dumb you all know you are. And yes I know you travel in tribes. I caught most of you on the page but you guys can’t stay quiet and lurk like good trolls. Nope you have to go and mouth off. Anyway enough of that on with…
UN 1976 Weather Weapon Treaty

Click to access Weather_Weapon_Treaty.pdf

Bob Fletcher Exposes Weather Weapons of War Treaty
Operation Hades (Operation Ranch Hand)
Searches related to Operation Hades
Operation Athena
Operation Aphrodite
Operation Cerberus
Operation Hercules
Operation Artemis
Operation Outward

Click to access aerialapplication.pdf

Click to access HuangSpraySystemUAV.pdf

Click to access 1996_mar_275-278.pdf

Click to access Bhatt.S12.pdf

SR200 Rotary Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Click to access Agenda21.pdf

Click to access 2012-Mar-PiPG-review.pdf

Click to access WigleySci06.pdf

Click to access unit11.pdf
scholar papers,47
Project: Cloverleaf

Former CIA And ‘Project Clover Leaf’ Insider A. C. Griffiths On The Purpose Of Chemtrails

Click to access 283390.pdf

Click to access chemtrails-chemistry-manual-usaf-academy-1999.pdf

Click to access Chemtrails_Chemistry_Manual_USAF_Academy_1990-OPT.pdf

Rosalind Peterson: The Chemtrail Cover-Up

Chemtrail Proof – German Military Exposed.

operation poppey
operation stormfury
operation CLOUD-COVER

The good, the bad and the ugly: Cloud seeding

In todays NEW VIDEO i was able to talk to air force whistleblower Kristen Meghan about her findings with CHEMTRAILS (VIDEO)

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to U.S air force whistleblower Kristen Meghan about her conclusions and observations regarding the U.S military connection with chemtrails. The issue of chemtrails has been widely debated among many circles and is regarded in popular culture as a “conspiracy theory”. But with whistleblowers like Kristen Meghan coming forward can it really be regarded a conspiracy theory anymore? to find out more about Kristen check out
follow luke on
Internet of Everything or Things:|mkwid_sRhwW0y30|dc_33625023675_0v0xx7y7d0 Probably disnfo
Smart Grid:

Click to access SmartDust.pdf
Agenda 21:

Click to access Agenda21.pdf…/profitable…/

“Those who manipulate the unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of…in almost every act of our lives whether in the sphere of politics or business in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world.” Edward Bernays – Propaganda page 37-38”

Fusion Centers, FEMA Camps and Martial Law: Conspiracy Fact or Theory?

TSA VIPR teams:
Army Field Manuals

Click to access USArmy-InternmentResettlement.pdf

Click to access fm34-52.pdf

Click to access fm3-05-70.pdf

Click to access DOD005072.pdf

Click to access USArmy-PsyOpsTactics.pdf

Click to access USArmy-PSYOPS-Specialist.pdf

Click to access fm3-19-15.pdf
Phones being monitored
Towards 2000 tv show
Beyond 2000 tv show
I had the honor of hanging out with Max Bliss after the EPA hearing when we took him to catch his flight back out of the USA. We talked about a lot of things I will include something he wrote a while ago here.
Max Bliss
Friends….. ” Food for thought and solutions not problems”, the only way to get out this, is to understand what we are in.
It is clear that we are living through an age of mass deception and manipulation. Enduring one crisis after another, a typical strategy to control the masses. We live with covert weather warfare being used to blame for the Global warming/climate change agenda, which is nothing more than one of the vehicles for one world government (NWO), which has been in the shadows for a very long time.
Our governments have been lying routinely, since their inception and the agenda has been in place for well over a hundred years. The global warming threat is really an extreme weather warfare threat, with the complicity of many key governments and those that did not comply got economic and other measures until ultimately war was used. One world government, the Vatican/European Black nobility’s goal to run the world efficiently, domesticating the masses, without being challenged by we the people.
Dumbing we the people down, through education, poisons, propaganda, pre-packaged news etc…implementing incremental legislation to slowly bring about the changes by stealth for the NWO. The higher degree Freemasons are used through out the world as well as the Zionist/Talmudic Jews… which have been duped since the powers that shouldn’t be wrote down the Talmud in the 11th C for the stealthy control of many nations through the dispersal of Jewry throughout the world. (I am NOT ” anti semetic) There are many good Jews, just an element has been duped for centuries, just as all of we the people. (I would urge these Talmudic and Zionist Jews to examine their common sense- as we the people of this tiny planet are all equal and realising this we can all live together in peace if we bury the “…ism’s” and the ” Divide and Rule” reality of the inbred powers that shouldn’t be.RECONCILIATION is needed).
We have all been living through one or many crisis after another, culture has been diversified, families broken down, with waves of crisis after another or social revolution, all coordinated and manipulated to bring about the NWO.
Please, make no mistake, this is the so called “great work” of the Freemasons used at higher degrees for the control of society around the whole world. The Royal society, ensures complete control of the science community and key elements of society are controlled or influenced by certain organistions or think tank groups. and the corporate system has been set up and developed as a form of economic control of the world- it is a web of financial control for the oligarchy. Who really owns the corprations and banking systems…there is a pyramidal system of power control?
The global warming threat was cooked up by the ” Club of Rome” in 1968 as the confirmation came from long research and development, that the climate could be forced and controlled sufficiently to bring about the crisis necessary for the implementation of ONE world government NWO agenda 21…the REAL despotic agenda for the 21st century ” Sustainable Development or ” The Grand Societal Challenge”. Vaccines, Biosciences, EMF, nanotechnology, RFID, Horizon 2020, The Human Brain Project, Cordis, cashless society for full surveillance, etc… are some of the key silent weapons used incrementally against we the people of the world.
As dark as this all must appear, making sense of what has been going on in the world is key to finding the
“solutions not problems” for we the people.
We can all work together to expose the system or crisis and oppression that has been steering humanity to this NWO tyranny one world government by understanding all the methods used it becomes clear how all the wars are used, economy, corporate web of oligarchy control etc.. etc.. we are now presented with the greatest opportunity to understand, expose, disseminate and unite we the people of the world against the greatest, monolithic conspiracy against us we the people.
JFK tried to warn us and many others have to and now is our window of opportunity just as the last pieces of the NWO agenda play out and we the people are almost at the brink….. we must rise… it is the truth that will set us free, it is knowledge that is power and this is the only chance we have to free our planet from oppression and develop a new cooperate system, with direct democracy and freedom to information…. reformation of the government and societal systems can be achieved without conflict, with peaceful means using the truth as our weapon against the some dominant minority in OUR ultimate revolution, for the freedom of we the people.
The TIME is now…. learn all you can and share your knowledge and together we will put the UNITY back into our community and BE the change we want to see….. PEACE 4 ALL.

Click to access 131123_pr_closing_cop19.pdf

Reduced to NOTHING pdf file is here the links work in this pdf and it’s easier to view. download and see,

I AM A MOTHER SEEKING JUSTICE (Copied by permission)

This video accompanies the story I just did about Barbara Tipton Long and her fight for justice for her son. Copied from her youtube channel with permission to get this out there.
“Many Complaints filed, Never Addressed. The first meeting I was able to go to in May 2011, I asked why their Sewage Enforcement Officer hasn’t filed charges on the Landlord for the illegal repairs, digging a hole right beside our mobile home and braking a sewer pipe and not informing me back in the summer of 2010 and many other issues and the reason given was that they were in the mist of an investigation and that they “Didn’t know who the Property owner was,” I started checking into things and what a twisted web. We all know who did the illegal repairs and we all knew who the landlords/managers were for many years. And yes they knew who the alive real owner was, Why hasn’t Burley been charged and held responsible for the illegal repairs that caused harm on my son and I? Forced from the property from the Burleys and Sick and Suddenly Homeless and unable to live in our mobile home and the sewer pipe never repaired, the abandoned underground petroleum storage tanks that leaked and contamination and nothing ever addressed after many complaints and no one would help. I started recording the meetings to help shed light on many things and to help others become more involved in the community. when are my complaints going to be Addressed?”

Barbara Tipton Long: A mother wanting Justice for her son.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

This will be a multi-part story.


This story really hits close to what I went through several years ago. I’m sharing it to help out and bring more awareness to things such as these. Barbara Tipton Long is on my friends list on fedbook, and I have been following what she’s been going through and decided to try and help get her story out there. She has done a great job at videotaping everything and documenting everything that has happened to her, and there is a lot to go through. I’ll try to summarize this situation the best I can, because it has gone on so long.

Let’s start with this video where she explains what has been going on since 2010. As said this is so close to what I went through with the slimelord that I rented from for 9 ½ years. I know how hard it can be to get the city, county or government to do anything.

She has a page she has started on fedbook which can be found here and her personal fedbook page is here

The EPA is too busy taking towns away, to seem to want to do anything about raw sewage going into a stream. Or a family having to go through this and getting sick. This was taken from the description on the video. “This turned into a big Cover Up and the reason the Township gave for the landlord never being charged was “They don’t know who the property owner is” and WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH BURLEY THE LANDLORD WHO DID THE ILLEGAL REPAIRS? I have filed many complaints and my complaints have never been addressed. In the beginning my son and I were having unusual health problems and later learned that the hole that the landlord dug beside our mobile home had broken a sewage pipe and did not tell us,and never repaired, also they were pumping contaminates from the garage down on us in the middle of the night, and he also failed to tell me that in 2007 the SEO from Bedford County Sanitary Corporation, the townships certified SEO and had told him to move my mobile home from the lot and the SEO knew and never informed me about the contamination and the sewage malfunction since 80’s, the gas tanks from the old sunoco that had closed down in the early 80’s and never emptied or removed and contaminated the very lot that we had been renting since 2005. SEO lead me to believe that he was doing a investigation and that it was unsafe for us to live there and to keep all my living expenses and when he was finished with his investigation we would be reimbursed and time went on months and no returned calls. I had a friend remove the skirting from around our mobile home and found what looked like a vent pipe coming from out of the ground. I have went to DEP, EPA, and many agencies and depts and No help and No Enforcement of the laws.”

My question is why won’t the EPA and the township get up off their lazy butts and do what they are by law supposed to do? Why does it take an act of god to make people follow the laws they made? And where is Anonymous on this as well, they want to help people well why not her. Make this story go viral.

It wasn’t till after we finally had moved away that we started getting better. So I know how this kind of thing goes. Then after you move away you stop fighting. That’s what they are hoping for here that Barbara Tipton Long just go away and they would be happy.

“Most recent first…Injustice that happened to me and my Son…
Our Founding Fathers of this Country did not intend for this kind of Injustice to go on…This has been very Traumatizing on my Son he was only 14 years old when this happened and I will never stop fighting for Justice…I have been going to the township meetings since I was first able to go May 2011…Sick, Forced from the property and Suddenly homeless our nightmare had just began….This turned into a big Cover Up and the reason given for the landlord never being charged was “They don’t know who the property owner is”, In the beginning my son and I were having unusual health problems and later learned that the hole that the landlord dug beside our mobile home and never filled in had broken a sewage pipe and did not tell us, also they were pumping contaminates from the garage down on us in the middle of the night, and he also failed to tell me that in 2007 the SEO from bedford county sanitary corp. had told him to move my mobile home from the lot 143 and the SEO knew and never informed me about the contamination and the sewage malfunction since 80’s, the gas tanks from the old sunoco that had closed down in the early 80’s and never emptied or removed and contaminated the very lot that we had been renting since 2005. SEO lead me to believe that he was doing a investigation and that it was unsafe for us to live there and to keep all my living expenses and when he was finished with his investigation we would be reimbursed and time went on months and no returned calls. I have went to many agencies and depts and no help and no enforcement of the laws. Now over 3 years later the dead owner has risen, and the one he has managing the mobile home park has threatened to take my son’s shed and tear down his home, that I still pay taxes on, and have been withholding rent until the sewer pipe repaired, the contamination cleaned up, the sewage enforcement and the township finish their investigation into who the real owner is and waiting for charges to be filed on the landlord that did the Illegal repairs that harmed my son and I……
Did they really think I would go away, my health has improved but not the same, but am able to be more active now and record the meetings and I have only just begun. I am going to continue to record the meetings and other meeting in the county and I am going to start interviewing those that need to answer many questions and on camera. I am a mother on a mission and I am going to do my part to help bring change. And those that have tried to cover up the harm done to my son and I and to allow children to live on this leachbed of contamination, and how can they sleep at night knowing the health hazards there. We need a little HELP…Please Share my videos to help me find JUSTICE FOR MY SON…”

Something that could hurt her case just came up in the news today, but then again it could also help her. If they are so concerned about the spill in West Virginia why aren’t they concerned about raw sewage into a local stream? She has a lot of videos and photos I’m still trying to go through it all. There are several questions that I have asked her.

Some questions I asked her were:

Do you have the link to the article that the one camera man from the independent newspaper?


Did you ever get the water checked?

“The water that was taken from the Sewage Enforcement Officers from the pipe that was illegally laid to the stream, yes I did get, had to file a right to know then they denied the first request but then I filed again the they gave me those results which one of the tests showed 80000/100 ml fecal”

What else would you like to say to the people about this incident and the way you’ve been treated by the council?

My son and I were forced from the property and no one would help us as we were too sick to even defend ourselves, The first 2 1/2 years anytime my son and I would go to check on our mobile home they would chase us from the property and tried to physically harm us. In Oct 2013 the real owner sent me a letter saying that he was forced to take the mobile home back and that he was not responsible for what had happened there.

The first township meeting I was able to attend in May 2011 I asked why their sewage enforcement officer had never filed the charges the townships response was “that they didn’t know who the Owner was? and they knew who the real owner was all along”

She has also sent me links to videos from some of these meetings. This meeting they tell her she’s not allowed to record the meeting.

Said she wasn’t allowed to record the township meetings

This next one was another meeting where they were discussing the situation.

The Commissioners Meeting

From what I have been reading the EPA and the county she is in have known about these problems she has brought up for some time, like decades if I’m not mistaken, and have done nothing to rectify the situation except throw her out. Sounds way too much like what happened to me.

I will be following up to this story as it’s too big to fit it all in one story, plus there’s some answers I need to find out. I will be contacting people I know who deal with this type thing as well as the EPA to get the answers as to why this was allowed to go on and what they are doing to fix the problem.

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