Edward Snowden


By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

Edward Snowden only brought to light about what has been going on in our country for several decades.
Project Echelon 1960
Project Prism 2007
Project SHAMROCK 1945
Project MINARET 1967
FISA 1978
Stellar Wind 2001
ThinThread 1990
Trailblazer Project 2002
Utah Data Center 2013
Fussion centers 2003
Facebook 2004
Google (backrub) 1996
The list continues to grow about the government spying and doing illegal searches of our communications. Yet most people are so happy in their damn ignorance they would rather he be silenced then the truth come out. And it’s down right hypocritical of our so called government to charge him with “espionage”, other then the fact that only they can spy and stuff and he just happened to expose it. It’s also funny that “See something, say something” only applies when it is citizens ratting and telling on other citizens and not on the government. More later Stay Tuned.