WHAT IF: The truth they are telling us is not the truth.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

Let’s say for instance that the whole country is now convinced that the officer Darren Wilson was attacked and he had a right to shoot and kill Michael Brown. Let’s say that is what happened and everything came out towards the very beginning of the incident. Okay that would be expectable, some wouldn’t like it but it would stand. If that’s what happened great it would be the end of the story.

But let’s turn that around and look at what is said to have NOW happened in light of the fact there was another shooting and killing about 3 miles away about a week later and the same police force lied about the incident. If the same police force is caught lying to cover up one murder they will lie to cover them all up.

I’m not saying Michael Brown or Kajieme Powell were innocent. I am saying we had rules of engagement at one point in our history and since the deification of the Priests of the Temple of Law we now have what is appearing to be a new class of priest called the JUDGES… They can be judge, jury and executioner all in one person and can decide at a moments notice after having undergone extensive law training and years and years of rigorous testing to be that efficient.

Now getting back to the Michael Brown Psyop. Why is there photo’s that appear to show Officer Darren Wilson walking around and talking to other police with what appears to be no injuries and his composure is not that of someone who was beaten to such an extent as they are now saying he was.

BunLgIMCIAAZtiZPhoto credited to Bruh. @TheePharoah



If there were shot’s fired inside the car did they do a GSR <Gun Shot Residue> on Michael Brown’s clothing to prove he was in the vehicle? There are a lot of questions that will not be answered because once they decide that they have the answers they want or the narrative they are pushing nothing stops the agenda. Doesn’t matter how much evidence is put forth. It is what it is and life goes on. Neither of these people are coming back for a do over so there’s no way to say for sure what happened. I know the story they are pushing is wrong and flawed and it’s my job to point out those flaws.

The story sounds too convenient, to perfect and when they change the narrative and everyone starts repeating the same story I have a tendency to look the other direction and see what their hiding. And this has been right out in the open, several people have been posting photo’s and video clips. The officer who had his brains beat in and was in such fear for his life is walking around the body and talking to other officers. His eye was messed up and his eye orbit was broke but he was walking around the crime scene instead of going to the hospital. And he looks unharmed so I guess it’s a delayed action swelling or some other magickal crap to make them seem the victim.

Video under the heading of 5: A New Video Has Emerged of the Death Scene you see officer Darren Wilson pacing back and forth with no visible injuries. So it’s safe to assume from this that he was not all that hurt in the altercation and someone needs to explain some things. Or are you going to tell me it’s a different officer then the one they said it was a week ago before the ruling came out.


Now another thing that gets me is the placing of the bullets in the victim Michael Brown. If you look at the diagram of where the bullets hit the body they don’t make sense unless you put your arms up in the “I surrender pose” both arms up. If you put your arms up you’ll see a little clearer what I’m talking about. The fatal shot occurred to the top of the head.

Another point that is clear from the videos “DUDE WHERES MY CAR” see anything yet? Where’s the vehicle? If this took place as we were told right outside the vehicle, where the hell is it???? Also how many shoots did he fire at Michael Brown, we know at least 6 hit him. Did he take into account there were innocent bystanders in the area? I have a lot of questions I would like answers too.

NEW news out says Darren Wilson never filed a report, I’m very familiar with that here in Richmond they hardly ever do unless it something really serious. So with there being no “OFFICIAL” report they will spin it what ever way they want and push the crap out to the public which in their Pavlovian response will elevate whatever they are told to gospel truth and we have what we have now. A story made up that doesn’t make much sense when you look at it and it is professed to be true and any who say anything about it will be criticized and put down. Then later something will come out and everything you believe to know as true will be shown to be false made up lies and you will still cling to the false made up narrative and believe they would never lie to you.


So trying to shame me into excepting that this “OFFICIAL” was a saint and this young black man was a daemon doesn’t work too well. I have seen the crap and know the game. This was a homicide and needs to be looked at by someone other then the Priests of the Law. There needs to be a special unit set up that is not operated by the Priests of the Law to watch and judge the actions of these new JUDGES. Telling me I have to believe what everyone else in the country is believing because they are told to or forced to is also not acceptable. I have my own mind, I can see rather well so I’ll go where the evidence points me.

Mikael Thalen: Of Infowars.com was on the ground and live gave this brief account when asked about what was going on there in Ferguson. “Police leadership frequently lied about the amount of arrests and the attack on journalists. When our crew went to the Tuesday morning press conference, it was alleged that no journalists were arrested (false) and that only 31 arrests were made (closer to triple that amount). Instead of proactively attempting to find the few criminals in the crowd causing issues (MAJORITY of the crowd was peaceful), police seemed to instead wait for a bottle to be thrown to justify a massive crackdown. It seems likely that police had undercover officers in the crowd, but why were they not utilized against instigators? I witnessed 2 people throwing bottles who were never detained. Granted, the scene becomes quit chaotic after a bottle is thrown, but Infowars filmed one guy (clearly from out of town) who had just thrown a brick at officers and he was never stopped either. Hard to say though really. Obviously the hundreds upon hundreds of police on scene were not in on some devious plot. That being said, too many news groups tried to paint one side as a saint and the other as pure evil and nothing is that black and white, although the attack on the First Amendment that I witnessed was completely unjustifiable.”

I asked these questions on fedbook and will include them here.

What’s everyone going to do when you find out that in fact no beating occurred and everything they have been feeding you was a lie and you have damned anyone who spoke the truth?

What will you do when you find out they are lying about a lot of things and you’re just too stupid to find out the truth?

What will you do when your in a prison cell be it prison or a FEMA camp and the person next to you you put in there because they were weird or told the truth and you now have to be in there with them?

There are things coming and you people have no idea what kind of HELL you are letting happen, but when the crap hits you’ll see what is going on in living color and I pity you.”

This guy had the best video yet of what needed to be said

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10204325511367677&fref=nf or here http://www.liveleak.com/ll_embed?f=5e234fa88933

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