One of my favorite topics, “THE DSS” The Department of Social Service.

Years ago my family and I had the misfortune of being involved with the DSS / CPS because the tenant next door to me made up allegations about me which were bold faced lies. Maybe for those who don’t know I’ll recap what happened in a very brief rant, or you can just go read the whole story on my blog.

Basically what happened was how the “See something, say something” policy works and is a great example of that program. The next door neighbor had a beef to settle with me so she took some information about me, lied and filed a false report and thought she was slick. Which is all “See something, say something” is, it’s a way for people to get you in trouble and get even with you. This person knew I was in the Adult industry and because her child got in trouble for shooting my mother-in-laws car with an airsoft rifle. The Mother-in-law filed a report and the following day we reported her dogs running loose and attacking anything that moved. So as revenge she called the DSS / CPS on ME.

My complete blog from 2005 till 2009. Goto the Entry for October 02, 2006 for the full story.

That’s as simple as I can make it without going into so much detail your head would spin. I spent months fighting with the city of Richmond, the 3rd precinct, the Mayor and the bitch next door. I was called a pedophile by the police and the neighbor all with out trial or even being charged with anything, all on her word. Now in a perfect world she would have been fined or even arrested for filing a false report. But nothing happened to her. The DSS / CPS agent that interrogated my son illegally went to jail for raping a 15 year old mentally challenged girl. One of the last things I said to him face to face was “I didn’t want the word pedophile after my name, that’s why I fought so hard against you all. How would you like the word pedophile after your name for the rest of your life?” Well they turned into a prophetic prediction for a few days later he was arrested.

So after all this time and after telling the second in charge of the whole operations at that time Rebecca Klein to and I will quote “Kiss the fattest part of my ass”, for their lack of help with the matter. And after the bitch next door leaving her children home for 24 or so days with no supervision, as said go back and read my blog, we’re here now.

The city of Richmond is acting like they have never had a problem with DSS / CPS well YES they have. I never got my records which by law I was allowed to have, they didn’t do a damn thing to help me or my family. And now their here now in this big controversy and wondering how it happened. Well when you hire pedophiles and do nothing to prevent children from being abused it’s about time for you to pay the piper. And I’m here to tell everyone what pieces of crap you are.

It should come as no surprise, considering that the DSS / CPS runs the biggest child trafficking ring in the world. They take children from parents and some of these children are trafficked into the white slave rings overseas, wind up in snuff films, are used as test subjects for experiments, and all with the help of the government. They also drug up these children up on so many drugs that most of them die from them, just go look it up. It’s truly frightening the horror stories that I have heard. Now there are times that they actually do some good as there are children that do need to be taken from bad homes. But by in large they do more harm then good. Also it’s been reported that some of these foster homes these children are placed in are run by convicted pedophiles. I think that’s the big reason for this push we are seeing now about trying to make pedophilia legal, I mean just look at the crap over in the UK with the Jimmy Savile case. And them wanting to lower the age of consent to 13 so they won’t have to charge so many older men with being a pedophile, and with Florida also trying to get pedophile as a disorder or some stupid crap.

These are just some of the many horror stories that are on the web. Just last week or so there was the couple in California who had their baby taken from them because they wanted a second opinion. So what good did it do to take that child, but leave children who were left for 24 days without any supervision? What good did it do to terrorize my son for months leaving the situation where I almost went to jail, lucky for me I kept my wits about me barely.

What good is the DSS / CSP? As I said they might help a few children and they should help those who truly need it, there are children who need to be placed in a loving environment and get them help, but from what I have seen of this dis-organization it needs to be fixed or done away with.

I’ll leave it at that for now, I’ll probably be touching on this subject again as more comes to light in the news as always Stay Tuned.

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