UPDATE: Chris Dorsey 2015/07/22-2015/07/23. Camera retrieval.



Okay so how should I put this, the City of Richmond does not obey the damn law…PERIOD. They refuse to do what they are, BY LAW, supposed to do and I am being told I have to sit here and wait for them to eventually maybe someday do what they are supposed to do.

The Trial was continued and they were supposed to hand over the video today. Well they didn’t. I don’t want to jeopardize Chris’s trial and anything he is going to do, but the facts are that is my property they are holding. That is my chip in Silver Persingers camera that was loaned to Chris to do his job. As such they are holding my chip which I want back. They do not have a warrant, they are not following the damn law and I WANT TO PRESS CHARGES. But I am held up by not being able to because everyone is afraid to do what they hell they need to do, playing in the system with the people in the system never works.


<insert the footage and photos if I”M ALLOWED>

Okay we went down and actually got the camera back. We checked it out to see if it had the chip and yes it did. The chip had the some of what happened on it. There appears to be some stuff missing as well, there was a folder clearly marked with my name on the chip so right there as said IT WAS MY CHIP. I’ll get more into what was in that folder in a later article. For the moment I will not release the videos that were on the disk, but I will not sit on them long. They must get out so the public can know what really happened. I will OBEY my ORDERS OR COMMANDS for the time, but only for a short time.

I am going to now go do what I MUST do and NO ONE WILL TELL ME I CAN’T, DON’T, OR ANY OTHER STUPID COMMANDS FROM A PERSON THAT DOES NOT OWN ME. I know what the hell I CAN AND WILL DO; I know the laws and know what they will do. I HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE.

I NOW MUST DO THINGS THAT NEEDED TO BE DONE WEEKS AGO. I am tired of having to listen to persons that are wrong, scared or not acting for whatever reason. If it were your property that was stolen would you just sit there and listen to persons tell you to not worry or not to do anything because it doesn’t affect them?

I’ll leave it here at the moment. Will update in a few days. Have to figure what my next plan of attack is.

http://www.CFAPA.org I’m now a proud member of CFAPA as of 20150715. Constitution First Amendment Press Association. As well as a member of AI News Service, just re-upped my press credentials for another 3 years so yeah…

INFO Dump Show Notes: JADE HELM, OP: CONUS Base, MORE>>>

Martial Law is Coming… NO IT”S NOT it’s already here for 20 years.. You’ve just been asleep. JADE HELM is A REX drill to acclimate the populace into accepting it as normal. A Military PSYOP to “Win the hearts and minds of the amerikan people” to get us READY to except the next phase of the takeover.


Are we witnessing the decline of western civilization?
Show notes:
Cloward–Piven strategy
The Cloward-Piven Strategy
Cloward and Ohlin – Delinquency and Opportunity
Crime subcultural perspectives
Mastering the Human Domain

Martial Law is Coming… NO IT”S NOT it’s already here for 20 years.. You’ve just been asleep. JADE HELM is A REX < Readiness EXercise> drill to acclimate the populace into accepting it as normal. A Military PSYOP to “Win the hearts and minds of the amerikan people” to get us READY to except the next phase of the takeover.
To establish a United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
Homeland Security Graduates First Corps Of Obama’s Brown Shirts – Homeland Youth




ATP 3-39.10 Police Operations

U.S. Army Techniques Publication 3-39.33: Civil Disturbances


19 entries on INTERNMENT and most of them include CONUS..

U.S. Army Regulation 190–8 Enemy Prisoners of War, Retained Personnel, Civilian Internees and Other Detainees

U.S. Military Police Internment/Resettlement Operations Manual

FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations

U.S. Army Military Police School Enemy Prisoner of War and Civilian Internee Policy and Operations Courses
The Intelligence Community: 2001-2015

The Military’s Plans for Social Unrest: CONPLAN 3502, Civil Disturbance Operations and Martial Law


DoD Defense Support to Civil Authorities Handbook

“JOINTEX 15 is integrated with NATO’s flagship exercise TRIDENT JUNCTURE 15. It uses TRIDENT JUNCTURE 15 with its advanced scenario, exercise venues, and alliance command and control as its main training platform.” And JOINTEX is connected to JADE HELM SO they are all part of the same big op going on. I’m just trying to follow dots and see what I find..

Steps to Connected Forces



Operation Cable Splicer
Operation Endgame
Rex 84: FEMA’s Blueprint for Martial Law in America
Garden Plot & Rex 84
Operation Garden Plot
Operation Garden Plot
Operation Garden Plot
Operationalize the CONUS Base
2014 Green Book: ARSOF 2022: The future of Army SOF
Operationalizing the CONUS Base Misoc Effects Group
A Stability Police Force for the United States

20150106 Bob McDonnell media circus the media and DHS were there

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

My footage unedited is now up on youtube of yesterdays media circus. Our involvement with DHS as well as the media is up to view here:


I will be talking about this on the next live show we do. Got some footage of the chemtrails as well while we were waiting and doing our job.

R.I.P. my buddy Keekers… A TRUE activist.. I’ll miss my buddy.. Going to miss you at the events mate.

keekers rip
keekers rip


Chris Dorsey posted this on fed book for his buddy keekers.

“My best friend keekers has left his earthly body. i thank God for the 15 years i was fortunate enough to have with him. we love you keekers”

I had a rough day today we lost one of our crew last night and if I’m not too talkative or not responding to any one please understand. Had to go take care of my buddy keekers. He was at more rally’s then me. And he never complained, he happily did it.. I’ll miss him.. And my condolences to Chris Dorsey my co host on the show for his loss as well of a good dog. Glad I could be there for you mate.
We only get a brief time here in the light of the sun and when that allotted time is up only the creator can grant more. R.I.P. my buddy keekers.
Our show will still be on this Sunday at 6:00 pm est. Chris and I decided to leave it at that time. And it will be live again. Tune In Turn On and Stay Tuned.


UPDATE: What has been going on in life?

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

The past couple of weeks there have been many highs as well as lows. And some things have happened that I am filling you the readers in on. First I did a video for Andy Ostrowski. The video can be seen by clicking here. That was a definite high point. I was glad I could help him out. I hope he wins his bid for election. We need more people like him who are willing to ask the tough questions. My computer system fan blowing and I have to figure out which one then replace it to get my rig <desktop> back up and running. Very Low point. I’m on my deck <laptop> at the moment and don’t want to over work it like I do the rig. Chris Dorsey and myself have been doing a weekly radio show here in Richmond, VA, WCLM 1450 AM.  Definite high point. Okay so about the radio show, I want to thank Pastor Rob Scarborough, Preston Brown and WCLM for allowing me to film your show and for being allowed to be part of what is going on.

Shows listed below

First show, 20141021



20141021 01


20141021 02


20141021 03


20141021 04


Second show, 20141028


20141028 01


20141028 02


20141028 03

Third show:


20141104 01

20141104 02
20141104 WCLM Radio Show


Since the show will be going on for a while it seems, I will be trying to get the live feed going.  Make this the start of my show I’ve been talking about. We’re going to test the feed this weekend and get everything ready. Hopefully not having my main computer won’t set me back to much.  Since the internet isn’t stable at the station I will not be doing the live show from there but will still be recording it for broadcast.

To help people out in radioland try to understand what Chris is saying and see this is real I will be touching on some of the topics Chris has spoken about in upcoming articles. I will be giving you links and such to back up what he was saying and to give you the documents and proof, that what we are saying is in fact truth. So yeah you’re going to learn something.

Okay I’m just want to touch on this basic idea that you need to know to get started. First and foremost get over the idea that government is your master and you’re its slave. Government was made by the people for the people, same as money. We can stand up at any time and say enough. Some of us are doing just that. We are trying to reset the order of things. We give the facts to you as straight as we can. Only you can set you free. That’s how they control and manipulate you. They have you believing they are the only ones in charge. BULLSHIT. These people can’t wipe their own butts without help.

We the people are above all forms of government. We ordained and created it, we own it, and we control it. That is what you need to realize. We tell it how to work, we tell it what to do. When it becomes something we don’t want, we change and fix it, not it us. We are complaisant and compliant in our own enslavement by an occupying, corrupt, and out of control system. This system that has artificially taken over our lives by deceit, lies, betrayal and brute force must end and soon. We have been taken over and are living as an occupied people and are somehow okay with that. Well I’m not.

While I’m talking about corruption let me show you this from the night of the 4th , the election returns.  I have two screen captures I had my wife take of the election returns as they were just getting ready to post before the returns were coming in on channel 6 WTVR.

Screenshot from 2014-11-04 20_14_17 Screenshot from 2014-11-04 20_14_32



If you notice 0% of the precincts had reported in but they have results showing who the winners are?? And how many write in’s there are?? So can you explain this to me in a logical manner that doesn’t involve corruption and lies? On top of the other fraud I already know that’s going on this is just way too in your face, and this happens every election. So how can you trust that kind of system?

I want to take a moment to congratulate Daniel Bidondi for his run for congress. He did a great job keep campaigning for the next two years mate and keep up exposing the truth. And also I want to congratulate Andy Ostrowski on his run for congress. Even though they didn’t make it in, they didn’t lose either. They have done a great job, made a lot of contacts, and gained a lot of support. They have momentum, like boulders rolling downhill they will pick up speed and be unstoppable. I would encourage them both to continue and keep staying out in the public eye and run again in 2 years. They have my support. I was glad I could help Andy with the video I did for him. The issues he brought up aren’t going to go away just because the election is over either. We need to continue to fight these issues. Thanks Andy for running. I look forward to more conversations with him. You did a great job guys.

I posted this to fedbook after I got back from the Cannabis Freedom March of VA on the 5th.

“Just got home from the https://www.facebook.com/profile.php… event. photos and videos up soon. It is what it is, we each take away what we will from it. It will be interesting to see if it makes the news or if they slant it one way. I find it funny I cover the event, the whole event, but the news is trusted more then me. I post the entire event, which few watch the entire thing, but channel 12? shows up and every one freaks out over it. Someone was from Channel 6 in the area but didn’t show up. So. I’m debating if I’m going to do an article up or not. busy week this past two days.”

Well here’s the article. I decided to make it one big article instead of several smaller ones. The Cannabis Freedom March of VA was to raise awareness of what is going on.  Interestingly the people who organized the event didn’t show up? I found this one article before I get into my thoughts on the event that was interesting.


Okay what do I want to say about the event? Well let me start with there were 15 people that showed up for the event. Towards the end there was another group of about 10 that showed up. It was bigger than some of the turnouts that we usually have but nowhere near what they had posted as were going to be there.

As I stated earlier the organizers where not there that I saw, It’s bad when the person or persons who made up the event don’t show up. The time was in question, due to it being posted in CST instead of EST. And the directions to where it was being held were an issue. Poor planning and it made the overall thing look cheaper or an attempt to say well people that smoke are idiots. I’m might look into it deeper but it’s not really an issue to me. I do however take issue with some things that go on at these events.

The people that show up to these events seem to be just doing it to say they were there. No real activism or protest just let’s show up and say we were there. Or hope we can get a few seconds on the DODO BIRD MEDIA to schmooze and show our friends how cool we are. They were all so happy when channel 12 showed up, and then things got crazy afterward. See the videos of the event.

They got on Chris Dorsey for smoking a joint which we were there to protest against it being “ILLEGAL”. It was the first pot rally I have been to that they were more terrified of someone smoking a joint then they were of what was going on. Then saying Chris ruined the rally. EVERYONE of the protester should have been smoking a joint or a bowl or blunt or what have you.

The government doesn’t have to enforce its “ILLEGAL” Statutes you do a great job at enforcing them yourself. The war on drugs is “ILLEGAL” and as such needs to be done away with. Anything which grows should not be “ILLEGAL”. Almost all of the crap that is manufactured and manmade needs to have warnings and some of it needs to be made ILLEGAL. More harm is done by PHARMACUDICALS then by natural plants. To date no one has died from inhaling Marijuana smoke, no one has over dosed on it, I tried once it was the best 10 hours of sleep I had ever. Alcohol is more dangerous and more deadly than Marijuana and it’s legal to drink and do as you pretty much wish. I’ll leave it at that may talk about it more on the upcoming show.

Cannabis Freedom March of VA


20141105 01


20141105 02


20141105 03

Chris had this to say after the event.

Chris Dorsey speaks


The next day I was a guest on Madisonstar moons show..



I want to thank her and tell her to keep up the great work she’s doing. I have a question to the TROGLODYTES who harass her. If what she is talking about doesn’t exist, why are you so hell bent in making sure she can’t talk about it? Prove these chemtrails don’t exist. Show evidence to go against the scientific evidence and fact. And have real people defend your point of view not made up experts of nothingness, and not from the DODO BIRD MEDIA. You trolls are as bad as the ATHEISTS who deny everything which most of you TROGLODYTES are anyway, and holy madmen trying to spread their religion on people who just want to be left alone. You deny anything she says yet want her to listen and except everything you say no matter how stupid it is. And yes I still do defend Amanda Williams’s right to say what she feels, why not. I defend your right to be assholes and say what you want even though I don’t agree with it. And yet you TROGLODYTES take it too far and then it becomes illegal what you get away with. But your times coming and soon.

I am getting ready to get my show going. The test at WCLM was very good even though it didn’t go out to the internet. I am getting it ready to be released in the next day or two. This show that we’re doing is going to fill everyone in on what we are doing and give you information and facts. I am aiming for Sunday at 6:00 pm EST for the first show.

20140923 city councils so called safety meeting.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

Last night City Hall Council safety meeting was a complete and utter joke. First over half the city council wasn’t there. The police were not there till Chris Dorsey called them out. It’s a great hour long comedy from start to finish. And it was free. Didn’t have to pay to be entertained. Here it is in it’s entirety.

City council hasn’t even had a meeting to address whether the press boxes on either side should be opened back up or not. Reva Trammell says at first she doesn’t see any reason why they shouldn’t be opened back up. Then the police spoke and the tune changed to we are afraid to open the press boxes back up.

Go check out the crap they said from their own mouths. People are getting fed up with this non working government all of it. Right down to the local non working part. They have a reason to be afraid we are pointing out they don’t work are a bunch of crooks and we’re not taking it any more.

Stay tuned people more coming.