An update to AJO’s whereabouts

Looks like AJO is still cooling his heels in jail awaiting sentencing for the terroristic threats he made to the church… so this is an update to his whereabouts.. couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.. next date of 04/29/2019 9:00 am Courtroom 6 Judge Merrill M. Spahn Scheduled.. Hope he gets a few years for it, he needs it. Threatening everyone and saying it’s everyone’s fault that he is the way he is.

A self proclaimed white knight that threatens woman, judging them on the way they look especially by what “their ass looks like” in his own words.. He uses “Munchhausen by proxy” as an excuse but doesn’t call it that, but that is what it amounts to. causing problems that he then tries to be the savior to.

He was going to call one of his programs in his words “one of the warm up acts for the knight-in-shining armor show I’m doing now with Queen Karen.” I have retracted the name from it, but he indicates there are several. So this man does this often, as I have shown in another article. He needs to be locked up and helped or locked up and throw away the key, to keep women safe from him. He is the worst kind of predator, as he preys on hurting, innocent, vulnerable and wounded women, that he appears to be their savior but then threatens and tries to extort. But if you call him out you are violating his rights.

I’ll have more on him later as it develops, but I was talking to someone that asked where he was; because he has hurt a lot of people and many watch for him, because of his threats. I could care less about what he says as he never comes after me, only threatens me because I’m out of his reach. He creeps around saying I will never confront him but I call him out all the time, he always says you are doing the very things he is guilty of doing. I’ve asked him numerous times to talk with me and he hides then says I won’t talk to him because I’m afraid. I have told this jerk off to sue me numerous times for telling the truth about him, claims I DEFAME him which he does on a daily basis. So yes AJO sue me please. Covered a lot of it in my article about him and Kiler Davenport. . I will be putting out an info dump of like 10 pages of links that I have on him, So stay tuned for my updates on him.

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