AJO to name me in a lawsuit

Screenshot_2018-07-12 Hidden Valley Hidden Truth – Attempted Murders – - Andrew Joseph Ostrowski
This was June 4, 2018 to date no subpoenahttps://www.facebook.com/andy.ostrowski.9/posts/10215128798680898

This dude really loves to put out there bullshit and then claim you defamed him… My god does it stop.. He states in the above crap and I quote, this coming from a supposed lawyer mind you, this to me…

Andrew Joseph Ostrowski Please provide me with all communications by and/or between you, Steph Runyeon, and/or April Header/Runyeon, as well as copies of all writings related to me, and I will get a subpoena out.
Now if you do what you legally need to do you might get some of what you want. But don’t worry I will be providing all the links from where I found all the information I used to write the articles on my next article and to the world at large the rest of what you want you figure out how to get it yourself. It is illegal for me in VA being a one party consent state to record any conversation from a two party consent state such as PA. You as a lawyer should know all this crap, even me as press know this, otherwise I would have your threat to end my life recorded.. And it wasn’t the Hidden Valley Advocates that you love spreading their names around. Next there is no evidence that they are married as you alleged. But that has no relevance on the matter at hand, if they are good for them what difference does that make anyway, this issue was about a crappy building that you never did anything about. Plus if you read my articles I haven’t had contact with the advocates since a year or so ago, they didn’t like my handling of the story telling me I can’t put out information that I have in my possession, or that other people give me. And I do not trust them to do what needs to be done.

And your accretion that I defamed you just in the United states is baseless, and wrong. In order to defame you the accusations have to be false not that you don’t like it you really need to read some law books mate. Plus my articles are read worldwide, so it goes out worldwide not just the USA. Plus you defame yourself ever thing you do. I still welcome you to sue me, you has been nothing. I  might even include all your emails to me with your asinine comments, and sick innuendos to the public since I can’t seem to get lawyers or people I need in contact with me. I’ll end this here as there is another article with more incidences, of him harassing others namely a church, more recently.