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Adam Kokesh answers a question from a viewer


in case that one doesn’t work says the codex is wrong???


Adam Kokesh answers a viewers question. “How does free market capitalism survive without a centralized monetary system or a agreed on system and how does that system survive without enforcement. – Robbie a viewer wants to know”

I will be uploading more of this event when I get a stable platform to upload it too.

Adam Kokesh FREEDOM Tour Richmond, VA.

My wife, Susan, with Adam Kokesh. She got to meet him when she picked me up.

My wife, Susan, with Adam Kokesh. She got to meet him when she picked me up.


Adam Kokesh FREEDOM Tour CLIP0342


Adam Kokesh FREEDOM Tour PICT0001


Adam Kokesh FREEDOM Tour video 2015 07 31 19 20 36



I enjoyed last night, I got to meet Adam Kokesh. Got a copy of his book and talked and listened to him speak. I had a very interesting evening. I like some of his ideas; I have followed him for a while. Met a lot of people from the area as well, had a great time. I wish Adam Kokesh all the best in his endeavors.
I had a seizure while the videos were uploading so forgive that their not in order. I do what I can. I’m going to try and read the book and give my opinion on it later. Still have stories I’m working on.