Because I need a Distraction.

Because I need a Distraction.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

My good fedbbook friend I met over a year ago author of the book Predator Down

available here asked me to give my opinion on a piece he wrote and posted on fedbook. I was honored I’m not really anybody, but his asking me was very important. Anyway here’s the piece I liked it so much I asked him if I could share it with everyone.

The Right way to Battle Sex Abuse

November 16, 2011 at 2:54pm

A Marco Cota

Sexual Abuse Prevention

From the stance, the problem lies directly in the offender “and” the public’s deliberate disinclination to understand how to successfully prevent the offender. The current approach is as primitive as the offender’s ancient behavior.

The public has taken a severe and naïve approach to preventing the offender, as the cause of pedophilia is being deliberately ignored. This desire to avoid understanding by both the public and offender has caused the increase in sex offenses.

Pedophilia is an inherited condition from birth and has specific traits to each offender’s sexual preferences.

The two predominate traits are specifically attractions to young boys, or to young girls. There can be various combinations such as women and young girls. The objective here is to simply prove that Pedophilia is a biological condition that cannot be eliminated, but can be controlled with high awareness. The reduction of sex crimes could be exponential in one generation with full public awareness and acceptance of crucially needed nontraditional (Considered radical) programs nationwide.

Just as an adult male is attracted to an adult female, the Pedophile has an inborn power over and stronger, more compelling attraction to children by his inherited body chemistry. The pedophile has this awareness, he also has the awareness he can now be punished for acting out his desire. This awareness is insufficient to control his behavior as he finds greater purpose in abusing children than he finds threat from being incarcerated. Pedophilia is an inherited driving force from within a person’s greatest force, his belief in who he is. It can be said that a person’s belief is the strongest force we know of, e.g. Religion.

In our human past the Pedophile was self created due to the male not being able to act out his purpose of self preservation by finding suitable women, as they were rare. The males who were rejected by women or stronger more competent men, were driven to resort to alternative sexual release. Children became the object, not companion, mostly due to the very strong desire to reproduce by instinct. The sexual predator was gradually created due to the human males higher than other animal instinct awareness that he could take a child. This has been embedded in human history for our two million year trek. This is the reason for such high cases of sex abuse and reveals why the sexual predator exists in such high occurrence out of the population. One would think men would naturally prefer the now abundant adult female; however the proof is in genetic sexual inherited sexual preference including homosexuality and all other preferences. Sexual preference is inherited, so one cannot blame themselves or be ashamed if they are gay, lesbian or have inappropriate attractions to children. What they can do however, is truly something reachable and desirable by the ones who do not believe in them, including themselves.

The only way to eliminate the sexual predator is by the same means he was created, the awareness that got him there. That will take eons of time. This same but now erroneous awareness that he has to succeed in his preference has to be identified, which will reveal his true future rejection and failure. The pedophile is still a human who can be taught, especially with understanding as to who he is. Pedophilia, most surprisingly is more treatable than most human diseases or other conditions mental or physical. There are two major hindering factors to treating pedophilia. The first is public hatred causing the pedophile to not be identified until it is to late. Second is our sexual power. Sexuality is the greatest part of natural individual human desired success. If we fail in our sexuality we are worthless, as humans would become extinct. With these two factors at play it is easy for the open minded to understand we are fueling the problem rather than reducing it. The pedophile will stay in the closet long after every other sexual preference has been proud to announce themselves.

Pedophilia is a state of mind, the core being in the brain. It is a proven fact the brain has plasticity, which means it can actually change physically with learning. In order for the pedophile to change his behavior he needs to learn this change process. This is an easier process than traditionally thought due to the hatred and disgust from and by public opinion. We have by tradition acted out our own historic ignorance and violent position against what we have not wanted to understand. Many say, “I do not care, just get rid of these people.” That stance will never prevent sex abuse. The normal male sex drive is so powerful the longer he is held down the more explosive will be his release. Holding back sexual urges does the opposite of holding an addict back from drugs. Try to imagine the power of the predators thinking drive. We can’t get rid of them, and the gesture to do so is totally beyond ignorant, it is stupidity at its height. Mostly these gestures come from men who have the same condition trying to show they are anything but deviant. A thinking person truly does not say things like that as he does not think like that. He thinks of a way to solve this ongoing problem.

The purpose of this report is to justify a new thoughtful and tactful position concerning the prevention of sex abuse.

Very simple tools and knowledge apply to redirect the Pedophile to adapt and radiate away from the attraction to children.

The number one tool is to make the pedophile aware of his deepest goal, self gratification and future security. Empathy is surprisingly of no effect to the pedophile as his goal is self interest. Once the pedophile can be made aware of superior alternatives to his self happiness without having to have child relationships, he has become safer. The mind of the Pedophile can be convinced that there are far superior benefits to his self preservation than sex with children.

We cannot target specific Pedophiles to get this convincing awareness into functionality. We have to teach this awareness from childhood in our public schools to all males. Males need this knowledge as each male does in fact carry a predatory gene in his biology. Most males do have this human trait in control and is why this approach has been ignored along with this traditionally radical position. People cannot accept that the human male is a predator due to many beliefs; the primary belief is that we are something we are not. We are not close to the common held belief of being so above all other life forms. The truth is we have been naively wrong in our approach. The reasons are arrogance, belief and pride in our belief that we dare not question or try to change.

The tools to convince the sexual deviant are many and easy, they are however unimportant as compared to the first step of public change of opinion as how to approach this problem we truly have historically failed at. We do not incarcerate people who get the Flu, and we most certainly don’t hate them. What we do is a combination of preventing ourselves from getting their disease by avoiding them and treating them.

Some things not to do:

Do not show anger to the predator or pedophile, he lives and feeds on this attention.

Do not threaten the Predator, he interprets this as a challenge and will deliberately offend to outdo you even knowing he will get caught.

Things to do

This being at the public school blanket awareness level but can be done at the individual level for the well trained. I am the first to admit, one on one prevention is near impossible. This is a national endeavor. I am proposing this education process to begin at age twelve in our public schools. I have the key tools listed below however it is not an easy task at the one on one level, if anything it can be dangerous to the unaware or hateful.

Do not be surprised at these suggestions as the sex offender truly is unaware of most these very fundamental consequences to himself. That is the objective, consequences to his future.

If you know of a predator, tactfully at his level with friends let him know of his condition and mostly his future, he thinks of himself and his own future more than anything else! Then kindly without hatred let him know he will be avoided, abandoned for life. Nothing gets the attention of a sex offender more than knowing he is going to be rejected. Acceptance is his goal, intelligent filled with peaceful reason why he is being rejected will be a good warning of his destiny. That is when he will listen to you. This is good medicine for those who have not yet offended, as follows

1) Make a report to police if you suspect abuse! Protect yourself by making your report known to many friends if the suspect knows you turned him in and make sure he knows so he does not come after you. No one can sue you!! Suspected abuse is not slander.

2) We all must make the Predator; pre offender aware of the full consequences to himself of his would be actions. Forget about telling him of the consequences to his victim, he does not care, and he may be excited over his victims suffering.

3) We must let the Pre offender know of his future, he is truly un-aware of many things such as

4) He will not get his old job back after doing prison time. He knows he can go to prison, but historically most offenders didn’t and do not know they become unemployable after being convicted. We have to convince the Pre offender his life will change for the negative in every aspect of his prior way of living. We have to be super specific about that as he has extreme disbelief he will be a failure. He believes he can offend and carry on as usual. Not true! Convincing offenders of this is the crucial point in changing.

5) We must let them know that they will lose all their friends, he will be rejected and he will feel rejected for life. That is a death sentence to the hungry sex offender.

6) We must let him know his family will abandon him. Most families do abandon and this is the number one shock to sex offenders. They have extreme anxiety over this surprise. We know people will not do something if they truly know it means losing mothers acceptance!

7) We must let them know that they will never have a pleasant or desirable living arrangement the remainder of their lives. They will live in the worst of conditions.

8) The job that they may get will be the worst and dirtiest of work no one else will do.

9) They will be on post prison supervision for many years after they get out of prison, and focus that they may not survive prison, which

10) In prison the sex offender begins his sojourn into Hell by being extremely humiliated and everything they heard does happen. Most sex offenders are aware they will survive prison and that is why they don’t heavily consider this consequence. What they are not aware of is the life they will live forever after prison. This is the key point to be stressed, there is no life after prison, as it was better in prison. The Hell gets worse when he is released as all his would be dreams are trashed. He becomes the lowest reject of society. That is the sex offender’s worst nightmare; it has been described by many offenders as the coldest of Hell’s to be unimaginable. He wished he were back in prison.

11) In prison his health deteriorated dramatically due to his rejection and mental torment which leads to mental issues he never imagined. His state of mental health is close to insanity. That condition offers a further degradation of his physical health. He becomes vulnerable to a variety of illnesses. Before leaving prison he will be a nervous wreck. This then reveals to him he will never be the once successful man he once was, all that including any hope is gone forever. What is frightening to these offenders is that they now realize they cannot make good decisions, further damaging themselves. This is the number one reason for them committing new various crimes besides the fact they couldn’t get a job to support themselves.

12) Keeping in mind these items being discussed are actually the tools you use to educate a pre offender, these are the things he will listen to if you can get his attention, you do that by tactful and calm explanation of what will happen if he offends a child. As it is acceptable to warn a child about a sex offender and what he can do, it is completely acceptable to intelligently speak about this to any male! Why?, since it is truly something most men do not know!

13) All sex offenders have to register for life with the state they live in, anyone can find them including victim’s families. Including vigilantes who have used it and have done their personal deeds and for others, proven fact.

14) They lose all their rights, if they get falsely accused of a future sex crime, they will be convicted, and they have no defense. They can never serve on jury duty. They can never be a pilot of any kind. They can never own a weapon, gun or self defense armament. They cannot even volunteer for emergency civil duties, no government employment, none.

15) They cannot be around children; they cannot go to the Mall or movie theaters. They cannot go to public or private parks, they can never throw a football with the once neighbor children he lost. This is another surprise to the sex offender; he is not allowed to even speak to children on the street.

16) If the sex offender does get into a new adult relationship he has to disclose it to them and the state.

17) If the sex offender does not complete mandatory treatment and he has acquired a girlfriend with children, Adult and Family Services automatically will take the children into state or federal custody until this woman breaks off from the offender. Even then they may not give her children back.

18) Sex offender treatment is mandatory and is extremely expensive, no insurance pays for it. If he does not pay he goes back to prison. Group therapy is very humiliating to the offender as he has to disclose in detail his crimes to an unexpected audience. This audience consists of interns from local schools of higher education, who are permitted to ask specific questions. The others are fellow convicted sex offenders who he has to spend time with outside the group sessions. Parole officers sit in on these group sessions as well as a minimum of two therapists. The offender will have to disclose in detail all his crimes several times over a lengthy period. Most sex offender treatment groups take four years of weekly sessions to complete costing thousands of dollars. The offender also has to attend weekly one on one therapist sessions with a burdensome amount of homework and projects to turn in, which must convince a panel he is ready to graduate. Any failures to complete assignments are reported to the parole officer who will send him back to jail. He also has to pass a mass of polygraphs during treatment including an entire life history of his sexual activities. If he fails any polygraph he is considered deceptive and permanently unsafe. Institutionalization is then considered.

19) During court and arraignment his charges are read in detail to a filled room of reporters who put his picture in all the papers. If he takes the stand he will be asked anything the District Attorney desires. His victims will describe in detail his actions. This is where his family abandons him. Other inmates there will hear his charges and spread this info about the jail. In prison everyone has to carry papers which disclose the charges, if he fails to produce these papers all the inmates will class him as a sex offender. If he lied about his charges to inmates, he is in deep.

20) There are a myriad of other tools and info to pass to the pre offender that surely you can imagine to pass along. The proven point here is that we must concentrate on the consequences to the offender and his future rather than waste energy telling him what a terrible person he is and the damages he caused to children. I am sorry to emphasize to you that he does not care, he does not contain empathy or identification skills which will have to be taught later.

Now it may seem that these tools to be used here by everyday people appear contra to what I have said about anger and threatening. Not at all when applied in an educational way and format. Others may say that this is so plain and obvious; yes it is to you, but so surprisingly not to the sex offender. The sex offender has a different state of mind and has a much lower level of awareness due to his similar deliberate disinclination to know the truth about these facts and himself. He truly is unaware of what most of us are. The truth is he is using the same disinclination to understand himself as we are to not wanting to understand him. This is the first and foremost tool of prevention, understanding the root cause and person, which we have deliberately swept under the rug. The answers are simple and applicable; we just have to have the courage and strength to put our embarrassment down of trying to understand. Once we can understand, we can solve.

Now imagine what it is you would do to prevent a child from being raped? Could you take on the position that you’d like to try and understand why, and would you take the time to help someone who called out for help by saying, “Please help me, I have been thinking about molesting my daughter.” Do you think men are going to come forward like that with the current Hate? No, men will not come forward as they are scared of US!!!!”

Here is my comment to A Marco Cota “I agree that educating the public as well as the person is a good step and it will work I believe for most offenders or pre-offenders, but there are those who you just no matter what you will not reach. There are those who only want to hurt and see hurt children, they prey because their primal instinct is to hurt for whatever reason. But your outline is a step in the right direction I feel. Education is always a great first step. But as said there are those who all the education in the world will not stop them from harming children. I know this first hand. Very good article.”

I was at liberty to say the above for those who might say something. Anyway I think Marco did a good job in trying to simplify a problem that has many arms. Will it work on everyone, simple answer NO. Will it work for most, I feel it would. Rehabilitate them with knowledge and then if they do something at least you know your dealing with a truly sick person.

I’m going to end it here and figure out my next move. As always Stay Tuned.

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