update 20190615: happy birthday to my wife

First I will wish my wife a happy birthday. Another year stuck with me, Love you bunches.

And now on to the other things, We are trying to get all our stuff out of the house to be out and gone before they do whatever. Taking on responsibilities that aren’t ours because some people force them on you will stop soon, things are chaotic as hell and I don’t have to time to be on. moving and packing and selling a house all alone is intense to say the least. I will be here less and less as the month wares on. soon I won’t be here then I’ll be back l8r on in a few months. this is the way it has to be. my blog has taken a hit and might be the worse read year to date because I don’t have the time to do everything and deal with all the shit in my life and move and put up with the shit from woman hitler and life goes on. this too shall pass it will pass as a kidney stone but it will pass. this is called a growing pain. I have tons of footage and pictures that I will work on for something new we have been doing. I will be doing a new segment on my blog after I get established in the new place. I might even be able to go live and do my show again, but time will tell. I will be doing some recording and editing. so stay tuned.

I am taking a break for a bit to get stuff done and move

I am putting my blog on hold till after I get moved and settled into my new place, I have to take a break got too much on my plate to do. I will probably start it up again in 2020. When we get settled I will be starting up this wall more. But I will be sick from the move and heat and stress so I will be taking time for myself to heal and get back to a normal. I will be on as much as I can in the next two months, while we are moving. Having got more stuff thrown at me I wasn’t expecting was a shock but I’ll manage, and when it’s only me doing all the work that needs to be done in the heat, it’s going to take a toll on me this year. But that is the sacrifice I will make to have no outside work and no building projects. I’m already sick, and will get worse but I’ll hang in there, and pace myself. But it can’t be helped, has to be done. Just letting you all know so when I disappear people won’t worry. I don’t know when I will be off the internet but it will be in the next two months. I’ll let everyone know as things progress. Right now I have a lot of shit to accomplish and news and such ain’t it.

I will return later after I get settled in to my new place and can devote my time to the blog and news again. I’ll try not to be to long, but I got a lot to do, and living is a little more important that news and such right now. When I return I will be doing more stuff and videos and working on a new series. I thank all my readers and stay tuned there’s more coming.

Explaining some of my behavior the past few days:

community standards sometimes are just as bad as HOA’s/

seems foolish me freaking out about taking the dog to the vet but..bad memories

My fear about my dog is me, I just have to do what I said I wouldn’t do. Have to make it right in me.. And live with my choice it’s a internal thing I’m dealing with. He has to go to the vet, making the appointment tomorrow..

I feel for those who have to leave pets to live somewhere. That is a very real pain, one that should be done away with. It’s not the animals fault it’s the prejudiced of people that is the cause of that pain. People projecting their fears on others is the cause and should be made illegal. Now I can see some reason for some of it but yeah.. I feel for you..

my fear about my dog was me listening to someone I shouldn’t of. myself/

ever been so stressed your own brain starts making you invent problems to be stressed about. I’m there

I have to take my dog to the vet, and go back on my word. The last time I was at the vet I had to put my other dog down. I dread him going to the vet. but it has to be done for us to move. and I also promised him he wouldn’t be fixed, but.. hope he forgives me.. but if we want to move its the price we’ll have to pay. so I can imagine what people feel like when they have dogs and a place says you can’t have your dog. because some asinine rule/

hope that helps explain my fear over the past couple of days, hate doctors, hate vets. having to hold my baby while she was put down took more of a toll on me then I thought. just been stressful week. hanging in there though

and if places say dogs allowed then have a list of what breeds aren’t welcome isn’t that false advertisement? now if they say certain restrictions apply then it’s sort of alright, but the wording is messed up. and isn’t like like saying “I don’t like curly hair and you have it so your not welcome” OR “you’re a certain race your not welcome” where are the animal rights, and to stop someone from living somewhere because you don’t like their pet…… kind of petty I think but just hits me wrong..

or even judge on an individual basis for the animal. I’ve seen little yabby dogs that are more viscous then some of the breeds they say aren’t welcome. you know those annoying ankle biters.

guess my ranting is because of being an activist against such things. And making you abide by arbitrary rules that are due lots of times to persons biases sucks. I understand it to a point, but it is discriminatory in nature and my gut reaction is to fight it. I understand people own the land and can do with it what they please. but they are also offering you the service of the land so it should be …. I lost track.. but you see I feel very deeply for it.. After the stress is over in a few days when we get the final okay I will be my old crazy self again. Just been very stressful past week.

Trauma induced stress.. like PTSD: bad memories that haunt you even though you thought you got over it.

29 years ago today

29 years ago today the vehicle I was in was hit by a drunk driver. I don’t celebrate the day that changed my life, too painful.

My life ended 29 years ago today and a new life began. A life filled will pain and seizures, the good in it is what I have done since then. What I have built for myself through the pain. A lot of things ended 29 years ago,new things have happened since then, some I am truly grateful for, some not so much. I lost a lot, but gained as well. NO I don’t celebrate today.

I died 29 years ago today, I came back 29 years ago today. The struggles I face still stem from 2 accidents around that time about 8 months apart. I am reminded daily of those days, no way I can not think of it daily. I’ve had a migraine everyday since then,a permanent reminder of that day. I suffer from seizures due to and stemming from those events. But it tends to keep me humble.

I got few blessings from those events, the only thing it’s done is change how I view the world. I don’t remember most of my life before those accidents most of it was wiped out; due to the head trauma I received. I changed a lot.

I want to thank those who have stood by me in my struggles since then, those who I rely on and help me get through each day. Those who never left my side or said I’m faking all the trauma, that at times is daily still. I also want to tell those who have left because of my condition thank you as well, you made me strong to face it on my own. I have learned so much from being like this over the years.

I’ll end it on this note, live your life to it’s fullest you never know when it will could end, it might be a blink of an eye and it’s over.

Wishing my wife a happy 24th Anniversary


I taking this time while she’s asleep here at the beach to write this to her. I love you, I just wished we both felt better, and the kids felt better as well. Having fun none the less, enjoying being alone for one of the few times in the past 24 years.

I want to take this time to thank my wife of 24 years, this woman has stood by me through it all. These last 24 years have had their moments both good and bad, happy and sad, all the contradictions that can come into play. I want to thank her for being there for me to depend on. Sometimes we get to caught up in the little moments to say thank you for being my friend. And you truly are, you are crazy, and I know crazy..

We might not have the best of everything but we got each other and that is rare.. Most people just talk but we are. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime… Love you girl, forever and always, I did, I do, I will…..

Exposed: Hidden Valley Condo’s the end of my investigation. Part 1

He asked me “What are you going to do when they tell you you can’t do any thing after being right?” I looked at him thought for a moment and said.. “tell them their right, thank them for their time and write my article wrapping the story up and going on to the next article. It’s killed filed..”

Hello I’m Glen Sutphin PRESS CORRESPONDENT; I own House Sutphin Productions and Get The NEWS Straight. I was first introduced to this story a little over 5 years ago. I was covering another story in FEMA Region III. That of Barbara Tipton Long and her story of her fight for justice for her son. Truly another equally as disgusting a mess as this story we are covering here now. I bring her up a lot in connection to this story because without her I would have never known about this place and wouldn’t be talking about it now.

But this story is about a monstrosity that has been going on virtually unnoticed for over 17 years. I mention Barbara’s story to show that this story isn’t isolated, it’s happening way too often. And these two stories are happening within the same state almost the same counties. From what I hear this is the norm up in PA, there are other stories of abuse as bad and worse. I have my own story to tell of how my family suffered and had to deal with this same sort of situation. But this story is about a monstrosity that has been going on virtually unnoticed for over 17 years. I mention Barbara’s story to show that this story isn’t isolated, it’s happening way too often. And these two stories are happening within the same state almost the same counties. From what I hear this is the norm up in PA, there are other stories of abuse as bad and worse. I have my own story to tell of how my family suffered and had to deal with this same sort of situation.

The name of this hideous mess is Hidden Valley Condo’s. But this is one valley you need to stay away from. As I said I have covered this HELLHOLE and done several articles on it which I will be quoting from here in a few minutes some passages to give you a better understanding of what’s happening. I have contacted several agencies and media outlets with almost zero response back. There has been some stirring here in the past few weeks but for the better part of a year I heard nothing from anyone.

Allow me to backtrack and fill you in more on who I am and why I matter and am qualified to talk about this place. Let me give you a little more information about myself that will help to understand how I know about these things. Before I had my heatstroke and up till the time of the heatstroke I was employed as a rod chain man/ Instrument man/ Draftsman. I got to crawl around in swaps neck deep in filth and crap to survey house projects and such for two companies. The First company was Dewberry& Davis, the other being Bengsten, Debell, Elkin & Titus. Most all I did was Wetlands and Non Tidal-wetlands locations and house location surveys. So I am very familiar with wetlands and what they entail and what they look like. As well as housing developments having worked on several from the wetlands to the housing complexes finished. I am also familiar with plats and land records and the ins and outs of the agencies that store them as well as the procedures. Also My father Glenn M. Sutphin jr, was a surveyor for almost all my life I worked for him as my boss at Dewberry & Davis, he was one of the experts I had looking into this hellhole. His death was a huge hit to me as I lost my guidance on the matters at hand as well as being my dad. I thank him a lot for what he did and what he taught me.

That leads to a scene that happened recently leading to here, I’ll explain. I gave my father a lot of the files to look at on HVC. He agreed with me on every thing I said to him. He asked me “What are you going to do when they tell you you can’t do any thing after being right?” I looked at him thought for a moment and said.. “tell them their right, thank them for their time and write my article wrapping the story up and going on to the next article. It’s killed filed..” So today was that day, I’m kill filing the story wrapping it up for those who follow me, and putting it to bed. For I had the very same exact conversation with code enforcement and they said the very same thing; because I hear this man I had never met, tell me the same conversation me and my father had and I hear it in my fathers voice echoing the same conversation we had. Okay dad I hear you.. thanks.

While surveying I heard a lot of things about dirty deals and corruption. How they would hide properties and make them a money grab. What happen is a bunch of cons want some dough so they came up with a “condo” and they rip people off with them. Then these same cons set up an HOA to farther rip people off and hide their dirty dealings. HOA’s are their own little thiefdoms almost their own little countries, and if it is full of cons they are protected money pits.

I have been asked to tell what I know about some things that have come to light about Hidden Valley Condos. I will tell what I know about some of the drama and set right some of these so called truths. I am the official spokesperson for Hidden Valley Condos and the advocates so pretty much if you don’t hear it from me it’s most probably not true or a out right lie. I do know a lot about what has transpired and things that are being pushed as fact are not wholly true. So stay tuned for my article that I have to rework to include some things I didn’t want to cover and take away from my goal. But by telling my side and getting the truth out there I am helping the goal which is to get the innocent people help and to get this death trap shut down. I’m not pushing this as a political platform or a way to make me look like something that I am not as some seem to be doing. I have been involved in this story since before some of those who have caused the trouble. I also have some experts taking a look into this and I will be contacting others I know with the information I have in my possession which I will be covering as well. There are times when holding your piece comes to odds with doing the right and honest thing and I feel I now must tell what I know. Some of this drama happened years ago it is not recent and bringing it up now is pointless other than to push an agenda. I will briefly address the Dewey Mank crap as he was never a part of Hidden Valley Condos or the advocates. He started a lot of trouble, as trolls do and he was dealt with and removed and some people left with him. Anything he said or says is lies and people need to take their grievances up with him. He came after me and was dealt with and we have moved on. I will only refer to him as Diseased Maggot from now on. I do not wish to give him any publicity, but since I have to defend this story and the people in Hidden Valley Condos and the advocates I will. He is only mentioned here because AJO keeps bringing him up when he has nothing to do what so ever with the building, and I am using this opportunity to address a lot of the lies put out by AJO. He also may have been brought in by AJO to cause a lot of the troubles. I found several of them all tied to AJO in the group, and finally was able to get the groups shut down. Which I hated to do but it was the right call.

2014/02/22 is when I first ran the story of Hidden Valley Condos


HVC Reboot Explained:


Hidden Valley Condos Reboot was suppose to be an attempt to shed new light on this story. Me going after the people but I can do very little, the condo owner has to do it, I can’t. I’ve told them that numerous times but they don’t hear me, only they can do some things they need to do. Then to blame things on people that didn’t cause it while listening to the wrong people.. I will try to connecting the dots so to speak and filling in from the old file some of the articles and answering some of the drama that is still on going with this story. I will try to fill in the time line of this building existence from before they say it existed till now. To give a more accurate picture of it’s history. And to bring everyone up to date on what I have been doing. I will back up all my claims with the deeds and plats from the berks county recorder of deeds office. Not well so and so said it so that makes it true crap. Actually I’m going to just wrap it up, finish it and be done with it. A useless soldier in a forgotten war.

A lot of people get bogged down in the unimportant things following wild goose chases to find the answers, never getting far and getting stuck in the same loops as everyone else. I took a different approach and now have a lot of files that most seem to think don’t exist. I don’t mind telling everyone about what I have, no one has everything I do so. I speak to people daily at times on this story and no one knows what I talk about or to whom I speak. AJO

And anyone that puts out there anything about this building that hasn’t done shit on it for years is doing so from stolen evidence. Yes I am referring to a certain person there AJO. I will be addressing this issue with it’s own articles. I am trying to separate this into two issues but they all form one story. And I’ve tried to separate them but someone thinks he’s god and does as he pleases so we will address that issue as well, just not here look for it soon in it’s own article.

Now the issue at hand is this building, I will share the most complete time line to date with some holes I’ll fill in when I get the next 107 files of paperwork soon. I will use what was already published on several websites tying all of it together. I don’t want to diminish or detract from those websites hard work but to build upon where they already tread and to back up that information. A lot of hard work went on by a lot of people to get this information out there. Too many for one person to take all the credit, and anyone who does is showboating or gas-lighting you.

The work I’m putting out now is all mine, I have done all the research all the phone calls so I will take the credit for that. I am the HVC Advocate now speaking for the building so let’s talk about the building. There is still some shady areas about the building but the pieces are starting to fit together as I get them.

The building that is standing now is not the building they intended and is actually another building that was built upon, claiming to be a different building. It’s two buildings in one. I’ll explain later. Since there is a lot of information to cover I will put it out in several articles. And tie it up with a video about it, or two.

I will try to wrap it up in as few articles as I can and make it make sense. Hopefully no more than 3 parts and maybe an info-dump as the 4th part. plus a video explaining some of it. Then I’ll be done with it, knowing that I did all I could, recording it and saying good bye to it and the drama. tired of dealing with a nightmare that can be fixed.

I’m going to release this on my fathers birthday as a thank you for being able to be your son and for the help, guidance and criticism you’ve given alone the way. Miss you, but yes you did show me something I’m good at, now people really need to pay me for it.

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