Upcoming: things to look forward to.

I will get the part this week and will try to test out the system, and/or put out a video either recorded or live. or both depends on the weather and my condition. I will be updating some of HVC story and a fact the wife brought up. I will be updating a story I recovered part of from a dying hard drive. It was the start of a series we were going to do. So it will be episode 1, we will be shooting another episode this Sunday-Monday our 24th anniversary.. ether way. March 4th 2019. Might just release it all at once.. And as already said our 24th anniversary.. So we decided we are going to VA Beach. And play on the beach and do videos and maybe lives.

My son hasn’t been to the beach since he was 2, he’s now 21.. His fiancee is going with us, sort of a double date.. She hasn’t been to the beach in a while either.. so it will be fun and captured for your enjoyment. Might do multiple videos as segments for the show, we’ll see.

I will be taking the new laptop to set up and hopefully do some lives. so stay tuned this coming weekend.

An update to AJO’s whereabouts

Looks like AJO is still cooling his heels in jail awaiting sentencing for the terroristic threats he made to the church… https://ujsportal.pacourts.us/DocketSheets/CourtSummaryReport.ashx?docketNumber=CP-36-CR-0007184-2018&dnh=0R%2b6LwcDDpXRPlwrMWQG7Q%3d%3d so this is an update to his whereabouts.. couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.. https://ujsportal.pacourts.us/DocketSheets/CPReport.ashx?docketNumber=CP-36-CR-0007184-2018&dnh=0R%2b6LwcDDpXRPlwrMWQG7Q%3d%3d.. next date of 04/29/2019 9:00 am Courtroom 6 Judge Merrill M. Spahn Scheduled.. Hope he gets a few years for it, he needs it. Threatening everyone and saying it’s everyone’s fault that he is the way he is.

A self proclaimed white knight that threatens woman, judging them on the way they look especially by what “their ass looks like” in his own words.. He uses “Munchhausen by proxy” as an excuse but doesn’t call it that, but that is what it amounts to. causing problems that he then tries to be the savior to.

He was going to call one of his programs in his words “one of the warm up acts for the knight-in-shining armor show I’m doing now with Queen Karen.” I have retracted the name from it, but he indicates there are several. So this man does this often, as I have shown in another article. He needs to be locked up and helped or locked up and throw away the key, to keep women safe from him. He is the worst kind of predator, as he preys on hurting, innocent, vulnerable and wounded women, that he appears to be their savior but then threatens and tries to extort. But if you call him out you are violating his rights.

I’ll have more on him later as it develops, but I was talking to someone that asked where he was; because he has hurt a lot of people and many watch for him, because of his threats. I could care less about what he says as he never comes after me, only threatens me because I’m out of his reach. He creeps around saying I will never confront him but I call him out all the time, he always says you are doing the very things he is guilty of doing. I’ve asked him numerous times to talk with me and he hides then says I won’t talk to him because I’m afraid. I have told this jerk off to sue me numerous times for telling the truth about him, claims I DEFAME him which he does on a daily basis. So yes AJO sue me please. Covered a lot of it in my article about him and Kiler Davenport. https://housesutphin.com/2019/02/17/now-i-can-tell-why-i-left-apri-radio-broadcasting-and-kiler-davenport/ . I will be putting out an info dump of like 10 pages of links that I have on him, So stay tuned for my updates on him.

I have been tying a few stories together here.

It all started with this article https://housesutphin.com/2014/02/22/another-story-of-abuse-in-pa-the-hidden-truths-behind-hidden-valley-homeowners-association-part-1/ 5 years ago…

Hidden Valley Condo’s hellhole

I have written a lot of articles detailing this Deficient condo and all the horrors therein. Have tried in vain to get action against the building and from the governor of PA and other agencies, I will be doing more in 2019 against this building and want to continue to get the word out there. I have started tying several stories together, being my leaving APRI Radio broadcast, AJO’s involvement and Hidden Valley Condo’s all being a huge story in and of itself. AJO has been one of the main stumbling blocks to my doing anything. https://housesutphin.com/2019/02/17/now-i-can-tell-why-i-left-apri-radio-broadcasting-and-kiler-davenport/

This article was written in 2016 https://housesutphin.com/…/condemn-hidden-valley-condos-now/ detailing why the building needs to be condemned.

I made a website https://truthbehindthehvc.wordpress.com/ that contains a lot of information about the building. Trying to get interest built up again and keep it in the news. It’s always in my top feed on my site so I guess people are still interested in it. In the coming year I will be releasing more information that I have found on it, as well as going after some of the agencies that refuse to answer my emails and do what they are suppose to do.

It was 5 years ago I started my articles against Hidden Valley Condos, I have been derailed from my activities by AJO and his friends, and to date not a whole lot has been done to help with getting this place condemned. Even though it already has been by an an engineers report 3 years ago. I have a lot of information I refuse to put out there about the place to try and keep a condo owner safe. But I am now going to do what I can to get the word out there. As far as I know AJO is sitting behind bars for a crime he committed, https://housesutphin.com/2018/12/29/in-the-past-few-days-i-got-an-anonymous-snail-mail-about-the-whereabouts-of-andrew-joseph-ostrowski/

My first priority was to the condo owner, but in the 5 years of dealing with this hellhole, my priority has now shifted to taking the building down. I have lost the expert I had looking into the matter, that being my father who passed away, and that really hurt my cause. But I’m now back on the job and have contacted a number of people about it. I need someone to do their damn job up in PA.

So with the 5th anniversary upon us, I will reboot the story and take a different route to getting the story out there. I haven’t spent 5 years on this story, money and time to just throw it all away. I have tried to get Project Veritas in on the story as well as Erin Brockovich. But have had no luck, I’ve also tried to get Tom Wolf’s the Governor of Pennsylvania’s attention on the matter as well to no avail. Everyone seems to ignore me and my attempts to do anything that should be an easy matter to handle, seems no one cares. Some even stating as much I keep getting “who the hell cares”. They care about grandstanding over non-important matters but ignore the really important matters. Fine I will do what I can even if it’s just doing articles on the place and what I find.

I am going to contact more entities, whose job it is to take care of these matters, so stay tuned for that. I do want to thank all those who have tried to help and to all those who have read my articles. I will be contacting code enforcement and other’s to try and get the story moving, if none do anything I will be reporting that in my articles. A few have contacted me but offered no help in the matter. The recorder of the deeds was somewhat helpful with the plats and deeds, there are still a few files I might need to get but lack the funds to get them but I have enough to prove what I need and I know where the other files that can’t be found are. As stated in previous articles, I have about 100 gigs of information on this building I have never seen or been in.

I have been on the story since before AJO came onto the scene, but he may have been involved with it since he was partners with another attorney, still don’t have all the information on that. But it’s really not important anymore to the evidence I now have and am going by. A lot of the problems are the HVC advocates handling of it and suppressing what is put out. Not really telling the whole story and not knowing who to trust, and trusting the wrong people. The information I have involves a lot of stuff I suspected and told the advocates 4-5 years ago. I was a surveyor, I do know a lot about subdivisions and where to look for information and I know how to read deeds and plats. I have a lot of questions about the deeds and plats where I have gotten a lot of my information, and I am questioning those same things as they are not accurate, verified by my father. Who last words on the subject where “go after the building”. My dad was one of my biggest critics till he started reading what I wrote then saw the plats and deeds, he was very impressed with what I had done and started to help me on the matter as best he could.

I will be focusing more on the building and less on the drama surrounding AJO’s ego and harassment of the advocates. Which is important but distracts from the cause, I am now the HVC Advocate I speak for this hellhole of a nightmare called Hidden Valley Condo’s. The other advocates can do as they please, I will speak solely for the building and will do what I can to take this building down. I will try my best to separate the issue into the building and articles on the drama and crimes being committed by AJO harassment. Stay tuned more is coming out on the issue.

Glimpse of the future

I’m more of a rouge operative, I have abandoned the time lords and their feeble attempt to control the lives of humans and am warning those of things to come in hopes of changing the future. My attempt is not going well as humans don’t care about such matters, yet I still inform and try to guide the race to a new evolution. One day the masses will look back and see what I tried to do and see everything I have said and understand it fully, which they can’t grasp now. Such is the price you pay for being way to far ahead of your time. I gladly pay the price to change the future here in the present, even if few understand or see the value in it. One day the war will come and you’ll wish for these simpler times. Wish you would have listened to the warnings and changed what would be so easy to do now instead of waited till it was too late. But all I can do is tell you, you must act on it yourselves. The future is not set, but it is planned and fluid, it can be changed those who control the world now this and plan accordingly, WE can change the course of history, but most won’t and are content to sit on their asses and let others control the world. I tire of trying to fight the course and change it alone. HUMANS I have a great love for you and yes am a racist, I believe fully in the human race, see so much potential in you, yet time and time again you let me down, and are reverting back to being regressed retarded troglodytes. Proving the time lords and the controller right each and every time. Stand up as one voice as one group and take back what if rightfully yours. Not divided by ignorance, not lead by color of skin or difference of opinion but as one voice. I know you won’t and most will call me crazy or insane and yes maybe I am, for I have seen a better different future. I know HUMANS can be so much more, but I know you won’t change and the war will come and I will do as I must. So for those who follow me and understand a little of what I’m talking about I thank you and cherish you. I grow tired of waiting for something I know is coming and prepare for it the best I can. I’ll talk more about it later.

Now I can tell why I left APRI Radio Broadcasting and Kiler Davenport.

I never did tell everyone why I left APRI Radio Broadcasting and Kiler Davenport ( not his real name, not sure that the name he uses is a real one either so will just call him that). This article ties together several stories, those being HVC, AJO and why I left APRI Radio Broadcasting.

One of the first things you need to know was I kind of already knew what was going on, going into my time on Kiler’s podcast APRI Radio Broadcasting. I’m going to tell you why I left if it wasn’t so obvious. I had done about 85 shows with Kiler. The last thing that happened was the first thing you never do and that’s piss my wife off. She is the decision maker in House Sutphin Production and the final say in what we do. She was tired of all the putting me down and crap from Kiler. Let me remind you all of what was going on.

What started as a business agreement between Kiler and myself turned into “I’ll call you nothing and you must do everything for me” arrangement. And that’s not me by any stretch of the imagination. I would drive a lot of traffic to his pages on fedbook and post a lot of news articles on his pages that all he had to do was pick topics to talk about on the show, but I never contributed the news on the show. Since he did everything don’t you think he could have done that, no he wanted me to do all of it and more. Plus the fact of all the lies he would tell me. See I knew going in that he was hooked up with AJO. And the producer of his show was as well. Had a whole list of names of people some where friends of mine, and some were not. Some of those friends were there in the group with AJO and saw some of what happened years ago. AJO is still pissed he was removed from a fedbook group for causing trouble and is still causing trouble because of it.

Shows Marion Pound the producer was friends with AJO

Now I told Kiler before we started that this was going to be a problem as I was involved in a story and this asshat, AJO, was the main person of interest. Well that wouldn’t be a problem, he didn’t have anything to do with him.. Then he delete himself off of AJO’s page saying he wasn’t on it and didn’t know who this guy was and almost a year later he’s a guest on kiler’s show. I’m not paranoid, when these kinds of people hooked up with AJO have attacked me in the past. I have a running battle with persons from a fedbook group now defunct, and have all their names. I have put out there over the years what has happened. I have done my best to keep others informed.

Being told almost every night we were doing the podcast that I’m not something I have been for 25 years also got old quick, I am press just re-upped my dues for another 3 years. I don’t need another card from Kiler to tell me what I am already. Every night it was “you’re not press. You become press when I say your press.” Well fuck you I have been published all over the world way before I ever heard of you, 124 countries so far have read my blog. As said I don’t need you to get me anything that I already have. And I have gotten stories into the New York post and others. I have been published in numerous magazines all over the world. Been on numerous podcasts before I was on his, been on a few since. He would also tell me I had no fans but to send all my people on my friends list to him. Only he had fans and friends, then bitched when I left with all his people on my page, well I shut the pages down, that’s how much I care for likes and my fans followed me. My new pages have grown without his help. So yeah just had to end the constant fight.

this is how much I need him,he has had nothing to do with this.

Now to back up some of my claims about AJO…

To back up some of my claims about AJO… Here is his own words and posts about how he feels about women, and to show he threatens women then says he said nothing bad about them. This is a reoccurring theme with him, but when I say it in public I’m picking on him, defaming him and to leave him alone, but he’s allowed to go after women in general. I have been asked why I’m so obsessed with him? I’m not obsessed I am watching his moves, He has threatened my life over the phone, saying he would “end my life, if I didn’t do as he commanded”, and has said he’s coming after me as well in print. And when someone threatens my life and I have reason to believe and take him seriously it’s not obsession. I lost a good friend to death threats and have had several.

sent after the phone call where he threatened me, says he’ll be coming after me very soon. He hasn’t but that’s another story.

And when people I’ve been associated with and affiliated with decide he sounds like a good guy “sounds like someone I would hang around with” and he should be praised, well I feel it’s up to me to set the records straight and prove these assholes wrong. After I left APRI broadcast, a few months later Kiler had AJO on his show and Kiler’s new co-host also supports AJO. Almost every guest that I interviewed on “Between The Lines” was off of AJO’s friends list and even the producer of the show was hooked up with AJO.

Again I’m hiding from him, more like he’s hiding from me.https://www.facebook.com/andy.ostrowski.9/posts/10215128798680898
showing him on Kiler’s show.

Here’s is just some of the things he has said about women in general who are in positions of power in PA. And he has said this about most women in general, including threats of violence and sexual abuse against them. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=307556490087566&id=100024996515018

taken from his fedbook page
more from his fedbook page
and more

Now I want to know where the “ME TOO” movement is against him for what he has said, and when he threatens women like this and I have other proof as well that I am holding back, why has no one done anything other than say to ignore him.. Well when I’m covering a story and he harasses several of my sources on the story for no reason other than to intimidate and harass them, and maybe sexually abused them, what will be done about it. To date not much, virtually ignored. He uses having been a lawyer as a pass for everything he does.

one of many such gems
threatens people about messing with his family then he threatens his family.

Since I had been on Kiler’s podcast things have progressed on the AJO front that would make anyone who praised him now question that praise. I shared an article on it just recently when he was arrested for terroristic threats against a church. He was denied bail, and will be held till trial. https://housesutphin.com/2018/12/29/in-the-past-few-days-i-got-an-anonymous-snail-mail-about-the-whereabouts-of-andrew-joseph-ostrowski/ 

AJO being arrested for threats against a church

He has also named me in a lawsuit that he never did what he was legally supposed to do. And told me to give him all this information then he would get a subpoena, which is not how the law works. https://housesutphin.com/2018/12/27/ajo-to-name-me-in-a-lawsuit/

And if I were so afraid of him, feared him and hiding as he said why did I give him my address which is at the bottom of all my emails to him which he’s to dumb to find.

I have also had talks with the Luzerne county sheriff as well as the Wilkes-Barre police. I have to go up there to file charges against him but doubt it would do much good, but since he is in jail it seems like a moot point. This article ties together what was transpiring while I was on Kiler’s podcast behind the scenes, and what has happened since. This article deals with what I was dealing with, and when it’s constantly rubbed in your face that they supported AJO and they think your such an idiot to not see it, it’s more than insulting to say the least.

In closing as I told Kiler if I wasn’t bringing anything to the table then your not losing anything when I leave. When he wanted to do something it was we’re doing this, if I said anything it was go through all this shit to not do it. So after all this crap I had to put up with what would you do, I walked away from it all. I have my own platform and will be doing more in the near future. BUT in the end it is what it is and as soon as I get the equipment which I have on order, which should be here in the next week or so, I’ll be up on line and doing my own show again.. So as always stay tuned.

Sean D. McKay it was ten years ago today..

It was ten years ago today one of the worst days of my life happened. I got to witness the death of my friend Sean D. McKay. He was murdered in my front yard. I have spent the last ten years trying to get public records and to hold the city of Richmond, VA responsible for his murder. To date nothing has been done. It’s so hard to believe that 10 years have gone by, the images of that day are still burning in my mind. To recap I will post the links I did to the story over the years. If asked this is one of a few factors that drive me on, and keep me going in my fight. And a big reason I try to help others in their fight to seek justice.


I still want justice for what this city has done to me, my family and Sean’s families as well. This should have never of happened, with the project EXILE program in effect here in Richmond, VA. They use that to get lawful abiding citizens for breaking but do very little to real criminals with it. I would love to charge the city with a wrongful death due to their negligence in the matter. But I have neither the backing nor the money to pursue the issue. The city did nothing to help the widow of Sean, nor his family, but they grandstanded at his funeral and candle light vigil saying how they were deeply saddened by what happened.

I will not dwell on it too much except to say I miss my friend. I think about him most days, knowing he didn’t get to see his children grow up, missed a lot that happened in their lives. We lost a good one, and that drives me on, to try and correct what happened. If I was there at the house that day would things had of been different? I can beat myself up thinking could I of change it, could I have done more? Instead of just writing about it years later and remembering?

The last words I said to him are forever in my mind, just a few short minutes before it happened. A funny line we would say to each other that now I don’t use.. So in parting I will type them, in hopes that some where he will see it some how, To Sean…. “Have fun storming the castle, mate.” and thank you for protecting my family. you are still loved and truly missed. Still brings tears to my eyes.. You were a good friend, I miss you..

“Remember the dead but fight for the living”

A time of remembrance

I recently did an interview

On February 5, 2019 I was a guest on Whistleblower Nation. I want to thank Ella and her co-host for having me on. The interview was so good that I’ll let it speaks for itself. And as I am not feeling well because of the days coming up, I’ll leave this article short. Please listen to the interview and I will be following up with some more of my story on my own video cast soon. Again thanks to Whistleblower Nation for having me on, would love to do it again.

here’s the interview:

“Whistleblower-Nation” from Whistleblower Nation by Ella Free.
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