For the past two years I have been working on and off on this story, of a place that shouldn’t exist yet it does and it continues to grow

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    A revisit of two stories from PA. Barbara Tipton Long and Hidden Valley Condos.

    By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P. Press Correspondent # 59465SUT I would like to take the readers back because some might not have seen this issue and it’s new to them.

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Are DEWS real, the answer would amaze you.

I question the beams of light as DEW’s and energy weapons such as microwaves and lasers are invisible and can’t be seen. Not saying they were not used, I believe they were, saying these beams of light do not prove that. Having used lasers in surveying I know you can’t see them. This video is from Lockheed Martin testing a DEW on drones you can’t see the beam only the effect of the beam. This proves they exist it’s called Athena:




Here’s the wikipeda on it


The beams here are super imposed for show


I believe it started as a infrastructure failure then they used DEW’s to farther the destruction. PG&e said in the days before that they were having trouble with the power lines. And as the saying goes let no good crisis go to waste. They do this for plausible denial so to confuse the public. And then put out there false information to farther the fake information to hide the truth.

fedbook “GLITCHES” today

For some reason fedbook was out this morning. They have been having these “glitches” for a few days now, more than they normally do.

It was out earlier today these are just dry runs for them shutting down fedbook, I feel there have been “glitches’ here more frequently, and with them losing a lot of their money, it’s becoming apparent that fedbook was a pump and dump. they are also try to get rid of zuckerberg,

Here are the photos fedbook is refusing me to upload. I can’t post the video captures from this morning to my blog for some reason.

from my wife’s computer

The eve of another scam

I have covered the election rigging for a long while since at least 2012. Nothing has changed and nothing will. people refuse to believe that they can be rigged and that your vote doesn’t count when all the AP has to do is put out there false information and the masses eat it up. I’m tired of covering it. How do you think they get the results so quick, then later say it was a prediction, your being duped but still trust it. I for one will never vote, have never voted and do not give my consent to be governed by sham artists that tell you one thing then do another. Until there is drastic changes made in the way the vote is done we are locked in this pretend crap we call “ELECTIONS’, which they are not. Till the agenda is done away with these circuses are just that, for the entertainment of the masses, pretending they did something.

ops and projects in effect now info dump


operation skynet:







project dragonfly:




operation conus base:


Operation Faithful Patriot:




We are opening the page back up.

We are opening the page back up on fedbook with a new feel for the 5 year anniversary. We will be doing podcasts and live video feeds, as well as covering the NEWS. I am here by myself now doing everything alone. We will also be opening a radio show as well. So as always stay tuned. And thanks for all the support and likes. We hope you like the new look.


#ainewsgtns #housesutphin

if you want to see the older stuff I’ve done it’s available here, since I no longer support some people I don’t feel the need to brag about it, but it is part of my history and I stand behind everything I did and have done, right or wrong. Anyway it’s here what hasn’t been taken down or deleted. enjoy, might be updating that sight as well.


Be expecting more soon as we get it configured it’s going live, the system is being tested and worked on daily. Live feed is coming, just need to tweak it some more as make sure the setting are correct, programming is a pain, but will be well worth it you see soon.. Doing TOTS every day, they are becoming more visible. Every step is a step forward, but slow since I had a seizure snails pace it is but were getting there. Stay tuned. More to come..

Update to AJO story, stay tuned for more

I have sent several emails again to certain individuals about AJO, and will be following up on those emails tomorrow. I will be filling everyone in on what’s going on soon. I have stopped all comments on HVC, as putting out information at this point with no help on the matter is useless, and so AJO won’t use it to further his crap.

You can follow the story at two places, my main blog @ https://housesutphin.com/ and the only official site https://truthbehindthehvc.wordpress.com/

Interesting conversation I just had with Luzerne Sheriff about AJO.. While I can’t get the 302’s because mental health warrant are not public records, they did confirm what I put out was truthful regarding what happen. Since the conversation is off the record, not much I can share. But it does show I’m on the right path, and that eventually someone will hear and be able to do the right thing and help with this case and story. They are very familiar with AJO and his crap. I’m not done yet, I have to talk with Wilkes-barre police and the attorney working his case against the HVC advocates.

It had nothing to do with his fedbook posts and everything to do with his threats toward his family, as I said. The police showed considerable restraint considering they were there the whole time he videoed his fake wwe skit. Cause if it happened here in VA they would have jacked his ass up and taken him forcefully.

I will be putting out there more on this story and how it affected and effects the HVC story and has almost stopped all progress on the story, so if you are wondering about it stay tuned, More as it develops.. I will be sharing more soon.

unboxing video “whats’s in the box”?

house sutphin productions aec1

This is the unboxing video of “what’s in the box”. The box contained my new computer a core i5-quad core 3.4GHx with 8 gigs of ram. A 50 gig hd, dvd-rw with no os. So it will take me a bit to configure it and put the os on it and get it up and running, but I should be able to broadcast from it soon. I will of course keep you all up to date on it and hopefully in the next week or so I can go live from it. but we’ll see.

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