Hidden Valley Condo’s: REBOOT

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This story started out as a story about one unit in a condo complex. Along with it came the drama, the intrigue and a crazy cast of characters, but it is now not about one unit. That unit is key to it all and important, but it is now about the building; which it has always been about. It removes a lot of the drama because the condo owner is now not the focus of the story. All the drama to stop them from getting the word out FAILED.

I Glen M. Sutphin, am now the only advocate of Hidden Valley Condo’s. I now speak for the building, I have always spoke for the condo owner and only I say what I am doing. What I put in print I do on the evidence I have on hand, not hearsay, crap I make up or going on someone’s word that something happened. I must rely on facts, verified truths and documentation.

I will address issues that have come up in the past and lay it all out later, in another article. I still am in contact with the advocates for Hidden Valley Condo’s and all my articles will stay in print, and I will still hold to what the advocates and I agreed on. I have just relieved them and now my articles are about what I have as evidence in this story that I have worked on now stop since 20140210 way before the drama and crap certain people brought in. Whose to blame for all the drama? There is enough blame to go around on all sides. I am not blameless and admit this story got to me and became a personal matter. I have also put in print numerous articles addressing what I have found. One article doesn’t equal you being the sole heir to the story Andrew Joseph Ostrowski. And how does someone who doesn’t live there have any legal grounds or claims to Hidden Valley Condos? I however as PRESS have talked to a lot of the players and know more then anyone, save for the condo owner and I report on the evidence I have proof of not made up crap and fake rumors.

I have sent the deeds, plats and notes I have found to be looked at by a survey firm I know, and who has been guiding me in what to look for; plus I used to run deeds and do deed searches and research for him when I worked for him. So I do know what I have and where to look for more goodies if I need them. Yes it takes time considering that these files weren’t supposed to exist, so when you conjure up magic files it takes time, and many hours of prep. Also when people are trying to stop your every move it takes more time, and when you are sick it takes even more time. It has taken the condo owner 18 years plus and they still do not have them, I am keeping them with me for their protection. But I found a lot and will know more after I look over the files and when I get the experts say on what to do next.

Because of all the crap going on in PA, and no one seeming to do what the hell they are supposed to do, I am telling the story a different way. To protect the condo owner and their family, I now have everything and will go to the authorities and the legal court system with what I have as evidence when the time is right. There are crimes being committed even as I type this in that I am trying to put a stop to.

This condo owner, the advocate I represent, has stood in harms way, enduring loss of income, can’t live in the condo they own and are paying for, and has to put up with all the crap that’s going on to their family and friends. And as if that wasn’t bad enough to have to be harassed and defamed with no real way to do anything about it, and to have to endure this day in and day out. So I am doing what I can to help them in their fight. And to get a diseased building condemned, and get the people of that building help, and compensation for being forced to live in that hellhole run by a corrupt HOA that doesn’t care if people get hurt.

I’m not putting in print some things right now because I don’t want anyone to know what I’m doing till it happens, then I’ll tell you what happened. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes and a lot going on period and I’m talking to a lot of people. I also have a lot of informants and people feeding me information. Some of it good, some of it pure crap, that I then have to vet and see if it fits the story. I have faced down a lot of opposition and am still standing as the only one putting in print the true story the best I can for only being one person with no means at this time to get up to the building to see it for myself. I am taking a lot of heat for getting this out there and at times want to truly walk away and call it done. But that doesn’t fix the problem nor does being quite about it so others can be happy with not doing anything about it.

My purpose and passion are to see that building condemned and to that end I will continue to fight. Even if none stand with me, I at the end of the day will know I did everything I could to meet those ends, and others will see that YES I cared. Did my methods meet with everyone’s approval? NO. Did it get the information I needed and get the story out there? YES. I have asked for help all along the way and have fought an uphill battle for a place I have never seen, for people I really don’t know, to bring the truth out as accurately as possible. I stand on what I can prove on this matter. Along the way I have made friends and met a lot of good people, I have also made bitter enemies and have taken numerous hits to my pride and reputation. My reputation which should be based on the content of what I put out, but is often based on what those enemies say about me. And in the end I care less what people who do not know me think. Never did care what they think for it is often wrong. I will prove them wrong and be better for it.

I’ll keep this post short and put out another article in the near future when things I have in play actually come out. Thanks to those who support me in this endeavor, and to those who stand in my way watch out I’m going to blast you for what you‘ve done to stop me even if it’s get this story out there.

Stay tuned there is more to this story as I continue my quest.

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My apology to Don Bailey’s email setting some things straight.

don bailey a

Dear Mr. Stupin, although we don’t know each other you placed some

information about me on your website or somewhere that was not only

insulting but defamatory. I understand that you are a good person and

well-intentioned but even a minimum amount of due diligence would have

revealed the nonsense that you were given. Please check the docket

sheets for Bingaman v. Bingaman et al. at 4:07 – CV – 2352 Middle

District of Pennsylvania. You will see there, for anyone willing

enough to punch a few keys, that there were over 60 docket entries in

that case. For further detail you can also read my email to Ms.

Stephens. Ms. Bingaman’s comments were more than nonsensical they were

insulting for someone who did so much for her for virtually nothing.

Total docket entries number “61”. I would be grateful if you would

correct the record. Thank you. Don Bailey

Thank you sir for bringing this to my attention. After reviewing the information you have provided I realize I owe you a deep sincerely heartfelt apology. My words can not tell you how truly sorry I am for my rookie mistake of not vetting the information I had received. The above is the email I received from Don Bailey about an article I posted in regards to a situation involving him and Andrew J Ostrowski.

I have redacted the above screen capture and it proves I do in fact have emails from Andrew J Ostrowski. That is the only proof of the emails that I will release to the court of the internet, for the content they contain is criminal in nature and I have and am in contact with people in the proper authorities and they do have those emails along with others. Now let me clear this mess up with what is going on and set the record straight.

I was not privileged to the above records at the time I wrote the article https://lordnelga.wordpress.com/2017/09/26/kelly-holland-bingaman-came-forward-with-her-story-of-andrew-ostrowski/ Kelly Holland Bingamam couldn’t recall your above stated docket number, the intent of that article was not malice or libel but to establish a pattern that is forming in regard to Andrew J Ostrowski. And when this same scenario keeps coming up that Kelly Holland Bingamam has stated in her own words, that I have heard from several sources that don’t know each other, it needs to be investigated.

I take full responsibility for my actions and am willing to face any legal means you wish to pursue in regards for my action and libel and slander I caused you, and any and all consequence there of. I can not take back my words once spoken or put in print, I can however fix the problem I have caused. And I hope that my fixing the error is enough to satisfy your offense.

And this is the last time I will mention Andrew Ostrowski, you Don Bailey or hidden valley condos. I can’t make the world a better place. I am officially done with the whole hidden valley condos mess, I am quitting, I can’t make the world a better place and caring about something that no one will do what needs to be done is ruining my life. I have fought too long and cared too much about something and had a passion for finding the truth of the matter. But when people don’t do what they need to do I can’t do anymore. I am walking away knowing I did everything I possible could, I wish I had never heard of the place. All the needless drama from all involved is useless. Let people tell lies about me that don’t know me or what I have done I don’t care.

I’m sorry for any offense and harm my words and actions have caused you. I sincerely hope you find justice in your fight against the corrupt legal system and again accept my sincere apologies for my actions toward you. I have wronged you and again sincerely apologize for my actions toward you.

Glen Sutphin

press correspondent

Kelly Holland Bingaman came forward with her story of Andrew Ostrowski

Short interview I had right before I went on the air Sunday. Told to you in her words. I will be doing a better interview later, but this shows some of the same actions I caught from what I hear and what I know. When you witness a crime and have proof why is it so hard for people to understand you. Almost same story, but remember Andrew and Don are there to help. Replace this person with hidden valley and you can start to see the picture. Not me saying this, this is someone that saw what I was doing and came forward. So it’s me and now this person, that list of hurting no one is growing with more persons hurt. Sooner or later you will see there is a pattern forming of his abuse.

As an eyewitness to some of the crimes, I am telling people what I know, but need to tell the right people now. I have asked for peoples help and been telling them what I know and it seemed few people have listened. Well this person has also been effect and affected by the same thing I witnessed and have been telling you about. This kind of thing does get me emotional and burns me up as you have witnessed.

Kelly Holland Bingaman story:

“I became a victim of abuse in the legal system because of the three lawyers in the law firm…Doug Goldhaber, Don Bailey and Andy Ostrowski. My lawyer representing me during my divorce kept telling me that we had a hearing scheduled but because Andy was in a psychiatric unit, he was covering Andy’s cases and said that my hearings were going to be rescheduled. What he failed to tell me was that he REQUESTED a postponement saying he had another hearing for Andy in another County but the opposing counsel checked up and found out it was not true. Of course I was not aware of this, the request was denied so they held the hearings without me or representation for me I’ve tried to tell people the truth about Andy as I saw it all with my own eyes. Plus I used to offer to help in their offices because I could t come up with money for my legal fees As far as Don Bailey. Oh how he told me he was going to sue for me being illegally arrested and sue all these cops individually and the department as a whole it as I continued to ask for updates he screamed at me telling me he was sick of my brain injury and me not remembering him telling me that he went to court and lost. Five months after the courts awarded my husband a divorce and I was never aware I found out that Doug had been suspended and I was to pick up all my legal documents. I was most concerned about my divorce and being awarded zero after 25 years and being disabled I later went through the criminal paperwork only to see that all those filings Don made look so great and favorable for me, he is the one that withdrew every one of them. But that’s Andys hero”


“I’ve been imprisoned in a dump because I have to live on disability only”

“I used to pick Andy up almost every other day or more in Harrisburg buy him food pay him to help me write things for me and got one paper”

“He told me all about his psychological issues. Never told me he moved either”

“Took lots of money”

“Told me about being burned and used drugs to self medicate”

“I can just tell you all about Andy from 2005-about 2012/2013”

“Did you ever hear about lawless America? Do you know that Don and Andy are the ones that got me involved in that but when it came time for us to all meet on D.C. We had the police on standby to arrest Andy and several others if they showed”


“I gave Don my van to use to take his family to Pittsburgh because he had a sick child and his van broke down and there were no cans for rent available. I gave them everything I had only to find out I got fucked and thrown to the curb”

If you have a story to share about how you were injured by Don Bailey or Andrew Ostrowski please put it out there, now is the time. I will listen to you and there are others listening as well. I have backed myself in a corner and like a frighten animal have lashed out, which isn’t right and may have hurt. So I will now put up and then shut up. I’m tired of getting stuff out there and being attacked and needing mountains of evidence to prove the truth while everyone still believes the lies with no evidence.

Everyone wants the truth to be pretty and look good and be pleasant, told in a calm manner, with the proper words. The truth is ugly from being dragged through the mud and battered and torn to pieces, disgusting to look at and all beat up for being lied about and battle weary, using the wrong words that is why so many embrace the lies because it is so pretty and neat. But the truth is still the truth though few speak it for fear of being labeled as ugly, as conspiracy as hearsay and heretic. Good thing for you people I care less what you think, I will stand on the ugly truth and I will hold her hand proudly for at the end of the day when it is believed it is the most beautiful thing to beholding. Yes I rant and rave, for very few listen to me or investigate what I put out. They see a bunch of links and it’s too long didn’t read you are discredited, your not anything we should listen too.

I constantly hear it’s the way you say it, it’s how you act, it’s what you say. Yes I get that but does that change the truth? Yet my story doesn’t change to fit the person or change to be popular. What I put in print doesn’t change to fit the public opinion which is always false with few exceptions. People, well most of them don’t read what I put out and go by how it looks and by public perception of me and they turn away. They are what I call wrong.

My story of what happened has stayed consistent through the years and hasn’t changed, Andrew Ostrowski’s story changes to fit the public perception he’s creating and it changes entirely at times when it’s more popular to be a different way, that is called lying. As an eyewitness to some of his crimes I know what he did.

John Sebastian passed away, Andrew Ostrowski came after the hidden valley advocates making me a life long enemy. I don’t care what that makes me look like, John Sebastian is the reason I fight so hard against Andrew Ostrowski. Because of Andrew I left the hidden valley groups and went off on them. John Sebastian came to me asked me what was going on, I told him and he said to me “get your butt in gear and get in those groups and help those people, they need help and you may be the only one putting out there what needs to be out there.” I investigated the groups, watched as stuff unfolded and the name that came up to the top of the list time and time again as the main cause of the problem ANDREW JOSEPH OSTROWSKI. I witnessed him control and manipulate the groups same as he doing now.

I do understand how this makes me look in the public eye as a wild man and such, but it has affected me and effect me. I got caught up in the story and became emotionally involved. I still have all the files and all the proof, and now more things come to light in the public eye. Doesn’t change the facts or the truth of the evidence.

I can’t help how people are, I can’t control what they say or who says it. But I can take responsibility for myself. I have already broke some of my agreement to get this out there now. But the truth has to come out to protect peoples lives and I’d rather break that agreement to save people then sit quietly by and let innocent people get hurt. But in doing so may have hurt the people I was so desperately trying to help. My problem is I care too much what is happening.

I will go to the authorities with what I have then I might quit altogether. I have said things that in hind sight shouldn’t have, but it’s too late to take them back. There out there in public and I do have a responsibility for my actions. I am dealing with a lot and it’s no excuse I apologize. I got emotionally involved in a story and there is good reason but no excuse. I will put out there a couple more pieces then I might be done with the whole business. I have the evidence I say I do and will see if the authorities see it my way. I was only trying to help get people help and may have hurt them. I take responsibility for my actions, not blame them on things and people. I lost my cool and do apologize to anyone that is for me and hope you can understand. I have found mountains of stuff and it seems that no one was listening. I again apologize. Doesn’t change the truth of what I found and trying to get people to see it is hard. So I go off and hurt the cause worse. Not my intention but it happened and I take the responsible for my actions. Again I apologize even though that doesn’t change what I did, never does. I’m not asking you to forgive me just understand where I am coming from.

UPDATE: Andrew J. Ostrowski, Andy cult will want to see this

If you ask me Andrew Joseph Ostrowski is getting what he deserves, put me in touch with the right people so I can release what I have on him. Andy threatened me, blackmailed people I know, attempted extortion on victims of crimes and other things he puts on a show. Did the police do the right thing? Who knows but to think he’s innocent is foolish. I have listed below the articles I have released so far and then think what haven’t I released that I will go to the police with now that I know where he is.
He will answer for his crimes.





https://lordnelga.wordpress.com/2014/10/24/andy-ostrowski-for-congress/ * The video was destroyed due to the threats and bullshit from A0. (Andrew Ostrowski)







Let’s compare the above incident to one where the person really was kidnapped off the street and arrested without a warrant. That the police harassed and erased footage from my memory chip which was in his camera, then hid the person for three days. The article here is the kidnapping and abduction of A man called chris dorsey. What they did to chris dorsey was wrong and illegal and I stand by him for this incident even though what happened between us. I will testify in court to the police’s illegal activity against him on this day. Which I covered and documented.


documented here:


Notice the elements missing in the Andrew video. How do we know from watching the video that there was no warrant? Because Andrew said so. You don’t see the police, but you hear the person off camera, the police aren’t manhandling Andrew. But Andrew said so, All you hear is Andrew saying what is happening. The police can be heard saying they have a warrant. But Andrew said they didn’t so. Which my source said they did and they were let in the house not kicking it in and dragging him out. But Andrew said so. Surprised Andrew didn’t say the swat teams, helicopters and armed tanks were there for him, I mean make it big make yourself important. And your only source of the narrative is what Andrew says, sorry I don’t play Andy says so. I don’t play in Andrewland, I live on facts. And facts and evidence says this was a WWE skit. Made up by Andrew to gain publicity, If it weren’t for my sources I would question if Andrew really was picked up. But my source are reliable and verified. But Andrew said so, your only narrative and perspective is Andrew and what he said was going on.


Sources say that Andrew Ostrowski is not cooperating with the doctors and will stay an additional 5 days. I really hope he walks out with a clean bill of health and is declared mentally stable, because he will have criminal charges against him if I have my way.

Now I asked Andrew Ostrowski for help with the chris dorsey case, the loving oh so kind Andrew blew me off. Nothing in it for him, only helping someone wasn’t enough to warrant even an acknowledgement. chris dorsey a Press TV media person who helped in Andrew’s bid for congress not worth even a call back. But Andrew helps everyone, he so helpful. But Andrew never hurt anyone he so good and kind, only when there’s something in it for him. But there was respect and helping for his fellow man, which he’s all about, he didn’t bother.  Then later comes the threats and crap that I have on file and am taking to the police. People think I’m playing their games and that I’m not press, hate to tell you something, I’m still working on a story that Andrew Ostrowski was instrumental in destroying a large part of. I even did a video for him for free to help with his bid for congress and a few more things which I’ll list later.

And when you threaten the press while doing a story and conducting research, there are laws about that. Same for stealing evidence and using it to blackmail and attempt to extort, plus a few others that I won’t name due to I like there to be some surprises. And when you get even more evidence from sources well, I get to have fun with the police and FBI. So yes I have history with Andrew Ostrowski sorry you troglodyte koolaid drinkers of the Andy cult, I do know what I am talking about and yes this will have my name all over it.

And a word to the Andy cult members you should leave the family out of this if your only source of information is Andy says so well I already shown his word is shit, so might be your information. If Andrew says the suns out carry a flash light just in case. Ask yourself if the justice system is as corrupt as it is why does Andrew Ostrowski want back in it so badly? Why doesn’t he start something that would really work instead of wanting back in? Why because he’s playing you, you who come after me for putting out there the truth. And when I go to the FBI again think if I’m going to give them your fedbook page names that I have a list of….

One final thought to show how nice Andrew is the day that the hidden valley advocate John R. Sebastian, who went to great pains in his dying days to film a segment for the hidden valley documentary that Andrew and I were working on died, Andrew went after the hidden valley advocates to harass and torment them. They have a no contact order against him, yet he still comments in emails and other means of getting to them. John R. Sebastian was a good Christian man not this fake phony blasphemy circus that Andrew pushes… https://www.facebook.com/search/str/glen+m+sutphin+suing+the+devil/keywords_search

Yeah looks like I didn’t just start messing with Andrew Ostrowski looks like I had too put up with him for a long while… More proof coming as always stay tuned.

Thursday nights show 20170922


Glen M Sutphin shared his post.

September 20 at 9:37pm

Glen M Sutphin

September 20 at 9:36pm

What he put out and what happened are two different stories. I also have proof of his crimes and am pursuing legal means against him now that I know where he is. What everyone is putting out about him is false. He’s not what he appears to be.

Go to my blog for the real story.

Judicial Reform Activist and Attorney Abducted by Police While Broadcasting

By Janet Phelan Judicial reform activist and radio personality Andy Ostrowski has been taken into custody against his will and forced into a psychiatric…



Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Glen, here’s the facts and they can be viewed on camera outside his residence. He’s been threatening the FBI, family and others on a daily basis. These emails consist of about 24 plus pages of threats, he has restraining orders and this is the 3rd time in 7 months he’s been 302ed. Since everyone claims it was an “evaluation”, he would be out on a false 302, he would be home. This all can be viewed on the churche’s cameras, he viewed the warrant and had a scanner to absorb people into his tunnel and post his claimed false arrest. I’m not an officer and only the police were there, NOT 1 Other person. He begged me to come see him last night as he claimed the FBI, family and government are trying to kill me, not true. If these emails were ever posted, people would understand. Remember there’s 3 sides to a story-that person’s, the other side and that wonderful thing called the middle.

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin I know I have received some of the emails and threats myself. I can’t post them for the slander and libel to people mentioned. I fully comprehend what is going on.I sound like a fool for not being able to tell the whole story but believe me I understand. I’m also going to the police with what I have and hope he gets the help he truly deserves.

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin he has destroyed people lives and needs help. but he also need to pay for his crimes.

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Agree!!

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Glen, you have no idea what these emails contain, they’re vile, scary, threatening and extremely concerning. I’m sorry but he created his own mess. His family cares and are caring and concerned. He’s not a victim and I wil pass on, if needed. He will manipulate anyone that buys his bullshit, sorry called it as I witnessed and have the info

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin if they match what he sent me I can assure you I know.

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal I’m not sure if the FBI is going to persue anything yet

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin keep me posted, they can talk to me if need be as well.

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal PM me if you need additional info. It’s scary, and I’m tough skinned. His poor family, so sad

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin I can imagine

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Glen, is you blog “Activistpost.com“?

Activist Post – Alternative News & Independent Views

Latest alternative news from independent journalists…


Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Yes, it is. Philip D Anderton is your partner in this, he’s extremely knowledgeable

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin no my blog is https://lordnelga.wordpress.com/

Lordnelga’s Weblog – Psiberrealm



Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Glen M Sutphin, this is a post by the family…….To “friends” of Andy Ostrowski and others, from the Ostrowski Family: Yesterday, at our request, the police removed Andy from his apartment and took him to a local hospital for a psychiatric evaluation and treatment. We are grateful to the police and the mental health professionals at the hospital for their professionalism and cooperation with our request. We made this difficult decision out of care and love for our brother and son, Andy. His history of problems and his increasingly erratic and irrational behavior over several months had us gravely concerned for his well-being. There is much more to this situation than what has been posted on social media. This action was done by his family and is in no way whatsoever a part of a “conspiracy” to silence, imprison, drug or murder him. Any such conspiracy is utter nonsense. We ask those of you who are continuing to encourage his behavior by propagating these conspiracy theories to stop at once. Any of you planning to disrupt his treatment are wrong and must stop. Your actions will only serve to prolong or prevent his recovery. We hope and pray that someday our brother and son will be well and ask you to honor these wishes.

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin been sharing that.

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Please do. The family is loving, caring and genuine-he needs help.

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin I agree.

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin but there are so many kool aid drinkers that believe the lie it’s no funny

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Copy/paste her post everywhere, please

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin I’m putting the truth out there but the lies he told are sticking fast. I have been putting it everywhere I see the lie posted. I’m also going to the police and fbi with what I have as evidence against him. I hope he gets the help he needs but he will answer for his crimes. I don’t feel he is a bad person but he has done bad things and has to answer for them.

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal What groups have it posted? I’ll go and comment too

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin there are too many to list, and I’m being tore up by the people on them. can I use your comments here in an article and on the radio tonight when I cover this?

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Yes you can

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin thanks, that will help more then going to each group.

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin people only react any more not do a little research on things and believe lies and fake news

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Glen M Sutphin tell these “supporters” to go read his sister’s post on his page, that will stop them

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin they have and don’t believe it. his cult following are idiots. but that’s why they follow blindly.

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Glen M Sutphin did you copy and paste her post and tell them to go to his page and read it?

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin yes still they believe there is a conspiracy against him, but they’ll see once I get out there the truth. hell I’ve seen it all before, and in the end they’ll wonder what the fuck I am for holding to the truth.

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Amazing!!! Are you on any of the emails he sent? I’m on the family email, which would bring the truth out. Glen M Sutphin, I’m not bashing him but he has caused so many people so much stress, grief and worries. I really hope he gets the help he needs this time but he already plans on signing himself out in 4 days

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin yes he sent me a few, yeah that concerns me that’s why I’m trying to get this all out there so he can’t work his bullshit on people and trying to get my evidence seen by the proper authorities so maybe i can stop them from letting him out. He’ll lie and they’ll release him and he goes back to terrorizing people. Don’t know why PA does nothing when they obviously know he a treat.

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Glen M Sutphin I will forward you the emails that concerned us. You can PM your address if you would like

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal The worst part about this is these people don’t know his family and how vile he was to them in the past 9 months. They didn’t deserve that treatment and abuse. Believe me, I’ve had my share too

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin I’ve put up with his shit since 2015, so I feel for them. He has terrorized the hidden valley advocates since then non stop, everything is their fault because they don’t want anything to do with him. And he has threatened me, I told him to bring it on. He should be glad I don’t live up in PA. Because this would have ended a long time ago.

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin sent you a PM with my email

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal I posted the family’s comment too. These people have zero respect for the family

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin they believe his bullshit and have no respect for the truth. But that’s their right. They’re what we call wrong. But it’s ok the truth on the matter will come out and some will feel really stupid for believing him, others will still be stupid and believe him.

<Taken down for format problems both the mp3 and pdf  will put them up after they are fixed> pdf of this interview above. I need a working computer,

UPDATE: The end of a chapter

Well since I have finally found some of the documents and plats from Hidden Valley Condo’s, I can put to rest a footnote and that feels so good. Andrew J. Ostrowski’s chapter has ended. It doesn’t matter what he stole or took from the HVC Clubs on fedbook or what ever else he took. He has no legal baring or status or anything to do with Hidden Valley Condo’s anymore, not that he had much to do with them anyway. His fraud and harassment, as well as other crimes are all documented and ready for a trial whenever he wants it. As far as I’m concerned now, he stated it very clearly, he is insignificant, a footnote. He will however do what he will do. I will not speak of him again as I am closing that chapter, but he will probably come after me, I am expecting it and am ready.

Sometimes brilliance comes out of stupidity and Andrew J Ostrowski didn’t say he was “ insignificant “, what he implied came through clearly, and I agree. He stated ” Oh, by the way Glen, you’re supposed to be some superduper independent journalist, so go look up the campaign finance reports yourself – that was three years ago, and every dollar was accounted for, even though I doubt the Federal Election Commission has much interest in a campaign that raised all of about 11 grand for a candidate who got about 35% of the vote, but run along, pal, and rummage through it like a pig searching for a truffle..”

And it made me realize he is so right you are so “ insignificant “, and you don’t matter in the whole scheme of things. Sue me and bury me if you can, do I get a song and dance number dedicated to me as well? What a damn joke. And with this I end his chapter, a thief and conman who failed in his objective. End of his part in the Hidden Valley Condo’s story.


Now in other news about Hidden Valley Condo’s, I now have in my possession about 13 files containing over a hundred or more documents on Hidden Valley Condo’s, to include the deeds, the plats and a lot of other items relating to the condo’s and as I go through them I will be piecing together the story of Hidden Valley Condo’s, I can already tell by the plats that there is something wrong with the place. Along with the 70 plus gigs of files I have on this place. But it will take me some time to go through all the stuff I have, and I will be getting more on it. And for those doubters I include the receipt of my order, I have been doing a lot of deed research and digging to find this stuff.


Now I’m going to leave this here for now. As this is only an update and end of a chapter that is “ insignificant “ to the whole story of what went on. A stranger with no ties or legal holding in the Hidden Valley Condo’s story, is told to fuck off by me an advocate since before he showed up. Go ahead and do whatever you want to do Andrew J. Ostrowski, please sue me so I can present all the evidence I have against your bullshit, and have fun at your BLASPHEMY CIRCUS side show.

An answer to a question on Andy Ostrowski’s page.
“bullshit Andy Ostrowski broke the law in front of me, I have proof, and furthers the crime with each email he sends to me. He has no legal claim to hidden valley condos and has been told by all the advocate including me to stop talking about something he isn’t part of. If you sick brain dead people want to follow a con artist be my guest. I will produce my evidence against Andrew J Ostrowski in a court of law, not public where he can manipulate the brain dead to listen to him.
As far as I’m concerned the matter is done he has no legal claim so he needs to fuck off and stop harassing and threatening people. He is no longer important.

And if he leave’s it up here’s what they say about him.


I covered most of this on the show I co-host “Between The Lines” Tuesday 13, 2017. I will break the mp3 down when I get it to make it into a video, stay tuned.

UPDATE: Andrew J. Ostrowski Still DISBARRED

Here’s some new information I have received and that I have been digging into and up on Andrew J. Ostrowski plus some things that he did while supposedly doing all the good work; which wasn’t, for Hidden Valley Condos in PA. If anyone is still thinking that Andrew J. Ostrowski is a good guy, I can tell you he doesn’t care and it’s all an act to build himself and his image up. He uses his supposed law degree and stories to gain money, entitlement and fame. It’s all in my blog, do a search. He doesn’t care about the interests he supposedly supports, including the HOA‘s he supposedly represents. I’m going to brake it all down here, starting with the Defrocked priest of the temple of law himself Andrew J. Ostrowski:

Andrew J. Ostrowski has once again failed to get his license to practice law back.

http://www.pacourts.us/assets/opinions/DisciplinaryBoard/out/135db2008-r-ostrowski.pdf#search=%22andrew j ostrowski%22

refused since February 10, 2010 because of the Report and Recommendations of the Disciplinary Board decision dated October 30, 2009.

http://www.pacourts.us/assets/opinions/Supreme/out/1556dd3.pdf#search=%22andrew j ostrowski%22

Supported by these document on file with the PA Disciplinary Board website searchable here:


The following cases:


http://www.pacourts.us/assets/opinions/Supreme/out/23incattach.pdf#search=%22andrew j ostrowski%22


http://www.pacourts.us/assets/opinions/Supreme/out/1556dd3.pdf#search=%22andrew j ostrowski%22


http://www.pacourts.us/assets/opinions/DisciplinaryBoard/out/135db2008-ostrowski.pdf#search=%22andrew j ostrowski%22


http://www.pacourts.us/assets/opinions/Superior/out/j-s51036-14m.pdf#search=%22andrew j ostrowski%22


http://www.pacourts.us/assets/opinions/Supreme/out/927mal2015%20-%201026191906834725.pdf#search=%22andrew j ostrowski%22

March 22, 2017

http://www.pacourts.us/assets/opinions/DisciplinaryBoard/out/135db2008-r-ostrowski.pdf#search=%22andrew j ostrowski%22

March 28, 2017

http://www.pacourts.us/assets/opinions/Supreme/out/j-114-2016mo%20-%2010304286716675280.pdf#search=%22andrew j ostrowski%22

A few questions I have after reading all this is why isn’t Andrew J. Ostrowski in jail for braking the law? How is he allowed to practice law with no license and charge people for it? Why is the state of Pennsylvania allowing this to go on? Why can’t I get what by law I should have and why does the state turn a blind eye to the whole matter?

Mark Robbins reports some other things Andrew J. Ostrowski and KAREN PADAVAN ESPOSITO AKA Kim Weigal have been up to:


Another report by Mark Robbins:


Here is something that Andrew J. Ostrowski sent me on April 2, 2015 that I need to address and bring to the forefront now:



No one should be exposed to known unlivable conditions that include safety and health violations. We need you the people to speak up and you can do this you can make a difference by sharing the videos, making comments. I encourage you to do this and to ask others to do the same.

Kenneth High Has recently informed the group that there have been two fires within a month at an adjacent property which is located in Lincoln Park. We have to ask what is the cause of these fires and get answers.

There have been at least two known fires at HV since 1999. One that originated in unit “D” in 1999 and another that originated in unit “V” in 2011. The one from 2011 was of a board member/owner, who died from repercussions from that fire.

Kenneth has been advocating for the people at HV and was a prior maintenance person at the building. He knows of the horrific conditions that people have been exposed and those that continue.

Kenneth, has been brave enough to come forward and talk about the threats, harassment and plans that were set in place to silence this homeowner from speaking out and exposing the severity of the conditions. You may want to ask yourself what this HOA was covering up or what they have to hide.

Kenneth, Has reported that the building has had problems with water penetration and flooding in the basement/storage area of the building. Two things are important to know about this, one that is this area has been leaking for over 20 years and is not divulged and has not been repaired properly and two that it is not being disclosed.

****** Note the basement/storage area is misleading because it os actually located in the center of the building and not underneath. There are several units that are below the basement and it is believed that when flooding occurs it leaks to the lower units underneath ******

The venting was changed after a fire that originated in unit D and effected 6-8 units. The venting was changed and dryer vent buckets were added. The venting is through the basement area and is not allowed. Venting must be vented to the exterior. The units that have the washer and dryers do not have windows nor do they have vents in them for proper air circulation.

The mold in that building is dangerous and can be seen visibly through a myriad of pictures on hiddenvalleyhiddentruths.webs.com. The extensive medical contains that can stem from mold are enormous and can disrupt ones life. There are limited doctors who are willing to address mold and the cost can be consuming. This is something very dangerous that is only recently being talked about and recognized.

There are mass amounts of paperwork missing from the files that should be required for public viewing and they are not. Several papers have been altered and can easily be detected.

These are a few facts alone should let you know why we need to band together and give these people a voice.

hv image

Hiddenvalleyhiddentruths (Website not available any more)
The hidden truths behind Hidden Valley Homeowners Association
HIDDENVALLEYHIDDENTRUTHS.WEBS.COM (Website not available any more)

First off I was already on this story almost a year before Andrew J Ostrowski ever came into this place. I was doing articles on this place and it was because of my articles he heard about this place. I believe he to date has only one article about it, which he claims gives him all these rights over it, and claims he cares so much but never talks about it. Also and I believe this to be true, he was sent in to destroy these groups and he eventually did just that. He stole information, took evidence and uses it to extort and blackmail the advocates. I want the affidavits and the videos he has taken from this place and all the information that was stolen, I was supposed to get the information but instead he stole it and I never got the copies.

He keeps referencing this person Kenneth High who was a member of the groups trying to get this place condemned. Kenneth High was supposedly a maintenance man who lived around the area and had knowledge of what went on. Now I did some digging on who Kenneth High is and I found out that a Kevin John High owns or owned condo H of Hidden Valley Condos, bought or given to them on April 26, 2013. Is this the same person?

Which would make sense because during a hearing that Andrew J. Ostrowski tried to be heard at, Andrew J. Ostrowski was not allowed to speak due to the fact he didn’t live there but they allowed Kenneth High to speak? Why? I asked at the time but now it’s perfectly clear, he lives or lived there at the time.


Andy Ostrowski – Hidden Valley Condominiums: The Solicitor informed Mr. Ostrowski that he would not be permitted to speak during the Open to the Floor portion of the agenda, since he is not a resident of Spring Township.

Kenneth High, 1334 D, W. Wyomissing Boulevard: Introduced by Mr. Ostrowski as a resident of the Township, Mr. High is worried about alleged contamination at the Hidden Valley Condominiums. Solicitor Becker assured him that DEP has determined there is no contamination at this site. He was directed to discuss his concerns with DEP.

They have him listed at D but I have the deed papers showing him at H, I trust the deed more then anything.
So my question is, where they all part of a setup to get what the advocates had, was Andrew J. Ostrowski part of an operation to get into the groups and get as much information as he and Kenneth High could? Where they also there to spread disinformation to the group? I fought with the advocates to shut down the groups, they finally did.
I caught on to what was going on early and stopped my information from getting out only putting out the stuff that was not really as important. I have found a lot of things since I stopped feeding Andrew J. Ostrowski information. I didn’t trust him and I was correct in that thought. I told the advocates about all this and have since made my own website on Hidden Valley Condos, https://hiddenvalleyblog.wordpress.com and have been putting out the information that needs to be out there. This is now the only official website for Hidden Valley Condos, and I’m their voice.
Andrew J. Ostrowski may have some important information but I have a lot of information that they don’t and I’m getting more and more as I can. Soon I will be going up to the hellhole to do my own investigation, getting live photos and videos from inside the place too show what it’s like.
It’s ironic that all these people disappeared from fedbook and from sight after the groups found out what was going on. To date Andrew J. Ostrowski has from time to time talked about them on his radio show on twigs cafe radio. Andrew J. Ostrowski doesn’t follow the law, and I know for a fact the advocates have a  “do not contact” letter from their attorney that was given to Andrew J. Ostrowski, but he does as he pleases saying he knows the law better then anyone including the judges that disbarred him.
I’ll leave it at that for a moment, there’s a lot of information here. I will be continuing this as I get more information, if people have an information they would like to share send it to me. Thanks for reading and stay tuned. I will be covering this on the radio show.

I am breaking my gag order to bring this out about HIDDEN VALLY CONDOMINIUMS…

I have thought about this long and hard and have decided I can no longer sit and do nothing about a situation I let go on too long due to my commitment to a cause, namely Hidden Valley Condominiums and Andrew Ostrowski’s involvement which wrecked the fedbook group and website that was set up for dealing with and getting the information out.

I was ordered by the advocate to not say anything due to our contract. But there are times when the truth must come out even if it means doing what people are afraid to do. I am doing this against the advocate wishes, and Andrew Ostrowski if you take any actions against the advocate or mention them on your show by name again, I will go to the FCC and have your crappy radio show TWIGS CAFÉ RADIO banned and pulled off the air. Or at the very least your JUSTICE SERVED show what a damn joke, you’re going to fix the corruption when your most of it?


I started to expose it in this article but was ordered to stop and not put out what was happening and to withhold names. Well I am now going to release names which I already have. Most of the problems that Hidden Valley Condominiums website and fedbook group were having were due to Andrew Ostrowski. I was on the story since 2014/02/12 when I first heard about this hell hole, I released the first article on 2014/02/22. I had been putting out articles and about 6 months later or so is when Andrew Ostrowski came on the scene. He was not there first he heard about the place from my articles and people talking.

At first I was happy that this person that was running for congress at the time was willing to help. He seemed like a nice guy. Very pleasant and nice even thought he was a lawyer and a politician I went against my better judgement and listened to everyone’s praises of him. And YES I fell for it too. But that glamour wore off quickly as I started to notice things happening.

Andrew Ostrowski started running everything and started to organize and set up people into positions in the group and started to steal the information from the group and the people trying to get this hell hole shut down. It was little things at first, then it started to progress. Then people started to come into the group and start messing up and disrupting the group. Persons like DEWEY MANK who decided to come after me personally. YES I have the proof. That being said I believe this person was brought in by Andrew Ostrowski to do what he did. I believe they were working together to infiltrate as well as destroy the group, and it worked the pages, website and the group are almost nonfunctional now. They have turned people who were there to help against the advocates and have slandered and harassed the advocates still to this day. The advocates have had threats made to them and their families as well as friends. Anything to stop them from getting this hell hole shut down. I think the whole state of Pennsylvania is corrupt; no one does their damn jobs up there. I will be going up there soon to do some investigations of the hell hole and to get videos and samples which should have been done long ago. I will also be broadcasting live from inside the place to show just how messed up this hell hole is.

I blew up at the advocates and the group when I was attacked after all the work I had done and am continuing to do. But my anger was misplaced as it was not the advocates that were responsible, I said some harsh things and was called out by one advocate in particular named John R. Sebastian, Jr. He is the only advocate that I have permission to use their name. He unfortunately has passed away god rest his soul his fight for this place is over. If he were still alive he would be able to get back the information, since he’s not it’s a little difficult but not impossible to do. I will do my best John R. Sabastian, Jr. to continue what you told me to do because yes these people and the advocates do need help and do need protecting.

Before his death he confided in me his views on what he had as evidence and promised me copies of everything he had. Affidavits, videos and other paperwork, I never got his information due to the fact that Andrew Ostrowski stole it instead of giving me my copies. And not even days after his passing Andrew Ostrowski decided to attack the advocates and cause trouble for them when they were in mourning over their friends passing. What a low life fucking creep.

After Andrew Ostrowski came into the group all the information I was getting stopped because he told everyone to give him the information as he is a lawyer which is technically a fucking lie as he is a defrocked priest of the temple of law meaning in terms people will understand he is disbarred as even the temple of law doesn’t want him. It’s bad when a corrupt system doesn’t want you because you suck so badly. I will include more on this from another source later in this article. Mark Robbins reports are below. I am setting up an interview with Mark Robbins and will let everyone know when it’s out.

I do not trust the groups anymore as there are still plants and persons who report everything to Andrew Ostrowski from the groups, he is still trying to siphon information for whatever party sent him in to infiltrate and get stuff. When I found out about what was going on I stopped all the information I had going to the groups and pages. I have a lot of stuff that Andrew Ostrowski doesn’t have. I also have his video “GERM OF DESTRUCTION” placed on private that I did for him and will let Andrew Ostrowski have it, if and when I get all my information. He’s more worried about that little video then he is about helping get Hidden Valley Condos shut down, or the lives that are being effected and affected by this place. He professes to care so much yet nothing he does shows this care.

But that’s okay he treats those who volunteer for him like crap. He calls women who disagree with him CUNTS and other derogatory names. He freeloads and I want to see his expenditures for his campaign as I believe all the monies he got for contributions he spent on living and not what they were meant for namely his campaign. I want to see an audit on him, and since he was or is trying to run for another position he needs to be looked at very hard, as hard as they are going after Trump. And if I have to be the one to do it so be it here I come. Anyone voting for him needs to seriously see this information.

Because of Andrew Ostrowski a lot of people and groups that were helping have turned against people who really need help. All those advocate groups that have turn against Hidden Valley Condo Advocates should be ashamed of themselves. Are you really there to help or just get likes and push bullshit? I know a lot of people will be against me for this and I could not care less, you’re here to help people not win popularity contests to see who can get the most likes on fedbook but most of you are and that’s sad as there are people dying from this place.

The advocate I represent has put their entire life on hold for 17 years to stop the crap going on and stand up to get that place shut down and the people who promised help leave due to Andrew Ostrowski’s bullshit. The mold groups, the HOA groups and several others. Any of you still supporting Andrew Ostrowski are as guilty as he is. As I said above I will include Mark Robbins reports on Andrew Ostrowski’s crimes as he has been to court against Andrew Ostrowski and will be getting an interview from him soon if I can.

I believe from reading and seeing what I have seen that Andrew Ostrowski files bogus and erroneous lawsuits that get thrown out to future his cause to falsely show corruption. In other words he misfiles suits so they get thrown out so he can say the system; which is broke and corrupt, is against him. A sort of false flag, Misfile, mislead and then charge people, and then they have to give more money to actually get justice.  It’s a scam on top of the scam costing people who really need justice that right.

Andrew Ostrowski and I were working or supposed to be working on a documentary on this hell hole but all the videos and stuff that was online disappeared suddenly without warning. Now who would tell you they are working with you then pull all the information for no reason and with no explanation?  So since everything that Andrew Ostrowski says is shit and lies I don’t feel I need to go to him to ask him anything. I don’t need a bogus excuse for what happened when I know what happened. And no Andrew Ostrowski I don’t need to interview you to get your side. I heard the shit you spew.

I will be serving you with a FOIA soon for all the information you stole. I know you don’t care to follow the law but…. And if asking you for and serving you a FOIA don’t get the information I want I will take your dumb ass to court. Unlike others I don’t fear you; you are a child and a pest. I take on people here that I am more afraid of then you.

I let some of this out on a radio show I did last week on 2 Open Minds which can be heard here https://youtu.be/iEihmgcmUWI

I have also broke down the interview so that only the Hidden Valley segment can be heard here https://youtu.be/5i1lPINe3E4

Now here’s the links to Mark Robbins Articles on Andrew Ostrowski

Since Andrew Ostrowski saw I commented on Mark Robbins blog he sent me a message to the effect of being hostile because I was doing my job. I investigate stuff. Acting like I have to come to you to get answers when all you do is bullshit me. Honestly how many times have you told me you were going to have me on your show? 8 or 9 times now and every time you then ignore me. Yeah seems I don’t need you to get on the radio. Never did. You won’t have me on your show because I would tear you apart and eat you up.

Here’s what I posted on Mark Robbins blog that got Andrew Ostrowski all fired up and concerned about what I was doing.


Anyway here’s what Mark Robbins has been putting out about you and your supposed drug friend. He has several articles so the best way for me to go it is to just list them as they are on his blog. I encourage everyone to go read them they are long but show a lot of the criminal activity of Andrew Ostrowski.











It’s a lot to read but well worth it as it shows it’s not just me picking on Andrew Ostrowski which I am not I am just putting the truth out there. Listed on Mark Robbins blog are documents from the courts themselves on Andrew Ostrowski so you can see from the judges and courts what they say about him.

In closing I will try and set up an interview with Mark Robbins in the near future and will be continuing to investigate Andrew Ostrowski as well as take down Hidden Valley Condominiums. And no Andrew Ostrowski you do not own the rights or anything to Hidden Valley Condominiums it is not your property, intellectual or otherwise since I was here before you and I am still here fighting for it. You are a germ and soon you will be gone from it. You have done a lot of damage to people and to this cause and you are being held accountable for it. I will make sure of it. You have done nothing for me and I owe you for what you have done to the good people involved.. More coming as I have a radio interview later today and I will be covering this article on the show. As always Stay Tuned.



hvcondemned 1

For the past two years I have been working on and off on this story, of a place that shouldn’t exist yet it does and it continues to grow and fester. I am of course talking about HIDDEN VALLEY CONDOS. To fill everyone in briefly this place is a death trap, complete with mold, fungus and structural disintegration. This is unfortunately what Agenda 21 is all about. They are weakening our infrastructure, our very way of life, and yes forcing people into deplorable situations of living, all the while demanding more and more from the populace. I have witnessed the EPA doing nothing to help, witnessed local authorities turning a blind eye and deaf ear to the problems first hand. I too have been in these very conditions and am fighting it to the best of my abilities. I wish I could say that things will get better but the truth is they won’t. Things will get much worse but we still must fight it. I urge everyone out there get this information out there. Get out information about Victoria Gardens Apartments; get out there the information about Hidden Valley Condos; get out there the information about Barbara Long; get out there your own personal stories. Maybe if people could see that this is going on, then maybe we can fight it. But as it stands right now, the people forcing this agenda on us are winning because so many do nothing and accept it as the way of things. I am ashamed to be considered human at times.
As you see from the list above this is not even an isolated event, if it were it would be a lot easier to get the problem taken care of. I will be doing more reports on Hidden Valley Condos and later this year will be going up there to see the place for myself, to video document firsthand what the conditions are.
I have covered a lot about this place in other articles; Hidden Valley Condos https://lordnelga.wordpress.com/?s=hidden+valley, In this article I will look at four issues that are the most disturbing; Those four issues being the Illegal dryer vents, mold, the general condition over all of the building, and another big question on why the address is messed up. It’s hard to say what the biggest overall factor in this situation is. Is it the building basically falling apart at its seams? Is it the rampant mold and slime and other things seeping in from the ground and such? Is it the illegal dryer vents adding to the mold problem? Is it the fact that the building is sinking into a sink hole, an empty mine shaft, Limestone quarry or what have you? Or is it the overall situation and a non-caring HOA which holds the people hostage and forces these conditions on the occupants? These conditions are getting worse and have been unanswered for 17 years now. Something has to be done.
To show everyone a visual of what I am talking about I did up video of the photos I was sent of the place here’s the video link. I have been contacting persons and agencies to try and get the word out about these places with little to no response back. I have posted these articles to Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley as well as Attorney General Kathleen Kane, no answers or even acknowledgement came back. I have also contacted the EPA as well as others through their websites and filled in forms and such but to no avail, nothing gets done and few contact me back.
I would like to take a moment to thank Bobby Hughes for giving me direction and information that started my search into the maps and topography of the area. I have been following his clues to the area and the resources he provided helped a lot in my quest.

Address issue: Why does it show the place as up by the pool

I know part of the answer as to why the pool is where the address goes to. This was a very big question that was asked and everyone wanted the answer too. It’s an oversight but one that lead to many of the answers I have come up with.
It’s because they moved Wyomissing Blvd on the map numerous times and added the Wyomissing court, they need to change the address to reflect that problem. Because if you take where Wyomissing Blvd came out in 1983 the address is correct then, now it shows something different. I’ll explain it in more detail later. They give the answer on the maps and probably on the plats, when I get them I’ll prove it. I have one plat already, getting close.


What it really comes down to is this; people that are too lazy or too inept to do their damn jobs and others capitalizing on that flaw and covering it up to satisfy their greed. Plus covering it up, to cover up other crimes and continuing bad situations, making others look bad and victimizing them for looking into it.
Now some might ask why the big stink over the address being wrong? Well let’s look at it for a minute. If you had a fire, of which this building has suffered two of on record so far possible more, how are the firefighters going to get to the right place if the address shows it’s a ½ mile or more away? Or suppose someone was robbed and the police have to track don where the crime took place before they can do anything? Isn’t this a violation of some address code?


So the problem with the address began when they moved Wyomissing blvd, and altered the blvd and messed up the address system. I now have to find out when they did the curb and gutter in there. The new plats I have but am missing the older plats. There has to be permits and such for all the work they did, I just have to find the right cage and file cabinet to rattle. I am getting close though. It might require me going up to the Reading area and rustling some jimmies. Which I think I just might have to do, and broadcast the whole thing.

Drainage problems

While looking at the way the building was placed on the land it dawned on me there is a natural water causeway either on purpose or through ineptness, I’m going with the later. I’ll show you what I mean.


Water from the senior center comes down the road and goes right in the door on the uphill side of the building, follows the path of least resistance through the building and out the door on the lower side of the building then to the sink hole at the corner of the lower parking lot.

ArcGIS Earth hv water flow 1

Another interesting question came up in my search for answers; why does the senior center own almost a 50 foot by 50 foot square of the upper part of the parking lot of Hidden Valley Condos? The senior center was built after the hellhole. And I think I have located the LOST WELL OF SOULS, NIGHTMARE PIT OF DESPAIR. Hey every good horror story needs one you know. And this place fits. (see figure 1 below.)

Figure 1http://www.mytopo.com/previews/preview_run.cfm?mapparams=mapid%3D0%26mapsource%3Ddg%2Cown%2Cplat%26producttype%3DE%26mapsize%3DM%26orientation%3DL%26ship%3DR%26printscale%3D1%26sourcescale%3D24%26datum%3DNAD83%26zone%3D18%26easting%3D415852%26northing%3D

Illegal dryer vents: Mold: General condition over all of the building:

I have a report done by an inspector which I am releasing now. Final Report for public ENGINEERS REPORT It covers everything wrong with this hellhole. The report is dated February 5, 2015 done by YINGST ENGINEERS & ASSOCIATES, INC. I think the best thing to do is put this out there let everyone take a look at it and cover it in another article that I can devote to the pdf itself. It pretty much says it all; this building needs to be CONDEMNED. The Illegal dryer vents are as said ILLEGAL, and should be enough on their own to warrant a citation if nothing else all on their own. The general overall condition of the building is appalling; it’s a nightmare and one the ADVOCATES wish to be done away with.
There is also a lot of discrepancy as to when the actual building was built. There shows on the new plat I have that there was a building there before the HIDDEN VALLEY CONDOS were added on to it. I am trying to find out the timeline and history of this hellhole. But everything is an uphill battle as most of the information has either been intentionally hidden or just out right doesn’t exist.
I will be going into more detail on the report in the next article. It’s a 91 page report on the condition of one of the condo units but it representative of the whole structure.

My thoughts:

The person who brought this story to me has done so after years of trouble and heartache. They could have easily sold this hellhole or even rented it to some unsuspecting person: been done with it and moved on with their life. They could have been married, living their dreams. Instead they have endured headaches, pain, suffering, turmoil, ridicule and scorn from their enemies as well as their friends and relatives alike. All because of their noble and valiant effort to keep others safe from harm.
They have sacrificed their lives, dreams and existence and they still endure the slings and arrows for doing so. Their name is being used against their wishes; they are being harassed and terrorized by those who wish their crimes not to be exposed.
Sorry for them, I’m here to expose and bring all of it to an end. I know all about what is going on. I AM EXPOSING IT, ALL OF IT. The ADVOCATE who has done all this and withstood this LIVING HELL is very strong and very compassionate. Their only wish is to see that no others come to harm. Small thing to ask considering all of the trouble they endure, from both FAMILY and FRIENDS alike. I am here to see something good come from their efforts.
I am here to see HIDDEN VALLEY CONDOS get CONDEMNED NOW. There is no rational reason this hellhole exists in the condition it is in. The only explanation is GREED and HUNGER FOR MONEY by uncaring and unfeeling slime that has festered for too long..
People have been criticizing the ADVOCATE, they ridicule, scorn and scoff at them. They taunt and prod this person DAILY still for what in the end? What does it GAIN them except the ROLE of BAD GUY in my articles?
There is a group set up on FEDBOOK for this HELLHOLE, that group has been infiltrated by AGENT PROVOCATEURS who are there to stop the momentum and to steal information, as well as spy on our progress. They came in to give false information, disrupt the group’s momentum, to stop the effort and mess up the overall dynamic of the group; as well as to get infighting and disruption going. The attacks still continue as persons in the group come out and attack the ADVOCATES on a daily bases, taunting them and still creating CHAOS for the sole purpose to stop us from getting the truth out.
Thing is all the ADVOCATES know this is going on. These persons doing all the crap think they are unseen yet everyone who is looking sees it. All will be revealed soon. I DO know a lot more then I am saying or putting out in the press. I WILL put it all out there if I have to. That’s all I will say on that for now. Just know you TROGLODYTES, STRAW MEN and TROLLS, I KNOW who most of you are and what you are doing and I will drop the hammer when the time comes.
I promised the ADVOCATE answers and they are getting them as I find them. They may not like these answers but they at least now have them. AND KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE, Acting on that KNOWLEDGE and doing what needs to be done is the other half. RIGHT actions need to be taken NOW. CONDEMN HIDDEN VALLEY CONDOS NOW…
It’s sad that when this person, this ADVOCATE needs love and support the most, loved ones, FAMILY, and so called FRIENDS turn tail and run or even JOIN the other side. I am disgusted at HUMANITY AS A WHOLE.
Does anyone have a backbone anymore? It’s easy to go after the person standing up trying to make a change. It seems to be a lot easier to stand up to this person, then to make a stand against a few criminals committing the crime.
When you follow the group, you only go as far as the group. You only see what the group sees; only think what the group thinks; only look at what the group looks at. You will only find the ANSWERS the group finds. When you go and stand on your own and go your own way you find a whole lot more than the group. You often find the things the group is looking for. Groups have their purpose but by and large, the group dynamic doesn’t lend itself to what I do so I tend to AVOID it. GROUPS by their very nature get turned and infiltrated. People who you think you can trust turn and become ENEMIES, some of these so called FRIENDS were never FRIENDS to begin with, they come in disguise and when found need to be dealt with.
People who tell the truth are so rare these days they should be protected. It’s not easy to stand on the truth and often by yourself as friends, family, loved ones and society in general one by one turns away from you. As they call you stupid or even worse, tell you that you should give it up.. Yes it’s so much easier to be a coward, a wimp, a sellout, snake in the grass, shyster, than it is to stand alone and tell the truth.
It’s so much easier to run and hide, cover it up or ignore the problem hoping it will go away on its own. Even though that is precisely how the problems grow. Things left in the dark grow moldier then the CONDOS themselves, which is why the CONDO is in the condition it is in, everyone who could do something ignored it and put it in the dark.
I admire this person who, in spite of all they are going through, is still standing there doing the right thing. I AM there as well doing what I can to FIX the situation first, then go after the GUILTY.. The problem needs to be taken care of NOW.. Those who stand in the way are as GUILTY as those who made the problem at FIRST.



Hidden Valley Condos: full list
My blog


Articles on other sites I posted:


Other links for this story



Hidden Valley Exposed: Again.

Hidden Valley Condos
Hidden Valley Condos

DRAMA the part that needs to be told.

How do you hold to promises and keep secrets while telling parts that are off the record without betraying peoples trust? What happens when one person tells you something and you are allowed to tell it and another person says it’s off the record? Here’s how I’m going to handle the DRAMA. I do not like to air stuff that was already taken care of PRIVATELY. Case in point THIS mess. This is also why I don’t do GROUPS, WAY too much crap to deal with. GROUPS have this tendency to bring in unwanted crap. Bring out trolls and shills that are on lt there to stop progress and destroy the effort. Anyway this is the part I didn’t want to do. I don’t allow the DRAMA to interfere with what I must do. Covering the DRAMA is not going to get this place shut down or help these people it will only glorify things that are detracting and hurting the story. Save the DRAMA for the movie about your involvement after the place doesn’t exist. Bringing it up and doing it now only is to derail and show your only in this for yourself. I also do not cover it as it tends to breed into what can be called a real life soap opera. Again save it for the movie after the fact.

Before I get into this issue that should have remained a nonevent I must say this. I speak for Hidden Valley Condos and the Advocates that have brought this to my attention; I deal with them not everyone else. I do know things that happen and I am filled in and know most of what is goes on.

I side with the Hidden Valley Advocates as I have said all along. I was here since 2014/02/22 and will speak for them whenever they need me too. I have many times publicly been the voice of reason and I do lose my temper at times because I am so far away and can’t get there to take care of things myself. I have gotten involved personally and consider these Advocates my friends. But I try not to let their personal and interpersonal relations cloud the story. I try not to include the he said, she said bullshit sort of thing in the articles. Unless it has to deal with the CONDOS or the CONDITIONS I tend to let it go. But some things need to be said.

I have been asked to tell what I know about some things that have come to light about Hidden Valley Condos. I will tell what I know about some of the DRAMA and set right some of these so called TRUTHS. I am the official spokesperson for Hidden Valley Condos and the Advocates so pretty much if you don’t hear it from me it’s most probably not true or a half truth. I do know a lot about what has transpired and things that are being pushed as fact are not wholly true. I have to rework my article to include some things I didn’t want to cover and take away from my goal. I have broken the article up into two articles. But by telling my side and getting the truth out there I am helping the goal which is to get the innocent people help and to get this death trap shut down. I’m not pushing this as a political platform or a way to make me look like something that I am not as some seem to be doing. I have been involved in this story since before some of those who have caused the trouble. I also have some experts taking a look into this and I will be contacting others I know with the information I have in my possession which I will be covering as well. There are times when holding what you know comes to odds with doing the right and honest thing and I feel I now must tell what I know. Some of this drama happened 7 months or so ago it is not recent and bringing it up now is pointless other than to push an agenda. I will also address the Dewey Mank crap as he was never a part of Hidden Valley Condos or the Advocates. He started a lot of trouble as TROLLS do and he was dealt with and removed and some people left with him. Anything he said or says are lies and people need to take their grievances up with him. He came after me and was dealt with and we have moved on. I will only refer to him as “Diseased Maggot” from now on. I do not wish to give him any publicity but since I have to defend this story and the people in Hidden Valley Condos and the Advocates I will.

This piece of work came into Hidden Valley webpages and fedbook group, as a tag along with a group of people who said they were helping the cause, instead they disrupted the group and caused a lot of unwelcome and undue strife. He saw fit to come after me and he was dealt with. At no time did this “Diseased Maggot” ever represent or even speak for the Hidden Valley Advocates. I WILL NOT include what I have found out about him or persons I believe to be him from the public record, but I WILL provide it to anyone interested. I have refrained from saying anything about the matter because as said it was considered over and dealt with. But his name has come up again and again and I was asked by several persons to say what I can on the matters that have come up.
I no longer have what all he said as it doesn’t matter. I have never said an advocates name in print unless I had permission anyone pushing names of people involved that have asked to remain nameless is very suspect. I will never go against my word even after persons betray me I will simply walk away. And since this DRAMA happened almost 7 months ago and was put to rest why bring it up now? If it is still going on then you need to take it up with him. Don’t involve Hidden Valley Advocates with him.

2014/02/22 I first ran the story of Hidden Valley Condos. I have put out there the facts and have been their voice in the press. I work with the Advocates and have grown to know them personally. I’m not politically motivated and anyone who doesn’t include me in the discussion about or when talking about this death trap doesn’t support the truth. Since the first article I have done several more and have tried to get the EPA and other government agencies involved to no avail. We have had DRAMA and have taken care of it PRIVATELY.

How should I work this article? I do not want the DRAMA and unneeded crap to interfere with the already growing crap that this headache already is. Before I go on I want to say John I could really use you mate RIP.. Help from that side or guidance to follow the correct path is needed. I’m torn by several ways to handle this problem, So here I GO..

I will include some comments I have made in public after this. I’m not here for the DRAMA. If it isn’t helping get the condos condemned or those innocent people help, I don’t want to hear it. Stop it because it is hurting those innocent people who really need help. I’m here to help a woman who has taken it upon herself to put her life on hold and in DANGER; to stand in the way to stop others from being hurt, injured, or killed. And she gets threatened and ridiculed. I’m here for the faceless nameless child that lives there that doesn’t know what is making them sick, for the old woman that knows but has nowhere to go and is forced to live under these conditions. I’m here for the man who died from injuries from the fire. I’m here for the nameless people who are forced by a greedy HOA to live in unsanitary conditions so they can keep raking in the money. I’m here to see this place shut down. And if you’re trying to do harm or spread false truths, I will be standing there to see you fail. I’m here to give those persons a voice and to air their grievances. I’m here to hold the guilty accountable.

People have already died tragically in a fire and people are still being hurt and made to live in horrid conditions needlessly.
Glen M Sutphin – I too have kept my piece of mind out of the matter. Some of the same persons mentioned also saw fit to attack me as well. But I am putting aside all that to get that place gone off the map. That IS the important thing at the moment. Sorry they saw fit to get a lawyer after you Andy Ostrowski instead of going after the HOA and the people that should be gone after. I support the cause not the actors involved. I have tried to be a voice of reason in times of chaos there and have lost my temper a few times. I have been attacked twice from this group. I will continue to fight for what is right. I honestly think people need to consider what others are doing and still doing on their behalf and reevaluate their lives and get back to the task at hand or tell me to bow out.”

Glen M Sutphin – See the truth doesn’t care about your opinion and facts are facts. I will be doing another article soon. I have stated before and I say it again, I don’t care about the drama and what people’s opinions are. I release facts and stand on that and the truth. And I too know things that are happening behind the scenes as it were. I am here to get the people in those condos help and the crap that is going on is hurting those people just as bad as the conditions they are living in. My concern is getting that condo destroyed and getting the innocent people help. Anything else I don’t give a rats ass about at the moment unless it starts interfering with that goal. I will work on my article and get it out as soon as I can. And thank you every one that is truly here to get those people help. Stay tuned.”

“Glen M SutphinIt’s best to let the drama go and get back to the real issues. HV condos are a death trap and that’s going to be my focus of my article. people’s interpersonal drama is not needed to get out there. the HOA and building issues are what I will be covering.”

Three posts I posted on Andy Ostrowski’s fedbook posts.

I have to quote HELLOWEEN for a moment here bear with me.
“It’s my god given RIGHT
To stand and fight
For what I LIKE.”
Remember the dead, but fight for the living.

A wise person once told me to “Disregard the DRAMA and FOCUS on the task at hand” and they were right. I will start the next article off FOCUSING on the conditions and what the file I have in my possession states. I have some experts looking at and they will be giving their professional opinions on it soon. I’ll be posting their opinions and thoughts, in the next Article:

Engineering Investigation Report Regarding Structural and Mechanical Conditions
UNIT 13348
YE Project No. -14-0437

Prepared by:
421 W Chocolate Avenue
Hershey, PA 17033

<link to the pdf> There’s a problem with the link I will post the PDF in the next article

I have the PDF file on Hidden Valley Condos; the document is 91 pages and says exactly what I have been saying all along that is wrong with the place. I will continue with the next article in a few days to give some of the expert’s time to go through this long document. I will be doing some podcasts and radio shows as well as my own show so stay tuned.

John R. Sebastian, Jr. RIP mate

memory 1I am officially high jacking the term:


It now stands for:

Your Other Life Online

And in mYOLO I had an online friend pass on. Now other than this spy program called FEDBOOK I didn’t really know this person; YET his passing has affected and effected my IRL <In Real Life>… Thus the high jacked term. I want to stop and take a moment to thank this individual who followed my works and help guide me along life’s path. A BIG THANK YOU TO

John R. Sebastian, Jr.

For your guidance and input, it will be these I will truly miss the most. Both the insights and the input, there will be a void there. I think that, that in the end sums it up best. It’s the lack of input we miss most of all. We get use to that input and data coming in, and then when it stops we feel the loss.
Trying to accurately put into words some feelings that are just FEELINGS, EMOTIONS, It’s hard. Try to sum up someones life in a few words, YOU CAN’T DO IT. I can say I FEEL for John R. Sebastian, Jr family; their pain and loss will be beyond what I a mere bystander will feel.
John R. Sebastian, Jr was an advocate helping with the Hidden Valley condos story. He was very passionate about getting these people the help they need and keeping me on the right path. And for that alone, trying to keep me on the right path, I will try and continue upon this path. Thanks again

John R. Sebastian, Jr

 you will be missed

A revisit of two stories from PA. Barbara Tipton Long and Hidden Valley Condos.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

I would like to take the readers back because some might not have seen this issue and it’s new to them. Others this will be review. I have covered two stories up in PA. The First story I covered was of a mother seeking justice for what had happened to her child and family. The second is what has happened for over 15 years at a condo duplex and what is not being done about it. The links to the back stories are coming up in the email I sent Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley. This has been an ongoing thing. I have sent numerous requests to politicians, to news agencies and everywhere I can think of. I’ll include more links later in the article to others I have contacted.

Here’s an email I sent to Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley, after my question was taken down from his site. I have contacted a lot of people over these matters and almost every time the response is the same. Either silence, or no comment. The only official that has even taken an interest in what is going on is Andy Ostrowski. (Who is running for Congress.)

“These two problems need to be looked into. Please take 5 minutes and look at the photos and the videos then decide.

Barbara Tipton Long: A mother wanting Justice for her son.


Hidden Valley Condos





These people would like some answers as to why their problems are blatantly being ignored. Hidden Valley has been going on now for over 14 years. Barbara Long’s problem have brought problems with her sons health as well as her own. Since my post was removed from your page I can only assume you or your staff are aware and looking into the problem, or is it just being ignored as usual. “

I encourage everyone to go read these links to these above stories.

There are times when everyone likes to know, that what they have done, has in some way helped even a little bit. I have written about these two events over this past year. Seemingly at times just wondering what more could I do? Is what I’m doing even enough? Am I even doing anything? But everything I do helps in some ways doesn’t it. Maybe not today or even tomorrow but it does help. Some things it takes time and the right people to make it work. My articles are there to show what is happening; what these people, who are afflicted with this problem have gone through. For some moments, as I write about these stories, I get to be these people going through this problem. I feel their frustrations, their fears and pain. I give most of these people their voice through my words.

Some, I am their only voice they cry out and my words are then theirs. It drains and consumes me at times. And I can’t get free. So on I fight for them. I have helped a lot of people with my words, for words hold power. Actions hold even greater power. And we need action on, not only these two stories that I have covered, for these are only the tip of the iceberg, there are thousands of stories such as these all over this country. I have gone through similar problems myself with selfish slime lords who try to cheat and do everything they can to get by with the least amount of money out of their pocket. And backed up and helped by the city who is even more corrupt then them.

I have lived all this stuff before and have been there and fought that war.. And if I can help just one person in their fight, get some help then it’s worth it. People in society have forgotten that what befalls one of us happens to all of us. We have forgotten about the suffering of our fellow humankind.

The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.”
― John F. Kennedy

Okay the first story I covered was of Barbara Tipton Long a mother looking for justice for what was done to her family and herself. She has done a wonderful job of recording and taking photos. She goes to the council meetings and makes sure they hear her even if they try to ignore her. I admire her and her fight. I wish there was more I could do for her. There’s not to much going on with her story. It’s stuck in the cesspit, it’s been in, forgotten. Actually that sums up both stories right there.. Well my works done.. Bye….

No it’s not that easy.. Barbara and I have been talking and she has kept me informed as to what has been happening. She has been busy filming rallies, events and meetings. We’ll discuss this in a later article. For now go to her new channel on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1A7sepFrwAWSRZinHuTIbw/videos

The second story there has been some happenings in the cesspit slime mold cracking. I have been waiting to see what was going to come of what was happening and it looks like it was just a small tremor. Just some paint and some dirt to look like something was being done. They look like they were painting up the sidewalks and locating services. They have also filled in a sink hole that was said to not be there.

Some of the markings and color code meanings.


color codeWhat the color of the paint means.




They have been out locating what appears to be utilities and marking problem areas on the sidewalk. Some of the colors are listed above and in the graphic. Someone needs to find out who did the markings and the locating and get a work permit seeing who ordered the survey. There has to be someone who knows something. There is never a perfect crime that no one knows anything. Doesn’t happen because humans are a curious lot, we love to brag about what we have done.

All this activity begs the question. Who is responsible for this cesspool of a place? See two of my comments below on the place. My voice has become these peoples voice for them to voice their concerns and to try and get answers. Here is some of the activity that has happened in the past few weeks.

Before photo’s of the sink hole that couldn’t be found:




Now the sink hole will not be found. And they’ll say it was taken care of or that it never existed.




Now let me touch on some of what this action has brought to light or actually brought back to light in this situation. First where are the permits to do all this stuff? Who gave the permission to do the markups and to fill in the sink hole? If no sink hole existed why was it covered up? Whose in charge at Hidden Valley Condos, and why is it there is never a paper trail for the things that go on there?

This building should be condemned and destroyed as a health risk to the planet. The foundation if you want to call it that is cracked and in places not there. Cracks big enough to put your hand in at places and water getting in through where the foundation used to be. There is mold so thick in the building that it gags you when you walk in at places. I wouldn’t visit this place without a respirator and a BIO-HAZMAT suit on. Hell EBOLA wouldn’t want to live there. It’s that bad.

Here are two comments I made at the time when I found out what was going on the first was:

Sounds like they might be just covering stuff up to say there’s not a problem. Keep eyes on things watch carefully. Keep them honest. This could just be a cover up their doing. Hopefully some good will come of it but since I don’t trust anyone in the Hidden Valley Condo scam keep extra vigilant.. They have looked like they were doing things before and it was just a cover up.. Keep em on their toes…”

And then I said a little later:

This looks like they were just locating stuff at the moment and filling in holes. I mean a whole wall fell off the outside of the building and all they did was patch it up.. I’ve learned not to get to excited till they are actually fixing the problem, then wait till it’s done and done right to celebrate.. It’s going to take a black hole to fix this place not some spray paint.. but having said that they are doing something so we will see what happens..”

I have been informed that a good journalist never let’s his emotions get the better of him.. Damn, good thing I never went to journalism school. Some of the most influential writers I know pour their very essence into every word, every syllable. That’s what makes them worth reading. I do feel for these people who are forced to live under these conditions. While the rest of life passes by without even stopping to look. People are yelling the roof is on fire and little to no people even care to stop and see if maybe they could help.

Now let’s see what lead to this problem in the first place.


One of the biggest problems that I see is first and foremost the HOA, or actually lack thereof. Who do you turn to when the HOA is corrupt and the COURTS and borough are as well? You turn to the 4th and 5th branch of power in this country that people forget. The PRESS and WE THE PEOPLE. Put these issues out in the public eye and hold them accountable in the court of public opinion. As reporters we must at times put forth ideas that are neither popular nor wanting to be made public. Why can’t we talk about why this has gone on for 15 years or so at Hidden Valley and no one wants to say anything.. I AM, I WANT TO KNOW. I want answers for these people. I want to know why Barbara’s story isn’t as sensational as the kid who pulled a prank on a statue up in the same area and it got worldwide coverage. But human waste being pumped into a stream killing the wildlife and being a hazard to humans and animals is a “SO WHAT”. What the hell is wrong with you people anymore.

Neither Barbara nor The Hidden Valley Advocates have had their day in court. WHY? WHY WILL NO ONE LISTEN TO THIS ONE LONE VOICE YELLING WITH ALL THE FORCE OF THE VOICES OF THOSE TRYING TO BE HEARD. Silence is becoming loud and it will break and be heard, it must. A balance needs to be achieved. And speaking of balance let’s look at the law for a minute.

The law of equivalent exchange is this:

Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return.

To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.

Equal to the First Law of Thermodynamics:

The amount of heat put in must equal the amount of energy put out or

For every pound of energy put in a pound of energy is put out.

And Newtons Third law of motion:

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

These are the LAWS and there is a balance, where the hell is it in my life..

I put too much in and get little to almost nothing back.

These are the LAW, So where is the opposite reaction to what is allowed to happen? Why is there no one to stand up in the Judicial branch of our so called government and say hey this isn’t right. Maybe because they’re all gutless cowards hiding behind paychecks and getting greedy? Maybe because they’re all in on the corruption.

Now someone must know what is going on here, because all this work they seem to be doing has to have someone pulling the work orders and giving the people the go ahead to do whatever they are doing. Also the COURTS SHOULD know who and what as well. Why is something that should be public record so hard to find? The more questions I ask about Hidden Valley the more questions I come up with. The problem being NO ONE has any answers. Every answer leads to more questions. HOW deep is the HOA and the courts in this mire? The answer to that question is way past their necks in it.

I feel from all my research that the HOA and the presiding government “OFFICIALS” and I will use that term loosely here, are the cause of these peoples 15 year struggle to get nothing done. There has been at least 1 death directly attached to this condo scam since the beginning possibly more. Numerous people have asked questions, gotten no answers and ran away. I’m still here now asking questions. I won’t go away till I get something. NOTHING doesn’t do it for me. There are answers even if no one wants those answers to be known.

Something that came to me the other night when I was at the illegal check point here in Richmond was this. Who are we going to call to arrest the police for breaking the law? Who do we call to arrest the judges breaking the law and in control of the priests of the temple of law? Who do we call? Are we going to call the police to arrest themselves? I’d like to see that. Would be nice. Same thing with these HOA‘s. There should be someone who has oversight over them that you can go to. Someone impartial and controlling these out of control entities.

What are HOA’s supposed to do for you.

And what chance do you have against them.

Seems that with the advent of the HOA’s we have invented yet another form of governing body that is above the law. In some instances the HOA’s are more powerful then the government. Am I the only one who sees a problem there?







Some stories of HOA’s and what is going on with them.

One of the first things I asked when we were looking at the house we got was, “Were there any covenants, HOA‘s or restrictions on the property?” The Realtor looked at me funny. I was a surveyor. I even know where 3 of the four property pipes are on my property. The one looks like it was taken out. But that doesn’t have much to do with this story.

HOA’s seem to be more trouble then they are worth. They might have started out the same way others things do with good intentions and good ideas but like everything they have become corrupt and no longer serve the people they were set up to represent. All you seem to hear about now is how bad they are and how much power they have. The people allowed that to happen just like our out of control government. Neither now serve the people, both are overbearing breaches of power.

Much like always happens people give a little bit of authority to a small group that over time takes more and more power to control the very lives of the people who only wanted a little help with things in the first place. Then the people complain and always ask the same questions, “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?” The same way it always does because of your laziness. Because you didn’t want to take a few of your precious moments and fix the problem when it was just starting because it was too much bother.. NOW it’s a big problem and you say “WHAT CAN WE DO IT’S TOO BIG OF A PROBLEM”. You can do something about it, start taking back the power you gave these entities and stand up, that’s the first thing. Stop relying on other people to stand up for you. WE THE PEOPLE are the ultimate power not the government or the HOA‘s. All power derives from WE THE PEOPLE, WE give these organizations their power and WE can take that power back at any time WE so choose.

When people start remembering that then things will start getting fixed in this country. Too often I hear the problem is too big. Why did you let it get so big? Why didn’t anyone stand up when it was first starting and stop it. Because we rely too much on others and what others will think if we stood up. I am different in that I don’t care what others think of me. I will do what I say and what I feel is right to turn the situation around. Doesn’t mean I’m always right but I always act. I don’t sit and wait till the problem is a giant and then cower in fear of it. I take steps to stop it from getting so big in the first place. Even when everyone is against me doing something. At least I try to do something and am active, not sitting on the sidelines and huddling in a group wondering what power I have or who will help me. Help begins with yourself, if your afraid to stand on your own most will not stand up for you. ONLY YOU CAN SET YOU FREE. A line from the song by Living Colour called Cult Of Personality. You most times have to depend on yourself for no one else will do it for you. Even if your the only one standing that is the precise time you need to stand up the most.



Another place I posted something about this issue.

I had posted back in June for people to go try to “up vote” my question to see if we could get it heard. My post was:

“Go to this page and like my comment in the comment section so maybe they will answer some of our questions, if nothing else it should bring some exposure to this situation.

http://www.pennlive.com/opinion/2014/06/send_us_your_questions_for_att.html Look for my name.”


I had posted this on their webpage.

Send us your questions for Attorney General Kathleen Kane

Why are there two properties that I have written articles on which I will attach below that are unfit to be lived in and are allowed to still collect peoples money and keep them living in hellish conditions. The one property has be derelict and mold infested for over 14 years. These people demand answers and all they get is the run around from their government. I would personally like to know why there is no help for these people. The other property is just as bad and a mother and her son have been forced out without even any answers. Please look into this.” Followed by links to the stories. This was in June of this year. Who is the right person to put this before? I keep putting this stuff out there and get no response. I ask everyone I can think of if they can help. Few take any interest. To this day I have not heard one thing from anyone.

questionsScreen capture of my question on their sight.

I do know one reason for all these problems and people don’t really like me talking about it. But when what is happening is the truth, not wanting to hear it doesn’t matter at that point. Maybe it is what is needed to be heard at this moment.

The main reason why nothing is being done to the property is AGENDA 21. They are turning all 1st world countries into 3rd world countries to bring about their New World Order. Trying to bankrupt and bring down the middle class and bring in this new world where only the very rich can live comfortably while us peasants live in squalor and suffer and eventually die off so only the elite are left. They have been poisoning the water supplies and destroying huge tracks of land in an effort to eventually turn it over to China. The EPA is no longer effective neither is the US Government as they have all been bought out or taken over. Unfortunately from what I’ve been hearing this is not the only property this is happening too. It’s not even the only one in the state. It’s now the normal state of the US. The question now becomes what are we the people going to do about it. One way to get their attention is a group of about 20-30 people every week go and protest out in front of their offices.. You don’t have to go inside just be in front of their building. Keep doing it every week at different times. Soon the local owned and bought media will show up. Paper the community with my articles and others that you have, make it a big deal. Mention it to everyone you meet. Get organized and do what I do get in their faces. Get them on camera ignoring you, document the hell out of it.. Post it more on YouTube. Keep the pressure on them. My problem they took from me, they pretty much just throw me out if the hellhole I was in no compensation, no nothing, then forgot about me. Which was their way of helping me and my family. And I fought tooth and nail against them the whole way. And I will do it again and again. I’m still on the warpath against them every way I can. Just like this new fight I’m in against MONSANTO running the March Against Monsanto here in Richmond,VA. it’s all AGENDA 21. They poison the food, the air, the water, the ground, everything necessary to live. Continue your fight I’m there supporting you guys from the front lines here in Richmond, where I can get to them. I so wish I lived closer so I could be more effective for you guys.. BUT YES go make a big noise in front of their offices, if they refuse to come to you go to them. HELL I march right into city hall with my camera rolling and the same for any other GOVERNMENT building. They control you only as much as you let them.
As for what needs to be done to the building itself as I said before it needs to disappear from the planet and it can take the GMO’s and MONSANTO and the GOVERNMENT with it.. I wish I could open a black-hole that would swallow all their crap and make it right again. I can’t do that, I can keep reporting it and fighting it. So you all must too. You are all doing a great job in your fight and I salute each of you for standing up. Now is the time to turn up the heat, as I said get a group that will show up each time and go get them. Too often people will say their behind a effort and no one shows up because their too afraid or the
y’re just keyboard warriors. It’s great to support something as long as you don’t have to put any effort into it other then typing. I have my share of those here in Richmond. Or they get into a clique and that’s where they stay pretending to do stuff that amount to them patting themselves on the back for a job they didn’t do.” June 1 at 10:46pm. http://hiddenvalleyhiddentruths.webs.com/?fb_comment_id=fbc_335528629919294_385668848238605_385668848238605

In closing I would like to say

These people should be compensated for what they have been put through, They need to be bought out each one of them and then this place removed from memory. Unfortunately I know all too well they will be screwed over and put through hell and will not get what they are owed. If I could find a way to get them what they are owed and get rid of this blight from the earth I would do it myself. But being as I’m just this little guy with a big mouth I can only do so much. And since I’m 200 or so miles away from them ALL I can do is yell real loud..lol.. It’s a pity there are still places like this in this day and age, but Like I posted above that is now the way they want things to go. And it will get worse. That is the unfortunate truth. I admire everyone who is standing up and trying to make a difference, DO NOT STOP. We need everyone now more then ever.”

I’ll end it here. I’ll be following up on these two stories later when more happens. This is just a brief look at the problems I encourage you to go back and re-read or even read for the first time what has been going on up in PA. Seems to be a lot of nonsense going on up there. I would ask if it’s something in the water but Barbara Tipton Long has already shown what’s in the water up there so..

As always Stay Tuned.

Hidden Valley Hidden Dangers. PART 2 of my investigation into the Hidden Valley Condos.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT


In my first article I said I would name names. I will refrain from doing that at the moment because after discussion with the group, called Hidden Valley Advocates, we have decided collectively to keep the focus on the property itself. Because in the end, it doesn’t matter if you’re a king or a pauper, these conditions aren’t acceptable for anyone. I will also refrain from calling in the EPA at the moment as well but it will happen soon, I will let the story ride for a while before I do that. Instead in this article I will focus on the conditions and such that have been brought to my attention.

We’ll get deeper into the hidden dangers that most don’t get to see there in those condos. I received a package this week outlining the concerns and some of what has been going on at Hidden Valley condos from the Hidden Valley Advocates. Some of what I saw was down right disgusting, the photos will shock most of you. This is really no place to be living I will say that right out from the start. I have taken the liberty to put some of these photos into a video for everyone to see. The video can be found here. http://youtu.be/RGK6CdQWl_8 .

There were a few questions asked on the site about what and who and such, I will answer some of those questions here as I did on their blog.



As an observer and not ever having been to any of these units I can only go on the physical evidence that was given to me so I will go on what I have seen through photographs and videos. To answer the 3 questions above, the air quality should be checked both inside the units and outside the building itself to see if it is safe. They should also test the air for asbestos and other such things as well. I would also have the soil and the water tested.
If I owned a unit there the first thing I would do is get in touch with the HOA and have them do something. If they fail to do anything I would get a lawyer and go after the HOA then the City then the state if need be. I wouldn’t rest till I got some answers or had the problem addressed. I know for a fact how hard it is to get people to do what they are by law suppose to do. If I were one of the tenants I would get every tenant that has a complaint together and get a petition going. Go to the HOA and demand they do what they are there for. Get the people effected and affected by this together as one unit then go after the people who should be there to represent you. One or two people standing up isn’t going to get the problem solved. But a group of concerned people will start the ball rolling.
I have gone into debt before to defend myself even though it didn’t matter in the end at least I stood up and did what I had to do. After the fact I did the right thing. And I am still raising hell ever chance I get to show what happened to me and my family. I commend everyone who is standing up and fighting this. I can’t imagine this going on for 14 years then on the other hand I can see it going on and on if nothing is done about it.
These problems need to be addressed and looked into no matter whose to blame. These units in my opinion need to be removed from the earth or buried in the earth and that earth needs to be condemned. Push them into one of those sink holes and forget they exist. And the people effected and affected need to be compensated for their imprisonment. Hell I’ve seen better looking prisons and the prisoners were treated a lot better. I’m going to go do some work on the article I’m working on and will update everyone soon.”

I also wrote this.

“The conditions in these units are deplorable to say the least. This just goes to show what these tenants are forced to live in. http://youtu.be/RGK6CdQWl_8 This video doesn’t even begin to show what is going on. Be glad I don’t live here I would be up the HOA’s butt every day. You pay dues to protect yourself from this crap. And after 14 years something needs to be done. And the question was asked what would I do if I owned the place. I would compensate all who lived there and then pay a demolition team to blow the place to kingdom come and condemn the land as unfit for habitation. Turn it back into a swamp or something for the environment.. Like a forest or something.”

And if everyone knows there is a problem and no one does anything about that problem whose fault is it? The answer to that question is a simple, EVERYONE. Anyone who sees a problem and ignores the problem, is to blame for that problem. If you are standing up and addressing the problem you are not the problem. SIMPLE. The owners of these condos need to come together as a cohesive group and address the problem to the HOA. If they refuse to solve the problem then you need to get rid of the HOA and get one that will stand for the people they rob the money from. Giving crap excuses and ignoring the problem is what lead to the problem being so big to begin with, and why it is still continuing.

“Anyone who knew or now knows what is going on here and doesn’t speak up against it and about it is just as bad if not worse then those who did the deed. You either stand up or you are the problem. The time has far past for people to stand up. Don’t be afraid of the HOA or what others will say. Be more afraid of what people will say when they see the truth and see you did nothing. “The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do nothing.” The bigger evil is not to say anything and stand there silent watching the bad happen.”

From everything I have seen and read these building shouldn’t even exist. So why then do they? To steal money from people is the only answer I can think of. It looks like a nice place from a far but when you get up into the matter it’s a different story. And I also say follow the money, find out who pays the taxes, who is responsible and take them to task.

What if everyone who has a complaint stopped paying the HOA their dues? They can throw one or two people out but if everyone stopped they would have to prove themselves. Contrary to what some have said about this, it isn’t an easy task, if it were so damn easy it wouldn’t have taken 14 years for nothing to happen. I get tired of hearing from people that say all you have to do is sue someone, it’s never that simple. I know for a fact how the law is set up to help the person who is scamming people and it’s almost always the burden of the person who is suing to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt they are being ripped off. I said it before and I’ll repeat it here again. “WHO DO YOU TRUST WHEN EVERYONE’S A CROOK?”

“A lot of people get afraid to comment for fear that their friends might say something to them. They fear more what is said about them than what is done to them. I know this for a fact.. People always tell me I shouldn’t say this or that. Or tell me not to stand up for fear that I will be different from others. WELL I AM DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS. I was cast out a long time ago for not fitting in to the norm. I speak out because it’s what I do. I tell people the truth for they need to hear it they might not want to hear it. I tell all those who read this and don’t comment to get over what others think or what you think others think and speak out. The more who speak out the more that gets done. Use your first amendment or lose it.”

I also use to trust the media to tell me the truth till I found out the media lies and takes the side of whomever pays them. So I became the media and since no one pays me, I don’t have to listen to anyone tell me what to do, who to listen to or what to say. I speak for those who can not or will not and I will tell people to go UNPHUCK yourself if need be. I get tired of hearing people, okay let me get back to the topic at hand it will do me nor them any good to go off. I’ll do that on my own where no one can hear me except my poor family.

Back to the issue being the condition of the condos, as shown in the video I compiled of a bunch of photos they sent me of the place. As well as their videos and photo’s up on their site. Which can be found here:

video 1 – http://hiddenvalleyhiddentruths.webs.com/apps/videos/videos/show/18440391-video-1


video 2 – http://hiddenvalleyhiddentruths.webs.com/apps/videos/videos/show/18440392-video-2


video 3 – http://hiddenvalleyhiddentruths.webs.com/apps/videos/videos/show/18440394-video-3


video 4 – http://hiddenvalleyhiddentruths.webs.com/apps/videos/videos/show/18440397-video-4


video 5 – http://hiddenvalleyhiddentruths.webs.com/apps/videos/videos/show/18440398-video-5


video 6 – http://hiddenvalleyhiddentruths.webs.com/apps/videos/videos/show/18440400-video-6


video 7 – http://hiddenvalleyhiddentruths.webs.com/apps/videos/videos/show/18490158-hidden-valley-hidden-dangers-part-1


The Hidden Valley Advocates had told me about problems they were having with the inspections as well. Seems the DEP and the EPA want to pass the buck, claiming neither have jurisdiction over the property. WELL SOMEONE DOES they need to get their heads out of their asses and get to work doing what they need to do. If they refuse to do their job then they need to be removed for not doing their job. SIMPLE AS THAT. I posted on their site this :

“The videos and photo’s speak for themselves and say volumes. An employee who is not connected to the place can say what they want to say. The person who comes out could be paid off to not say anything. Also that person may be connected to the people who run the condos or getting a kick back or just not care. I know some inspectors who would pass things for a case of beer, or some other pay off simply because they didn’t want to do the paperwork or know the people and would get paid off in other ways. I would like to see a group of inspector from different parts of the county come in and inspect it. And I would also have them check the air quality, test for lead paint, check for radon, do soil samples and even have a bore test done on the ground to see what is in the ground at several spots. I would also have the ground water tested to see if it contaminated that as well. But all that stuff should have been done ages ago before anything was built there. This place is a nightmare. I’d be expecting it to just vanish as a bad dream does when you wake up, but it’s real and finding out who is to blame and for what is one of the questions I am trying to find out.

I saw it said before the HOA should be chained in the basement when the rains hit and it backs everything up, that would give them a different perspective of the problem. If the tenants elected the HOA I would get them together to get rid of the HOA and start over. The people that need to be on the HOA should be the tenants themselves not people somewhere else that just get money in their grubby hands and do nothing. That’s the big problem in this world today, people get handed money to do nothing. And since this place is most probably built on a flood plain I’m sure in the summer months the bugs and such are a real problem. Mosquitoes, roaches and the like probably also infest these buildings and breed, which in itself can cause serious problems as well as infectious diseases.
I think I did read in one of the articles that was shared that they had mosquito problems which don’t just go away they get worse. And the bugs lead to rat and mice problems as well. The follow their food supply. The problem within the wooded area can also lead to sink holes and since there was already a sink hole that caused a structural failure of one wall, there will be others. The problem is nothing will get done to a massive catastrophic failure causes a loss of life or lives then they will want to bury the problem as quickly as possible.”

I also posted this about the structural integrity:

“Once a structural wall and a load baring one at that falls down it compromises the whole structural integrity of the whole building. The cracks I can assure you are getting bigger if they were repaired and are cracked again. The building is probably sliding partly into the sink hole next to it. Or the sink hole is getting bigger? WHO knows at this point. If people who live in the buildings are also on the HOA then one reason they might not want to speak out is they know if it gets condemned they would have no where to live. People will cling to shelter no matter how imponderable the conditions. DIDN’T man use to live in caves? And once condemned it could be to the point they say you can’t take anything out of the buildings. You just have to leave. Just a few thoughts to think about.”

I suggest going to their site and signing up so you can comment on what you think of the conditions. Since I’m on the conditions let’s address some of those conditions now.


MOLDThe EPA website Mold and Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings states, “many types of molds exist. All molds have the potential to cause health effects. Molds can produce allergens that can trigger allergic reactions or even asthma attacks in people allergic to mold. Others are known to produce potent toxins and/or irritants. Potential health concerns are an important reason to prevent mold growth and to premeditate/clean up any existing indoor mold growth.”

“Lincoln Park elementary and West Wyomissing elementary are both getting demolished this year. These building are in the local vicinity and it makes me wonder if they had moisture issues there too. Maybe it has something to do with the land around there?”

I’m sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that the ground is unstable as I stated in the first article. The mold is actually a by product of the next thing I will discuss the STRUCTURAL ISSUES. They fall like dominoes, first it’s one then the next thing happens then the next, till there’s a huge problem and no one knows how it got that way. The way it always happens NEGLECT, and too many people saying it’s not my job.


STRUCTURAL ISSUES– There are definitely structural issues here from the cracks in the foundation, to the outer wall that fell completely down during a storm as well as several units having been through a fire. You can see the cracks all over the foundation as well as the floor of the building. Then theres the mold and possibly the slimes that often accompany mold and mildew. It is said when it rains at times that the sewage backs up into the buildings and such. Yeah sounds like a great place to live.


CONDITIONS SURROUNDING THE BUILDINGS– There was talk of trees and weeds and such growing right up on the building. Wooded ares with old tires and macadam and plywood and sand bags and such right out in the open, giving the woods a dump like area that needs to be addressed and cleaned up. Also the raw sewage that is said to be coming out of the ground.


Since the problems are so numerous they would take years to write everything that is wrong with the structure. I have tried to be as brief as I can in my description of some of the horrors these condo owners face each day. Some of the remedies that have been put forth include blowing the place up and burying it, which in my opinion is the best thing that could happen. The air, soil and land all need to be checked for contaminates. The inside needs to be structurally tested to see if it is still sound and worthy of still standing, the air quality needs to be tested as well for radon, mold count and lead paint, just to name a few tests that should be done.

In conclusion for this article I would like to express my outrage and my contempt to those who have taken it upon themselves to not do their job, not care of their fellow humans and think because they were given a position of power that they can now do as they please. These problems are not something you can say you were unaware of, they are major eyesores to say the very least. There are cracks in the wall that you can see when you first walk in, not to count the mold that is also visible.

Hidden Valley Condos are proof that you can polish a turd and make it all pretty on the outside, but when you get right down to it, all you have is a polished outside but inside it’s still crap. The next article I will cover the DEP and the EPA‘s lack of response to this problem.

All quotes in this article are taken from the Hidden Valley Advocate website and are on the website for all to see. I was asked not to place the names here as they are trying to get legal issues and such resolved. My comments are on the site as well. And as always Stay Tuned.

Another story of abuse in PA. The hidden truths behind Hidden Valley Homeowners Association PART 1.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

Let me give you a little more information about myself that will help to understand how I know about these things. Before I had my heatstroke and up till the time of the heatstroke I was employed as a rod chain man/ Instrument man/ Draftsman. I got to crawl around in swaps neck deep in filth and crap to survey house projects and such for two companies. The First one was Dewberry& Davis, the other being Bengsten Debell Elkin & Titus. Most all I did was Wetland and Non Tidal-wetland locations and house location surveys. So I am very familiar with wetlands and what they entail and what they look like. As well as housing developments having worked on several from the wetlands to the housing complexes finished.

In an earlier article I introduced you to Barbara Tipton Long https://lordnelga.wordpress.com/2014/01/23/barbara-tipton-long-a-mother-wanting-justice-for-her-son/


I now bring you another story very closely related. She brought this piece to my attention and I decided to try and help them anyway I can even if it’s just to write about what they have already done.

Now first I’m going to make up a story then fit that made up story to real life. I will base my made up story on things from my life that have happened then will show how this story fits in to a real life story.

“It sounded like the typical scam, the site was a site of some toxic chemical dump that they got for a song and dance. Figure if they throw enough trash into the swamp then fill it in with dirt they can build on it. The place was built on wetlands and floods when it rains. It’s a mud pit. Gives off noxious fumes after it rains with stuff bubbling up from the ground. Trash out in the woods covering up old sewer pipes. Buildings in disrepair, Repairs not up to code. People getting sick from mold that has built up in the basements and crawl spaces of the buildings because their foundations cracked because of corners being cut when they were built. Pay offs got stuff done. And who cares that they are now endangering lives.“

Now you wouldn’t want to live in a place like I just described, would you? But yet as you will see this place does exist and it has a name… The name of the place is Hidden Valley Condominium Association. There is so much that has happened here I don’t even know where to begin. From what I have gathered the problems started out back when the place was first developed. How do you go about investigating a place that doesn’t seem to exist?

While surveying I heard a lot of things about dirty deals and corruption. How they would hide properties and make them a money grab. What happen is a bunch of con’s wants some dough so they came up with a condo and they rip people off with them.

One thing you will notice if you pull this address up on Google Earth or Mapquest it comes up in the middle of the road no where near the condos. And on some it shows a pool or a pit, which in a way is a subconscious slip of reality, because from what I have heard it is a pit. And this isn’t even a problem compared to what you will see is wrong with these condos.

Let me start to address the problems that are here by first having you read about what Several people have put together on their website which I encourage you to go to and sign up to help them. Here is their quote from their webpage:


• Electrical shorts and spark

• Discolored water- (rotten egg like odor)

• Sewage back up in every area that water protruded

• Heavy soot

• Mold and mildew

The unit owner’s battle for safe and livable conditions has been ongoing since 2000. Fourteen years later the issues remain unresolved. The owner is being sued for HOA fees and has been forced into litigation for being vocal about unsafe, unsanitary and unlivable conditions. It is the owners belief that the condominium as a whole has severe issues which are being concealed and are endangering people’s health and safety. No one should have to live with their safety in question because of these conditions, many which are visible. We are requesting that you review the documentation and pictures carefully and decide for yourself.

(Electric and valves were turned off – due to safety concerns)

Why should someone be forced to live in deplorable conditions? Oh, you’re not being forced – you can move. You are free to move out of your condo that is paid in full – except for your HOA fees. THOSE you will still have to pay. WHY? Why should anyone have to pay dues on something that they cannot live in, rent or sell in good conscience. So you do what you think is the right thing and you contact who you think will help you. You show them everything that is wrong; you show them all of the code violations; you show them the disgusting and unsafe conditions that you’re living in. You live with worrying if people are going to get mad at you and retaliate for finally getting sick and tired of putting up with being sick and tired.

You don’t know who you can trust, who you can even talk to, who you can ask to help you. When you think you’ve finally taken a step forward, you’re forced 10 steps back. You have no choice but to move and get sued for the unpaid HOA dues that you refused to pay until the things that were wrong are fixed, if that’s even possible. Your name is dragged through the mud and you can’t even live in your own home. You already have medical issues and being exposed to mold that you’re told “you’re always going to have a problem with” will make the medical problems worse quicker than someone else. I remember a movie over 10 years ago where people were getting sick because of contamination and one unknown woman wouldn’t give up and found justice for them….sound familiar? I’m not saying I’m another Erin Brockovich, but when I see something that is being done to someone that is wrong, I feel compelled to help. That is what this site is all about. Trying to help. Hoping that getting the word out that this is just wrong -plain and simple- will get the people that ARE supposed to be helping to ACTUALLY HELP– do their job & do what’s right. Has everyone forgotten that?? Just doing what’s right, no matter what?

We as a democracy, vote in political & judicial leaders, believing what they tell us – that they’re there for us. And when they fail us, where do WE go? Who do we turn to? When someone you love dies-not from natural causes or a car accident or because they smoked-but because of that special kind of cancer called mesothelioma (asbestos exposure), you tend to start becoming a bit more aware of how there are hidden contaminates all around us that we’re unaware of. You get mad because it shouldn’t be there – your loved one should not have died like that – that special person that would’ve done anything for anybody succombs to a hidden evil.

Contamination is an ongoing problem not just in your town or your state, but the world. It’s always going to be there. But when it’s made aware to the appropriate people and still nothing is done, that’s where your adrenaline kicks in and you wonder WHY. That’s where your anger kicks in and your desire to get the right thing done-no matter what. You stick your neck out to do the right thing….just one unknown woman….

GO TO OUR FACEBOOK GROUP https://www.facebook.com/groups/484111168360103/

GO TO THEIR WEBPAGE HERE http://hiddenvalleyhiddentruths.webs.com/

The above quote sums up better what I can put in words. I often get criticized for quoting and using things exactly as they are written but people don’t understand what I am doing. You have to quote someone word for word or it’s not a quote. I also get criticized for paraphrasing stuff which is when I take what someone says and change it around and add words to it to make it my own. But it doesn’t matter, the truth must be told and it doesn’t much mind how it gets told, as long as it’s told. I am only observing this from afar not right up on it. I wish I could go up and see for myself, but they have photos and videos up on their site and they show the truth as the videos and photo’s don’t lie. Having been in places like this I know how bad things can be.

I was asked to comment on what I saw and the first video I saw I did comment on. I’ll include it here for those to lazy to go look for yourself, everything is up on their blog all the comments and such and my communications with them. And I say them because there are several people who I am typing and chatting with. So some of this will be a repeat for some of you and it will be brand new to others. Anyway back to what I was saying. My comment on the first video.


Those look like sand bags in this picture capture of the video I mention.


If that was in my yard the city would have my house condemned. What happened to the EPA? Are they on vacation up there? As a member of the media I am looking into this and I urge any other media that’s truly media to cover it. This is the second story I am following from up there. And is that Non-Tidal Wetlands that stuff is on? Think some things need to be looked at up there. Wish I lived closer. I am trying to find the laws about this, because that looks like it’s also illegal and the property owner needs to be taken to court. I’m going to see if I can get someone I know to look into this for me, and see what I can do.”

So as you can see my made up story is fitting pretty close to what is going on in Hidden Valley. I am having a hard time finding out anything that doesn’t conflict with itself out about this condo complex. Seems that every lead turns into a conflicting turn back on itself or dead ends. Which usually amounts to shady deals done under the table that people don’t want found out. Yeah this rabbit hole is getting deep.

In the next part I’ll be naming some of the players in this drama and telling more about what is going on as there is so much to tell about. You can go to their blog and find out more and talk to the people going through this yourself just follow the links.

Let me just briefly tell you a few things that have happened and try to keep it short. Since I have commented on the wooded area here’s a comment about the conditions, In the wooded area adjacent to the unit owners wall there is a non maintained wooded area. In that area there are sewer lines and a sinkhole surround with sever overgrowth of trees, various plywood panels are layered across the grounds and is covered with sandbags, concrete bricks, macadam, tires and other forms of rubbish.”

Some of these people have been fighting this battle for over 14 years. That’s a long time for nothing to be done. These problems and others have been going on since before 2000 and some have gotten worse as you can imagine after 14 years of nothing being done about it. Some unit owner’s have gotten sick from the mold and such. Major cracks in the exterior walls as well as the foundations and interior walls. Water and sewage backs up into the cracks during heavy rains and such and then the mold starts. And has gotten worse over the years. There’s also sink holes and such that have been reported as well. So the earth around there seems to be unstable at best. Which would cause the buildings to sink unevenly and crack the foundations.

If they could prove that the builders knew it was unsafe to build on they might have a case, I have told them to get a lawyer as I am just a guy telling a story. I have no law training. All I am trying to do is get people to hear what is going on. Covering that which the MAIN STAIN MEDIA refuses to cover.

Three questions were asked on their blog let’s see if I can answer them here.

Do you see code violations? Not being up on the code and not knowing what the codes are, some of what is going on might actually be allowed by code. It’s a tricky question to ask. I would assume that if there is raw sewage being dumped then that is a code violation.

Do you have safety concerns? If a wall fell down already and was put back up then I would have concerns about the stability of that wall as well as the structural integrity of the units effected.

Do you think it’s livable? If the conditions are as bad as you say they are then no I do not feel it would be livable under those conditions.

I would say they need some lawyers and some experts to go check things out up there and see if there are code violations and such. We use to have this thing called the EPA that would look into these types of things, but somewhere in AMERIKA they no longer seem to do their job or exist. I’m going to contact them and see what they say about all this.

So Stay Tuned for the next follow up on this I’ll be putting names out as well as contacting the EPA.



If that was in my yard the city would have my house condemned. What happened to the EPA? Are they on vacation up there? As a member of the media I am looking into this and I urge any other media that’s truly media to cover it. This is the second story I am following from up there. And is that Non-Tidal Wetlands that stuff is on? Think some things need to be looked at up there. Wish I lived closer. I am trying to find the laws about this, because that looks like it’s also illegal and the property owner needs to be taken to court. I’m going to see if I can get someone I know to look into this for me, and see what I can do.

My next article will be on this.

I AM A MOTHER SEEKING JUSTICE (Copied by permission)

This video accompanies the story I just did about Barbara Tipton Long and her fight for justice for her son. Copied from her youtube channel with permission to get this out there.
“Many Complaints filed, Never Addressed. The first meeting I was able to go to in May 2011, I asked why their Sewage Enforcement Officer hasn’t filed charges on the Landlord for the illegal repairs, digging a hole right beside our mobile home and braking a sewer pipe and not informing me back in the summer of 2010 and many other issues and the reason given was that they were in the mist of an investigation and that they “Didn’t know who the Property owner was,” I started checking into things and what a twisted web. We all know who did the illegal repairs and we all knew who the landlords/managers were for many years. And yes they knew who the alive real owner was, Why hasn’t Burley been charged and held responsible for the illegal repairs that caused harm on my son and I? Forced from the property from the Burleys and Sick and Suddenly Homeless and unable to live in our mobile home and the sewer pipe never repaired, the abandoned underground petroleum storage tanks that leaked and contamination and nothing ever addressed after many complaints and no one would help. I started recording the meetings to help shed light on many things and to help others become more involved in the community. when are my complaints going to be Addressed?”

Barbara Tipton Long: A mother wanting Justice for her son.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

This will be a multi-part story.






This story really hits close to what I went through several years ago. I’m sharing it to help out and bring more awareness to things such as these. Barbara Tipton Long is on my friends list on fedbook, and I have been following what she’s been going through and decided to try and help get her story out there. She has done a great job at videotaping everything and documenting everything that has happened to her, and there is a lot to go through. I’ll try to summarize this situation the best I can, because it has gone on so long.

Let’s start with this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-ovaT8HQMk where she explains what has been going on since 2010. As said this is so close to what I went through with the slimelord that I rented from for 9 ½ years. I know how hard it can be to get the city, county or government to do anything.

She has a page she has started on fedbook which can be found here https://www.facebook.com/shareyourstorybedfordcountypa and her personal fedbook page is here https://www.facebook.com/barbiedreams.

The EPA is too busy taking towns away, to seem to want to do anything about raw sewage going into a stream. Or a family having to go through this and getting sick. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vw5vKoBqmbA. This was taken from the description on the video. “This turned into a big Cover Up and the reason the Township gave for the landlord never being charged was “They don’t know who the property owner is” and WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH BURLEY THE LANDLORD WHO DID THE ILLEGAL REPAIRS? I have filed many complaints and my complaints have never been addressed. In the beginning my son and I were having unusual health problems and later learned that the hole that the landlord dug beside our mobile home had broken a sewage pipe and did not tell us,and never repaired, also they were pumping contaminates from the garage down on us in the middle of the night, and he also failed to tell me that in 2007 the SEO from Bedford County Sanitary Corporation, the townships certified SEO and had told him to move my mobile home from the lot and the SEO knew and never informed me about the contamination and the sewage malfunction since 80’s, the gas tanks from the old sunoco that had closed down in the early 80’s and never emptied or removed and contaminated the very lot that we had been renting since 2005. SEO lead me to believe that he was doing a investigation and that it was unsafe for us to live there and to keep all my living expenses and when he was finished with his investigation we would be reimbursed and time went on months and no returned calls. I had a friend remove the skirting from around our mobile home and found what looked like a vent pipe coming from out of the ground. I have went to DEP, EPA, and many agencies and depts and No help and No Enforcement of the laws.”

My question is why won’t the EPA and the township get up off their lazy butts and do what they are by law supposed to do? Why does it take an act of god to make people follow the laws they made? And where is Anonymous on this as well, they want to help people well why not her. Make this story go viral.

It wasn’t till after we finally had moved away that we started getting better. So I know how this kind of thing goes. Then after you move away you stop fighting. That’s what they are hoping for here that Barbara Tipton Long just go away and they would be happy.

“Most recent first…Injustice that happened to me and my Son

Our Founding Fathers of this Country did not intend for this kind of Injustice to go on…This has been very Traumatizing on my Son he was only 14 years old when this happened and I will never stop fighting for Justice…I have been going to the township meetings since I was first able to go May 2011…Sick, Forced from the property and Suddenly homeless our nightmare had just began….This turned into a big Cover Up and the reason given for the landlord never being charged was “They don’t know who the property owner is”, In the beginning my son and I were having unusual health problems and later learned that the hole that the landlord dug beside our mobile home and never filled in had broken a sewage pipe and did not tell us, also they were pumping contaminates from the garage down on us in the middle of the night, and he also failed to tell me that in 2007 the SEO from bedford county sanitary corp. had told him to move my mobile home from the lot 143 and the SEO knew and never informed me about the contamination and the sewage malfunction since 80’s, the gas tanks from the old sunoco that had closed down in the early 80’s and never emptied or removed and contaminated the very lot that we had been renting since 2005. SEO lead me to believe that he was doing a investigation and that it was unsafe for us to live there and to keep all my living expenses and when he was finished with his investigation we would be reimbursed and time went on months and no returned calls. I have went to many agencies and depts and no help and no enforcement of the laws. Now over 3 years later the dead owner has risen, and the one he has managing the mobile home park has threatened to take my son’s shed and tear down his home, that I still pay taxes on, and have been withholding rent until the sewer pipe repaired, the contamination cleaned up, the sewage enforcement and the township finish their investigation into who the real owner is and waiting for charges to be filed on the landlord that did the Illegal repairs that harmed my son and I…
Did they really think I would go away, my health has improved but not the same, but am able to be more active now and record the meetings and I have only just begun. I am going to continue to record the meetings and other meeting in the county and I am going to start interviewing those that need to answer many questions and on camera. I am a mother on a mission and I am going to do my part to help bring change. And those that have tried to cover up the harm done to my son and I and to allow children to live on this leachbed of contamination, and how can they sleep at night knowing the health hazards there. We need a little HELP…Please Share my videos to help me find JUSTICE FOR MY SON…”


Something that could hurt her case just came up in the news today, but then again it could also help her. If they are so concerned about the spill in West Virginia why aren’t they concerned about raw sewage into a local stream? She has a lot of videos and photos I’m still trying to go through it all. There are several questions that I have asked her.

Some questions I asked her were:

Do you have the link to the article that the one camera man from the independent newspaper?



Did you ever get the water checked?

“The water that was taken from the Sewage Enforcement Officers from the pipe that was illegally laid to the stream, yes I did get, had to file a right to know then they denied the first request but then I filed again the they gave me those results which one of the tests showed 80000/100 ml fecal”

What else would you like to say to the people about this incident and the way you’ve been treated by the council?

My son and I were forced from the property and no one would help us as we were too sick to even defend ourselves, The first 2 1/2 years anytime my son and I would go to check on our mobile home they would chase us from the property and tried to physically harm us. In Oct 2013 the real owner sent me a letter saying that he was forced to take the mobile home back and that he was not responsible for what had happened there.

The first township meeting I was able to attend in May 2011 I asked why their sewage enforcement officer had never filed the charges the townships response was “that they didn’t know who the Owner was? and they knew who the real owner was all along”

She has also sent me links to videos from some of these meetings. This meeting they tell her she’s not allowed to record the meeting.


Said she wasn’t allowed to record the township meetings

This next one was another meeting where they were discussing the situation.


The Commissioners Meeting

From what I have been reading the EPA and the county she is in have known about these problems she has brought up for some time, like decades if I’m not mistaken, and have done nothing to rectify the situation except throw her out. Sounds way too much like what happened to me.

I will be following up to this story as it’s too big to fit it all in one story, plus there’s some answers I need to find out. I will be contacting people I know who deal with this type thing as well as the EPA to get the answers as to why this was allowed to go on and what they are doing to fix the problem.


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