Hidden Valley Condo’s: REBOOT

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This story started out as a story about one unit in a condo complex. Along with it came the drama, the intrigue and a crazy cast of characters, but it is now not about one unit. That unit is key to it all and important, but it is now about the building; which it has always been about. It removes a lot of the drama because the condo owner is now not the focus of the story. All the drama to stop them from getting the word out FAILED.

I Glen M. Sutphin, am now the only advocate of Hidden Valley Condo’s. I now speak for the building, I have always spoke for the condo owner and only I say what I am doing. What I put in print I do on the evidence I have on hand, not hearsay, crap I make up or going on someone’s word that something happened. I must rely on facts, verified truths and documentation.

I will address issues that have come up in the past and lay it all out later, in another article. I still am in contact with the advocates for Hidden Valley Condo’s and all my articles will stay in print, and I will still hold to what the advocates and I agreed on. I have just relieved them and now my articles are about what I have as evidence in this story that I have worked on now stop since 20140210 way before the drama and crap certain people brought in. Whose to blame for all the drama? There is enough blame to go around on all sides. I am not blameless and admit this story got to me and became a personal matter. I have also put in print numerous articles addressing what I have found. One article doesn’t equal you being the sole heir to the story Andrew Joseph Ostrowski. And how does someone who doesn’t live there have any legal grounds or claims to Hidden Valley Condos? I however as PRESS have talked to a lot of the players and know more then anyone, save for the condo owner and I report on the evidence I have proof of not made up crap and fake rumors.

I have sent the deeds, plats and notes I have found to be looked at by a survey firm I know, and who has been guiding me in what to look for; plus I used to run deeds and do deed searches and research for him when I worked for him. So I do know what I have and where to look for more goodies if I need them. Yes it takes time considering that these files weren’t supposed to exist, so when you conjure up magic files it takes time, and many hours of prep. Also when people are trying to stop your every move it takes more time, and when you are sick it takes even more time. It has taken the condo owner 18 years plus and they still do not have them, I am keeping them with me for their protection. But I found a lot and will know more after I look over the files and when I get the experts say on what to do next.

Because of all the crap going on in PA, and no one seeming to do what the hell they are supposed to do, I am telling the story a different way. To protect the condo owner and their family, I now have everything and will go to the authorities and the legal court system with what I have as evidence when the time is right. There are crimes being committed even as I type this in that I am trying to put a stop to.

This condo owner, the advocate I represent, has stood in harms way, enduring loss of income, can’t live in the condo they own and are paying for, and has to put up with all the crap that’s going on to their family and friends. And as if that wasn’t bad enough to have to be harassed and defamed with no real way to do anything about it, and to have to endure this day in and day out. So I am doing what I can to help them in their fight. And to get a diseased building condemned, and get the people of that building help, and compensation for being forced to live in that hellhole run by a corrupt HOA that doesn’t care if people get hurt.

I’m not putting in print some things right now because I don’t want anyone to know what I’m doing till it happens, then I’ll tell you what happened. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes and a lot going on period and I’m talking to a lot of people. I also have a lot of informants and people feeding me information. Some of it good, some of it pure crap, that I then have to vet and see if it fits the story. I have faced down a lot of opposition and am still standing as the only one putting in print the true story the best I can for only being one person with no means at this time to get up to the building to see it for myself. I am taking a lot of heat for getting this out there and at times want to truly walk away and call it done. But that doesn’t fix the problem nor does being quite about it so others can be happy with not doing anything about it.

My purpose and passion are to see that building condemned and to that end I will continue to fight. Even if none stand with me, I at the end of the day will know I did everything I could to meet those ends, and others will see that YES I cared. Did my methods meet with everyone’s approval? NO. Did it get the information I needed and get the story out there? YES. I have asked for help all along the way and have fought an uphill battle for a place I have never seen, for people I really don’t know, to bring the truth out as accurately as possible. I stand on what I can prove on this matter. Along the way I have made friends and met a lot of good people, I have also made bitter enemies and have taken numerous hits to my pride and reputation. My reputation which should be based on the content of what I put out, but is often based on what those enemies say about me. And in the end I care less what people who do not know me think. Never did care what they think for it is often wrong. I will prove them wrong and be better for it.

I’ll keep this post short and put out another article in the near future when things I have in play actually come out. Thanks to those who support me in this endeavor, and to those who stand in my way watch out I’m going to blast you for what you‘ve done to stop me even if it’s get this story out there.

Stay tuned there is more to this story as I continue my quest.

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My apology to Don Bailey’s email setting some things straight.

don bailey a

Dear Mr. Stupin, although we don’t know each other you placed some

information about me on your website or somewhere that was not only

insulting but defamatory. I understand that you are a good person and

well-intentioned but even a minimum amount of due diligence would have

revealed the nonsense that you were given. Please check the docket

sheets for Bingaman v. Bingaman et al. at 4:07 – CV – 2352 Middle

District of Pennsylvania. You will see there, for anyone willing

enough to punch a few keys, that there were over 60 docket entries in

that case. For further detail you can also read my email to Ms.

Stephens. Ms. Bingaman’s comments were more than nonsensical they were

insulting for someone who did so much for her for virtually nothing.

Total docket entries number “61”. I would be grateful if you would

correct the record. Thank you. Don Bailey

Thank you sir for bringing this to my attention. After reviewing the information you have provided I realize I owe you a deep sincerely heartfelt apology. My words can not tell you how truly sorry I am for my rookie mistake of not vetting the information I had received. The above is the email I received from Don Bailey about an article I posted in regards to a situation involving him and Andrew J Ostrowski.

I have redacted the above screen capture and it proves I do in fact have emails from Andrew J Ostrowski. That is the only proof of the emails that I will release to the court of the internet, for the content they contain is criminal in nature and I have and am in contact with people in the proper authorities and they do have those emails along with others. Now let me clear this mess up with what is going on and set the record straight.

I was not privileged to the above records at the time I wrote the article https://lordnelga.wordpress.com/2017/09/26/kelly-holland-bingaman-came-forward-with-her-story-of-andrew-ostrowski/ Kelly Holland Bingamam couldn’t recall your above stated docket number, the intent of that article was not malice or libel but to establish a pattern that is forming in regard to Andrew J Ostrowski. And when this same scenario keeps coming up that Kelly Holland Bingamam has stated in her own words, that I have heard from several sources that don’t know each other, it needs to be investigated.

I take full responsibility for my actions and am willing to face any legal means you wish to pursue in regards for my action and libel and slander I caused you, and any and all consequence there of. I can not take back my words once spoken or put in print, I can however fix the problem I have caused. And I hope that my fixing the error is enough to satisfy your offense.

And this is the last time I will mention Andrew Ostrowski, you Don Bailey or hidden valley condos. I can’t make the world a better place. I am officially done with the whole hidden valley condos mess, I am quitting, I can’t make the world a better place and caring about something that no one will do what needs to be done is ruining my life. I have fought too long and cared too much about something and had a passion for finding the truth of the matter. But when people don’t do what they need to do I can’t do anymore. I am walking away knowing I did everything I possible could, I wish I had never heard of the place. All the needless drama from all involved is useless. Let people tell lies about me that don’t know me or what I have done I don’t care.

I’m sorry for any offense and harm my words and actions have caused you. I sincerely hope you find justice in your fight against the corrupt legal system and again accept my sincere apologies for my actions toward you. I have wronged you and again sincerely apologize for my actions toward you.

Glen Sutphin

press correspondent

Kelly Holland Bingaman came forward with her story of Andrew Ostrowski

Short interview I had right before I went on the air Sunday. Told to you in her words. I will be doing a better interview later, but this shows some of the same actions I caught from what I hear and what I know. When you witness a crime and have proof why is it so hard for people to understand you. Almost same story, but remember Andrew and Don are there to help. Replace this person with hidden valley and you can start to see the picture. Not me saying this, this is someone that saw what I was doing and came forward. So it’s me and now this person, that list of hurting no one is growing with more persons hurt. Sooner or later you will see there is a pattern forming of his abuse.

As an eyewitness to some of the crimes, I am telling people what I know, but need to tell the right people now. I have asked for peoples help and been telling them what I know and it seemed few people have listened. Well this person has also been effect and affected by the same thing I witnessed and have been telling you about. This kind of thing does get me emotional and burns me up as you have witnessed.

Kelly Holland Bingaman story:

“I became a victim of abuse in the legal system because of the three lawyers in the law firm…Doug Goldhaber, Don Bailey and Andy Ostrowski. My lawyer representing me during my divorce kept telling me that we had a hearing scheduled but because Andy was in a psychiatric unit, he was covering Andy’s cases and said that my hearings were going to be rescheduled. What he failed to tell me was that he REQUESTED a postponement saying he had another hearing for Andy in another County but the opposing counsel checked up and found out it was not true. Of course I was not aware of this, the request was denied so they held the hearings without me or representation for me I’ve tried to tell people the truth about Andy as I saw it all with my own eyes. Plus I used to offer to help in their offices because I could t come up with money for my legal fees As far as Don Bailey. Oh how he told me he was going to sue for me being illegally arrested and sue all these cops individually and the department as a whole it as I continued to ask for updates he screamed at me telling me he was sick of my brain injury and me not remembering him telling me that he went to court and lost. Five months after the courts awarded my husband a divorce and I was never aware I found out that Doug had been suspended and I was to pick up all my legal documents. I was most concerned about my divorce and being awarded zero after 25 years and being disabled I later went through the criminal paperwork only to see that all those filings Don made look so great and favorable for me, he is the one that withdrew every one of them. But that’s Andys hero”


“I’ve been imprisoned in a dump because I have to live on disability only”

“I used to pick Andy up almost every other day or more in Harrisburg buy him food pay him to help me write things for me and got one paper”

“He told me all about his psychological issues. Never told me he moved either”

“Took lots of money”

“Told me about being burned and used drugs to self medicate”

“I can just tell you all about Andy from 2005-about 2012/2013”

“Did you ever hear about lawless America? Do you know that Don and Andy are the ones that got me involved in that but when it came time for us to all meet on D.C. We had the police on standby to arrest Andy and several others if they showed”


“I gave Don my van to use to take his family to Pittsburgh because he had a sick child and his van broke down and there were no cans for rent available. I gave them everything I had only to find out I got fucked and thrown to the curb”

If you have a story to share about how you were injured by Don Bailey or Andrew Ostrowski please put it out there, now is the time. I will listen to you and there are others listening as well. I have backed myself in a corner and like a frighten animal have lashed out, which isn’t right and may have hurt. So I will now put up and then shut up. I’m tired of getting stuff out there and being attacked and needing mountains of evidence to prove the truth while everyone still believes the lies with no evidence.

Everyone wants the truth to be pretty and look good and be pleasant, told in a calm manner, with the proper words. The truth is ugly from being dragged through the mud and battered and torn to pieces, disgusting to look at and all beat up for being lied about and battle weary, using the wrong words that is why so many embrace the lies because it is so pretty and neat. But the truth is still the truth though few speak it for fear of being labeled as ugly, as conspiracy as hearsay and heretic. Good thing for you people I care less what you think, I will stand on the ugly truth and I will hold her hand proudly for at the end of the day when it is believed it is the most beautiful thing to beholding. Yes I rant and rave, for very few listen to me or investigate what I put out. They see a bunch of links and it’s too long didn’t read you are discredited, your not anything we should listen too.

I constantly hear it’s the way you say it, it’s how you act, it’s what you say. Yes I get that but does that change the truth? Yet my story doesn’t change to fit the person or change to be popular. What I put in print doesn’t change to fit the public opinion which is always false with few exceptions. People, well most of them don’t read what I put out and go by how it looks and by public perception of me and they turn away. They are what I call wrong.

My story of what happened has stayed consistent through the years and hasn’t changed, Andrew Ostrowski’s story changes to fit the public perception he’s creating and it changes entirely at times when it’s more popular to be a different way, that is called lying. As an eyewitness to some of his crimes I know what he did.

John Sebastian passed away, Andrew Ostrowski came after the hidden valley advocates making me a life long enemy. I don’t care what that makes me look like, John Sebastian is the reason I fight so hard against Andrew Ostrowski. Because of Andrew I left the hidden valley groups and went off on them. John Sebastian came to me asked me what was going on, I told him and he said to me “get your butt in gear and get in those groups and help those people, they need help and you may be the only one putting out there what needs to be out there.” I investigated the groups, watched as stuff unfolded and the name that came up to the top of the list time and time again as the main cause of the problem ANDREW JOSEPH OSTROWSKI. I witnessed him control and manipulate the groups same as he doing now.

I do understand how this makes me look in the public eye as a wild man and such, but it has affected me and effect me. I got caught up in the story and became emotionally involved. I still have all the files and all the proof, and now more things come to light in the public eye. Doesn’t change the facts or the truth of the evidence.

I can’t help how people are, I can’t control what they say or who says it. But I can take responsibility for myself. I have already broke some of my agreement to get this out there now. But the truth has to come out to protect peoples lives and I’d rather break that agreement to save people then sit quietly by and let innocent people get hurt. But in doing so may have hurt the people I was so desperately trying to help. My problem is I care too much what is happening.

I will go to the authorities with what I have then I might quit altogether. I have said things that in hind sight shouldn’t have, but it’s too late to take them back. There out there in public and I do have a responsibility for my actions. I am dealing with a lot and it’s no excuse I apologize. I got emotionally involved in a story and there is good reason but no excuse. I will put out there a couple more pieces then I might be done with the whole business. I have the evidence I say I do and will see if the authorities see it my way. I was only trying to help get people help and may have hurt them. I take responsibility for my actions, not blame them on things and people. I lost my cool and do apologize to anyone that is for me and hope you can understand. I have found mountains of stuff and it seems that no one was listening. I again apologize. Doesn’t change the truth of what I found and trying to get people to see it is hard. So I go off and hurt the cause worse. Not my intention but it happened and I take the responsible for my actions. Again I apologize even though that doesn’t change what I did, never does. I’m not asking you to forgive me just understand where I am coming from.

UPDATE: Andrew J. Ostrowski, Andy cult will want to see this

If you ask me Andrew Joseph Ostrowski is getting what he deserves, put me in touch with the right people so I can release what I have on him. Andy threatened me, blackmailed people I know, attempted extortion on victims of crimes and other things he puts on a show. Did the police do the right thing? Who knows but to think he’s innocent is foolish. I have listed below the articles I have released so far and then think what haven’t I released that I will go to the police with now that I know where he is.
He will answer for his crimes.





https://lordnelga.wordpress.com/2014/10/24/andy-ostrowski-for-congress/ * The video was destroyed due to the threats and bullshit from A0. (Andrew Ostrowski)







Let’s compare the above incident to one where the person really was kidnapped off the street and arrested without a warrant. That the police harassed and erased footage from my memory chip which was in his camera, then hid the person for three days. The article here is the kidnapping and abduction of A man called chris dorsey. What they did to chris dorsey was wrong and illegal and I stand by him for this incident even though what happened between us. I will testify in court to the police’s illegal activity against him on this day. Which I covered and documented.


documented here:


Notice the elements missing in the Andrew video. How do we know from watching the video that there was no warrant? Because Andrew said so. You don’t see the police, but you hear the person off camera, the police aren’t manhandling Andrew. But Andrew said so, All you hear is Andrew saying what is happening. The police can be heard saying they have a warrant. But Andrew said they didn’t so. Which my source said they did and they were let in the house not kicking it in and dragging him out. But Andrew said so. Surprised Andrew didn’t say the swat teams, helicopters and armed tanks were there for him, I mean make it big make yourself important. And your only source of the narrative is what Andrew says, sorry I don’t play Andy says so. I don’t play in Andrewland, I live on facts. And facts and evidence says this was a WWE skit. Made up by Andrew to gain publicity, If it weren’t for my sources I would question if Andrew really was picked up. But my source are reliable and verified. But Andrew said so, your only narrative and perspective is Andrew and what he said was going on.


Sources say that Andrew Ostrowski is not cooperating with the doctors and will stay an additional 5 days. I really hope he walks out with a clean bill of health and is declared mentally stable, because he will have criminal charges against him if I have my way.

Now I asked Andrew Ostrowski for help with the chris dorsey case, the loving oh so kind Andrew blew me off. Nothing in it for him, only helping someone wasn’t enough to warrant even an acknowledgement. chris dorsey a Press TV media person who helped in Andrew’s bid for congress not worth even a call back. But Andrew helps everyone, he so helpful. But Andrew never hurt anyone he so good and kind, only when there’s something in it for him. But there was respect and helping for his fellow man, which he’s all about, he didn’t bother.  Then later comes the threats and crap that I have on file and am taking to the police. People think I’m playing their games and that I’m not press, hate to tell you something, I’m still working on a story that Andrew Ostrowski was instrumental in destroying a large part of. I even did a video for him for free to help with his bid for congress and a few more things which I’ll list later.

And when you threaten the press while doing a story and conducting research, there are laws about that. Same for stealing evidence and using it to blackmail and attempt to extort, plus a few others that I won’t name due to I like there to be some surprises. And when you get even more evidence from sources well, I get to have fun with the police and FBI. So yes I have history with Andrew Ostrowski sorry you troglodyte koolaid drinkers of the Andy cult, I do know what I am talking about and yes this will have my name all over it.

And a word to the Andy cult members you should leave the family out of this if your only source of information is Andy says so well I already shown his word is shit, so might be your information. If Andrew says the suns out carry a flash light just in case. Ask yourself if the justice system is as corrupt as it is why does Andrew Ostrowski want back in it so badly? Why doesn’t he start something that would really work instead of wanting back in? Why because he’s playing you, you who come after me for putting out there the truth. And when I go to the FBI again think if I’m going to give them your fedbook page names that I have a list of….

One final thought to show how nice Andrew is the day that the hidden valley advocate John R. Sebastian, who went to great pains in his dying days to film a segment for the hidden valley documentary that Andrew and I were working on died, Andrew went after the hidden valley advocates to harass and torment them. They have a no contact order against him, yet he still comments in emails and other means of getting to them. John R. Sebastian was a good Christian man not this fake phony blasphemy circus that Andrew pushes… https://www.facebook.com/search/str/glen+m+sutphin+suing+the+devil/keywords_search

Yeah looks like I didn’t just start messing with Andrew Ostrowski looks like I had too put up with him for a long while… More proof coming as always stay tuned.

Thursday nights show 20170922


Glen M Sutphin shared his post.

September 20 at 9:37pm

Glen M Sutphin

September 20 at 9:36pm

What he put out and what happened are two different stories. I also have proof of his crimes and am pursuing legal means against him now that I know where he is. What everyone is putting out about him is false. He’s not what he appears to be.

Go to my blog for the real story.

Judicial Reform Activist and Attorney Abducted by Police While Broadcasting

By Janet Phelan Judicial reform activist and radio personality Andy Ostrowski has been taken into custody against his will and forced into a psychiatric…



Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Glen, here’s the facts and they can be viewed on camera outside his residence. He’s been threatening the FBI, family and others on a daily basis. These emails consist of about 24 plus pages of threats, he has restraining orders and this is the 3rd time in 7 months he’s been 302ed. Since everyone claims it was an “evaluation”, he would be out on a false 302, he would be home. This all can be viewed on the churche’s cameras, he viewed the warrant and had a scanner to absorb people into his tunnel and post his claimed false arrest. I’m not an officer and only the police were there, NOT 1 Other person. He begged me to come see him last night as he claimed the FBI, family and government are trying to kill me, not true. If these emails were ever posted, people would understand. Remember there’s 3 sides to a story-that person’s, the other side and that wonderful thing called the middle.

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin I know I have received some of the emails and threats myself. I can’t post them for the slander and libel to people mentioned. I fully comprehend what is going on.I sound like a fool for not being able to tell the whole story but believe me I understand. I’m also going to the police with what I have and hope he gets the help he truly deserves.

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin he has destroyed people lives and needs help. but he also need to pay for his crimes.

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Agree!!

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Glen, you have no idea what these emails contain, they’re vile, scary, threatening and extremely concerning. I’m sorry but he created his own mess. His family cares and are caring and concerned. He’s not a victim and I wil pass on, if needed. He will manipulate anyone that buys his bullshit, sorry called it as I witnessed and have the info

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin if they match what he sent me I can assure you I know.

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal I’m not sure if the FBI is going to persue anything yet

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin keep me posted, they can talk to me if need be as well.

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal PM me if you need additional info. It’s scary, and I’m tough skinned. His poor family, so sad

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin I can imagine

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Glen, is you blog “Activistpost.com“?

Activist Post – Alternative News & Independent Views

Latest alternative news from independent journalists…


Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Yes, it is. Philip D Anderton is your partner in this, he’s extremely knowledgeable

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin no my blog is https://lordnelga.wordpress.com/

Lordnelga’s Weblog – Psiberrealm



Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Glen M Sutphin, this is a post by the family…….To “friends” of Andy Ostrowski and others, from the Ostrowski Family: Yesterday, at our request, the police removed Andy from his apartment and took him to a local hospital for a psychiatric evaluation and treatment. We are grateful to the police and the mental health professionals at the hospital for their professionalism and cooperation with our request. We made this difficult decision out of care and love for our brother and son, Andy. His history of problems and his increasingly erratic and irrational behavior over several months had us gravely concerned for his well-being. There is much more to this situation than what has been posted on social media. This action was done by his family and is in no way whatsoever a part of a “conspiracy” to silence, imprison, drug or murder him. Any such conspiracy is utter nonsense. We ask those of you who are continuing to encourage his behavior by propagating these conspiracy theories to stop at once. Any of you planning to disrupt his treatment are wrong and must stop. Your actions will only serve to prolong or prevent his recovery. We hope and pray that someday our brother and son will be well and ask you to honor these wishes.

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin been sharing that.

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Please do. The family is loving, caring and genuine-he needs help.

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin I agree.

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin but there are so many kool aid drinkers that believe the lie it’s no funny

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Copy/paste her post everywhere, please

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin I’m putting the truth out there but the lies he told are sticking fast. I have been putting it everywhere I see the lie posted. I’m also going to the police and fbi with what I have as evidence against him. I hope he gets the help he needs but he will answer for his crimes. I don’t feel he is a bad person but he has done bad things and has to answer for them.

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal What groups have it posted? I’ll go and comment too

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin there are too many to list, and I’m being tore up by the people on them. can I use your comments here in an article and on the radio tonight when I cover this?

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Yes you can

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin thanks, that will help more then going to each group.

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin people only react any more not do a little research on things and believe lies and fake news

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Glen M Sutphin tell these “supporters” to go read his sister’s post on his page, that will stop them

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin they have and don’t believe it. his cult following are idiots. but that’s why they follow blindly.

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Glen M Sutphin did you copy and paste her post and tell them to go to his page and read it?

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin yes still they believe there is a conspiracy against him, but they’ll see once I get out there the truth. hell I’ve seen it all before, and in the end they’ll wonder what the fuck I am for holding to the truth.

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Amazing!!! Are you on any of the emails he sent? I’m on the family email, which would bring the truth out. Glen M Sutphin, I’m not bashing him but he has caused so many people so much stress, grief and worries. I really hope he gets the help he needs this time but he already plans on signing himself out in 4 days

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin yes he sent me a few, yeah that concerns me that’s why I’m trying to get this all out there so he can’t work his bullshit on people and trying to get my evidence seen by the proper authorities so maybe i can stop them from letting him out. He’ll lie and they’ll release him and he goes back to terrorizing people. Don’t know why PA does nothing when they obviously know he a treat.

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal Glen M Sutphin I will forward you the emails that concerned us. You can PM your address if you would like

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal The worst part about this is these people don’t know his family and how vile he was to them in the past 9 months. They didn’t deserve that treatment and abuse. Believe me, I’ve had my share too

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin I’ve put up with his shit since 2015, so I feel for them. He has terrorized the hidden valley advocates since then non stop, everything is their fault because they don’t want anything to do with him. And he has threatened me, I told him to bring it on. He should be glad I don’t live up in PA. Because this would have ended a long time ago.

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin sent you a PM with my email

Kim Weigal

Kim Weigal I posted the family’s comment too. These people have zero respect for the family

Glen M Sutphin

Glen M Sutphin they believe his bullshit and have no respect for the truth. But that’s their right. They’re what we call wrong. But it’s ok the truth on the matter will come out and some will feel really stupid for believing him, others will still be stupid and believe him.

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UPDATE: The end of a chapter

Well since I have finally found some of the documents and plats from Hidden Valley Condo’s, I can put to rest a footnote and that feels so good. Andrew J. Ostrowski’s chapter has ended. It doesn’t matter what he stole or took from the HVC Clubs on fedbook or what ever else he took. He has no legal baring or status or anything to do with Hidden Valley Condo’s anymore, not that he had much to do with them anyway. His fraud and harassment, as well as other crimes are all documented and ready for a trial whenever he wants it. As far as I’m concerned now, he stated it very clearly, he is insignificant, a footnote. He will however do what he will do. I will not speak of him again as I am closing that chapter, but he will probably come after me, I am expecting it and am ready.

Sometimes brilliance comes out of stupidity and Andrew J Ostrowski didn’t say he was “ insignificant “, what he implied came through clearly, and I agree. He stated ” Oh, by the way Glen, you’re supposed to be some superduper independent journalist, so go look up the campaign finance reports yourself – that was three years ago, and every dollar was accounted for, even though I doubt the Federal Election Commission has much interest in a campaign that raised all of about 11 grand for a candidate who got about 35% of the vote, but run along, pal, and rummage through it like a pig searching for a truffle..”

And it made me realize he is so right you are so “ insignificant “, and you don’t matter in the whole scheme of things. Sue me and bury me if you can, do I get a song and dance number dedicated to me as well? What a damn joke. And with this I end his chapter, a thief and conman who failed in his objective. End of his part in the Hidden Valley Condo’s story.


Now in other news about Hidden Valley Condo’s, I now have in my possession about 13 files containing over a hundred or more documents on Hidden Valley Condo’s, to include the deeds, the plats and a lot of other items relating to the condo’s and as I go through them I will be piecing together the story of Hidden Valley Condo’s, I can already tell by the plats that there is something wrong with the place. Along with the 70 plus gigs of files I have on this place. But it will take me some time to go through all the stuff I have, and I will be getting more on it. And for those doubters I include the receipt of my order, I have been doing a lot of deed research and digging to find this stuff.


Now I’m going to leave this here for now. As this is only an update and end of a chapter that is “ insignificant “ to the whole story of what went on. A stranger with no ties or legal holding in the Hidden Valley Condo’s story, is told to fuck off by me an advocate since before he showed up. Go ahead and do whatever you want to do Andrew J. Ostrowski, please sue me so I can present all the evidence I have against your bullshit, and have fun at your BLASPHEMY CIRCUS side show.

An answer to a question on Andy Ostrowski’s page.
“bullshit Andy Ostrowski broke the law in front of me, I have proof, and furthers the crime with each email he sends to me. He has no legal claim to hidden valley condos and has been told by all the advocate including me to stop talking about something he isn’t part of. If you sick brain dead people want to follow a con artist be my guest. I will produce my evidence against Andrew J Ostrowski in a court of law, not public where he can manipulate the brain dead to listen to him.
As far as I’m concerned the matter is done he has no legal claim so he needs to fuck off and stop harassing and threatening people. He is no longer important.

And if he leave’s it up here’s what they say about him.


I covered most of this on the show I co-host “Between The Lines” Tuesday 13, 2017. I will break the mp3 down when I get it to make it into a video, stay tuned.

UPDATE: Andrew J. Ostrowski Still DISBARRED

Here’s some new information I have received and that I have been digging into and up on Andrew J. Ostrowski plus some things that he did while supposedly doing all the good work; which wasn’t, for Hidden Valley Condos in PA. If anyone is still thinking that Andrew J. Ostrowski is a good guy, I can tell you he doesn’t care and it’s all an act to build himself and his image up. He uses his supposed law degree and stories to gain money, entitlement and fame. It’s all in my blog, do a search. He doesn’t care about the interests he supposedly supports, including the HOA‘s he supposedly represents. I’m going to brake it all down here, starting with the Defrocked priest of the temple of law himself Andrew J. Ostrowski:

Andrew J. Ostrowski has once again failed to get his license to practice law back.

http://www.pacourts.us/assets/opinions/DisciplinaryBoard/out/135db2008-r-ostrowski.pdf#search=%22andrew j ostrowski%22

refused since February 10, 2010 because of the Report and Recommendations of the Disciplinary Board decision dated October 30, 2009.

http://www.pacourts.us/assets/opinions/Supreme/out/1556dd3.pdf#search=%22andrew j ostrowski%22

Supported by these document on file with the PA Disciplinary Board website searchable here:


The following cases:


http://www.pacourts.us/assets/opinions/Supreme/out/23incattach.pdf#search=%22andrew j ostrowski%22


http://www.pacourts.us/assets/opinions/Supreme/out/1556dd3.pdf#search=%22andrew j ostrowski%22


http://www.pacourts.us/assets/opinions/DisciplinaryBoard/out/135db2008-ostrowski.pdf#search=%22andrew j ostrowski%22


http://www.pacourts.us/assets/opinions/Superior/out/j-s51036-14m.pdf#search=%22andrew j ostrowski%22


http://www.pacourts.us/assets/opinions/Supreme/out/927mal2015%20-%201026191906834725.pdf#search=%22andrew j ostrowski%22

March 22, 2017

http://www.pacourts.us/assets/opinions/DisciplinaryBoard/out/135db2008-r-ostrowski.pdf#search=%22andrew j ostrowski%22

March 28, 2017

http://www.pacourts.us/assets/opinions/Supreme/out/j-114-2016mo%20-%2010304286716675280.pdf#search=%22andrew j ostrowski%22

A few questions I have after reading all this is why isn’t Andrew J. Ostrowski in jail for braking the law? How is he allowed to practice law with no license and charge people for it? Why is the state of Pennsylvania allowing this to go on? Why can’t I get what by law I should have and why does the state turn a blind eye to the whole matter?

Mark Robbins reports some other things Andrew J. Ostrowski and KAREN PADAVAN ESPOSITO AKA Kim Weigal have been up to:


Another report by Mark Robbins:


Here is something that Andrew J. Ostrowski sent me on April 2, 2015 that I need to address and bring to the forefront now:



No one should be exposed to known unlivable conditions that include safety and health violations. We need you the people to speak up and you can do this you can make a difference by sharing the videos, making comments. I encourage you to do this and to ask others to do the same.

Kenneth High Has recently informed the group that there have been two fires within a month at an adjacent property which is located in Lincoln Park. We have to ask what is the cause of these fires and get answers.

There have been at least two known fires at HV since 1999. One that originated in unit “D” in 1999 and another that originated in unit “V” in 2011. The one from 2011 was of a board member/owner, who died from repercussions from that fire.

Kenneth has been advocating for the people at HV and was a prior maintenance person at the building. He knows of the horrific conditions that people have been exposed and those that continue.

Kenneth, has been brave enough to come forward and talk about the threats, harassment and plans that were set in place to silence this homeowner from speaking out and exposing the severity of the conditions. You may want to ask yourself what this HOA was covering up or what they have to hide.

Kenneth, Has reported that the building has had problems with water penetration and flooding in the basement/storage area of the building. Two things are important to know about this, one that is this area has been leaking for over 20 years and is not divulged and has not been repaired properly and two that it is not being disclosed.

****** Note the basement/storage area is misleading because it os actually located in the center of the building and not underneath. There are several units that are below the basement and it is believed that when flooding occurs it leaks to the lower units underneath ******

The venting was changed after a fire that originated in unit D and effected 6-8 units. The venting was changed and dryer vent buckets were added. The venting is through the basement area and is not allowed. Venting must be vented to the exterior. The units that have the washer and dryers do not have windows nor do they have vents in them for proper air circulation.

The mold in that building is dangerous and can be seen visibly through a myriad of pictures on hiddenvalleyhiddentruths.webs.com. The extensive medical contains that can stem from mold are enormous and can disrupt ones life. There are limited doctors who are willing to address mold and the cost can be consuming. This is something very dangerous that is only recently being talked about and recognized.

There are mass amounts of paperwork missing from the files that should be required for public viewing and they are not. Several papers have been altered and can easily be detected.

These are a few facts alone should let you know why we need to band together and give these people a voice.

hv image

Hiddenvalleyhiddentruths (Website not available any more)
The hidden truths behind Hidden Valley Homeowners Association
HIDDENVALLEYHIDDENTRUTHS.WEBS.COM (Website not available any more)

First off I was already on this story almost a year before Andrew J Ostrowski ever came into this place. I was doing articles on this place and it was because of my articles he heard about this place. I believe he to date has only one article about it, which he claims gives him all these rights over it, and claims he cares so much but never talks about it. Also and I believe this to be true, he was sent in to destroy these groups and he eventually did just that. He stole information, took evidence and uses it to extort and blackmail the advocates. I want the affidavits and the videos he has taken from this place and all the information that was stolen, I was supposed to get the information but instead he stole it and I never got the copies.

He keeps referencing this person Kenneth High who was a member of the groups trying to get this place condemned. Kenneth High was supposedly a maintenance man who lived around the area and had knowledge of what went on. Now I did some digging on who Kenneth High is and I found out that a Kevin John High owns or owned condo H of Hidden Valley Condos, bought or given to them on April 26, 2013. Is this the same person?

Which would make sense because during a hearing that Andrew J. Ostrowski tried to be heard at, Andrew J. Ostrowski was not allowed to speak due to the fact he didn’t live there but they allowed Kenneth High to speak? Why? I asked at the time but now it’s perfectly clear, he lives or lived there at the time.


Andy Ostrowski – Hidden Valley Condominiums: The Solicitor informed Mr. Ostrowski that he would not be permitted to speak during the Open to the Floor portion of the agenda, since he is not a resident of Spring Township.

Kenneth High, 1334 D, W. Wyomissing Boulevard: Introduced by Mr. Ostrowski as a resident of the Township, Mr. High is worried about alleged contamination at the Hidden Valley Condominiums. Solicitor Becker assured him that DEP has determined there is no contamination at this site. He was directed to discuss his concerns with DEP.

They have him listed at D but I have the deed papers showing him at H, I trust the deed more then anything.
So my question is, where they all part of a setup to get what the advocates had, was Andrew J. Ostrowski part of an operation to get into the groups and get as much information as he and Kenneth High could? Where they also there to spread disinformation to the group? I fought with the advocates to shut down the groups, they finally did.
I caught on to what was going on early and stopped my information from getting out only putting out the stuff that was not really as important. I have found a lot of things since I stopped feeding Andrew J. Ostrowski information. I didn’t trust him and I was correct in that thought. I told the advocates about all this and have since made my own website on Hidden Valley Condos, https://hiddenvalleyblog.wordpress.com and have been putting out the information that needs to be out there. This is now the only official website for Hidden Valley Condos, and I’m their voice.
Andrew J. Ostrowski may have some important information but I have a lot of information that they don’t and I’m getting more and more as I can. Soon I will be going up to the hellhole to do my own investigation, getting live photos and videos from inside the place too show what it’s like.
It’s ironic that all these people disappeared from fedbook and from sight after the groups found out what was going on. To date Andrew J. Ostrowski has from time to time talked about them on his radio show on twigs cafe radio. Andrew J. Ostrowski doesn’t follow the law, and I know for a fact the advocates have a  “do not contact” letter from their attorney that was given to Andrew J. Ostrowski, but he does as he pleases saying he knows the law better then anyone including the judges that disbarred him.
I’ll leave it at that for a moment, there’s a lot of information here. I will be continuing this as I get more information, if people have an information they would like to share send it to me. Thanks for reading and stay tuned. I will be covering this on the radio show.