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unboxing video “whats’s in the box”?

house sutphin productions aec1

This is the unboxing video of “what’s in the box”. The box contained my new computer a core i5-quad core 3.4GHx with 8 gigs of ram. A 50 gig hd, dvd-rw with no os. So it will take me a bit to configure it and put the os on it and get it up and running, but I should be able to broadcast from it soon. I will of course keep you all up to date on it and hopefully in the next week or so I can go live from it. but we’ll see.

#Livemasters introduction

I want to take a moment to tell you all about a fedbook group I’m involved in and that has my full support.

#livemasters community







Mike Chavez is great at going live and getting others to go live as well. His community of which I am active in is a good start if you have never gone live. Very supportive and interactive. Would definitely recommend it if you’ve ever thought about going live. #livemasters

About This Group

You, yes you are invited to join the Live Masters Community. What is Live Masters? It’s the newest hub for speakers! What a treat we have in store for you! Up and coming speakers honing their craft, and you get to watch them grow as well as work on your own speaking should you desire. Take hold of your future! Join the fastest growing community on Facebook! Live Masters has a bright future ahead of her! Will you be a part of this amazing community! Come be part of the positive side of Facebook! Join Live Masters today!

There are two mandatory questions you have to answer to join this great group. These are two easy questions, to see what your goals are. If your curious about doing LIVE videos this is a great group to be in. Very interactive, and very supportive.

This group is growing and wants to help you in your endeavor to go live. There are questions of the day to answer to give you ideas on topics to talk about, or you can just wing it and do your own thing.  Mike Chavez is a great motivative speaker, and great to just listen to. He engages the viewer and ask questions that make you stop and think.

If your looking to go live or are going live this is a good group to be in. Go check them out and see if it’s right for you. I can’t say enough good things about this group, and have found some new fedbook friends because of this group, I highly recommend this group and Mike Chavez

Go check it out and as always stay tuned, I will be doing more soon.

Charles J Stecker Jr.: The Warrior for Childhood Abuse Intervention & Prevention


A good guy I’ve gotten to know over the year or so that we have been on fedbook. Interviewed him on Kiler Davenports’s podcast between the lines. Interesting guy, interesting story. There’s a lot to his story so I’ll link you to several of the articles I have found on him. First here’s his fedbook page..



It’s not what happened to you that will have the greatest impact on your life…

It’s your reaction to what happened that will determine its ultimate outcome and long lasting impact.

Signed:.Charles J Stecker Jr..

When I get working equipment I will be interviewing him again.. Great guy go check out what he’s doing for those who have no voice and for the children..

Faith Foundation Fund MONEY DRIVE


from now till September 12, 2018, I am having the Faith Foundation Fund monetizes drive to gather funds for a new computer. This drive is for restoring my faith in humanity, my birthday and to gather the funds to get new equipment. The amount of funding determines my chance to get a new computer. The more money I get the better the equipment I can get. I’m holding this drive to generate funds, help me in my quest to get a working computer. I’m not setting a goal as this is to see how much persons will monetarily support me. I need at least $200.00 for the system I am looking at buying after the 12th of this month, September. Which is my dear friends birthday who passed away recently. So in all these things name I do this, PLEASE help with this event if you can or will. Money can be sent by paypal to


There are now a few new hashtags #

We now have two new hashtags for you to follow which should get you all our stuff.

#housesutphin   For all things house sutphin productions

#ainewsgtns  For Get The NEWS Straight. We hope to get the news channel back up by the beginning of the year

#zerumstream  where you will find our video game channel

#tearsofacowgirl about a mothers fight for justice for her daughters

As always thanks for tuning in and stay tuned there’s more coming.


Tears of a cowgirl: Tonya’s story

I am bringing you another story of a mother who is fighting for justice for her two daughters. I will fill you in and show all this woman has been through and what her and her daughters have had to endure.

I did an interview with her an I will share it here,




Here’s a live she did on fedbook,

You can find a lot of photos on this site I set up for her of the letters and correspondence she has had over this issue with her daughters. I will be doing more on this story, Filling in as soon as I get working equipment. I wish I could do more to help.


I will be doing more on this story when I get working equipment so as always stay tuned.

thoughts on infowars being censored


censorship wars have begun, they took infowars down, now they will take anybody down they want.. people have been warning about this for years.. Are everyone going to fight back, I have been, waiting for them to fully take me down as well.

I’m fighting a sever migraine and get on to see that they banned infowars, now like it or hate it if they took down infowars they will fucking take you down next.. What are you going to do about it…

you can either cheer for your own destruction or get into the fight and do something.. most will cheer for their destruction and play in the system and be taken down later..

you all are troglodytes and deserve the destruction that is to come..

If you think it’s ok for infowars to be shut down, shut the fuck up when they shut you down as well.

The same people that are bitching about trump attacking the fake media, have no problem that Infowars is being attacked..


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