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I haven’t posted in awhile. so i’ll post and finish some stories here. firstly let me get to how i am, in June the third to be exact i suffered a heart attack and a stroke. come to find out i have had a lot of stokes some of my seizures were stokes. i also found out that my seizures are from my high blood pressure. thankfully i now have that mostly under control, i am recovering nicely. i was discharged from medical therapy today because I am doing so well.most of my movement is back. now I have to work on my voice. long road but I must travel. now to get to what you tuned in for the news.

I will fill you in later on that in another post this is about the stories i have covered on the past i’ll finish them first. then tell you about me,so without further adue lets start where to begin..

let’s begin with the story that was more hype then it needed to be I’m talking about hidden valley. a lot of you are wondering what happened there I was suckered that’s what.played for a sucker that’s what. all the work I put in to those stories to be duped in the end.

to have nobody do their part and no reports filed leaving me look like a fool yelling at people who were not at fault. everything i said about this place has been true. the thing is when no one reported this and told me they did I look like a fool. if people had of done what i asked this would have been over years ago. since the person dragged their feet and hid from people who were helping her things turned out the way they did. i gave up on it and put to much time and wasted energy on it. to be chumped at the end as I was I no longer want to help people. if people would have listened to me we would of had this place shut down’ instead pf a pity party for the condo owner. I feel they did not want the place shut down they got off in having me talk about them the same as Andy did. the more i talked about them the more they liked it. the closer I got to the truth the more they freaked/ everything i told them was true including the stuff i did not print. the facts remain I was right.

And speaking of Andy let me spend a few moments on this fuck. not too many as i do not want to give him any more space. anyone that death threats me had better be ready for me. I don’t take to kindly for that. I knew he was a blowhard the minute he started. well i’ m still here telling you about it. he was last seen in jail probable got out by now I could care less. not sure if he was working for the condo owner or not, do not care;.we won’t talk about him faking the police being in his house or them roughing him up I am done with the place and it can fall down around their ears for all I care. or all the other lies he’s told.and he’s told a lot of them.

I’m just wrapping up the stories. as far as i’m concerned this place is finished with out getting into it too much I got chumpped. I’ll be on guard from now on. people should beware of fucking over people who are trying to help. this place wasn’t worth it. the people weren’t worth it. the whole shitshow wasn’t worth it. in closing nothing was worth it. i wash my hands of the whole deal. tune in for more later.

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