WHY I HATE THIS DAY SO MUCH 11 years ago today







I’ve said it all before don’t want to repeat it again. I miss you Sean  D. Mckay you are always on my mind and I’m sorry I could do nothing to bring this to a close and bring any justice to you or your family. I tried my best but the criminal system won’t give me the records or listen to my pleas.

I have fought for you, but since the fucker blew his own head off they consider the case closed.  I will forever curse this day. Rest in peace my friend, have fun storming that castle.

Till we meet again thanks  for what you did and showing me the true horrors of this system. I will always keep my weapon and defend my life and those of others. This will be short because I don’t have the will to go into it right now. I have a hatred for this day and have a form of ptsd over it. Rest easy your fight is over. Thanks for protecting my family. LOVE YOU

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.