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It doesn’t even matter how hard you try,
I tried so hard, And got so far,
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter
(the above is paraphrased from Linkin Park’s In the end)

no matter what you do it seems it’s all worth nothing till later, then everyone sees it for what it was worth maybe, but by then it’s too late. You fight so hard for people, stand up for them, then when you need the help you are on your own fighting by yourself for yourself. Then the battle is over and everyone wants you to fight for them again because you fight so hard. Because you fight so hard and win, people who won’t fight want you to fight their battles for them. Then when you help them win, they discard you like a wrapper on a package, then expect you to be there when they need you..

Keep this in mind the next time someone is fighting your battles for you. Soon the people who do the most fighting will; when that void is hit, they will walk away.

I have spent at least 6 or so years on fedbook fighting their censorship on my account, they have now ramped it up to the point I can do almost nothing on my page. No one seems to notice that both House Sutphin Productions Podcasts and Get The News Straight pages are not there. I don’t have the ability to do live broadcasts because of them messing with the main page. My reach they told me is censored and almost nothing. So be it, I am walking away. All the platforms I’m on have delisted me and won’t show my articles on the front pages anymore even the one’s I pay for and you all still want me to fight and carry on fighting for your rights when I have none.

I have no freedom of the Press as a Press Correspondent, I have no freedom of speech while you still have yours and won’t use it for fear of losing it. You cower in fear of things that if you rise up and banned together you could easily by sheer volume of numbers defeat. But you all are too busy in fighting over trivial crap. Fighting with each other over differences of opinions that don’t matter mean while your rights are disappearing. Instead of agreeing to disagree and banning together to fight the real enemies.

I gave everyone the right to say whatever on my pages even when I was in disagreement with you till the attacks were personal and turned to threats. If I come back to that wretched publishing spy grid which I seriously doubt I will, you will not have the right to freedom of speech I willing shared because I was denied mine by so many of you. I will be as callous as most were to me. You should treat others as you want to be treated, so as most have treated me I will now treat you. Now not everyone treated me bad, god there were some of you that have stood up and showed that there are some humans worth fighting the fight for.

But when I no longer have the resources to do what I need to do it is beyond impossible. I don’t ask anyone to pay my way, to give me money for food, rent, car payments and those bills that one should be responsible for on one’s own. I ask for help taking care of the bills to continue fighting the war I was waging. Help take care of the website bills, the domain bills, to help get better equipment, and stuff I couldn’t afford because I was taking care of my living bills, but you all turned your backs and wouldn’t help; then tell me with no weapons to fight to do your battles for you. Well I can no longer, without the means to keep fighting I walk away.

All the time I get people asking me for money for this fraud or that and people willingly give it to them, I ask for help to keep fighting and get nothing and told I should be ashamed of myself for asking, well I stop and I stop fighting as well. Let’s see how it goes while I could be up there fighting, but I now watch the world burn.

I have 2,804 supposed friends on my friends list and 631 supposed followers, and not one person will help finance me on here. A few stellar individuals have stepped up and have helped in ways they could. To those individuals it was for you I was fighting the hardest. But I can’t and won’t continue. Most of you won’t take the time to leave fedbook and go to read my articles on my blog. You want me to post them on fedbook where fedbook will say they own them and my copyright. I own them not those fucks fedbook, they even say if you link to them they own them, which is totally against the law but who the fuck cares they are to big to fail and very few have stood up to fight them. I did back in 20122013 that is why I have been censored since the beginning of this account.

I am a Rouge Hyperian, you may want to ask Morgue what being a hyperian is, till you figure it out you’ll never understand. Most of you won’t understand what that means, I can care less. I have lived my entire life different from you all, trying to fit in, I never have. The problem with normal Humans is they never listen till it’s too late then it’s too late. For years I’ve told you humans stuff that was going to happen and a good majority of you refused to listen, now you want people like me to fight your battles so you can discard us after we win.

I have a lot to think about, I will be shutting my account down for awhile and taking some time off that damn spy grid fedbook. I might be back on in a few months, don’t really know yet. I have been waging a one man information war since 1987. I need a brake but if I come back it won’t be like it is now. We will see what I decide when I get back. People have taught me that it does no good to rely on them to help me, there are a few good people and for them I owe it to them to fight but not how hard I’m fighting now. Plus I need to throw the bots and algorithms off me. As soon as I get my zipfile (which fedbook never gave me) so I closed my account. To those of you that cared I’m sorry, but the fight not worth it. I have to take care of me for awhile. I will continue to post to my blog, if you want me you can find me here. https://lordnelga.wordpress.com/ Because housesutphin.com will shut down after the contract runs out because of no money to keep it.

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