I walk away with my head held high

I have fought and bled for as long as I can I now walk away having given everything I can with no financial help I can not continue so I say farewell. I might be back someday who knows. thanks to those few who care, I’m done. This account will close soon. Your words that you need me don’t pay for all the bills to keep going so everything is shutting down. Thanks for all the friendships if only that was all it took.. I’m walking away knowing I fought as hard as I could, but it wasn’t enough. I appreciate what some of you had done it meant alot. So I say ado.

I have fought long and hard, giving everything I had, been hit hard and stand back up and brush myself off to fight again. I am expected to fight every one’s battles for them, but when I get hit so very few come to my aid. Everyone wants me to support and send them money for all their stuff, which I don’t have. But I ask for money for help to pay for all the rising costs of maintaining the sites I have to fight I am treated like a plague. They tell me information is free, but the costs to put out that information is not and no one cares. I am being deplatformed and no one seems to care to help so I can’t fight any more with less that nothing. Been doing it too long.

I started this as a hobby that I tried to make into a profession I could do from my home as I can not work haven’t been able to for 30 years,. But people tell me to give it up be a couch potato and do something constructive. Well I do a lot of research, pore hours upon hours combing through tons of shit no one looks into and bring them what I find just to be ridiculed, and told I’m a conspiracy theorist and worse because people are to damned brainwashed into believing shit that’s not true. Or being lead astray by their cognitive dissidence and stupidity. Being lead by the false paradigm that the criminals wouldn’t dare use children as shills to push their cons. And because I can see through the bullshit, I am cast out as the one who is wrong/ Only to be found to be right then told I am still wrong because I told you what was going on before the main stain media brings it out. I am like 8 years ahead of most every one.

I try to be fair and balanced and give both side of the issue and allow you to figure it out for yourselves. Without telling you to follow what I say as authorities tell you, but most of you only want that to feel less obligated to your own feelings. “Well they told me to do it so it must be right, I have no thoughts or obligations because I was ordered to do it”. “Well a child can’t be bad even though they are giving me poison, I have to drink it because it’s a child” and other stupid thing you say to rationalize the con. Most only want to hear their opinions coming out of someone’s mouth to feel good about being lied to, and since I don’t do that I am wrong and need to be silenced. Well you win, I walk away from it all.

I am tired of almost all of you coming against me bashing me then finding out i’m right and running away and hiding till you either get hit and need me to fight for you, or till the next con and you come up against me again. I am taking time off and going to sit and watch the world burn for awhile. I might be back in another form in a while, I might just say fuck it and not care about the wretched humanity that we have all become I don’t know. There are some good decent one’s amongst you but they are very rare. To those few I say sorry I couldn’t work miracles. I tried but didn’t have the backing.

Almost every site I have is trying to silence me. Every site I go to I get censored or banned, there’s really no where for me to go. And exposing the shit most of these sites do is looked at like ten miles of bad weather. I get heat for exposing all the lies instead of the liars who are doing the cons, you all pay them a shit ton of money and feel bad for being ripped off but won’t pay me anything for giving you the truth.

I do not feel bad I did beyond what I could and am tired of fighting for you so hard, so I walk away with my head held high knowing I did beyond my best. Too those I helped you are who I did what I did for. I’ve faced slander by people I helped and that’s how they repaid me. Saved peoples lives and been told to go to hell for it. Dug people out of debt only to be cast aside and told to do more. That is all this world has taught me for trying to be a good person. Used up and thrown away till you need your shit saved again. Well your own your own, glad I was expendable.

I might be back, I really don’t know yet. Don’t stay tuned and take care. signing off, maybe I’ll see you around.

Press Correspondent
Glen M Sutphin A.P.P.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.


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