More on the climate change Greta Thunberg infodump

The climate change darling that seems to have come out of nowhere has been created to push this fraud. I have uncovered information about her. I will list an infodump of links later in this article. She is being compaired to the virgin mother Mary for being so pure and wholesome, talks about giving her the nobel prize and comparing her to the saviour. You people are nuts.

Remember that time in the 1970-1980 when russia launched all those nuclear missiles over the polar ice caps and nukes us to oblivion, and we all were killed? Remember when all the gass was gone and we all died in the 1970’s? Remember all those times the earth ended and everyone died? remember when the polar ice caps melted and we were killed by the water that flooded the continents? Remember when all those times that the lord came back and the earth was destroyed? None of those ever fucking happened, but yet each time they say something bad is going to happen you all jump on the doomsday band wagon and go after anyone who goes against your paranoia you people need to be in FEMA camps. I’ve told you time after time of the truth of events and you attack label me and ridicule me then, some later say thank you for standing up and showing us. Well I’ve had enough with no financial backing and just scraping by trying to bring all this to you for nothing. So I am walking away with no more help to you. They are hitting me hard and deplatforming me.

The link above shows she is an actress and she is being used to push a scam. Her parents are being investigated by child services for child abuse.

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Wow. #howdareyou @gretathunberg

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When the law of equivalent exchange is not followed and you give more than you ever receive there is a void that is formed. That point was pasted a while ago now the system is out of whack and I can’t fix it so I walk away knowing I have no rights and nothing else to give. I’ve tried and very few and I mean very few returned the exchange your all on your own. Hope you make it. I’m done helping and getting very little in return and having no rights. End Of File…

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