Climate change scam. Revised 22/09/2019 by Josh Fielding; a friend from fedbook

Josh Fielding

Climate change scam. Revised 22/09/2019

Firstly co2 only makes up a small portion of greenhouse effort the vast majority is made up of water vapour.

The general argument our co2 levels is highest it has been in the last 3-6 million years. Is naturally oxymoronic, as it proves without humanity our planet naturally produces co2 levels on its own.

Additionally via “co2 experiment proving co2 causes temp to fall not rise” the writer ran a very interesting experiment where he tested co2 with filaments. Naturally if co2 had a heating element you would expect a rise in temperature. But instead the opposite happened.

“Co2 dose not cause climate change” link runs the yes and no sides of debate. References are really good. Under “And here’s the fulsome reply to Menne by Watts and D’Aleo” a 209 page PDF link is available.
What I find interesting is of the 6000 stations they started with only 1500 remain for the entire planet. These stations were built to monitor tempture fluctuations around the world. Additionally they were built at completely different elevations, some were coastal, urban based in cities etc as such they all had different base temps which altered the results.

Page 41 and the placement of these sensors is very revealing. Scientists also appear not to have calculated ambient temperatures of the buildings and concrete/ rock surfaces increase, subtracting it from the result. which in turn would lead to lower temperatures.

Page 111 illustrates a cool down period around 1940 while fossil fuel production was growing. This disputes the hypothesis co2 equals warming of temp.

Page 116 covers a series of emails between the scientists, who appear to have known they had made mistakes and continued representing the flawed data anyway.

By page 209 it has also covered oceans temp rise which is about 70% of our planet. Yet as expected scientists placed only a handful of sensors leaving vast areas completely exposed. Then simply guessed, falsified or fabricated the data.

This of course strengthens the first links argument.

Second, electromagnetic pulses from a 1.2 million km in diameter burning ball of plasma we call the sun is the driving force of our climate change, as it was global cooling and global warming.

Third we simply take capitalism to the only logical step forward advance capitalism.

We simply remove the cost of wages via tax reduction up to $80,000 per year.
This would allow companies to hire 2 million batch’s of humans at $60,000 per year each (base line) about $120 billion a year without having to pay that cost.

When you are looking at countries like America with 57 million (including children who will eventually turn 18 years old) and how much it’ll cost to pay each $60,000 a year this is essential.

Then its a simple matter of building 30 greenhouse’s to store 54 million trees each. Each tree taking about 6 weeks to grow.

Requiring 1.5 million humans to plantQ

Now land, my 109 trillion mark was simply to demonstrate the utter stupidity of climate change and how easier it would be to fix.

Naturally we already have 3 trillion trees, absorbing 3 trillion tonnes of co2 and humanity only produces between 980 billion to 2 trillion per 40 years.

Subsequently we have 2 billion acres, 8.9 trillion m2 of land allowing for about 1.7 trillion trees with 5m2 diameter radius to grow.

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Greta Thunberg nearly cries as she calls out UN leaders


Environment activist Greta Thunberg furiously broke down in tears while speaking at the U.N. Climate summit in NY on Monday, calling out leaders for stealing her generation’s future.

I have Josh Fielding‘s permission to share this on my blog. I want to thank him for putting all this information out there. FEDBOOK has labeled me FAKE NEWS for putting out news before it hits the main stain media and has been trying to deplatform me every way they can. They even told me the SUN does not influence the climate??? Only believe what their FAKE FACT CHECKERS say when I have shown their FAKE FACT CHECKERS to be wrong numerous times. That is why I am sharing everything now on my blog, those who want to see it come to my blog. So as always stay tuned there’s more to come. If some of the links don’t work I apologize I am being messed with all around for putting out the news and they are trying to deplatform me. My rights as press are being slaughtered and I get very lttle support. And I mean very little.

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