What happened tonight on fedbook.

This is the live feed video from fedbook

Most of you remember I shared an article about my good friend Brian Keith Castle passing away. Well today I get a message from him in messenger on fedbook. Imagine my surprise. He has been dead for about two years now.

So I contacted his widow and asked if she let someone use his account, she hadn’t and told me she was very upset and got a message as well. So as I said in the video I went after them. Some of this I posted on fedbook, so forgive me if it seems jumbled. All the underlined is post from fedbook.

Now I have been having problems with fedbook, big shock. Fedbook has labeled me FAKE NEWS and fedbook is so intent on going after me but let’s stupid fucks use my dead friends account to push crap by a hacker or whoever. if anyone that was friends of Brian K Castle get’s any messages report it to fedbook or the fbi. I’ll be contacting fedbook through the press contacts and might have to talk to the fbi myself again.

I have sent an email to fedbook through their press channel we’ll see if they do anything or if I have to go back to the FBI. If any of Brian K Castle‘s friends get a message from his account let me know. I am looking into it and will get it to stop.They are pushing this, this is their exact words “Have you heard about the health and human service national institute Of health and government grant offer yet?”
I am investigating it now.

To the friends of Brian K Castle they <the hackers> are pushing this scam.. https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/…/scammers-impersonate-nationa…
and I know keith would want me to protect his friend from trolls. And if you trolls are reading this I told you i’m coming.

I will probably have to go visit the FBI again as it seems that is the only way to get the people caught who are doing the scam. FEDBOOK is going to contact my dead friends account. Well if the hackers have control of it guess what will happen, NOTHING. A bunch of do nothing crap. but they sure come after me for nothing but real crime they endorse. Why do I bother, because I will do something and I owe it to my friend to at least try.

So in closing I will keep it short and keep you updated on what is going on. And as always stay tuned. I will be doing more lives on this as well as other news events.

Author: lordnelga

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