I walk away with my head held high

I have fought and bled for as long as I can I now walk away having given everything I can with no financial help I can not continue so I say farewell. I might be back someday who knows. thanks to those few who care, I’m done. This account will close soon. Your words that you need me don’t pay for all the bills to keep going so everything is shutting down. Thanks for all the friendships if only that was all it took.. I’m walking away knowing I fought as hard as I could, but it wasn’t enough. I appreciate what some of you had done it meant alot. So I say ado.

I have fought long and hard, giving everything I had, been hit hard and stand back up and brush myself off to fight again. I am expected to fight every one’s battles for them, but when I get hit so very few come to my aid. Everyone wants me to support and send them money for all their stuff, which I don’t have. But I ask for money for help to pay for all the rising costs of maintaining the sites I have to fight I am treated like a plague. They tell me information is free, but the costs to put out that information is not and no one cares. I am being deplatformed and no one seems to care to help so I can’t fight any more with less that nothing. Been doing it too long.

I started this as a hobby that I tried to make into a profession I could do from my home as I can not work haven’t been able to for 30 years,. But people tell me to give it up be a couch potato and do something constructive. Well I do a lot of research, pore hours upon hours combing through tons of shit no one looks into and bring them what I find just to be ridiculed, and told I’m a conspiracy theorist and worse because people are to damned brainwashed into believing shit that’s not true. Or being lead astray by their cognitive dissidence and stupidity. Being lead by the false paradigm that the criminals wouldn’t dare use children as shills to push their cons. And because I can see through the bullshit, I am cast out as the one who is wrong/ Only to be found to be right then told I am still wrong because I told you what was going on before the main stain media brings it out. I am like 8 years ahead of most every one.

I try to be fair and balanced and give both side of the issue and allow you to figure it out for yourselves. Without telling you to follow what I say as authorities tell you, but most of you only want that to feel less obligated to your own feelings. “Well they told me to do it so it must be right, I have no thoughts or obligations because I was ordered to do it”. “Well a child can’t be bad even though they are giving me poison, I have to drink it because it’s a child” and other stupid thing you say to rationalize the con. Most only want to hear their opinions coming out of someone’s mouth to feel good about being lied to, and since I don’t do that I am wrong and need to be silenced. Well you win, I walk away from it all.

I am tired of almost all of you coming against me bashing me then finding out i’m right and running away and hiding till you either get hit and need me to fight for you, or till the next con and you come up against me again. I am taking time off and going to sit and watch the world burn for awhile. I might be back in another form in a while, I might just say fuck it and not care about the wretched humanity that we have all become I don’t know. There are some good decent one’s amongst you but they are very rare. To those few I say sorry I couldn’t work miracles. I tried but didn’t have the backing.

Almost every site I have is trying to silence me. Every site I go to I get censored or banned, there’s really no where for me to go. And exposing the shit most of these sites do is looked at like ten miles of bad weather. I get heat for exposing all the lies instead of the liars who are doing the cons, you all pay them a shit ton of money and feel bad for being ripped off but won’t pay me anything for giving you the truth.

I do not feel bad I did beyond what I could and am tired of fighting for you so hard, so I walk away with my head held high knowing I did beyond my best. Too those I helped you are who I did what I did for. I’ve faced slander by people I helped and that’s how they repaid me. Saved peoples lives and been told to go to hell for it. Dug people out of debt only to be cast aside and told to do more. That is all this world has taught me for trying to be a good person. Used up and thrown away till you need your shit saved again. Well your own your own, glad I was expendable.

I might be back, I really don’t know yet. Don’t stay tuned and take care. signing off, maybe I’ll see you around.

Press Correspondent
Glen M Sutphin A.P.P.

More on the climate change Greta Thunberg infodump

The climate change darling that seems to have come out of nowhere has been created to push this fraud. I have uncovered information about her. I will list an infodump of links later in this article. She is being compaired to the virgin mother Mary for being so pure and wholesome, talks about giving her the nobel prize and comparing her to the saviour. You people are nuts.

Remember that time in the 1970-1980 when russia launched all those nuclear missiles over the polar ice caps and nukes us to oblivion, and we all were killed? Remember when all the gass was gone and we all died in the 1970’s? Remember all those times the earth ended and everyone died? remember when the polar ice caps melted and we were killed by the water that flooded the continents? Remember when all those times that the lord came back and the earth was destroyed? None of those ever fucking happened, but yet each time they say something bad is going to happen you all jump on the doomsday band wagon and go after anyone who goes against your paranoia you people need to be in FEMA camps. I’ve told you time after time of the truth of events and you attack label me and ridicule me then, some later say thank you for standing up and showing us. Well I’ve had enough with no financial backing and just scraping by trying to bring all this to you for nothing. So I am walking away with no more help to you. They are hitting me hard and deplatforming me.

The link above shows she is an actress and she is being used to push a scam. Her parents are being investigated by child services for child abuse.






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Wow. #howdareyou @gretathunberg

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When the law of equivalent exchange is not followed and you give more than you ever receive there is a void that is formed. That point was pasted a while ago now the system is out of whack and I can’t fix it so I walk away knowing I have no rights and nothing else to give. I’ve tried and very few and I mean very few returned the exchange your all on your own. Hope you make it. I’m done helping and getting very little in return and having no rights. End Of File…

Climate change scam. Revised 22/09/2019 by Josh Fielding; a friend from fedbook

Josh Fielding

Climate change scam. Revised 22/09/2019

Firstly co2 only makes up a small portion of greenhouse effort the vast majority is made up of water vapour.

The general argument our co2 levels is highest it has been in the last 3-6 million years. Is naturally oxymoronic, as it proves without humanity our planet naturally produces co2 levels on its own.

Additionally via “co2 experiment proving co2 causes temp to fall not rise” the writer ran a very interesting experiment where he tested co2 with filaments. Naturally if co2 had a heating element you would expect a rise in temperature. But instead the opposite happened.

“Co2 dose not cause climate change” link runs the yes and no sides of debate. References are really good. Under “And here’s the fulsome reply to Menne by Watts and D’Aleo” a 209 page PDF link is available.
What I find interesting is of the 6000 stations they started with only 1500 remain for the entire planet. These stations were built to monitor tempture fluctuations around the world. Additionally they were built at completely different elevations, some were coastal, urban based in cities etc as such they all had different base temps which altered the results.

Page 41 and the placement of these sensors is very revealing. Scientists also appear not to have calculated ambient temperatures of the buildings and concrete/ rock surfaces increase, subtracting it from the result. which in turn would lead to lower temperatures.

Page 111 illustrates a cool down period around 1940 while fossil fuel production was growing. This disputes the hypothesis co2 equals warming of temp.

Page 116 covers a series of emails between the scientists, who appear to have known they had made mistakes and continued representing the flawed data anyway.

By page 209 it has also covered oceans temp rise which is about 70% of our planet. Yet as expected scientists placed only a handful of sensors leaving vast areas completely exposed. Then simply guessed, falsified or fabricated the data.

This of course strengthens the first links argument.

Second, electromagnetic pulses from a 1.2 million km in diameter burning ball of plasma we call the sun is the driving force of our climate change, as it was global cooling and global warming.

Third we simply take capitalism to the only logical step forward advance capitalism.

We simply remove the cost of wages via tax reduction up to $80,000 per year.
This would allow companies to hire 2 million batch’s of humans at $60,000 per year each (base line) about $120 billion a year without having to pay that cost.

When you are looking at countries like America with 57 million (including children who will eventually turn 18 years old) and how much it’ll cost to pay each $60,000 a year this is essential.

Then its a simple matter of building 30 greenhouse’s to store 54 million trees each. Each tree taking about 6 weeks to grow.

Requiring 1.5 million humans to plantQ

Now land, my 109 trillion mark was simply to demonstrate the utter stupidity of climate change and how easier it would be to fix.

Naturally we already have 3 trillion trees, absorbing 3 trillion tonnes of co2 and humanity only produces between 980 billion to 2 trillion per 40 years.

Subsequently we have 2 billion acres, 8.9 trillion m2 of land allowing for about 1.7 trillion trees with 5m2 diameter radius to grow.

sun activity driving climate change


Co2 dose not cause climate change

why Co2 is required for life

co2 experiment proving co2 causes temp to fall not rise

Co2 to 02, 02 to Co2

Global cooling/ global warming/ climate change fiction





1.5 million humans planting 66 million trees

Other links




Solar panel waste

History of underwater volcanoes

Estimate 91 volcanoes under the artic ice caps



China air pollution

someone forgot about the 1-3 million volcanoes!



Conveniently forgotten volcanoes potentially melting ice caps

global warming/ cooling climate change










1500 potentially active volcanoes

97% backers

Greta Thunberg nearly cries as she calls out UN leaders


Environment activist Greta Thunberg furiously broke down in tears while speaking at the U.N. Climate summit in NY on Monday, calling out leaders for stealing her generation’s future.

I have Josh Fielding‘s permission to share this on my blog. I want to thank him for putting all this information out there. FEDBOOK has labeled me FAKE NEWS for putting out news before it hits the main stain media and has been trying to deplatform me every way they can. They even told me the SUN does not influence the climate??? Only believe what their FAKE FACT CHECKERS say when I have shown their FAKE FACT CHECKERS to be wrong numerous times. That is why I am sharing everything now on my blog, those who want to see it come to my blog. So as always stay tuned there’s more to come. If some of the links don’t work I apologize I am being messed with all around for putting out the news and they are trying to deplatform me. My rights as press are being slaughtered and I get very lttle support. And I mean very little.

Greta Thunberg news infodump for today

this is links to the news today for Greta Thunberg:




A little update on my 3 day ban on fedbook

I was banned as most of you know for sharing a post that got me attacked, threatened and banned for 3 days. The meme was of Propagandist Greta Thunberg compared to the nazi propaganda. Well in the wake of me being thrown off, several prominent figures have also used the same comparison; First before I shared it was Leo Zagami who I shared in the climate article I put out last night

Leo Zagami

Sorry Greta Aahaahahahahahahahahah screw youself and your Jesuit agenda. Amen

and today it was several including Dinesh D’Souza who wrote a tweet who a story was written. link below.

Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2019/09/23/greta-thunberg-compared-nazi-propaganda-girl-us-commentator-10790893/?fbclid=IwAR1eFcYGtnYD9uUqducq8QJs_7LIbVaH6PQ6jmOKXW8uBRju8LRo1lZ4COU?ito=cbshare
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetroUK | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MetroUK/

So in essence I was suspended for sharing real news that fedbook labeled as fake because of who I am and because it’s easy to take me out with no backing and silence me for coming out with news before it’s main stain media. They violate my freedoms every minute of every day because they hate that I made them look bad in 2012 – 2013 and continue to make them look bad. But really all I do is show the crap they do and shine a spotlight on it, They make themselves look bad, I just show it.

More soon so stay tuned…

The climate hoax and the abuse of children to push the agenda

First read my infodump article about the climate change hoax, it sort of leads into this one and I will be following up on this article. https://housesutphin.com/2019/09/18/global-warming-climate-change-and-the-hoax-they-are-pushing/
As well as following up on this article.

Well I got a 3 day ban; can’t post or comment on anything from fedbook because someone threatened me over a post on a subject I didn’t want to cover. I was covering the Area 51 raid instead of the climate strike because I knew what it would bring. So fine I’ll cover the big HOAX again. And show why the publishing company / spy grid FEDBOOK threw me off for threats against me… typical, someone gets butthurt and reports you and you get punished. So much for free speech.

So I will try to screen capture the ban the best I can and post it in the article. I captured the html but it’s a mess go figure, but I’ll post the picture that had almost 2000 shares…

First here’s the letter I sent FEDBOOK about their ban.
“so someone threatens you then reports your post so you can’t comment and you are punished. so much for defending yourself on your spy grid / publishing platform. And so much for my first amendment right to free speech which you violate all the time, and freedom of the press which I am one of. god I love your stupidity as a company, and since you’re now publishers where is my pay for using your platform. and how do I protect my copyright because you say you own my content that I publish on my website? As a publisher you are then responsible for all the child porn, gore porn and trash you push and should be sued.”
” I’ll take the 3 day ban but that meme is all over your spy platform and you do nothing to take it off. And you allow scams to be run on dead friends accounts. Yeh your really helping humanity, not that you all care.. I just wanted you to hear my opinion of your spygrid.”
FEDBOOK won’t even let me comment to them in reply to the ban.. So I post it here so all can see. as well as sent them an email through the press channels they have.

Now to the meat of the story using what I could salvage from the html file. Wish I was using linux so I could have screen captured all of it but alas this is what I have. I’ll just share what I can including the posts I did. The file is a mess no doubt because of them.

climate hoax: is it child abuse

Here’s the post that got flagged because I support NAZIS according to FEDBOOK and by people who threaten me: and I’m a terrorist for going against the hive mind collective and not being brainwashed. TROGLODYTES. Because I speak out against the hive mind mentality and can think for myself I get labeled everything under the sun. So be it label me and shut up. The NAZI‘s used children to push their propaganda the same way the governments still do. They tell us not to traumatize the children or make them have eco-anxiety. but then they brainwash them and use them as they see fit. Telling them it’s okay to walk out of school for a hoax; but they have to stay when they are being shot at and killed. What kind of fresh hell is that?

We’re not supposed to traumatize our children about it but the schools are allowed to brainwash them as they see fit and children are allowed to be used as pawns to push the agenda. Like this young girl who is coached and was trained to say things that are not true or push a parties agenda. I feel sorry for her being used an manipulated as she is. And as an advocate against child abuse I feel I have to point it out. But since she is being used I have to point that out as well. I do feel sorry for her.

Children need to be children, not used as puppets to do governments and evil groups bidding. And if she is a willing pawn I do as stated feel for her. Because I do feel she is being abused. Yes I have concern for the planet but pushing a sick agenda isn’t going to save it. Just pay the elites money and everything will be okay, is extortion and she could be an accomplice in a big fraud.

And if it were your child being manipulated wouldn’t you want someone to step up and try to help. But all I get is called a bully and worse for trying to do the right thing because the elites have you so dumbed down and brainwashed it isn’t funny.

And now I will discuss this and what is behind it with articles from different sources. No body likes being told the truth when they are being lied to. They want to stay happy in their ignorance and feel safe till it erupts then they whine, piss and moan about being taken by the con.

I’ll repost some of the articles that back this up starting with one source I’ve written a few articles for in the past.

George Soros is backing ‘climate activist’ Greta Thunberg | The Liberty Beacon
Corbyn’s brother Piers calls Greta Thunberg a ‘brainwashed child’
The climate strike is all about indoctrination, not scienceNYPOST.COM

This climate strike is a joke. Childish socialism won’t help the environment
Swedish climate activist Thunberg admits she might be ‘very naive’

What the swedes gave to say about it. https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/09/sorry_greta_even_your_fellow_swedes_arent_buying_the_climate_change_claptrap_anymore.html

These are just some of the stories that you won’t see on the spy grid known as FEDBOOK who controls what you get and conducts mind experiment on you admittedly in this article and this one as well.

Then I get this cryptic post:
Mejia Adrian Glen M Sutphin
Be afraid, be VERY fucking afraid”

To which I reply:
Glen M Sutphin okay right is that a threat on me?”
a simple question.

He replies with this garbage like it’s nothing.. But just talk
Mejia Adrian Glen M Sutphin
Are you so afraid that any sentence you dont like is a threat? 🤣😂
Fucking snowflake!”

My response to him which I don’t think made it to post because it got flagged as did the whole thread was:
Glen M Sutphin I’d first have to know you to fear you or value your opinion person I don’t know. and I could care less about threats. I’ve have millions of death threats. but that’s like your opinion and much like assholes everyone has one. thanks for commenting. “

As this was happening someone else posted this,don’t know because the html is garbled up:

Then I get the 3 day ban. This is what happens always to me for sharing alternate narratives of stuff that goes against the main stain media and spy grid outlets.

Leo Zagami’s article just days before my ban

“In Europe, in the last few months, we have witnessed the rise of a young political star, a certain Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old Swedish activist, said to be affected by Asperger syndrome, who looks more like an evil character from a Stephen King movie. Greta, who is obviously being used by the Illuminati elite for their own project of world domination, has inspired a global movement where children are asked to skip school to demand action on climate change. “

I may try to get Leo Zagami’s take on it if I can. I know he’s a busy man. I’ll end the article here and stay tuned I’m not done with the story yet. I also want to thank my good friend for a few decades Troy Rawls for posting what is happening to me on FEDBOOK. Get better mate, hope you get out of the hospital soon, maybe we can do a video soon.

*fixed some of the links that were not working

AREA 51 raid


Area 51 raid

So far two dutch youtubers have been arrested trying to get into Area 51, they went too soon. They should have waited for the “Naruto Runners” and “Furries” that are supposed to be there.

This is what was behind the event.

More on the story:

The military takes a look at “Naruto Runners”:

A bit of humor before we get into it in the next day or so:

Image may contain: 3 people, text

This just in today 2019/09/19 on Area 51:

Officials say they’re ready for whatever comes from Area 51 events

Alienstock organizer optimistic after ‘fabulous’ 1st day — BLOG

Will update later today when things hopefully happen. Hope that some events take place and it’s not a total wash out.


Here’s a look at Area 51 from the satellite over view of it, they have increased the bases size and from the landsat you can see a lot of things, you can’t see from the ground or at least you used to be able to.


Area 51 satellite view

Area 51 raid day: UFO & alien hunters descending on Nevada as US military calls in reinforcements & declares no-fly zone

Area 51 has ‘secrets that deserve to be protected,’ US Air Force top brass warns ‘stormers’







Since i’m not finding any live coverage of the raid I will put the article out with an update if I do come across any. And I will show some of what I’ve found at the base in the update, have to go do some more research on the landsat images and see if they scrubbed them or not. Any way stay tuned.