update 20190615: happy birthday to my wife

First I will wish my wife a happy birthday. Another year stuck with me, Love you bunches.

And now on to the other things, We are trying to get all our stuff out of the house to be out and gone before they do whatever. Taking on responsibilities that aren’t ours because some people force them on you will stop soon, things are chaotic as hell and I don’t have to time to be on. moving and packing and selling a house all alone is intense to say the least. I will be here less and less as the month wares on. soon I won’t be here then I’ll be back l8r on in a few months. this is the way it has to be. my blog has taken a hit and might be the worse read year to date because I don’t have the time to do everything and deal with all the shit in my life and move and put up with the shit from woman hitler and life goes on. this too shall pass it will pass as a kidney stone but it will pass. this is called a growing pain. I have tons of footage and pictures that I will work on for something new we have been doing. I will be doing a new segment on my blog after I get established in the new place. I might even be able to go live and do my show again, but time will tell. I will be doing some recording and editing. so stay tuned.

Author: lordnelga

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