Explaining some of my behavior the past few days:

community standards sometimes are just as bad as HOA’s/

seems foolish me freaking out about taking the dog to the vet but..bad memories

My fear about my dog is me, I just have to do what I said I wouldn’t do. Have to make it right in me.. And live with my choice it’s a internal thing I’m dealing with. He has to go to the vet, making the appointment tomorrow..

I feel for those who have to leave pets to live somewhere. That is a very real pain, one that should be done away with. It’s not the animals fault it’s the prejudiced of people that is the cause of that pain. People projecting their fears on others is the cause and should be made illegal. Now I can see some reason for some of it but yeah.. I feel for you..

my fear about my dog was me listening to someone I shouldn’t of. myself/

ever been so stressed your own brain starts making you invent problems to be stressed about. I’m there

I have to take my dog to the vet, and go back on my word. The last time I was at the vet I had to put my other dog down. I dread him going to the vet. but it has to be done for us to move. and I also promised him he wouldn’t be fixed, but.. hope he forgives me.. but if we want to move its the price we’ll have to pay. so I can imagine what people feel like when they have dogs and a place says you can’t have your dog. because some asinine rule/

hope that helps explain my fear over the past couple of days, hate doctors, hate vets. having to hold my baby while she was put down took more of a toll on me then I thought. just been stressful week. hanging in there though

and if places say dogs allowed then have a list of what breeds aren’t welcome isn’t that false advertisement? now if they say certain restrictions apply then it’s sort of alright, but the wording is messed up. and isn’t like like saying “I don’t like curly hair and you have it so your not welcome” OR “you’re a certain race your not welcome” where are the animal rights, and to stop someone from living somewhere because you don’t like their pet…… kind of petty I think but just hits me wrong..

or even judge on an individual basis for the animal. I’ve seen little yabby dogs that are more viscous then some of the breeds they say aren’t welcome. you know those annoying ankle biters.

guess my ranting is because of being an activist against such things. And making you abide by arbitrary rules that are due lots of times to persons biases sucks. I understand it to a point, but it is discriminatory in nature and my gut reaction is to fight it. I understand people own the land and can do with it what they please. but they are also offering you the service of the land so it should be …. I lost track.. but you see I feel very deeply for it.. After the stress is over in a few days when we get the final okay I will be my old crazy self again. Just been very stressful past week.

Trauma induced stress.. like PTSD: bad memories that haunt you even though you thought you got over it.

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