Upcoming: things to look forward to.

I will get the part this week and will try to test out the system, and/or put out a video either recorded or live. or both depends on the weather and my condition. I will be updating some of HVC story and a fact the wife brought up. I will be updating a story I recovered part of from a dying hard drive. It was the start of a series we were going to do. So it will be episode 1, we will be shooting another episode this Sunday-Monday our 24th anniversary.. ether way. March 4th 2019. Might just release it all at once.. And as already said our 24th anniversary.. So we decided we are going to VA Beach. And play on the beach and do videos and maybe lives.

My son hasn’t been to the beach since he was 2, he’s now 21.. His fiancee is going with us, sort of a double date.. She hasn’t been to the beach in a while either.. so it will be fun and captured for your enjoyment. Might do multiple videos as segments for the show, we’ll see.

I will be taking the new laptop to set up and hopefully do some lives. so stay tuned this coming weekend.

Author: lordnelga

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