I have been tying a few stories together here.

It all started with this article https://housesutphin.com/2014/02/22/another-story-of-abuse-in-pa-the-hidden-truths-behind-hidden-valley-homeowners-association-part-1/ 5 years ago…

Hidden Valley Condo’s hellhole

I have written a lot of articles detailing this Deficient condo and all the horrors therein. Have tried in vain to get action against the building and from the governor of PA and other agencies, I will be doing more in 2019 against this building and want to continue to get the word out there. I have started tying several stories together, being my leaving APRI Radio broadcast, AJO’s involvement and Hidden Valley Condo’s all being a huge story in and of itself. AJO has been one of the main stumbling blocks to my doing anything. https://housesutphin.com/2019/02/17/now-i-can-tell-why-i-left-apri-radio-broadcasting-and-kiler-davenport/

This article was written in 2016 https://housesutphin.com/…/condemn-hidden-valley-condos-now/ detailing why the building needs to be condemned.

I made a website https://truthbehindthehvc.wordpress.com/ that contains a lot of information about the building. Trying to get interest built up again and keep it in the news. It’s always in my top feed on my site so I guess people are still interested in it. In the coming year I will be releasing more information that I have found on it, as well as going after some of the agencies that refuse to answer my emails and do what they are suppose to do.

It was 5 years ago I started my articles against Hidden Valley Condos, I have been derailed from my activities by AJO and his friends, and to date not a whole lot has been done to help with getting this place condemned. Even though it already has been by an an engineers report 3 years ago. I have a lot of information I refuse to put out there about the place to try and keep a condo owner safe. But I am now going to do what I can to get the word out there. As far as I know AJO is sitting behind bars for a crime he committed, https://housesutphin.com/2018/12/29/in-the-past-few-days-i-got-an-anonymous-snail-mail-about-the-whereabouts-of-andrew-joseph-ostrowski/

My first priority was to the condo owner, but in the 5 years of dealing with this hellhole, my priority has now shifted to taking the building down. I have lost the expert I had looking into the matter, that being my father who passed away, and that really hurt my cause. But I’m now back on the job and have contacted a number of people about it. I need someone to do their damn job up in PA.

So with the 5th anniversary upon us, I will reboot the story and take a different route to getting the story out there. I haven’t spent 5 years on this story, money and time to just throw it all away. I have tried to get Project Veritas in on the story as well as Erin Brockovich. But have had no luck, I’ve also tried to get Tom Wolf’s the Governor of Pennsylvania’s attention on the matter as well to no avail. Everyone seems to ignore me and my attempts to do anything that should be an easy matter to handle, seems no one cares. Some even stating as much I keep getting “who the hell cares”. They care about grandstanding over non-important matters but ignore the really important matters. Fine I will do what I can even if it’s just doing articles on the place and what I find.

I am going to contact more entities, whose job it is to take care of these matters, so stay tuned for that. I do want to thank all those who have tried to help and to all those who have read my articles. I will be contacting code enforcement and other’s to try and get the story moving, if none do anything I will be reporting that in my articles. A few have contacted me but offered no help in the matter. The recorder of the deeds was somewhat helpful with the plats and deeds, there are still a few files I might need to get but lack the funds to get them but I have enough to prove what I need and I know where the other files that can’t be found are. As stated in previous articles, I have about 100 gigs of information on this building I have never seen or been in.

I have been on the story since before AJO came onto the scene, but he may have been involved with it since he was partners with another attorney, still don’t have all the information on that. But it’s really not important anymore to the evidence I now have and am going by. A lot of the problems are the HVC advocates handling of it and suppressing what is put out. Not really telling the whole story and not knowing who to trust, and trusting the wrong people. The information I have involves a lot of stuff I suspected and told the advocates 4-5 years ago. I was a surveyor, I do know a lot about subdivisions and where to look for information and I know how to read deeds and plats. I have a lot of questions about the deeds and plats where I have gotten a lot of my information, and I am questioning those same things as they are not accurate, verified by my father. Who last words on the subject where “go after the building”. My dad was one of my biggest critics till he started reading what I wrote then saw the plats and deeds, he was very impressed with what I had done and started to help me on the matter as best he could.

I will be focusing more on the building and less on the drama surrounding AJO’s ego and harassment of the advocates. Which is important but distracts from the cause, I am now the HVC Advocate I speak for this hellhole of a nightmare called Hidden Valley Condo’s. The other advocates can do as they please, I will speak solely for the building and will do what I can to take this building down. I will try my best to separate the issue into the building and articles on the drama and crimes being committed by AJO harassment. Stay tuned more is coming out on the issue.

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