Glimpse of the future

I’m more of a rouge operative, I have abandoned the time lords and their feeble attempt to control the lives of humans and am warning those of things to come in hopes of changing the future. My attempt is not going well as humans don’t care about such matters, yet I still inform and try to guide the race to a new evolution. One day the masses will look back and see what I tried to do and see everything I have said and understand it fully, which they can’t grasp now. Such is the price you pay for being way to far ahead of your time. I gladly pay the price to change the future here in the present, even if few understand or see the value in it. One day the war will come and you’ll wish for these simpler times. Wish you would have listened to the warnings and changed what would be so easy to do now instead of waited till it was too late. But all I can do is tell you, you must act on it yourselves. The future is not set, but it is planned and fluid, it can be changed those who control the world now this and plan accordingly, WE can change the course of history, but most won’t and are content to sit on their asses and let others control the world. I tire of trying to fight the course and change it alone. HUMANS I have a great love for you and yes am a racist, I believe fully in the human race, see so much potential in you, yet time and time again you let me down, and are reverting back to being regressed retarded troglodytes. Proving the time lords and the controller right each and every time. Stand up as one voice as one group and take back what if rightfully yours. Not divided by ignorance, not lead by color of skin or difference of opinion but as one voice. I know you won’t and most will call me crazy or insane and yes maybe I am, for I have seen a better different future. I know HUMANS can be so much more, but I know you won’t change and the war will come and I will do as I must. So for those who follow me and understand a little of what I’m talking about I thank you and cherish you. I grow tired of waiting for something I know is coming and prepare for it the best I can. I’ll talk more about it later.

Author: lordnelga

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