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In the past few days I got an anonymous snail mail about the whereabouts of Andrew Joseph Ostrowski.

In the past few days I got an anonymous snail mail about the whereabouts of Andrew Joseph Ostrowski. Since I’ve seen a lot of people inquiring about where he is and what’s going on I’ll fill you in. He’s in jail for terroristic threats against a church. He was denied bail, and will be held till trial.

Where did I get all my information, well the snail mail contained the court docket printed out. I then went to the court website and downloaded the pdf file of such, as well as several other pieces of information on him in the form of other dockets he has been involved in.

November 26, 2018
TERRORISTIC THREATS: On 11-14-18 Andrew Ostrowski (53) of Wilkes Barre was charged with Terroristic Threats Cause Serious Public Inconvenience (F3) for threats made against a religious institution and a warrant was issued.  On 11-20-18 Ostrowski was taken into custody by the Edwardsville Police Department and transported to the Wilkes Barre Police Department, where East Hempfield Township officers served the warrant and transported him to Lancaster County Prison.  Upon arraignment Ostrowski was held without bond.

Police Incidents from 11-14-18 to 11-25-18

AJO to name me in a lawsuit

Screenshot_2018-07-12 Hidden Valley Hidden Truth – Attempted Murders – - Andrew Joseph Ostrowski
This was June 4, 2018 to date no subpoena

This dude really loves to put out there bullshit and then claim you defamed him… My god does it stop.. He states in the above crap and I quote, this coming from a supposed lawyer mind you, this to me…

Andrew Joseph Ostrowski Please provide me with all communications by and/or between you, Steph Runyeon, and/or April Header/Runyeon, as well as copies of all writings related to me, and I will get a subpoena out.
Now if you do what you legally need to do you might get some of what you want. But don’t worry I will be providing all the links from where I found all the information I used to write the articles on my next article and to the world at large the rest of what you want you figure out how to get it yourself. It is illegal for me in VA being a one party consent state to record any conversation from a two party consent state such as PA. You as a lawyer should know all this crap, even me as press know this, otherwise I would have your threat to end my life recorded.. And it wasn’t the Hidden Valley Advocates that you love spreading their names around. Next there is no evidence that they are married as you alleged. But that has no relevance on the matter at hand, if they are good for them what difference does that make anyway, this issue was about a crappy building that you never did anything about. Plus if you read my articles I haven’t had contact with the advocates since a year or so ago, they didn’t like my handling of the story telling me I can’t put out information that I have in my possession, or that other people give me. And I do not trust them to do what needs to be done.

And your accretion that I defamed you just in the United states is baseless, and wrong. In order to defame you the accusations have to be false not that you don’t like it you really need to read some law books mate. Plus my articles are read worldwide, so it goes out worldwide not just the USA. Plus you defame yourself ever thing you do. I still welcome you to sue me, you has been nothing. I  might even include all your emails to me with your asinine comments, and sick innuendos to the public since I can’t seem to get lawyers or people I need in contact with me. I’ll end this here as there is another article with more incidences, of him harassing others namely a church, more recently.

The difference between PRESS and MEDIA

The difference between PRESS and MEDIA is simple:

MEDIA invents stories and pushes fake made up news. The PRESS reports things as they are, and often focus on the MEDIAs lies to show their crap. As PRESS I don’t fabricate stories and I tell you the news as it happen, I’m not worried about ratings or if your feeling get hurt by telling you the truth. If you want fake crap go to the MEDIA, if you want the real story follow me.. I tell you it as it is, even if it makes me look bad in the process.

What I told the EPA about the difference between MEDIA and PRESS. Yes I am like this in real life. Same as on my page.

Me at the EPA Hearing telling them the difference

Now it used to be that PRESS was the written or typed word, and MEDIA was video and audio. But much like things are today people use these words interchangeable. I carry a PRESS pass and not a MEDIA pass. I am a PRESS CORRESPONDENT not a REPORTER. There is a difference, you wouldn’t call a doctor a lawyer would you. They are two different things.

Again the terms seem to be interchangeable but we do two different things.

A correspondent is an on-the-scene news reporter who is also sometimes called a journalist. Correspondents contribute news to newspapers, radio stations, and television stations. Whenever anything newsworthy occurs in the world, a correspondent is often sent to the front lines to report back on what is taking place

What does a Correspondent do? – Sokanu

We used to be called news hounds, we do the research, dig through information and are usually the front line of the news. We are the original FREE PRESS, usually freelance seldom paid, and never given credit for what we do. Most have started their own news centers and we do as much as whole news rooms at times. But don’t have the backing of a big MEDIA station behind us, and aren’t talking heads you see every night on the TV. Doesn’t mean our news isn’t as important or not factual just means we don’t rip you off. We don’t make up fake stories and win prizes for doing so like a lot of the MEDIA seems to do in this day and age.

Now when I do an article on something, I always provide links to where I find all the information. I provide info-dumps and link pages that few read because all they are are pages of links, and few want to take the time to go through all the links, too long didn’t read them, is the answer I usually get. Then people ask me where I got the information, read the links that’s where I got the information. And yes at times that information is not factual and I go back and tell you such. People often mistake what I do on fedbook as all I do and that is my job, they are what I call WRONG. I use fedbook as a medium to put my work out there and to research topics and see what people are interested in, MY JOB you are reading now, my blog is what I do, MY JOB.

Everything I post on my blog is my work and almost all me, with few exceptions, if I use others work I always give them credit or try to. I am very honest on my blog and take great care to make the information I put out there as accurate as possible. I will be doing more video features in the upcoming year 2019, starts a new volume of the blog. I hope to do more coverage of events and more shows for Get The NEWS Straight. I’ll be oping up a new youtube channel, since the old one got so many strikes against it starting with coverage of the solar eclipse,

In closing I hope this explains the difference between the PRESS and MEDIA, I’ll be glad to answer any more questions in another article.

Articles I wrote about FEDBOOK in 2012


Articles about Facebook’s lack of oversight on their policies and the child porn and such:


These are articles I wrote in 2012 detailing what fedbook is and why I now call it FEDBOOK they are not what they say they are. They are a spygrid, run by most of the federal collective agencies, like the FBI, NSA, CIA, DARPA, and IARPA. to collect information and spy on you.

I found this on a back up hard drive and it says a lot about what is and was going on. Frederic Wolens was the man I spoke to on the phone as well as having spoke to the FBI about it and being ordered off the investigation by the FBI. Frederic Wolens no longer works for FEDBOOK.

Facebooks response to CP being on their site (hold onto your hat, it’s a doozy)

From: Frederic Wolens []
Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 12:09 PM
To: ………..
Subject: Re: Child Pornography

…… —

Thanks so much for reaching out, and I’ll be happy to help with your inquiry. May I ask, what group specifically are asking about?

It is absolutely not our policy to actions on an account for the volume or nature of their reports. And, you can find out more about the way we respond to these reports here – It would be great if we could speak more about these cases, as these users are often violating our terms in other ways which leads to their accounts being suspended, however, I can’t comment without more specifics.

I’m slightly surprised by the charges of this group, considering the support we have received in the past from various state attorney generals ( and if you would like, I can put you in touch with representatives from NCMEC who can speak to Facebook’s responsiveness. NCMEC is the national agency that responds to reports of child pornography. I have provided some additional background below, and I’m happy to provide more once we have a better understanding of the story.


Fred Wolens

Facebook Policy Communications

Nothing is more important to Facebook than the safety of the people that use our site and this material has absolutely no place on Facebook. We have zero tolerance for child pornography being uploaded onto Facebook and are extremely aggressive in preventing and removing child exploitive content. We scan every photo that is uploaded to the site using PhotoDNA to ensure that this illicit material can’t be distributed and we report all instances of exploitative content to NCMEC. We’ve built complex technical systems that either block the creation of this content, including in private groups, or flag it for quick review by our team of investigations professionals.

Additionally, we maintain a robust reporting infrastructure that leverages the over billion people who use our site to keep an eye out for offensive or potentially dangerous content. This reporting infrastructure includes report links on pages across the Facebook site, systems to prioritize the most serious reports, and a trained team of analysts who respond to reports and escalate them to law enforcement as needed. This team treats reports of exploitative content as an utmost priority.

We’ve worked with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo in the US, as well as the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre in the UK, to use known databases of child exploitive material to improve our detection and bring those responsible to justice.

We’re constantly refining and improving our systems and processes. However, we feel we’ve created a much safer environment on Facebook than exists off-line, where people can share this material in the privacy of their own homes without anyone watching.

Current Protections
• PhotoDNA that scans every single one of the nearly billion images that are uploaded to our site daily. These images are compared against our own internal hash list as well as NCMEC’s hash list to ensure no known child exploitative images are uploaded to the site. Once an image is verified as exploitative we will not only immediately escalate the account to the appropriate law enforcement personnel and NCEMEC, but also investigate the account for evidence of further wrongdoing. We have worked with state, local, and federal law enforcement to proactively pursue cases against bad actors who attempt to use our site for these detestable ends. Attorney Generals Kroeger, Madigan, and Harris have all spoken in support of Facebook’s use of PhotoDNA
• Report system of our over 800 million users who help monitor for abusive behavior and objects. We leverage this system to prioritize all reports relating to harassment or exploitative content, especially when pertaining to minors, and investigate all associated accounts as appropriate.
• We maintain a strong relationship with the Department of Justice, National Center for Missing Children, Interpol, the FBI, and numerous other state, local, federal and international law enforcement organizations and departments. We work with these LE contacts to help proactively pursue CP cases and help us investigate malfeasance.
• We have worked with others in the industry notably Google and Microsoft to improve our technologies and share best practices to help us investigate and surface exploitative content. We have participated extensively in several industry wide groups including the DNA Foundation and the Technology Coalition under the guidance of NCMEC. Additionally, we have worked with other non-profits in this space including Stop Child Trafficking Now and the Polaris Project to supplement our efforts and cast an even wider net for our safety efforts.
• We work closely with NCMEC, Interpol and other international law enforcement department to maintain an up-to-date list of keywords and terms commonly used by bad actors involved in these crimes to help us better surface and disrupt the spread of exploitative material.

Q: What do we do if CP is found on the site?

A : All accounts that have been disabled, removed from the site, or detected as being involved in CP activity are preserved to the fullest possible extent to aid in any subsequent law enforcement investigation. Furthermore, Facebook will often proactively surface these cases with domestic and international law enforcement to help aid in the arrest, apprehension and conviction of these perpetrators. As mentioned previously, once an account is suspected of being involved in illicit activity we will investigate associated objects (groups, Pages, and images etc.) and associates.

Facebook will become the first service to use Microsoft’s PhotoDNA, a new technology that can quickly comb through millions of photos to identify illegal images.

They admit they keep the profiles and zip files that you can’t have, and not just for CP but for everyone, and they will use them against you and you can’t have your own zipfile unless you download it if they let you. I am still going after them and fighting them. They have two of my zipfiles I can’t have and will never get. and they to date are holding my current accounts zipfile that they won’t let me download.

Help my friend keep her car for the holidays

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