Update to AJO story, stay tuned for more

I have sent several emails again to certain individuals about AJO, and will be following up on those emails tomorrow. I will be filling everyone in on what’s going on soon. I have stopped all comments on HVC, as putting out information at this point with no help on the matter is useless, and so AJO won’t use it to further his crap.

You can follow the story at two places, my main blog @ https://housesutphin.com/ and the only official site https://truthbehindthehvc.wordpress.com/

Interesting conversation I just had with Luzerne Sheriff about AJO.. While I can’t get the 302’s because mental health warrant are not public records, they did confirm what I put out was truthful regarding what happen. Since the conversation is off the record, not much I can share. But it does show I’m on the right path, and that eventually someone will hear and be able to do the right thing and help with this case and story. They are very familiar with AJO and his crap. I’m not done yet, I have to talk with Wilkes-barre police and the attorney working his case against the HVC advocates.

It had nothing to do with his fedbook posts and everything to do with his threats toward his family, as I said. The police showed considerable restraint considering they were there the whole time he videoed his fake wwe skit. Cause if it happened here in VA they would have jacked his ass up and taken him forcefully.

I will be putting out there more on this story and how it affected and effects the HVC story and has almost stopped all progress on the story, so if you are wondering about it stay tuned, More as it develops.. I will be sharing more soon.

Author: lordnelga

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