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Faith Foundation Fund MONEY DRIVE


from now till September 12, 2018, I am having the Faith Foundation Fund monetizes drive to gather funds for a new computer. This drive is for restoring my faith in humanity, my birthday and to gather the funds to get new equipment. The amount of funding determines my chance to get a new computer. The more money I get the better the equipment I can get. I’m holding this drive to generate funds, help me in my quest to get a working computer. I’m not setting a goal as this is to see how much persons will monetarily support me. I need at least $200.00 for the system I am looking at buying after the 12th of this month, September. Which is my dear friends birthday who passed away recently. So in all these things name I do this, PLEASE help with this event if you can or will. Money can be sent by paypal to


There are now a few new hashtags #

We now have two new hashtags for you to follow which should get you all our stuff.

#housesutphin   For all things house sutphin productions

#ainewsgtns  For Get The NEWS Straight. We hope to get the news channel back up by the beginning of the year

#zerumstream  where you will find our video game channel

#tearsofacowgirl about a mothers fight for justice for her daughters

As always thanks for tuning in and stay tuned there’s more coming.


Tears of a cowgirl: Tonya’s story

I am bringing you another story of a mother who is fighting for justice for her two daughters. I will fill you in and show all this woman has been through and what her and her daughters have had to endure.

I did an interview with her an I will share it here,




Here’s a live she did on fedbook,

You can find a lot of photos on this site I set up for her of the letters and correspondence she has had over this issue with her daughters. I will be doing more on this story, Filling in as soon as I get working equipment. I wish I could do more to help.


I will be doing more on this story when I get working equipment so as always stay tuned.

thoughts on infowars being censored


censorship wars have begun, they took infowars down, now they will take anybody down they want.. people have been warning about this for years.. Are everyone going to fight back, I have been, waiting for them to fully take me down as well.

I’m fighting a sever migraine and get on to see that they banned infowars, now like it or hate it if they took down infowars they will fucking take you down next.. What are you going to do about it…

you can either cheer for your own destruction or get into the fight and do something.. most will cheer for their destruction and play in the system and be taken down later..

you all are troglodytes and deserve the destruction that is to come..

If you think it’s ok for infowars to be shut down, shut the fuck up when they shut you down as well.

The same people that are bitching about trump attacking the fake media, have no problem that Infowars is being attacked..


What is PNES? My condition

What is PNES?

These are the seizures I have, as such they are not the true seizures as the electrical discharges in my brain are almost normal with an abnormal theta wave pattern but I don’t lose control of my bladder but I do convulse and do lose consciousness. And I have Chronic Post Traumatic Atypical Migraines with Syncope, which means I always have a headache and that leads to me passing out and convulsing. A lot of the drugs they put me on trying to treat these over the years has taken a lot out of me, and given me a few more problems since they did nothing for the condition, except add more problems..

I’ll cover these two videos first. These two videos show what a 6 minute and a 10 minute seizure look like. I have had this condition for 29 years without any relief or without them stopping. Condition was brought on by a massive heat stroke and a car accident 8 months later. I have had two major car accidents, a massive heat stroke and numerous concussions in my life, leaving me in this state. I live with it the best I can doing what I can do.

2003-08-22 Attack. A six minute seizure.

2003-09-01 Attack, A ten minute seizure.

They can last from 1 minute in length to 9 hours at times. I was in the hospital from having fallen in the shower and smacked my head on the tub and was having a seizure for 2 ½ hours, they took me to the hospital where I had 4 more seizure episodes within the time they were x-raying me and doing a CT scan of my head.. I was even told during one of these episodes in the hospital to stop having the seizure so they could get the x-ray done. Does that sound as stupid as it did to me? Stop having something I can do nothing about. You wonder why I never want to see another doctor or anyone connected.

I have been told constantly that I am faking it. Why in bloody hell would I fake these things for 29 years? They have destroyed my life and left me almost a vegetable at times, paralyzing me and having strokes and maybe even what was described as a heart attack during a really bad one. That one was three hours long and I almost didn’t make it through that one. And because I’m not in a halo, in a wheelchair, and still able to speak somewhat coherently with only a slight impediment, I get all this shit about how I’m suppose to be normal, well I am normal for me. I can’t conform to your fucked up world and I’m doing the best I can with everything I’ve been through.

And I have to worry that someone was traumatized by reading a bloody readers digest? Give me a break. I am tired of being a pawn in this game of life. I have a mind and I can do some things for which I am truly grateful. I always try and do the best I can with what I have. I would like to have more so I could do more but since it hasn’t happened yet, I’ll continue to do what I can. I just wanted to share with you a little of what I go through every time I say I had a seizure today and try and downplay how really bad it is. As soon as I get a place to put up all the photos and such I have I’ll show what they did to me and my hand with medications that went ballistic in my system.

Below are some links to my condition, to be more accurate I have Paroxysmal nonepileptic episodes more then Psychogenic ones. The big difference is these stem from accidents and organic factors not from psychological conditions. Hope this helps some of you understand more my condition.

PNES links below..

Nov 1, 2007 – Psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES) are an uncomfortable topic, one that is difficult for both patients and healthcare professionals to discuss and treat. Yet it is estimated that PNES are diagnosed in 20 to 30% of patients seen at epilepsy centers for intractable seizures.

Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures: Background, Pathophysiology …

Jun 15, 2017 – Psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES), or pseudoseizures are paroxysmal episodes that resemble and are often misdiagnosed as epileptic seizures; however, PNES are psychological (i.e., emotional, stress-related) in origin. Paroxysmal nonepileptic episodes can be either organic or psychogenic.

Psychogenic non-epileptic seizure – Wikipedia

Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES) are events resembling an epileptic seizure, but without the characteristic electrical discharges associated with epilepsy. They are of psychological origin, and are one type of non-epileptic seizure mimics.

Risk factors · ‎Diagnosis · ‎Treatment · ‎Prognosis

Treatment and Outcome of Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures

by RP Lesser – ‎2003 – ‎Cited by 57 – ‎Related articles

Similarly, a second study demonstrated that patients without rigidity, shaking, ictal incontinence, tongue biting, episodes of PNES status, or admissions to an …

Introduction · ‎The Complex Etiology of … · ‎Presenting the Diagnosis to …

Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures (PNES) – Epilepsy Ontario

Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures (PNES). (an older term, pseudo-seizures, is no longer used). Psychogenic seizures are not due to epilepsy. Psychogenic …

PNES, Or Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizure Disorder, Isn’t Epilepsy ……/her-seizures-looked-like-epilepsy-but-her-brain-looked-fine

Feb 1, 2018 – PNES is a surprisingly common disorder, says John Stern, who directs the epilepsy clinical program at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures: Clinical Issues for Psychiatrists ……/psychogenic-non-epileptic-seizures-clinical-issues-psych…

Mar 31, 2017 – Although psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES) are events that appear to be similar to seizures, they are not caused by abnormal …

Symptoms That Mimic Epilepsy LInked to Stress, Poor Coping Skills ……/symptoms_that_mimic_epilepsy_linked_to_stress…

Apr 10, 2012 – In the past, behaviors like PNES were called “hysteria.” Now they are often considered by psychiatrists as part of a “conversion” disorder, …

Seizure Disorder: What You Should Know About a PNES Diagnosis ……/seizure-disorder-what-you-should-know-about-a-pnes-diagn…

Oct 18, 2016 – A writer lists the seven things she wants people to know about a psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES) diagnosis, and what it’s like living …

Psychological Non Epileptic Seizures

Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES) present with a sudden change in behavior, perception, thinking, or sensation that closely resemble an epileptic …

You get the hint, this is what I live with every day, so smile and have a great day..

I was recently asked some questions

I get asked from time to time questions, here’s one that was asked of me recently. I won’t give out the name and as promised I am including the links to back up what I was saying. I’ll do the questions first then come back and give the links.


To start off with i just just wanted to get an idea of your impression of law enforcement and if you feel the need to protest against this?

“They used to be peace officers and public servants which was sort of okay. Then they got militarized and pushed into this police state we are now seeing emerge. Through the strong cities initiative acts and the UN pushing this world domination agenda there is very much a need for everyone to be standing against these actions worldwide. I have stood against it since 1987, telling people and showing the rise of this police state planet we are being forced to live on.”

Then if you could tell me a bit about if cop watching websites or social media accounts have added to or changed this perception of law enforcement?

“Sure cop watching websites, social media and the like have greatly made aware the growing police state. In both a good and bad way, and polarized the spectrum of the problem. On one view you have those who praise and worship fully this police state and hold up as gods these uniformed militarized thugs. On another view you have those who try to hold accountable and show the sides whats really going on both good and bad. Then you have those from both sides that just stir up trouble and do stupid things.

Has this changed the perception of law enforcement, is sure has. As with everything the more you focus on it the more it grows, both good and bad. Social media has opened up opportunities to get the news out there that the lame main stream presstitutes don’t want out there. Give the victims an avenue to put their story out to the public. Thus why we see an increase in the stories coming out about abusive police.”

Solid start Glen, thanks for that. I’m interested in what you touched on with the strong cities initiative act and the UN agenda, could you elaborate on this for me? What does this mean for law enforcement, and how does this in turn influence cop watching activities?

“ Okay it’s a complicated issue I’ll see if I can summarize it in a few sentences. Basically they; being the UN and NATO, are trying to push through treaties that they say override our constitution. These treaties being Agenda 21 in all of it’s incarnations: agenda 2020, 2030, 2045, and so on. Plus the small arms treaties and the mentioned Strong cities act also know as strong cities initiative. These are all designed to strip away our constitutional rights and bring in a more oppressive form of Martial Law then we already live under. This issue is too long to cover in a few sentences but basically it means the police state is the divine authority and we must do as they say. It gives the police more leverage to enforce their so called authority of oppression on the populace, meaning we must obey their edicts and verbal commands and such.
For law enforcement it brings greater latitude in the abuse they can impose on civilians and citizens. The police are undergoing training in ISRAEL under the MOSSAD and learning crowd control and other gestapo type tactics. This is giving POLICE the unrealistic idea that they can do what they want and get away with it.

This in turn brings up people like me who watch and report these things to the public and get termed CONSPIRACY THEORIST and other terms. Cop watchers are active exposing the crimes being committed in the police state. And they are making it illegal in some places to police watch because there are people exposing the crimes they don’t want out in public. Totally against the constitution and some of our so called LAWS. It boils down to CONTROL, overriding our constitution and bringing in a new order which is actually the old order under a new name.

Now I must state I am not against the individual police officer on the beat, I am fully against the police state they are allowing to be pushed. And I tell every officer that, if they push the police state and don’t stand up to it then I am against them. I don’t wish to kill them or hurt them for being police like some do. But if they come against me for no reason other then the police state I will defend myself and loved ones.“

Super interesting that you were doing this since 1987! You must have some pretty interesting insight into how this has changed since social media, could you please share? Please touch on what inspired you back then, and compare this to your current motivations.

“What inspired me back then, I was in the ARMY for 4 months before I was discharged with flat feet, during those 4 months I had a top secret security clearance and was allowed to see certain manuals that were classified. I saw some that made me see this was planned, Alex Jones later brought out one of the manuals of which there are several to the public. I covered them on my blog. After I was discharged I started to get into the information war and tried to get the public aware of what was going on. Back then it was word of mouth, and not many people listened. I still fight the info war and it’s easier now with the invent of the world wide web, I can reach more people and influence the public. In 1995 I became PRESS to farther this and get some credentials so maybe the public would listen. The Internet has made a big difference in the way the NEWS is delivered. Back then you had to get it on the news channels and hope that someone cared enough to put your story out. Now you can go on fedbook ( Facebook ) or other sites and post to your hearts content. You don’t need to hope a news channel will carry your story.

I have relatives that are police and have been around the police all my life, I have seen the change in the police force growing up.”

You mentioned social media has now allowed for everyone to share their experiences with the police. Do you think the cultural dynamics of cop watching have changed now that everyone is able to contribute their impression? Or does this mean that more people are being reached by social media, and therefore there is more push for a social uprising?

“It definitely has. As stated above the invent of the Internet has helped get people’s stories out there to a wider audience, made reporting crimes easier, no need to wait for the news channels to pick up your story. This has had both a negative and positive effect. For the negative more people can lie and push false claims easier, but the positive is more people can get their stories out there and not be censored.”

Cheers for this Glen, means a lot. What kind of article are you writing?

“basically this is the article we’re writing it now and I’ll add links and some videos to show what I’m talking about.”

Now as promised the links to what I was talking about. I have several info-dumps with these links throughout my blog. And this list is by no means even a basic list of sites, there are hundreds of them if you look.

If you know nothing about any of the following you are not able to tell me about refugees in this day and age.


– cloward and piven–Piven_strategy

– REX 84 ( I trained and was in the ARMY during the time this was being set up 1986-1987 )!–progression/9mf4z2Xyok8

< I was stationed here in boot camp >

– Operation CONUS BASE

– Operation LANDWARNET

– Operation JADE HELM

– Operation GLADIO

< a lot of these I cover in my blog and on my show Get The NEWS Straight >

– Agenda 21 (IN all it’s incarnations) Project for the new amerikan century, 2020, 2030, 2045, 2050, 2065,

Agenda 21

Web sight of the UN

~ Safe Cities Initiative, Safe Cities Act, Strong Cities Initiative

Strong Cities Initiative

sustainable development

– smart grid technologies, smart anything, INTERNET of everything

– If you don’t know we have two flags. (I don’t support the oligarchies battle rag, nor do I pledge my allegiance with them when I want them destroyed)

I have been involved in several cop block activities video is up on my old youtube channel. I’m very much against the police state they are bringing in, but not against the police per say. I believe they are a necessary evil at the moment and there needs to be less of a gestapo mentality to them, and they need to be used less and less till not needed any longer. But not kill them, unless they are brutal killers or thugs.

All this is covered in my blog too much to list in one article. This is just a glimpse into the matrix it goes deep. Most just say it’s conspiracy theory talk and ignore it. Or mock me for knowing about it.. But there you go Hope that answers some questions, and I hope the links all still work, they have a tendency to delete sites quickly on some of what I post. So as always stay tuned, there’s more to come.

more of what I do… cleaning out the cloud

They keep catching me doing my job..


I keep finding stuff from the 2 Terabit clean out, so I’ll just keep posting it get it out to the public. Found this one of me on the news WRIC, from a protest where the police vastly outnumbered the protestors. Something like 62 police to 12 protestors, and some of those 12 were press and media. Photos don’t really show all the police that were there.

Beautiful they caught me doing my job again.

20150311 dominion protest not on our faultline
20150311 dominion protest not on our faultline – 01
20150311 dominion protest not on our faultline – 02
20150311 dominion protest not on our faultline – 03
20150311 dominion protest not on our faultline – 04




Another incident they caught me at.

me 2015

I’m the one in the photo with the camera. right behind the FBI spokesperson.

























Being harassed by DHS on video.

Being chased by police at the trump psyop during the election caught by INFOWARS.

Watch what is happening in the background of the video towards the end. I’m being chased by the police for doing exactly what INFOWARS is doing.

In the middle of this craziness you see me filming from the other side. I yell “get that actor out of here” as they walk him by me. The guy they arrested was over on my side then got a cue and walked over there and started the staged fight between the police and “rioters”. I explain it all as it happened live on my feed.








































Trump Supporters Attacked At Richmond Rally


20160610 TRUMP PSYOP