I’m fighting a losing war – 20120514

20120514 – I wrote this in 2012, things haven’t gotten better, to say the least.

I’m fighting a losing war, the battle for the future.The harder I try and run from it the faster it comes and things are happening so fast now. We as a people, a race of humans are in trouble. We are not ready for true freedom. We will not fight for it. So we will be enslaved again. I refuse to be enslaved. I will fight till my dying breath for my freedom. I tell you this before the great fall that looks like it is coming this way, fight the coming storm with everything you have. I will fight for freedom, when I get my freedom I’ll also win yours. Which I will throw at your cowering feet, for if you won’t fight you don’t deserve your freedom. The government is trying to usurp all our rights and freedoms and if we just sit there and do nothing, we get what we deserve. Because not fighting is the same as giving something up, it isn’t theirs to take. If we give our freedom and rights away without even trying to fight we are pathetic. I am better I guess then most. I will stand up again and again and again till I get what I want. If I am knocked down I get up and brush myself off and say do it again, I continue to get up till I no longer can. I will continue till I can’t go on at which point I’ll be dead and won’t be worried with all this world. I will eventually win my freedom, that is what I will fight for.

If you refuse to fight you are just as guilty as they are for your own enslavement. The creator never said that only good people will come and lead us. It is our responsability to have the insight to make the right choices. Fools tell truths and wise men lie, that is the way of things. Saying that because someone is bad therefore everything they say is wrong and bad and it taints the truth. You are what we like to call “WRONG” the truth will never be corupted. The truth is the truth no matter the dilivery method. You understand little. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For everything taken there must be something given in return in equal amounts. For every lie there must be a truth, every minus a postive.

I’ll liken America to a car. We are all in the car. The car is headed for a cliff at 100 miles an hour and we are fighting over where we are going to sit instead of trying to stop the car. And every time someone steps up to try and steer the car we tell them to sit down.

What I’m realy trying to say is this. We impeach the illegle president Obama, impeach every member of congress who aided in helping him, get rid of the fraudulent laws and acts, abolish the debt and the fed. Give this country back to the people all her free peoples as free men and women. If the government owes you land it should be returned. Including the American Indian they should be free as well but I had already included them when I said free peoples. I meant everyone. Let’s fix the country then let’s get to work then of fixing the world. Let’s lead by example instead of ignorance.

I don’t want to be out on the reservation. The new ones are equiped with ovens, and you don’t come out. I know about the terror camps they have ready. DON”T GO IN. I am fighting before that happens. I use to work at Santa Fe Traders, what I saw there offended me. So I helped get the one in Chesterfield Towne Center Mall shut down. They were stealing from the American Indian’s out west on the reservations and selling the stuff for astromonical prices. By stealing they would go out west and by all these trinkets and jewlery for a few dollars and sell them at $100.00 or more. Telling people that fake jewlery was authentic American Indian made, with stamped on letters that said made in france? Didn’t know they had an American Indian reservation in france must be a vaction reservation I guess.

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