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The two shows we produce of course are:


ZerumSilenzia on twitch channel


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Monday: 2pm Start

Tuesday: No Cast

Wednesday: 2pm Cast

Thursday: No Cast

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Saturday: 2pm Start

Sunday: 2pm Start



We are proud to announce the engagement of two players on Zerum…



Get The NEWS Straight Will be returning soon.


You can find a lot of my old episodes here some of them may have been deleted by youtube. But if I sign in that account goes bye by. So I’ll leave it there so I can still use it. Will have to post the new NEWS site after I get it set up. I’m a press correspondent: I work at my own news service called Get The NEWS Straight. I cover the news and do interpretive journalism where I tell you what the media is bullshitting you about. I will be back live shortly.

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My affiliations with


American International News Service (AI NEWS SERVICE PUERTO RICO) has correspondents in 133 countries around the world that provide comprehensive coverage of events that are based on facts and is directly related to the main media.
Last-minute news knows no boundaries and often unpredictable. International News collection institutions such as wapa TV (Puerto Rico), USA today, the London times, the Budapest Sun, Asahi Shimbun (Tokyo), Al Ahram (Cairo), the nation (Buenos Aires) and others simply cannot Place correspondents in every city, village and village in each country, waiting for the news to happen.
The news service already has thousands of correspondents living and working in the most populated and remote regions imaginable. They are in stand-by, ready and ready to capture news in the instant they break and have the ability to bring it to the international print and electronic media for their immediate publication through daily news and daily, weekly and monthly news.
Since 1984, American image press has recruited veteran correspondents with the depth and breadth of experience to report with sincerity from the most remote corners of the world. These photojournalists are correspondents of American International news service from the United States.
Video by: Miguel a. Ramos “AI NEWS SERVICE PUERTO RICO”

Downloaded and used with permission. 31787910_789322147929719_5724434804129136640_n.mp4








Beautiful single by and equally beautiful singer Gypsy Rose with HURRICANE #spreadlove show her some love.


Charles J Stecker Jr.



And our newest one #livemasters



A great group on fedbook. Go see what it’s all about. Talk to Mike Chavez Whose here giving me a shout out on his live video show, thanks Mike.


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