House Sutphin is proud to announce


We at House Sutphin are pleased and proud to announce the engagement of Nathaniel Sutphin to Katelyn Pillar. We wish them both all the best on their journey together. They truly are a team. A player 1 and player 2 team, since they’ve been together. Since not everyone can be here on their 6th year anniversary together, we decided to broadcast it to the world live. So you can enjoy this moment with them.  Today they mark 6 years together, and on this occasion they decided to do their engagement. It should and will be about what they want, not what everyone around them wants. They will decide when and what to do, our jobs are to be happy for them and encourage their wishes for themselves. This is their time to enjoy and be happy, I personally wish them a long and happy relationship with as few bumps in it as possible. And always remember you two to always communicate with one another, don’t take the other for granted. Hold to one another and do what the two of you want to do.. Take it at your speed.

Love and light to these two.


Even the dog was happy for them… < had to edit the video so it would play >


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