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People are always asking me to comment on things. I sometimes post their questions. This was from 2014.

1. When & how did you hear about the CP on FB?
It first started with my sons account. He started to get things popping up on his wall and such and I started looking into it to see why this was going on. I did what ever parent should do in these matters I started to investigate.
2. When you reported it what was FB response ?(I know what it was, but I like to get it cleared on how it really was)
When I reported the first incident things went fine it was handled immediately. The next time it popped up on my sons account and I started to see where it was coming from that’s when I started to get more interested in what was going on. I started to look at some of these likes and who they were friends with and such. The more I reported to fedbook the more I had to investigate because they stopped taking down the images and started to block me from reporting. It got to the point they wouldn’t even let me do much of anything at times. They killed my first account later telling me it was for sharing child porn on my wall. Then the second account is when I started really hitting them hard. I found several groups and joined to help fight the crap they were allowing on their site. After I got the New York Post involved things seemed to be going pretty good then when they were out of the spot light they canceled my second account. I’m now on my third account.
3. Do you feel that things have gotten better, worse, or stayed the,same.
I feel things have gotten worse. They have successfully stopped a lot of good people from fighting the crud they allow on fedbook. I was also ordered by the FBI to stop my investigation into the child porn on fedbook because, as I later found out that they were running most of the child porn and didn’t want to be found out. The pentagon is also involved in the child porn industry. I also witnessed several child trade agreements and such on fedbook.
4. Anything else you like to add.
I would like to thank anyone who took the time out of their lives to step up and fight the crap on fedbook. Those who are fighting the bullies, those who fight the child and gore porn, those who are trying to make fedbook a better place. And a big thank you to those who fought and lost their accounts in the fight. Fedbook is not fair in it policies and will allow porn and crap on their spy site while stopping any who they feel is a threat to their continued surveillance. They need to clean that spy program up and put some of the people sharing this stuff under the jail. What I witnessed on fedbook at times would make most people sick. I won’t go into the disgusting details but that stuff doesn’t need to be on the web much less fedbook.
Hope that helps. I’ll include some of my blog entries about my fight so feel free to use what you want. I sent the NY Post entries already.

Hope these help there’s more but these are what I can find on a quick search. Good luck with your assignment.. Glad I could help out. If you need me to clarify anything let me know.

I will be posting soon another question I was asked after I get my cloud cleaned off. Computer is doing weird shit and life is life. but stay tuned,you’ll never know what I’ll come up with next.

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