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Richmond officers and city leaders get an earful at
community meeting
WATCH: Over 100 people showed up for Peeps and Police meeting
RICHMOND, Va. — After several high-profile cases, including the shooting death of unarmed
Missouri teen Michael Brown, there were several marches and peaceful rallies held in Richmond.
Public discussion continued on Tuesday night, at the Richmond Police Academy.
“This is a police training camp, which already discourages people to come here,” one attendee
Still Richmonders young and old did come by the dozens, giving officers and other city leaders an
“When we talk about this we need to stop being myopic about it,” the attendee added.
The meeting was requested after several recent protests in the city connected to the national
“Black Lives Matter” movement.
“Right now I’m not getting a sense that everybody is up in arms about police brutality,” a life-long
Richmond resident said.
But an issue that did evoke passion, centered around race.
“If you’re more comfortable talking to a black female officer that’s perfectly fine,” a Richmond
Police officer said. “Let me know.”
“And I can’t say ‘Hey, I want a black woman to come arrest me,'” another attendee said.
However some believe the city issues discussed go far beyond race relations.
“It’s not just a black issue, it’s a human issue,” another Richmonder said.
“It is time to move on,” Virginia Union University Senior Olivia Cameron said. “It’s different
Despite the meeting being open to the pubic, those overseeing the event put in place guidelines
for the media. Richmond’s new Chief of Police Alfred Durham said he plans to address those
“It’s a learning curve,” Chief Durham said. “I’m a new chief so next time I believe the media are
very important because I need the media to get my message out also.”
More meetings similar to the one Tuesday evening are set to take place throughout the year,
involving police and the community.

This quote from the article was me speaking. I was promised internal affairs would look into my claims, guess what has yet to happen even after repeated talks to several OFFICERS? Full video of the event below. Nothing they tell you happens then they treat you like shit for giving them attitude for their ineptness, then they tell you to obey them and they don’t even know whats going on.

Peeps and police event 20150210 full coverage

The Richmond City Police seem to never get back to me and do illegal shit to me and persons around me. They have illegally viewed a file on my memory chip; that was in the possession of Chris Dorsey when he was illegally detained, and NDAA’d off the streets. And they have erased key video footage of the event, that there is a photo of on the chip but no video. I want to see the search warrant that got them access to my file with my name on it… It was not Chris Dorsey‘s property as the chip was on loan to him and even if it wasn’t his name is not Glen Sutphin which the file is clearly marked. Also this is PRESS property and as such I demand and require the same damn treatment under the LAW as the MEDIA has. Last I checked the PRESS has the first amendment protecting it not the MEDIA.

chip altered doc

They have been in my house and interrogated my son illegally, they are responsible I feel for the murder of my friend Sean D Mckay.  Due to their refusing to arrest a man with an illegal weapon who had weapons charges against him, in direct violation of Project Exile were he should have gotten 5 years in jail. They tried to get Chris Dorsey on it for a legally owned weapon, but let a person who is in direct violation of it go without saying shit. Then the son of a bitch kills someone who he threaten to kill with the same illegal weapon.. If they would have arrest Cliff D. Sauer, Sean would be still alive and not murdered.

Instead when this madman wrecked into a house and gave me death threats against me my family and friends, they just laughed at me telling me he was harmless and nothing would happen. Then he kills one of my friends and they say I should have done more to stop him.

I have a great photo of Cliff giving me the finger while the police laugh at him, doesn’t matter he was having a seizure behind the wheel of a vehicle he wasn’t suppose to be driving, doesn’t matter he almost killed 4 children, it was funny to the Richmond City police that he was taunting me. The police have all the original footage, that they then later asked me to send then again. How can I send them the original footage they already have?


I have fought the police since at least 2005 and City Council for 13 or so years, trying to get some manner of justice and the records of these events and others that they seem to never give me that are public records..

20090323 after being made homeless and promised shit by the city and about a month after Sean was murdered

I have to renew my PRESS PASS this month and I’m wondering if it’s even worth it or not since I can’t have the rights I am suppose to have under the LAW and what other’s who have had less happen to them but they get crap handed to them. I’m not rich which brings me to another point then I’ll end this, why can’t I enforce my copyright over my portfolio but yet my work can be used all over adult websites with no mention of me or compensation to me.. The only answer I can come up with and have been told is I’m not rich so the LAW doesn’t apply to me… This whole mess seems to be summed up in that statement, I’m not rich so everything that happens to me is okay, but if I were rich then the law would make me even richer.. Yeah sad fucking society I’m forced to live in there mate. I can’t even get people to help me get newer equipment yet I’m suppose to do all this wonderful shit for people with just my imagination. SAD fucking world I’m forced to live in, where I can’t give up, stop or quit yet I get nothing and am demanded and required to do miracles for ungrateful humans.

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