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Much like that annoying turd that will not flush down and go away, this story keeps popping back up. For the past week or so this topic has been in my blogs most searched stories. So let’s look at some of the facts. I have a history of reporting on this con job AJO.

There are a lot of links just follow along, not rewriting it for this article, follow or take my word for it. So you can follow what’s been going on, I’ll link the story so far, too much to rewrite. Link as follows:






So this con-job is gas-lighting people and lying, telling them stories and fabricating lies about things that didn’t happen the way he portrays them. Falsifying events and threatening anyone who doesn’t beat the drums for him and him alone. Telling people that I’m spreading rumors about him made up by persons who he fucked over.

Everything that I have put in print I have either researched myself and provide links and documents of where I got them from, or have talked to witnesses and have eye-witnessed it myself. He just says that this is lies and without a shred of evidence everyone just believes him and his bullshit.

Here’s more of what I have found on him. I will be doing more in the near future.




Search by ATTORNEY ID Type in 66420

PA Attorney Public Information

Attorney ID: 66420

Andrew J. Ostrowski


DB No.





DB No.





135 DB 2008 Reinstatement 03/22/2017 Reinstatement Denied Link to Opinion
135 DB 2008 Suspended 02/09/2010 1 Year & 1 Day Suspension Link to Opinion


Disciplinary Reporter Case Digest

Attorney ID


Attorney Name

Ostrowski , Andrew J.

DBP Docket No.

135 DB 2008

Supreme Court Docket No.

1556 DD No. 3



Disciplinary Counsel

Edwin W. Frese Jr.

Counsel for Respondent

Samuel C. Stretton

Decision Date


Effective Date


Case Digest

Respondent neglected his client’s federal civil rights action against his employer, the PA Department of General Services, by failing to timely disclose the identity of his client’s witnesses – resulting in an Order precluding their testimony, and by “disappearing” just three days prior to trial necessitating the client to seek a continuance and obtain new counsel. When Respondent disappeared (he signed himself into a psychiatric facility), he left a note in the client’s file admitting to “extreme neglect.” Respondent had been paid a $3,000 flat fee pursuant to a written fee agreement which did not state that it was non-refundable or earned upon receipt. Respondent, however, had treated that fee as non-refundable and earned upon receipt and did not deposit it into a trust account. Respondent had also been paid $500 to cover costs which he did deposit in his IOLTA account. The client asked for an accounting of all funds that he had paid to the Respondent but the Respondent, after being contacted by Disciplinary Counsel, only accounted for the $500 and not the $3,000. A few days before disappearing, Respondent was transferred to inactive status for failure to comply with his CLE requirements. Months later, the CLE Board notified the Disciplinary Board that Respondent was in compliance and Respondent was reinstated to active status even though he had never complied with Rule 217(e), Pa.R.D.E., by filing a Statement of Compliance. Respondent testified that he had a substance abuse problem for which he obtained inpatient treatment on three occasions, the last of which was immediately before his client’s case was scheduled for trial. However, Respondent was not in any 12-step program and presented no testimony that there was a causal connection with his misconduct. The Hearing Committee recommended a six-month stayed suspension, with 12 months of probation with various conditions. No exceptions were filed. However, a majority of the Disciplinary Board recommended a suspension of one year and one day considering Respondent’s prior record of two informal admonitions for similar misconduct, his admitted substance abuse problem but his failure to participate in any 12-step program or with Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers.

Rule Violation(s)

RPCs 1.1, 1.3, 1.15(a), 1.15(b), 1.16(d), and Pa.R.D.E. 217(e)

Discipline Imposed

Suspension for one year and one day

Points of Law

Since the written fee agreement did not specify that the flat fee of $3,000 was non-refundable or earned upon receipt, it should have been deposited into a Trust Account and the Respondent should have accounted for it. The Board said: “The mere language that the $3,000 was a ‘flat fee’ is insufficient to transform the retainer automatically into Respondent’s personal property. Respondent should have deposited the funds into a trust account. It is crucial that a client understand how money is handled by the attorney. Respondent did not provide a written accounting to [his client] as to how the $3,000 had been applied. Respondent violated Rules 1.15(a) and (b).” Bd.Rpt. 12.

just some of what the courts and disciplinary board have on him. Now let’s get into some of what I have on him. below is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Telling me “I will be after you very soon.” But that was just the nice one not the threat on the phone.

Kazam_screenshot_00005 edit

I might release more of the crap I have on him after I redact them. I am looking in to what I can do to him legally. I’m also looking into getting a copy of the warrants for his 302’s. This one will be brief as I have to do some work and massive phone calls in the next week. But since it has been a most looked at topic on my blog I owe a sort of update. there will be more to come on this matter soon. Stay tuned.

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