Brian Keith Castle R.I.P. Sept 12, 1967 – May 8, 2018

It is with great sadness and remorse that I bring the following. A good old friend of mine has earned his wings and now is on the other side, he returned to the source from which we all come. Rest well Keith, we had many great adventures, and one day we’ll meet again for even more, but for now you’re gone and a lot of people on this side miss you. You were one of the good guys.

Our friendship started way back about 40 years ago in 7th grade. We were thick as thieves back then, we sort of parted ways for a while then through the spygrid found one another again. I’m just sorry the last time you were up in Virginia I had a seizure and missed your stop. We never did get to do that road trip we were talking about. An adventure for another timeline.

There were good adventures we had and not so good ones. One that really sticks in my mind for obvious reasons is the car crash we were in. I sort of talked about it in my timeline piece which is linked here

1982 – 1985: some time during this period I had my first major car accident put me in the hospital 3 days. Shattered my face going into the windshield and into the dashboard; broke my nose, most of my face. Head trauma, probably the real start of my problems, stated later on. Some where in here I go through drug rehab for drinking on school grounds and really get into drugs. Ironic I get sent to rehab for my drinking come out with a drug problem as well.  >

Another was when we were playing hooky from school and were at Pete’s pool hall in Annapolis playing pool. We were having a great time and the phone rang, the owner picked it up and it was my dad. Seems my dad knew the owner of the place. We were busted.

I also remember working with him doing surveying. We were on the same crew. Crazy times.

I have permission to share this video of Keith. My deepest and most heartfelt condolences go out to his wife Robyn  and to his family in this painful time. Rest easy Keith we’ll meet again one day.

Keith was only a week younger than me, which is very scary to think how fragile life is. We’re not promised anything, so live life to it’s fullest which I believe Keith did. As said he will be missed.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.

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  1. Love my cousin Brian Keith Castle enjoy the Lord and your mom dad grandparents aunts uncles cousins friends there we will all be together soon .

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