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update for tonight:

I’ve failed forward again, Ii replaced the monitor that blew up but met a big problem. the monitor that blew was a 19 inch monitor, the one I replaced it with was a 22 inch one. so I’ve had totally redo my studio set up and move the cameras and everything so it will be a few days getting that all configured again. Hopefully I will be doing live feeds soon, or at least recorded stuff. I have a few people that I want to interview and do articles on. I’m working day and night to get this going. Thanks for being there as support. I will have to get a new deck soon as everything is a decade old and not able to do what I need it to do. I’m basically doing everything on what amounts to an old cell phone, Please think about that when you decide to criticize me for not doing more. And with having uncontrolled seizures and now again heat sickness the fact that I am able to do anything is amazing. Take care and stay tuned more is on the way.

Just a thank you

I put up the good, the bad and the ugly. I keep it 100% real. I don’t delete and hide my mistakes and try to appear as perfect as I can. I show you my flaws and learn and grow from them. I keep it honest and truthful here on my blog and on fedbook. Your opinion is taken in to account but not dwelled upon. I acknowledge the feedback but don’t dwell on it or worry because of it. Most times I can drown you with the information that I have researched and will show my research to prove my side of the issue. Most times I have no real stance on the issues and am just reporting what I find. I do all this for no pay putting up with troglodytes that mock and belittle me. I use foul language at times and don’t care if you like it or not because I speak freely and believe in the right to have open dialog with the populace. Some find this offensive and shun me that’s okay I understand your position to only see your point of view. I try to post all sides of the issue in order to understand whats going on in the world, not some hive mind group think echo chamber. I’m opinionated on a lot of things and won’t hesitate to voice when I feel your wrong or when I know for a fact your speaking crap. I thank those who follow me and can see what I am trying to do for this world. I also thank those who attack me and help me grow and learn. Thanks for all those who get it..

If you are awake you are the resistance…

Unknown Vehicle 20180321 – Present

This is the vehicle that has been sitting at the end of my driveway off and on for the past three months or so. I have been watching them and observing trying to figure out what is going on and if I’m being spied on still. Yes I am being spied on, but I don’t think it’s the government, but I don’t really know. People tell me I’m paranoid that there aren’t people watching my house, that I make these things up; well here the photos from the different months and when I get to the bottom of it that will be another article. I can’t help all this crap happens in my front yard. I just tell you all about it and get called a conspiracy theorist. Well since I think this person is war-driving on my internet we will see what happens. And to ask a question; is this person spying on me and / or doing god knows what on my or my neighbors internet service? Legit questions that I will be finding answers to. And how would you feel if every couple of days you see this in your front yard? NO, I do know how targeted individuals feel and can relate to them, I am targeted but don’t label myself as such, just watched since 1985 in one fashion or another.







Didn’t get photo’s but my son snuck out and got the license plate number and make and model of the vehicle, good job. I’m going to trace the plate if I’m able and will call the useless police when the vehicle is back again.

1945 Herborn Germany My Grandfather Raymond Ray

In honor of memorial day I post these photo of my grandfather who was in Germany during WWII. Still trying to find where the ghetto is that’s pictured because it’s not listed and shouldn’t exist according to some. But here’s the photo’s of it. These were taken around Herborn.

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