I’ve officially been on WordPress for 10 years on this blog!!!


I’ve officially been on WordPress for 10 years on this blog, and another 3 years on yahoo360 before that so almost 13 years. We are still updating our equipment after a melt down, meeting with some successes and many setbacks but making headway.

In the next few days I should be doing a videonews update on my progress. We’ll go with what works, and I will be updating the blog as well, should I go with a new template or keep it as is but add some different features? Or do a part two that’s updated and leave the blog the way it is.? I’m leaning that way just preserving the blog as is and the new stuff be new and look totally different.

Also towards the end of the year I will no longer pay for Skype. I’m trying to get the video-chat room going and a lot of things. This computer fuck up set me back but I’m looking at it as a reset. We also now own http://housesutphin.com the quickest way here. I might make it a landing page, we’ll see. In the mean time thanks for stopping by thanks for your support and tell your friends to stop in.  Till then stay tuned…

Author: lordnelga

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